Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly Sentence

Want to play again???? I have the picture linked!

You all did another fantastic job with your sentences this week!  The judging panel really has had a hard time narrowing down to two sentences!   They do need the full two days to make up their minds!  Congratulations to Pam and Dan again for two great sentences!  Now on to this week's letters!   Have a good weekend and have fun!!  Val xox


Each Saturday I will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
    must be made from these letters.  The letters today are:
    An example of a sentence could be -
Steven likes eating
    purple cabbage daily.
  These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

There is a three - five persons judge panel (of JLand journalers)
    who will pick the best sentence submitted each week.  How will
    they decide the winning sentence?  The submission that receives
    the strongest reaction -  Did it make them laugh, sad, ponder, etc.?

The winner will receive a logo for their blog sidebar with their
    screen name on it.

Place submissions in comments section.  If you do this game as an
    entry in your journal please come back and leave your ENTIRE
    entry URL so your entry can be judged. 
Submissions are due by
   Wednesday, 4PM EST
.  The winner will be announced Friday
    morning or afternoon.

* A new set of letters will be placed in my journal, There is a
   Season, every Saturday Morning.

* If you have more than one submission, only your first counts.
Have fun!!
Today's Letters:

Here are mine...

Show Love Everyday Please...Can Develop

My brain is too ugh to think of more right now but if I do I'll post them here later...57 degrees right now & Boom Booms! :-) I love it! Feels & sounds a bit like spring...though it will be a very short life!


Defintiley, Maybe

I went to see Definitley, Maybe yesterday & it was pretty good. I liked the idea of the message and the main guy...well he kinda grew on me. When he smiled he was a lot cuter....true of a lot of men! :-) (And ya they probably say that about us too!) I liked how he also kept trying for love too. That was heartwarming! And the part where he looks and finds the book (you'll have to see) that his heart wants to do this for her & then why he says he kept it. SIGH...yes I was sobbing!

So the idea is his daughter wants to know the story of her mom & dad meeting & falling in love. He is about to sign papers to divorce his wife. First let me tell you there is one part I found a bit  movie...ha! He goes to pick up his daughter from school & finds it in looks like some tragic accident or terrorist situation with parents frantic with their children. What is the problem...the kids had "sex education" and are going nuts. They are all upset asking their parents if they did this act etc. I was like O...M...G! RIGHT! BTW...I would not be bringing your kids to this movie if you don't want to have them asking you about this subject. They are pretty graphic "P. is THRUSTED in V." etc. Ha! The father is like "They did not say Thrusted" and his daughter is like "Yes she did!" Ha! Then he doesn't want her to use P. and wants to make it a baby name & it was funny because I was listening to Eve Ensler on my XM radio talking about the VDay that will be in New Orleans pretty soon & she mentioned how society has all these names for V. & it makes women feel more ashamed or embarrassed etc rather than feeling empowered & confident. Very interesting idea. It is a very fine line & especially how some (you heard me say 'some'!) men feel if you are confident.

So, the story is kinda cute & basically I did like the message at the end which winds around many turns & takes many different paths but then eventually you end up with the person you fit with, you love really...SIGH...I like that idea soooo very much! And really it gets back that to my belief that everything happens for a reason & a purpose and how I posted LONG time ago about Lanbirynths (below) explaining life. Pleasedon't get from me I'm promoting divorce but I'm also not promoting staying married for the sake of the children or just because of a promise that really one or neither are committed to anymore or will not work on. I'm not for people being miserable & not having love in their life. Now I think they should work on it but if they won't there is nothing you can do about it and this is why the research shows that staying married for the sake of the children is actually a bad idea. Of course if you get a divorce & continue to fight etc afterwards then it will have the same consequences on the kids. Well let me know what you think if you have seen it or if you do...

Well That Didn't Take Long...Ugh!

