Monday, July 11, 2005

Yipes! What Happened To Summer?

Hurry Up! Get outside & have fun...summer is almost over!

Wait, why do I feel that way? Maybe it is because all the "Back to School" stuff is starting to appear in the stores! YUCK! Summer just seems to go by too fast! I say we need to extend it on both ends! Maybe I need to move to a warmer climate! Ha!

You know I remember complaining many years ago that one could not find a bathing suit in the winter & how it was not fair to those who wanted to go on trips etc. Well, now they definitely have bathing suits out in the winter! Before you are even into a season, they have the next season out! They will have Christmas stuff out soon! Ha!

I know in some ways it is can slowly buy your children's supplies over the summer rather than one paycheck getting killed. Although you do miss the sales if you shop early. I even bought a few items for my niece for her high school locker today! :-) I did find out that end of July is when the sales will begin & figured I'd wait.


I was thinking how the feel (sights, smells etc) of summer even changes. That sounded strange I know but picture yourself as a child. You are just getting out of school for the summer. You go out "to play" the first few weeks and you play in the grass with toys or lay on the ground & watch the clouds. There is a newness or freshness to the air. You begin to hear birds again, see budding flowers poking through the ground. Your mom yells at you to put a jacket on because"your having too much fun to bother getting one even though you notice goose bumps ("people bumps" if you watched Balto!) You still are coming in early because it is getting dark. Isn't also amazing how you could never getup for school but once summer comes you are up at the crack of dawn! Ha!


Then midsummer, more heat & smells of grills. You hear grass being cut & the ice cream truck. The excitement of vacations, amusement parks, and town fairs/carnivals. Summer Love! You smell of chlorine from pools, run in sprinklers, know exactly where the Band Aids are and find the bottoms of your bathing suit is getting a bit worn! Ha! I was at one of my cousin's son's baseball games last week and saw a girl with her bathing suit under her top...string hanging out. The days you lived in your swimsuit...smells of suntan lotion...ahhh. This is when you play hard because it is warmer & you really need to take a bath when you come in! Ha! You play hide & seek even when it is so dark you can't see someone right in front of you! Ha! You don't have to worry about falling asleep because you are exhausted from playing so hard. In fact, you may even ask to go to bed, as my niece has been lately!


Then, we feel the summer leaving. Flowers, the heat, the smell of grills and the light leaves us. The Back-To-School feeling comes in. As Tom Hanks said in "You Got Mail", "the smell of sharpened pencils are in the air." Ha! New fall clothes & shoes for school. The color outside is changing with the leaves new colors. A "cool wet" feeling is in the air. The wind blows, you hear the dry leaves moving, hear the crispness of them under your shoes as you walk & feel them hitting you, as they float down through the air. It is the Fall...the fall of summer. We had sprung into summer and now we see it falling. 

Well, each phase is wonderful, but don't let it pass you by without enjoying it. We will soon be in the final phase of summer...get out there & have some fun before you have to wait until next year!

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