Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You Go Bill!

This is freaky! I swear that was the song on! It goes...

Come on Bill...
Won't you marry me Bill...


One of my favorite sayings is "If you can't make waves, make ripples." Well, seems Dr. Cosby is making waves! Dr. Cosby is writing a prescription for lower economic African Americans and handing it out on his speaking tour. Of course some do not like his particular prescription. He certainly takes care of one particular reporter - watch the video clip.

Aside from what he answers concerning his own moral issues, I find it quite interesting the reporter could not figure out that just because he may have cheated or someone gets a divorce etc doesn't mean all other moral knowledge is wiped out. What those who divorce can't advice their children on looking both ways before crossing the street, not to use drugs, much less marriage. People do learn a lot about marriage even if they do divorce! People who use drugs can't help kids stay off them? I just don't understand how she could not figure that out on her own!

What do you all think? We'll have to see how this goes & what happens as a result!

Stella Lost Her Groove!

I'm not kidding that is the song that is on! Ha!

Poor Stella...or rather "Terry"! Terry McMillian, who the movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" is based upon & where Taye Diggs made us ladies all drool like "Hooch", has lost her Groove! Apparently, the Jamaican stud, who became her husband, got her groove going to become an American citizen & not only that...he is gay! I don't it yourself!

Well I think I will think twice before I head to Jamaica to find my it lost?

How will we watch this movie now?

I bet all the the hubands & other guys are having fun with this!

Some of Life's Lessons

I received these in an email today & thought they were pretty good. The Love at First Sight thing I'm not a real believer in, lust at first sight but... I like all of them but #2, 4, 5, 9 & 14 I really agree strongly!

1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

2. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

3. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

4. When you say, "I love you," mean it.

5. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.

6. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

7. Believe in love at first sight.

8. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

9.  Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

10. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

11. Don't judge people by their relatives.

12. Talk slowly but think quickly.

13. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?" 

14. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

15. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

16. When you lose, don't lose the lesson

17. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and responsibility for all your actions.

18. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

19. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

20. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

21. Spend some time alone.

What do you think?

Wknd Asgn #65: Summer Song Dedications

I love singing....

Cause I'm Already Gone....
Woo hoo hoo

Ok, John wants some
summer song dedications so I'll start with my little niece. I dedicated "I like to Move it, Move it" to her since she sings it...all the time...since she saw the Madagascar movie a few weeks ago. Actually, just going to the website for the URL I was dancing in my chair...3:40am & its got me going! ;-) I know what she'll be getting for her B-day in a few weeks...good I can use it too! Ha!

Now my older niece just turned 14 yrs old & will be starting high school in the fall. Ahhh...what a summer for her! It will be a big transition. I think back to the music I listened to & what I was doing at 14 yrs old & I don't think I want her to be 14! Ha! I'm surprised how our parents were then, but then again it was a very different time. Heck, I should of tried to get away with more, now that I think about it! HA! Lets see when I was 14 yrs old I won
ELO tickets on WLS radio station and a t-shirt & their New World Record "Album!" This was the one with "Livin Thing". I just bought a "best of" CD with 29 of their songs! We'll see if she likes them! BTW...I should add that my mom's cousin told her that the theater the concert was in was sooo horrble..."they smoke pot there!" I thought I was going to die when my folks would not let me go to the concert! They gave the tickets to 2 of the teenage boys next door...I had 4...too old! They brought me back another t-shirt that had a decal so thick it was like wearing armour! I think I still have them! Ha...then my brother & I take my niece to Stevie Nicks & Don Henley on Father's Day! Ha! Well it was pretty tame!