Ugh, well that didn't take long! I wore the walking boot home that evening & the rest of the night. I had it on in the morning & as I was getting in the shower for the first time my back was bothering me already! My toe was getting tingly/numb....UGH!!!! It hasn't done that in months! Then up my way! My doc was like just call me if you have I try & he is not on call. I talked to the one who was & he was WONDERFUL! He said that the boots are not great for those with back problems! Ugh! I think it caused some of my back problems from being in it for so long before & after my surgery! I told him I was so sorry to bother him but I just needed to know if I walked very carefully this weekend without the boot if he thought I would be ok. I said I wasn't planning on doing major mall shopping or going on the treadmill or anything. He said he thought so but if it was hurting to call him & he would go in special to the office & cast me up. As I thanked him & apologized again for bothering him, he kept saying he would go in...3 times! He was sooooo sweet! Then I asked if Dr. Z. would be in the office on Mon with the holiday & he said he would all day but that he could see me on Mon at the other location. I was thinking 'why wouldn't I go to my doc???' I thanked him & said I would just put a call out to Dr. Z. on Mon. It actually made me feel he was fighting over me? I know stupid & probably not but he just kept going on & on how he would go into the office special this weekend. Then I thought...maybe he wants an excuse to get out of something or the house! HA! Now these guys are WONDERFUL! All of them & that is why I drive over an hour each way to see them. They have never steered me wrong & as much as I may not like to do what they say, I do listen.

Well, yesterday I thought we were getting an ice storm today, so I figured go out & run errands. I got a pedicure & manicure (Pink a light pink pretty mood) & did a small bit of grocery shopping to have something to eat if I was stuck in the next couple of days. I also went to see "Definitely, Maybe" which I'll post on separately after this one. It was pretty good I'll just say now. We never got the ice last night starting at 11pm as they said. In fact, it is 55 degrees here right now! But if you look at the map, you can see the rain & then snow behind it so we probably will still get it. I'm going to try to pull my SUV out of the garage & do some LIGHT work. Get my x-mas stuff put in the totes (I know but...) and rearrange a few things. Go through my totes that have my old SUV stuff in it. Then I'll take a shower & wait for our storm to come. I have off tomorrow so that helps. I want to do some inside stuff too & catch up on some things from work. I have to get my presentation done for the conference...not much really...mostly "show & tell" and my paper for my class next week. Well, we'll see hows things go...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Update...Busy Week


Wow...busy week! Trying to get my students ready for their first exam this weekend. Tues I didn't make it downtown for PT due to the weather & book publisher reps visiting me when I had to leave. I got invited to be a part of a program, or rather to listen to what would be involved, with a University. The program would bring grad students to teach/lecture on their research etc at our campus. I'm excited to go to the meeting in a few weeks at a conference I will be presenting at up north. If it works out it would help me out & I'm all for that.

Dr. Z. wanted me to come in Wed to get my cast off & check my ankle but I couldn't come in. Couldn't miss the day before an exam & I was not crying in pain. I just thought maybe I could get in earlier if it was convenient with my schedule today I got my cast off. He poked & prodded a bit & it didn't make me jump. Hmmm? I asked why it had been hurting this week more though & he said when the swelling goes down then the muscle starts to heal & using it can cause it. It has been like a dull ache pain & not sharp shooting type. He asked if I wanted a cast or walking boot. I asked what he thought & he said he was 90% I would be ok in the boot & I can take it off & ice it, get the much needed pedicure & man put like a vat of lotion on my leg! Man! I can also take a nice hot bubble bath if I want so I went for the boot. It is more bulky & harder to walk in though. Ugh! I sure will be glad to sleep in bed though tonight without the cast. He did say if it starts to bother me to just give him a call. My aunt was in there today too but she didn't realize & left before I got out. He was teasing me about us both being there.

I didn't find out about NIU until after my evening class. One of my students gave me misinformation so when I got home I finished getting their exam on to stay focused & then I went on the internet to read about it first...didn't want the sensationalistic media first. My sister graduated from NIU so it is hard to see this & way too close to home for me. Of course I had to discuss this with my students today. We'll see how things are next week. We did get camerasin our hallways last year but we still have the parking lot to do. Not sure how much that will help except after the fact. In a way, it is hard because I'm in a classroom with 1 door so we would not have an out really. Even after Virginia Tech I told my students just to keep their cell phones on but put them to vibrate or silence them if they would scream out when they get ha...when Chris vibrated me in church...OMG! Ha! I'm sure God was rolling his eyes and shaking his head at me that day. It is just so sad. One girl who was injured lives in our area but she is not too bad. I'll talk more about it in a later post. My eyes are just so tired. I was up until about 3:30 this morning so it is time to get this boot off & lay down but just wanted to update you a bit and say I'll post more over my 3 day weekend!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

And thats a Weekend...

