Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mom's Flowers

Frustrated because my foot is hurting more! Ugh! I know that means to stay off it more but it is sooo hard!

I thought I'd show you a few of my mom's flowers from the last time I visited. Mom loves roses and usually tends to them all summer but this summer she is out of commission like me. She had her first eye surgery, cataract & cornea transplant, in June. She too is a bit disappointed on the recoup time. They keep extending it & now say up to a year...just in time for the other eye to be done! Ugh! So really that is like 2 years. She is also so antzy because she can't drive her convertible Seabring! Now this might be a good thing! Ha! Not that dad is much better! :-) If I tell you that the kids in my grammar school would take bets on who was driving based upon the squeals in the school parking lot, would that explain! HA!

I managed to catch the bumble bee on the flower without pissing it off! HA! The Hydrangea's were my grandmothers' favorite. They both had them at their homes. I like them when they are blue/purple rather than pink.

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sierrajazz said...

Something about flowers that just make me feel peaceful.  I enjoy photos of nature, sunsets, flowers, water, pastures.  I had no idea cataract/cornea recovery was soo long.  Were there complications?  You should take her out for a ride in the convertable>>> OHHH yea you can't drive right now can you??