My niece wants to be a vet & will be visiting with my "babies" vet in a few weeks. I'm hoping it will give her motivation for school or at least tell her this is not it & open her up to the other possibilities. Actually I wish I was going to spend the day at the vet too! :-) To her I dedicate ELO's "
Hold On Tight". Some of the lyrics:

When you get so down that you can't get up
And you want so much but you're all out of luck
When you're so downhearted and misunderstood
Just over & over & over you could

When you need a shoulder to cry on
When you get so sick of trying
Just hold tight to your dream

Well John, I can't remember anyone ever dedicating a song to me but then again, my memory may be going? Maybe someday! I will dedicate one to myself this summer. There are so many & I was actually logging summer songs from the 70s off the AOL radio before you assigned this. So many different aspects of yourself etc. As I think back to when I was 14 yrs old & then from that point on, summer was about fun, sometimes stupid fun...Ha!...but also about love! "Summer Lovin...had me a blast!" (Grease!) :-) So I will dedicate "
Annie's Song" for some summer potential! ;-)

Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you
Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again

And while many have been dedicating "
I Hope You Dance" to their daughters, I would like to dedicate it to all the past men in my life. Like there have been 100s! Right! Look at the still applies!

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they're worth taking
Lovin' might be a mistake
But it's worth making
Don't let some hell bent heart
Leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out

May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give fate a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance
(Tell me who)
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
I hope you dance
(Where those years have gone)

And I hope Everyone's Spirit Dances Freely this Summer! :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another Sentimental Gift

I forgot a very dear gift I was given for my B-day this past March! It was my 40th and not a very happy one since I spent it burying a dear member of our family. My folks tried to surprise me with a party on Easter Saturday (read my posting) and everyone was so lovely to me! One of my cousins made me this beautiful frame of quotes! We tend to email each other quotes back & forth. I have the quotes on this past posting if you want to read them! She made me something else & I almost cried when I opened them up! I'm sure it took her quite a bit of time & planning. I love her so very much for doing such a lovely thing for me!

John & His Photo Shoot!

John & his darn photo shoot! Man, looking at all those entries last night got me thinking of one of my favorite pasta dishes & I had to have it today. I try not to eat pasta too often, but this year with my foot & back problems I've not been as good. It is easy to make.

This is the pasta dish I got from one of my friends a few years ago. Well, actually I changed it a bit! She didn't have shrimp in it & I just had to add that! (Read my Monday Photo Shoot) She originally also had pieces of cucumber & green pepper in it & Italian dressing. I had been using the Asian Dressing from Panera Bread but they stopped selling it! Mental note...write Panera again & complain! I'm soooo upset! I love their Asian Chicken Salad! Tonight I used Paul Newman's Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing & it is pretty good. You can use shell pasta or anything really!

I have made this for work & my colleagues go nuts! They find me & thank me! Track me down even in the bathroom...well the guys wait outside the door! Sometimes I don't get any! It is a nice cold pasta salad for anytime but especially for summer.PICNICS!!! You can make it & leave it in the fridge for kids when they get home from school or your significant other getting home from work before you, or just if you don't want to cook the next day! :-)

Of course Dusty likes when I make it too because he gets some "shrimpies!" :-)

Basic Recipe:

* Black Olives
* Grape Tomatoes
* Shrimp
* Pasta
* Italian Dressing
* Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese

Have fun deleting & adding whatever you like. It would be cool if someone does alter a bit to post your own journal & add to the comments here!


Hey - Today in the NY Times an article on Summer Pasta Salads! I scooped them! :-)

Summer Beauty

Oh I just had to stop on my way home yesterday & take some pictures! It was so hot that the Sea Gulls were wading in the little pond with the Great Egrets.

I was trying to get their pictures, but my zoom wasn't good enough so I just took some other pictures of the day's beauty. I saw a turtle but he was too fast for me & I almost fell in the water! Ha! I can just imagine explaining this to the cop scanning the area! At least he/she would have a funny story for the day.

I couldn't believe I happened to see the caterpillar. I may stop by & see if it stayed there to cocoon. The big dragonflies I wasn't able to catch, but then I noticed these little blue ones. You can barely see them on the picture. When they were flying you could see their wings, but when they were sucking the necter they collapsed their wings. I'll try again later.

This is what summer is about guys...make sure to look for & actually see the summer beauty! Take some spontaneous trips or stops & enjoy it all!

If you do, from this point on log your own & then come back here & add it in the comments & we'll share!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Young Workers Expect Too Much

Interesting article in Monday's Chicago Sun Times entitled "Younger workers expect too much, employers say" by Martha Irvine. The article states the Gen Xers, who were thought to be apathetic slackers has been turned over to the next generation labeled the "Entitlement Generation." This generation expect everything right away on the job rather than "pay their dues."