Hi Everyone!

Well I got my hair done on Sat & that just perks me up so much. Just a trim though...growing & growing...ha! I think it is almost the longest it has been since I was a kid. :-)

I then headed up north to spend some time with my little niece. We went to see Enchanted. She had seen it but I had not. Oh man am I glad I saw it. I was like a little girl watching it! HA! It was really much better than I thought & had some very interesting messages in there that I was glad to be reminded of & that my niece would hear & we could discuss. I really loved the song "How Will She Know" (below) of course you can equally say "How Will He Know"...I really love that idea. Many times we stop doing the things that we did when we first started dating & that is just soooo sad. Tell me when someone does not want romance anymore! What woman does not want to feel like a princess? Queen is different to me...princess is much better! :-) And do you still treat your love as "your prince?" Of course it is quite easy with Patrick as a prince Ha...but does your man feel like you'd pick him as your prince over any other on this planet? Get the idea? ;-) And do you remind your princess she is the one you would choose?

I remember Loretta LaRoche talking about how we can role play at home with costumes & props! She is a hoot!

 People laugh or scuff on "Happily Ever After". They say no one knows how obsessive compulsive Cinderella was or how Prince Charming loved his horse a bit too much (sorry but...) but it is all on how you define it AND you making it that way yourself. No, not trying to please them so much that you just lose it totally, yourself or just do anything & everything to please them, I'm not talking about that, but many times people are just on the other side of the spectrum. It should be easy because it makes you smile & your heart warm to do those things for them. Ya, almost like they suggest in the movie, singing & dancing. When is the last time you felt like that? People say it is just the "honeymoon phase" but no one can tell you when it ends! I know some old men who still call their wives "their Bride" or "My darling/sweetheart" etc. And you know how your girlfriends would be reacting if you husband called you princess & authentically meant it & did it regularly. Oh man...they would be sooooo crazy! HA! And really how hard is it to do that? Does it take a lot of time? Does it take a lot of energy? it is worth soooo much more than any flowers or diamonds or anything. We make Valentines Day such a pressure thing & commercial thing & it just doesn't have to be. It is really "SIMPLE!"

Good Lord...I know I'm in "little girl dreamworld" Ha! No, seriously it just gets me when I'm out in the mall or at a restaurant etc & see how people are with each other & how they don't see how lucky they really are. I know, not all...many abusive etc but just others that are really stale or complacent & taking each other for granted etc. And who cares who starts first, you'll end up benefitting & you get in return what you put out. I hear, "Well, why do I have to, why can't he or he should first" Good they know how that sounds...remember..."he touched me first!" Ha!

I also loved how in the movie the princess saves the prince! Woo Hoo! It is kinda like The Paper Bag Princess by Robert N. Munsch, except the Prince is good in the movie! And I also love how even though things appeared not to be working out or things "changed" they still turned out perfect! They were the path to get the right person. Sometimes in life spirits connect and the road winds many different ways before those spirits can really get together for good. Life is strange, but it all has a purpose & reason to me.

After the movie we went to B&N & she got the 2nd book to The Golden Compass to read. We also got a funny book for my cousin's daughter who will be 3 yrs old next week. It is called Waking Beauty and the poor prince will not listen to the fairy godmothers & tries ALL KINDS of ways to wake up the princes...HA! I also got her this very pretty dress with yellow flowers that came with a matching dress for her doll. My niece just loved it. She told me she needed a new dress in case she went somewhere fancy with her grandparents when she visits them in AZ during spring break! Ha! Oh & a new bathing suit! She loves dresses. So do I but unfortunately, still can't walk in the shoes dresses yet! As soon as I get the green light & get exercising the first thing I'll do is get a real pretty pink dress...ok then a very lovely black one! ;-)

Well, today my niece & I went to see The Waterhorse, which was also lovely! We had a great time. We were at the edge of our seats at times. It is also a great opportunity to discuss WWII with my niece. I took her home & for once gas was a lot cheaper where she lives....$2.85! :-)

Well, I have to still return my sound card tomorrow & see if I can get one without ordering it through Dell. Well I'm actually pretty tired. I actually think I may go to sleep & just get up early & do some work. Shhh...don't tell Sugar she may revoke my Energizer Bunny Award. HA! :-)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Me...The Energizer Bunny???

