Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Movie: Must Love Dogs!

Ok, I am posting this early to give everyone a heads-up!

I'm hoping to go see this movie when it comes out on Friday with one of my friends! I thought I'd post this to let you know that I'll add my thoughts about the movie to the bottom of this entry after I see it, and you can let everyone know what you think in the comments section if you go see it.

You can watch the trailer here! The Official Website has many Sweepstakes including cool merchandise! Watch the trailers on there too! OMG! HA! Find out what Saran Wrap was used for! Ha! I don't think I can wrap left overs again either! And those kids...we went from "Kindergarten Cop" 'Boys have a Penis & Girls have a Vagina' to this! YIPES! What will these kids be like later in life! That grocery store scenes are just too funny...sad but true!

I think we can add John Cusack to the list of men getting even "finer" as they get older...what do you think? To think back to "Sure Thing" & "Say Anything" (Who invented Soap & Why!) and that adorable teen with a joke strap on his head in "16 Candles", who would've known he'd turn out so great! Ha! Lesson for young teen females...they just may surprise you later! And teen males...have faith...you may have the ladies drooling later!

I do have to add Christopher Plummer...man...he still has that charm from "Sound of Music!" ahhhh! They should have had Julie Andrews in there with him! Ha!

Ok, if I didn't comment on that gorgeous black dog it would be a crime! I want one! Ha! Don't tell Dusty & Country! He kinda reminds me of Beethoven or even Hooch! :-) Big, messy & a pain but you love them with everything in your heart..hmm...wait maybe I'm thinking of men! Ha!

Now, how many movies does this make using music from the movie Love Actually? I've lost count!

Ok, check back later for my thoughts after I see the movie!

My review:

Well, I finally got to see the movie and I really liked it. A bit fast in plot but just a tinge. I really loved John! ;-) He is soooo adorable. My friend & I were commenting though how he looked so tall & large, not fat, just broad & big. ;-) We thought it was the camera angle - movies like Say Anthing, Sure Thing, and Seredipity they shot more his whole body walking etc. You know, there is something about men in long coats that just looks "mighty fine!"

Now who would have thought he'd turn out so great later...I'm telling you, girls just don't understand the potential of how men turn out later in life! ;-) That sweet smile and devilish look in his eye! (shivers!) Watch for the part where he comes back around the corner...soo John Cusack!


I loved that he was the one that was fast talking & so crazed, usually they make the female characters like that. John is just so fun! I loved when he said she was "shy, fragile, she has no idea how beautiful she is, she is a mess....she is fantastic!" A man who loves Dr. Zhivago? I love how John's character also recognizes "moments" when the dates were great & so still says there is potential. Where are these men?

I love how they include her father tyring to find "love". They don't have enough serious movie plots with older people. And they are soooo funny! Like in "Under the Tuscon Sun" when the grandma has an internet lover & then the "old movie beauty"...I think "Oo La La" was what they had in mind...well that is needed for Hollywood to start recognizing!

Christopher Plumer is still soo charming & the scene with him talking to Diane's character on the bench about how he found his first and only love and does not expect it again, is sooo heart warming but understandable. Like if he did find another, he'd feel guilty or be saying his deceased wife was not as good as this new one...that is understandable in some way. I mean it comes from grieving too I know, but it is also understandable. I think that is what most people had problems with when Tom Cruise has been proclaiming he has never been in love like this before. How sad it that for Nicole & for his children to hear about their mother!

Her father saying, "Why one is attracted to another is one of the great mysteries of the world love" is sooo true. I know there are men who have certainly managed to "grow on me" and surprised the hell out of me. I would have never guessed I'd be soooo attracted to them.

Now do any of you have a family like Diane's character did? I know my family isn't really that way. They seem to get along soooo well. Don't get me wrong, my family is wonderful but they just seem to be "so helpful & loving"...well I guess it could be too strong for the person they are helping but still. 

That black dog (Newfoundland)...man I'm dying to have one. I'm sure my cats would be upset but maybe they'd like him. I'm going to need a California King for all the pets! :-) Maybe we should have an internet dating service where you just post the picture of your pets & select that way! Ha! Or am I late on this & there is one? Someone tell me if you know there is! :-)

Her house is so awesome & I love his place too. I love brick inside. I'll probably go see it again! You think it maybe be on the Christmas list? Chances are!

So what did you think?


cneinhorn said...

I've heard so much buzz about this movie, now I think I will be seeing it too...right after I see
willy wonka!

~  www.jerseygirljournal.com

sierrajazz said...

This movie is definitely on the list for my girl movie group.. We have seen the Ya Ya Sister movie,  The Banger Sisters, Ms. Congeniality 2... so this is on the list next... so if you see it before me DON"T reveal tooo much of it here and spoil the ending.  I was thinking the same thing about Jon C.. the older the better!!!

There is another one with Kevin Costner that looks good.. something with Anger in the title.  I am a big movie fan.. so don't get me started.  I don't see many at the theatre anymore, but get the DVD's.  Still want to see Monster -In-Law too.

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
I thought that you gave this movie a huge heads up ! That JOhn guy must be cool in it! NAd I adore Christopher Plummer! Good Job, Deborah!(wink) nat

swibirun said...

I have a hot date with Alexis tonight.  I was thinking about taking her to this movie tonight after dinner out.  Thanks for confirming my gut feeling, I'm looking forward to this!