Sunday, July 3, 2005

4th of July Trivia

Well, see if you knew these facts about the 4th of July!

There were certainly some I didn't know, but then history has never been my thing...well let me rephrase that! When history is taught dry with just facts & dates, it doesn't interest me, even for history of psychology.

I once had a student who was a history major. He comes to me in the 3rd week of classes angry & wants to know how he can complain about his history prof.  blah, blah, blah! I asked why of course...maybe I'd even sign his petition! I had one student tell me once that her counselor told her she did not want to be a math teacher but an english teacher simply because she was a female! Oh boy...did she ever come to the right prof. to complain! I "took care of it!"

Well, this history student wrote a paper & got a "D" on it! Heavens! He never received anything but an "A" before! Does this sound familiar! Ha! Of course I asked if he knew why he received the "D"...did he read the comments etc. He said, "She wants to know what this particular historical figure was feeling, what in his past might have led up to this particular historical moment for him ETC!" I was drooling! I would have LOVED to have a history prof. like that! That is psychology! :-)

I calmed him down & explained how this was actually a good experience for him & I'm sure he could do this in future papers. I also explained how my class would certainly help & this one paper grade would not be singularly remembered later in life.

So, when I see shows on PBS like "Letters from Viet Nam" etc I love that kind of history! It is the emotional and motivational emphasis that excites me! Probably true of anything for me! I tell my students my favorite word is "Why." Like kids..."Why is the sky blue" etc, etc, etc...until you say "Go ask your mother/dad" Ha! You can add a few more like "How" "When" etc. I remember wondering why Susie's mom would let her & not mine, How my brother at 2 yrs old in the hospital learned to smile at the nurses to get a sucker & wink to get a lollipop! He had Asthma & was in the hospital for most of 1 yr. My mom goes to visit one day & his pillow has a huge lump! He had a stash of lollipops under it...he was doing it to every nurse! (Shaking Head with a smile!) Go figure he married a nurse! Ha! I think too many people stop asking "Why" and it results in so many problems! Most psychology, sociology and philosophy etc people are always asking questions!

Well, check out this link for your 4th of July Trivia & see if it answers all your questions! If not, post questions in the comments & maybe someone else will have an answer for you!

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