OH My...Sugar is Guest Editor & she is soooo sweet! She picked my journal as one of her 7 Picks! :-) Woo Hoo does that perk my day up....gave me some extra energy...and speaking of Energy...she said I was like the Energizer Bunny...HA!  Me??? I don't know about that? Well some days I know I could use some Energizer Batteries that is for sure! HA! If only it was that easy! I say we drain some kids of theirs,they have so much! HA! I certainly use to be one much more in the past, before I injured the foot I had surgery on. I remember going to 3 major craft shows in one day or being able to shop at a huge mall all day. Today...ugh! I have learned that some days I'll have so much energy that I will be just drained the next day. I'm sure (unfortunately!) it is just aging but I'm fighting it, that is for sure! Ha!

On that note...I'll add one other thing Dr. Oz said on Oprah for living well longer. He said we certainly should use a multivitamin & women need the iron with it. Then he said something quite interesting. He said we should cut it in half & take it 2 times a day (12 hrs). I thought that made sense. He also answered people's comments about just peeing them out...he said we do that for everything Antibiotics etc. He said while it is in you, it is being used! :-)

Well, my ankle has been bothering me the last couple of days??? I have no clue? Doc called last night & I told him & he said maybe the cast is lose already? It is not over the front part of my foot so much so I'm finding I'm flexing my foot more & my heel goes up in the back more? We'll see how the weekend goes, maybe I'll have to go in already next week and have them redo it? He said the report didn't say anything more than what he saw - tendon & achilles swollen, so he thinks a tear.

Ok, so this Energizer Bunny who only got 6 hours of sleep (again!) has to get in the shower because I have a hair apt at noon & then I have to head up north to visit with my niece. Have to return my sound card also the Geeks at Best Buy & Dell swore would work...right! It doesn't have a spot of the cable connecting to the front plug ins. "Oh you don't need that..." Right! Like I want to push out my tower ever time! Geez! And we are suppose to get another freeze with below zero wind chills...I think people's brains are just getting frozen. Hard for me to believe they are just like this normally! HA! I know...

Ok, little Energizer Bunny in me...start moving and beating that drum you do at your own beat! :-)

Thanks Sugar! You are soooo Sweet! :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just Pathetic!

I know, I know...can anyone tell me why it is whenever Smokey & the Bandit is on I have to watch it. WHY do I enjoy this so much still. I mean at the time, before we had Aliens coming out of stomachs etc it was cool and that is pathetic but to still watch is lame now right? I just don't get it! HA! Now the 2nd one with Dom Deluise...oh man he still cracks me up! That guy is just funny! He always has me in tears laughing! And women know...not a good thing to do when you get older...women will get that! HA!

Maybe it is the fast car chases? Maybe the high need for achiever in me...the idea that he can accomplish his goal & take on another risk? It can't be running from the law because of course I hold them in the highest regard & I'm a very good girl myself ;-)

And God knows I am not a fan of Burt Reynolds in his older age...he is not very nice to the ladies, though can you believe everything???? Tight jeans now that ya but...ha!

OH....I know...the MUSTACHE! Yep, I love Mustaches & Beards! ;-) They tickle! HA! At least if they are not mine...ha...(Groan I know, I know! Ha! Us Older Women will understand that too but never admit to it!) See that is why I like Tom Selleck too! HA! YUMMY! And really...hmmm Magnum PI...ah ha...I'm seeing a bit of a pattern here. I bit different but fast car, guy with mustahe...ok, well where is today's show like that? Someone get writing! Who could we have as our actor? Hmmm?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dr. Oz said So!

Don't you just love that color on her lips...ha...all the women will understand that! HA!

Ok, so I watched Dr. Oz on Oprah tonight. He was telling everyone how to live longer. They had the doc from the also & women who did not look at all like their one that was 60 yrs old...but Oprah never asked them if they had any plastic surgery!!! I had taken the realage test a number of years ago & I was many years younger than I was but now...ugh...but I'm going to work on some things while this cast is on & get them going so then when I get the cast off I can work on the exercise more.

