Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Fun


Well my little niece was in for a little over a week. Monday I took her to see Nancy Drew. She was excited to see it. She really wasn't sure what it was about but you know it looks like a kids movie! HA! I explained to her before the previews came on. It was a bit slow in the beginning but then it got better. I did enjoy it & my niece seemed to also. Bruce Willis does a cameo appearance, Barry Bostwick is in it and the little kid Corky is a hoot! Gotta love him!

After the movie I took her to Barnes & Noble to get a Nancy Drew book. We found a purse that has the covers of a book (have you seen those types of purses?) and had 2 books in it. With the 20% off & my member's discount it was a great deal. Then we went to the sale tables (YES! BIG SALE..HURRY!) and we found a cool pen, a magnifying glass book mark (how appropriate is that!) and a writing flip tablet with a Nancy Drew cover....PERFECT! She has all this in her purse. Isn't this just so cool! I think I was just as excited.

Now I have to tell you the mystery idea is the theme lately...I introduced her to Jame Bond the night before! Hee Hee! It was Thunderball & not anything too racey in it. Apparantely, I have not seen Thunderball that much out of all the ones I see so much. Thunderball has Largo & Domino & Largo is older with an eye patch & gets killed. I didn't know how this made sense since Kim Bassinger played Domino & a different Largo was in Never Say Never Again, but I just read on the web that it was a remake outside of the official producers...wierd! Well Chelsea liked Jame Bond! That's my girl! She also put on her birthday list an Elvis CD! Wonder where she got that idea! ;-) I got her one today & a DVD...well she has to actually see his hips! I mean do you know I have students who have never seen Elvis on any video or anything! My God! Well, that little girl & me certainly have a lot of fun! :-)

Oh, and then my mom came & joined us on the couch watching James Bond. My niece was in the middle of us & I remembered that I wanted to tell my niece that I tried a new thing to eat. We try to get her to. Well, I had tried Frog Legs for the first time last week when a friend ordered them. At first I was like those poor frogs without legs but then I thought, well, I eat chicken legs so...ha so I tell my niece. Then all of a sudden, I don't now how these things pop in my head but I just had to say it! I ate my prince's legs & now he can't get to me! HA! That is the problem & why I haven't found him! HA! He can't get to me! Well, you should have seen the 3 of us on the couch! We were dying laughing so hard! I'll never forget that moment. You know those moments that when you are old you will still remember...this is one of them. So precious! Now my niece will be going around telling everyone this! HA!

Well, after we got back from the movie the house went nuts, the door bell began to ring & the house was taken over by a bunch of little girls. They were over the day before playing playstation in their wet bathing suits sitting on my brother's comforter. It was so funny, he had had just dried it & was putting it back on his cedar chest & the girls were back to get it wet again! HA! He just laughed. My mom called today & said their were even more there today! HA! Seems word is getting around. They found the snacks & they are out of so much already! HA! When I was little, one day my mom looked out at our backyard and she counted like 30 kids in our yard but none of her own kids! HA! We were at someone else's yards...grass is always greener. HA! My mom always had the ice sticks & Kool Aid etc. 

Well, my folks are planning a kids birthday party for her with these girls for next week. They are going to surprise her with a Pinata they got her in AZ. 

Today I went to see Georgia Rule at the cheap theater. It was pretty good. I felt there were a few places that needed some further development & more Jane Fonda Attitude! :-) Could have been a few more funny places also. Missed driving in the big storms though today! YA! There are so many movies I want to see lately. I really love going to movies. It is my escape. I remember in college I would go to movies and then walk home at night looking at the good for the spirit.

Ok, I suppose I can't end without mentioning something about this new guy in my life. Yep, he still hasn't gotten rid of me. (Shake head) I'm not sure if he is crazy since he has not found me crazy yet. HA! I'm not sure where he came from I mean it is just so there he was. And I have no clue what he sees in me? (shaking head again!) Actually, he admitted the other night that when he saw me he ran into a table & knocked down a bunch of things as I passed by. I remember that happening. I didn't turn around to see who it was because I didn't want to embarrass the person & I had no clue the reason why then. He has been really nice to me. He makes sure I call when I get up north & come back etc. We went to see some fireworks the other night & that was really nice but unfortunately it began to rain. He gave me his Cubs baseball hat to wear but UGH...I looked so horrible! I have no clue but as I have gotten older my hair gets curly when it is wet & dries by itself. I got home & when I looked in the mirror I could not understand how this man was getting frisky with me looking the way I did. Ok, I know but still...ha! He has a really big heart. We'll see. 

Thankfully the temp is cooling off a bit from the rain. I did see today a big tree that was hit by lightning & came down. I'm glad I was not driving by it would have freaked me out. HA! Well, I better try to get some sleep. I have class all day tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well ALL Have Gifts!