Dr. Mel Levine, a professor at North Carolina University, the author of the book "Ready or Not, Here Life Comes," and co-founder of states there is an epidemic of kids who experienced success too early in life & now are having a hard time making the transition to work. He states they need instant gratification. He states that kids today are committed to "fun" and this is due to the coddling by parents & colleges. I got to meet Dr. Levine this spring. He talked about his book & answered questions for over an hour & I'm in the middle of this book. He is also the author of "A Mind At A Time" and "The Myth of Laziness."

The article states employers are frustrated with new employees expectations of entitlement in the first week of employment, to what veteran employees have worked hard for 30 years to earn.

Quite interesting! This may go along with the comments in Time Magazine's Februrary 21st cover story "What Teachers Hate About Parents." In this article 
students and parents felt entitled to As in school for little work. Some very interesting personal stories in the articles.

Six Steps to be a Great Father

I have been meaning to post this since Father's Day, but just haven't had the chance. I really liked this piece by Tom Ehrich. I'm sure some of you may want to add a few more steps after reading some of your Rather's day "tributes" on John's Wknd Asgn. I do like the points Tom makes though.

I love this picture! I think it is especially important for dads to spend time with their daughters & really try to know and support them. Of course, I believe the same for moms & their sons. A great deal of how you define the opposite sex comes from your opposite sex parent.

P.S. Of course the guy in the picture is quite attractive too! :-)

Monday Photo Shoot: Get Hungry


Ok here is my Monday Photo Shoot for what makes me hungry! Yes, these are my pictures John!

If I could only live on Fisherman's Wharf! :-) Well, only 4 types of Shrimp in my freezer currently, but it would not be unusually to find even more! Lobster would also be welcome anytime! 

If I couldn't have shrimp, I would probably take Bar-B-Que! Everyone has their favorite sauce & it can be quite a "heated" discussion! :-) Mine is the Bulls-Eye line. Now, Little Dooey's in Starkville, MS has "the best" pulled Bar-B-Que pork & chicken but, it is quite a "road trip" to head there! They do let you order their sauce online though! :-)  

You Get What You Pay For Even In Education!

Here is one of the Problems!!!! If you look at this editorial today, they talk about the salaries of teachers & how many of them have to work other part-time jobs! They mention a salary with Masters & 15 years experience. Ok, I'm a college professors with 15 years experince & Masters plus almost 60 hours beyond that & I am not making anywhere near the avg salary they report! That should tell you something!!! UGH!!  

It is just horrible how we "honor and thank" teachers! These are the people who will have your children making higher salaries than them in the future, hopefully with that personal happiness as well. No wonder they leave the profession...and you know because it is the tax dollars those areas that need the best qualified teachers to help the students with the most need are not going to have them! How do we expect the problems in our society to improve?

How do we expect teachers to work all these hours & then have to go home after that part time job & grade papers & prepare for the next day AND be totally perky and inspiring in class...oh & then give your child individual attention!?! One can see why it might be more attractive to get a different job which pays more for less hours & you don't bring your work home with you!

Schools Cook Their Books!

And here it editorial today on how the high schools are playing with their statistics to show much higher percentage of graduating students than is true! Some are not even reporting their data! Clearly this "No Child Left Behind"  big idea is just that! I think every child left behind should write the president & tell him, and his lovely wife, what the problems are! Maybe they would get a clue then! To make these policies withouth looking at what the real problems are & attempting to solve them, this includes backing it up with the funds, is just a waste of time & money! But then....when do politicians ever really find out the real problems &  solve them? Ha!

D.C. Reinvents High School

In Saturday's Washington Post, an editorial talked about how the D.C. school system is going to offer High School students two new tracks. They could take an additional 5th year to finish or even finish in 3 years. Their hope is to tackle the incredible dropout rate they seem to experience due to a variety of reasons. They state the extended 5th year is not offered so students can have more time to hang out with their friends, but rather to accommodate other responsibilities like working or taking care of children.

As a college professor myself, I find this quite interesting! For colleges with open door policies where one can enter college with any level of competence this may actually help. Too many times social promotion was just used and students really did not have the skills when they entered college. Perhaps this 5th year will help this problem. At the same time, offering a 5th year without improving how to help students with their variety of problems learning may not solve the problem.