So I took notes...well I'm a prof what do you want from me! HA! I wanted to ask my doc on some things & start them up & so I didn't want to forget. I want to also pass them on to friends, family & my students, so I wanted to make sure I got it correct.

Ok, so here is your first one & the BEST one I think! ;-)

You are supposed to be having SEX at least :-) 2-3 times a week! I knew you would love that one. Isn't that just great! My doctor prescribed Sex! Come on honey you are going to kill me if you don't! HA! Of course I'm sure he is talking in the best of relationships & w...e...l...l  he didn't say what kind of sex! HA! Hee...Hee...So Go Forth & have's orders!

So there you go...not that you needed any excuses but...I'll share more in the next couple of postings, but you can also go to to get the info from today's show! :-)

Monday, February 4, 2008

MRI, Fog & Cool Jeans! :-)

Well...2 more weeks...ugh! I asked for dark blue...they must have picked the wrong package because it dried light blue. Not bad...goes with my light jeans & you can sign it more than a dark one so...It is a little tighter but my foot is sticking out more on this one. At least my baby toe won't get as irritated. Problem is I'm finding I am walking (flexing) down on the front of my foot & it feels like like my ankle goes too a bit. Not good...he doesn't want me using it still. I got my MRI today & he took a quick look at a few slides. The report will come in 48 hours. He showed me how my tendon should be this lovely continuous black thick line but instead I have a section of white which is swelling. Then my achilles is swollen also. It had been bothering me a bit in the cast. He believes I do have a tear in my tendon. He said sometimes it just appears on the MRI as a big blob of swelling. He doesn't want it to rupture and the best course of action is to make sure I don't use it. He gave me the evil eye when I said last week I was walking a bit too fast & got a huge pain in my left SI joint. I then slowed down. foot wasn't hurting so...and I thought the whole point of the cast is so I can walk. HA! If I'm not in huge pain I'm going to go on with my life. You have to really stop me if you want me to sit down. Stopping me from talking is interesting too Ha! ;-) Of course the one time I had laryngitis...OMG...I was sooo frustrated. My body I think became even more active to compensate. I'm sure he will call me if the report has something more or if he looks at it more & finds anything else. My leg was just pathetic! It was shedding like a snake! Ugh! Well I don't have to go for a chemical peel on that leg...ha!

My other foot is getting a bit more bothered but it wasn't too bad. It is probably from not being able to wear my orthotics. I am going to try my new Mizuno gym shoes without my orthotics. It still may help. Mizuno recycles their old shoes. I was so happy about that. Those were light blue too (trim), got a dark blue goodness my grandmother must be talking to me. Her favorite color was blue. Maybe if I can't go to downtown to PT tomorrow I can catch a matinee before the storm comes and get some groceries?

Well, I had fun atleast wearing one of my 3 new pairs of butterfly jeans! :-) He liked these too. I wore one other pair the last time. I've been getting a lot of compliments on these. Gotta make it fun you know! I don't care what "Stacy & Clinton" would say. Who are they to tell me that I can't wear fun clothes at my age! Just wait until they are my age & see if they like it. Why do younger people think they know what is good for others who are older...OMG...I've turned into my folks I think! Ha! Although wait...I recall when we were kids we always wanted our parents to keep up with the times right so.... And I needed the fun especially since today was not fun driving. We had TONS of fog! OMG...driving back on our major highway I was following red lights. I made sure to stay a bit back but I wanted to be near a car. Just a bit I was leading & did not like that at all. You could not see anything and then it was lightning & you couldn't see where it was coming from. The storms our south of us thankfully. I was just praying the deer did not decide to go for a stroll & get disoriented. Tomorrow we are suppose to get 5-7 inches of snow in the evening again! Ugh! It is 44 degrees right now. This is the craziest winter we have had in a long time. ankle is hurting now...I wasn't even walking on it...geez! Ok, later...

Patrick's Sunday Seven

Well, a journal named "Me Thinks Too Much" just has to participate in Patrick's Sunday Seven this week when it asks "What Seven Things Were On Your Mind Today". Seven...that is all? Give me a Break! Ha! And yes, I know it is technically Monday now, but I am just getting caught up since I had so much on my mind! HA!

