Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayers Needed!

Hi Everyone!

I know I have not posted in quite sometime...just busy but today I need to ask for some prayers for someone who I can't really give you details about. I have been praying for him all evening and asking God to send him my Angels...if Ihave any & if they are not worn out from taking care of me.

Please pray that he keeps his courage and does not lose faith. Pray for him to find the correct words and help. Pray that his heart heals from any wrong doing by others to him. Pray that his spirit does not get so bruised that it loses faith in the good people of the world. Pray that he still feels love & support from those who know him best. Pray that when all is said & done that everything does side on in a just manner and provides more strength rather than weakens him. Pray that he finds a reason and purpose...perhaps wisdom if things have to be a struggle for a while. Pray that he feels God's spirit, the solid support & love that he is on this planet for a reason & still is needed and valued by soooo many. Pray that he gets very peaceful sleep knowing very securely in what he believes is right. (Yes, I know I'm not sleeping now obviously...soon...too worried!) Pray that if God says a door has to be closed he sees the window. Pray that he does know that God is giving this to him because he is the one to handle it. I know I struggle with this myself at times...that edited version...'I just wish God didn't think I was so strong'. :-) Pray he just remembers what is most important in life....not what everyone thinks but what he & his loved ones know him to be. Pray that if there is even an inkling of wrong doing that he is able to accept it, ask for forgiveness and move on rather than beat himself up over it. Pray if there was not any wrong doing on his part he does stay strong & secure and believes in himself.
Ok, I hope God heard all that.