Perhaps high school & maybe even grammar school, should take some ideas from college, like scheduling. Could it be set up so students could take some classes in the evening or when they like? Maybe a Saturday or even Sunday? Perhaps we could go back to year round offerings. Students could pick & choose which teacher they would like to take. I know I have always been a night person (look at the time my entries are done!) and I would have loved to start my classes at noon & gone into the evening. That is what I did in college! Ha! Some may need to work. This would allow more flexibility. One could space time for studying. It may coordinate with parents schedules better also & not leave kids home alone. Just thinking out loud on some possiblities. Why not let kids progress in certain subjects at their own pace. Instead of promoting them a grade, which maybe they couldn't in all subjects, let a child take a course in math lets say that is a few levels ahead & yet perhaps science is lower. You may have a mix of ages but there will be advantages & disadvantages either way you go. I know you can do this to some degree but I am thinking about even more so!

What do you all think?

Life According to "Hitch"

I just finished watching "Hitch" with both of my brothers & where do I start! UGH!!!!

Ok, first I liked Kevin James' character Albert! He was sweet & funny! Ok, so a bit of polish but you know you package so much & it is fake. As Kevin said in the special features interview, "you can only suck in your gut so much!" Ha! I totally agree.

What is with the 3 date rule? When was that determined? I don't remember reading that in my teen magazines or anything? Is this new & I'm just old? I asked my brothers & they are like "you didn't know that?" I'm like WHAT? This is crazy. I mean ya, you might know on even a first date if he is a total jerk, but the medium guys well it might take soem time. So what if it takes 5 dates or more! You are not always your best and everyone is worth another try if they are willing to. When I think back now...maybe some guys made the wrong assumption? UGH! Just ask if you like someone!

On the website they have the following "Dating Practices":

10. Tease her. It meant the same thing on the playground that it does now, "I Like You."

* Ok, now this depends. I'm sorry but teasing is not always great. I mean who likes to be made a fool of or have their flaws pointed out right away on your first dates. That is just rude.

9. Wear Cologne. Less is more here; its better if she has to lean in to smell it.

* I agree! Ahhh, the smell of men! Nothing like it! And I know what does it for me...Polo & Drakkar...ok I know they are old but what can I say, some guy must have been a great kisser to condition me so well with it. I can smell it 5 miles away! :-)

8. Leave your hat at home. Don't wear a baseball cap on a date, even if they did just win the World Series.

* I agree! I can't see your eyes when you do! And man what is with men's manners today. Men don't take their hats off entering homes, churches etc. It certainly will tell me a lot about a man!

7. Open doors, she will walk through & say "thanks." Any man who doesn't hold the door will be dealt with when they all go to the ladies room at the same time.

* YES! I love when men open doors for me or walk on the outside of me. At least offer! Also don't get offended if we do open it for you. Be gracious...we like to show you we like you too!

6. Pay for dinner, lunch or coffee. She has shoes & accessories to buy.

* Ugh! Now I don't agree with this totally! I like to pay sometimes. There are many men who use money to flaunt themselves. Why would a man want a women who is only attracted to  him because he has money? Ugh! Also some think they then deserve something for spending it! UGH! It is a power thing! I like power to be balanced or a bit more to me today & a bit more to you tomrrow. I think it tells one a great deal about how they feel a relationship should be. I'm not for any 90-10 thing!

5. Shave. Stubble hurts.

* Ok, again, hmmm, I like stubble sometimes! I like rough, outdoorsie looks! I like mustaches & beards. I will say I am starting to like gotees...never did before but they are "growing on me" now. Sorry...bad pun! And I didn't mean it literally, I am getting older but so far I still have enough Estrogen!

4. Be Cocky; but throw in a little self-deprecating humor once in a while.

* I don't like this either! Cockiness is not my thing...ok be careful with this one! I just mean who are you trying to be or what are you trying to prove? Be yourself. I don't expect "Superman!" I'll let you be Superman though later if you are not cocky & think you are! I love guys who think they know something about my area too...I let them hang themselves! See don't do that! Noone knows that much about anything....I don't & you certainly don't. Just relax & don't try to impress so much.