I had to share my entry on my other journal with you!

I really love this idea and the wonder of it all! It reminds me that God brings beauty to everything he touches in some way...we just have to look for it, some are not so obvious!

Ratatouille is Superb!


Well, I'm sorry I've been kinda busy with this new man in my life! ;-) And then classes started 2 weeks ago so that is some time. Then there is taking Sam & Ella back & forth to the vet...I think today might be the last time though. She repaired some of Sam's shell so it should be ok now.

I almost needed to have the vet work on me! I open my door on my SUV & this white moth attacks my face! I turned my head & whacked my eyebrow bone on my door. Hurt down to my jaw. Got an ice pack to drive. Then later a store door bit me in my upper arm. Small bruise there now....bad juju today I swear! Got my new glasses with the new lightweight lenses. Some newer lightweight stuff. Not sure I like the frames as much as when I tried them on? We'll see. Then I got Sam home & he had to stay out of his tank until 10pm to dry completely and I had him in his little plastic tank on the counter. It was completely on the counter I was watching him stand on his back legs toward the back & then he toppled backwards & down came the tank on the floor, he came out & on his back. Ugh! I'm hoping he is ok. I think he has a harder shell than I do though. HA!

Of course this weekend was Father's Day weekend so I spent some time with my dad & family. My older of my two bro, my little niece & I went to the early release of Ratatouille on Sat. It was AWESOME! It was packed too & everyone at the end clapped. When was the last time you heard that. We had such a great time. It was so cute & my niece has the cutest laugh & everyone was enjoying her laughing. I had a good time myself...especially when I got vibrated by my phone that was my front pocket...oh my god I felt so bad...ya it was HIM! I'm like you can't do that to me when I'm with a bunch of kids watching a Disney film! HA! He wanted to make sure I got up north ok. He is so sweet. I like how he worries about me being safe.

They previewed some great looking movies. License to Wed with Robin Williams looks funny. There is one called Enchanted where it starts out as a cartoon & then the witch pushes the princess down the well & she comes up a sewer into a real world. Now the prince has to come save her...ya ya about Patrick Dempsey is in it....Ok, I'll get my ticket now! HA! I think it doesn't come out until Nov. There was one being advertised for next summer. My niece was sooo upset. "How can they do that...that is not fair" she said! HA!

My dad seemed to like the books of '50s & '60s cars. He wasn't moving on opening presents, saying look this was your uncle's to my mom & this was...I just knew he would like it. He can show his granddaughter. Got him a 2 CD of Willie Nelson. I couldn't believe he likes him...and the Tao of Willie book. I read a bit & it seemed pretty good. I've got my dad reading which he never had time to do before he retired.

My baby bro (shhh don't tell him I said that) brought a bean bag game he got for Father's day. It is a collapsible one that goes in a bag. We had fun. It was my first time playing & I actually got a few in the hole. Then my nieces friends came over & played & had some ice cream with us.

I left as my dad was showing pix to my bro & his girlfriend. I wanted to get back home & see someone! ;-) Yep, I did...hee hee!

Here is a pic of my daddy & me when I was about 2 or 3 yrs I would guess.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are you Transforming?

Just wanted to let you know I have a pretty cool posting on my new journal Something Else To Think About! Hope you like it.

When You Really Need A Smile!


I know I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you worry. Thanks for the emails & comments. I have just been busy with school starting last week & ummm this new guy I'm seeing is keeping me a bit busy! ;-) It is nice. I don't know what will happen but it is still nice. He makes me laugh & is sooooo very sweet to me. Very caring. I love how he worries about me, that is a lovely feeling when someone wants to make sure you got home safe etc. I don't think my kitties worry too much other than if they are going to get their dinner! HA!

Ok, so I got this from my older of my 2 bros & thought I would share this. I thought it was funny & I had not seen it before.

Step one...find these supplies!

Step two...assemble as shown

Step three...make a smile!

Ha! Hopefully it is not that bad that you have to force one but this should give you one at least! I've been smiling a lot lately so I don't think I'll need this! HA!
Hope you get to smile a lot today! My plan is to plant the flowers I got Monday...playing in dirt always makes me smile..ha! I don't know why but I love gardening & I love flowers. I will take pictures after & and keep you posted.

Oh & my back is maintaining. Everyday a bit different. Some days my toe/foot is more numb than others. Seems classes days hurts it a bit & then I have to recover. I can't do long walking apparently. When I went to the nursery for the flowers the end was not great but it recouped fast. Just got to save up the money to get the Vax-D. At least no extreme pain & really right now that is all I care about. I do have the bottle of vicodin but so far I haven't had to take any. YA! Have a great day!