Ok, lets see...

1. Why didn't I check the movie listings for today yesterday?

I got up at 8am this morning thinking I would head up north for 10:30am to see "An Affair to Remember" on the big screen, only to realize they only showed it yesterday! Ugh...I'm going back to bed!

2. Why am I having the weirdest dreams lately?

Maybe because I'm actually sleeping long enough to even dream at all lately! Ha! Last week 3 in one night on Safety issues. Had those when I first went to College all about my family in danger. Probably due to nasty weather lately & my recent roll over. This morning one was a was going through a cabinet & it had a hole like for a mouse & the animal in there was a red cat. I took it out & had it with me taking care of it & hiding it in a bag to go to a 'Fleetwood Mac' (no lie) benefit concert at some local location. (Rolls Eyes) but the kitty was sooo sweet! Maybe Dusty was sleeping on me & it got into there? 

3. Alvin & The Chipmunks was pretty funny!

I went to see this movie in town instead & had a BLAST! Why did it take them so long to make this considering it was created so long ago!

4. I want an Email to a Weatherman! Just one! UGH!!!

I leave the house at 2:30pm & the has a nice day predicted! I walk out of my Chinese New Year Party (about 25 of us) and we have a BLIZZARD! No Lie! It was dark & you could only see 1/2 block ahead! HUGE HEAVY chunks of snow! I get home 2 inches per hour they are saying! I want a job that I can be paid for being wrong so much! Why even bother checking with them. I can just look out the window at the time!

5. Multifaceted of consciousness...Dear God get me home safely! 20mph & I'm still uneasy! And thank God everyone is watching the Superbowl right now & are not on the roads. Protect all those drunks who will be on the roads later with this & all the officers who have to deal with this. Thank you God for getting me home safely! Gotta call the siblings!!

6.  Freezing rain canceled for tomorrow...maybe I won't have to cancel my MRI again & can get this cast off my foot...Woo Hoo!

7. 2am & you are not in bed...AGAIN! HA! Oh I can sleep to 10am! :-)

Extra Credit...

Man I loved that Victoria Secret commerical during the Super Bowl. HA! Don't get the wrong idea...just a VERY GOOD idea! ;-) ...but it did make the researcher in me wonder...if your team won are couples more likely to have sex? Or...if you lost would you take care of your sorrow that way? Hmmm? Either Hypothesis is interesting...everyone wins! HA!

Love that Comcast phone commercial with the kid & the fish tank too! :-)
By the time HS Reunion actually airs on March 5th we will have seen everything already! Ugh!

Ok...I better end this between thoughts or I will never stop...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Game To Play

Ok, everyone! I'm going to try this...try it yourself! I linked the graphic to her journal! :-)

Good Saturday to you all, journal friends!  I thought I would try out a new game today.  I hope that you all will have fun with it!  It is called "Weekly Sentence".  I have thought about this for a couple of weeks and ironed out how it is going to work.   It is explained below.


*  Each Saturday I will give you a set of six letters.  A sentence
    must be made from these letters.  The letters today are:
DSPWAS.  An example of a sentence could be -
Don't Shoot
    Pool With A Shark
!  These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

* There is a three - five persons judge panel (of JLand journalers)
    who will pick the best sentence submitted each week.  How will we
    decide on the winner?  The submission that receives the strongest
    reaction from us -  Did it make us laugh, sad, ponder, etc.?

* The winner will receive a logo for their sidebar with their
    screen name on it.

* Place submissions in comments section.  If you do this game as an
    entry in your journal please come back and leave your
    entry URL so your entry can be judged. 
Submissions are due by
   Wednesday, 4PM EST
.  The winner will be announced Friday
    morning or afternoon and they will receive an email with their
    winner's logo.

* A new set of letters will be placed in my journal, There is a
   Season, every Saturday Morning.

If you have more than one submission, only your first one counts.  Thank you.

   Today's Letters: DSPWAS

   Have fun!!!

Here is my submission:

I just know the moment I click submit I will come up with a better one! Ugh!

Do Socks Play With All Sanity

Do Smiling Policemen Want Are Souls

Don't Spank Please, We Are Small

Don't Shout Please, We Are Sleeping