Friday, October 31, 2008

My Choice

Hi...Well this is quite strange blogging here now. Not that I haven't used blogger before but just for my AOL thoughts it seems strange. AOL has an item again on wedding rings & what they say about you. But they do not include many other shapes like Pear & Heart. If I had a choice, and a prince who wanted to give me one ha...I would love the heart shape. I know dripping romantic but that is me! Doesn't have to be huge or really any particular size. And quite frankly it is just a symbol and not something that I NEED to have for someone to tell me how much they love me & are devoted to me nor for me to tell them.

I also like unusual or maybe just unique is the idea wedding bands. Isn't this one cool!

And look at this one...I didn't know what this meant until just now! 'Mo Anam Cara' translates into English as 'My Soul Mate'. Pronounced, 'Muh Onum Kara'. Oh boy do I love that idea! I love looking at other cultures.

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I am in the middle of finals (ugh should be can see how I wasn't doing good!) week & yesterday my Uncle Ken passed away very suddenly. He went in the ER Monday, they said Pneumonia & he was gone the next day. He was just at my folks house on Fri. I still can't believe it. My heart aches sooooooooooo bad right now & I have to get my midterms done now sooner since I will be heading up north for the services Thurs evening & funeral Fri morning.

I do plan on moving my journal. I may start to work on it next week. I haven't been really keeping up on alerts except for those that pop up & say you moved. I clicked on them & bookmarked them for later. I'll let you know when I move.

I'd really appreciate any prayers you can offer for his family & all of us. I really still needed him in my life. Now I only have my great uncle (Godfather) to bug me about when I'm going to get married! :-(