3. Crack jokes during sad movies. Women cry, and we remind them it's just a movie.

* Absolutely not! I remember going to see "Saving Private Ryan" with my sister. Remember the horrific beginning? Ok, I'm crying my eyes out & my sister turns to me & grabs me & says "Its just a movie" I was sooo upset with her! I replied quite LOUDLY, "I'm sure Stephen Speilberg wants me to think it is just a movie!" To me, if you crack jokes you are insensitive. You can't handle feeling the emotions. Movies are about laughing when something is funny & crying when something is sad. So later when I'm sad that my friend died or something are you going to crack jokes. I just don't agree with this & can't believe other women would want men to do this!

2. Your eyebrows should be bushier than hers, and you shouldn't be shaving anything other than your face unless you're an Olympic diver.

* Ha! They contradicte themselves because they have Albert getting his back waxed! Now I'm not saying I love hairy backs, and I don't care for the unibrow but it is funny because in my students text they have research that supports what they know call the "Leonardo DeCaprio Effect" or babyfaced clean men versus the hairy rugged ones I like. I think this just really depends. I would not mind a chest with no hair but I do like them...Tom Selleck...YUM!

1. Write Love Letters. Use a pen & a dictionary!

* Interesting this is #1! My mom still pulls out her old Valentine's Day cards from my dad & displays them during Valentines Day. I think she wishes he would write them now. That brings up another point...keep this all up throughout your relationship...that is why people seek out others or when someone does do these things for them it is attractive. It is a two way street! If you can make the time when you first start going out then you can later. Think of the message it sends "I don't have time to show you how much I love you now."

They also state 8/10 women say they can determine the who relationship from the first kiss. Ok, hmmm...well if the first kiss is totally aweful maybe. I mean ya, as they said you don't want to be gagging from his tongue down your throat on the first date. I'm just thinking of the times first kisses are when you may have been drinking etc. Heck, some people don't remember anything later. Why don't people just say "I like you" or "I'd really like to kiss you" Why soindirect. My brain hurts from trying to figure things out. You waste so much time! I don't mean to be rude or unromantic by any means. Heck there are some things men have said to me I'm still figuring out. Just ask or tell! What are you afraid of? I'm sure there are some things I'm still clueless. I know I don't notice guys noticing me. I remember even a few years ago my friend & my mom with me at Navy Pier & I was walking a bit ahead & they were like "Did you see that guy?" I thought they just saw a cute guy but they said, "He was totally checking you out!" I'm like Where? What guy? I had no clue. I don't notice guys attempts I guess because I expect them to just directly ask me. And also I think sometimes I think I'm no supermodel so why me & not the girl standing next to me...but then I don't like when guys don't think they are good enough for someone! If you don't think you are then you aren't in my opinion.

Then there is what Albert says to Hitch:

"You know what it's like getting up every morning? Feeling hopeless, feeling like the love of your life is waking up with the wrong man. But, at the same time hoping that she still finds happiness, even if it's never going to be with you. "

YES! So very true! It doesn't matter as long as he is happy! If he is not happy then whose fault is that. If he doesn't take the risk to is short! Life can be wonderful but you have to make it that way and each day is an opportunity you can either take or give up.

So what do you think?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dusty Look Alike Contest!

Ok this first picture I got in an email with a bunch of cats with cute sayings! I was totally surprised! It is Dusty! I mean it look just like my Dusty but it isn't him! Unless Dusty was sneaking out during the day when I was working & visiting some girlfriend & is ummm "exhausted" Hee Hee! Sorry no paternity suits will be considered since he was neutered at 6mo of age! I have proof! :-)

I have only seen 2 other cats like him in the 15 yrs he has lived! I wish I knew whose cat it is! It made me think of posting it here to see if anyone has a cat like this or knows of someone with a cat like Dusty! If you do, I'd love to communicate with you & compare notes!

So I'm launching the 1st Official  "Dusty Look-Alike Contest"! If you have a cat like Dusty post your own journal entry with photos & comments on their behavior, health etc then come back here & link it in the comment section. Everyone with a Look-Alike will be a winner in that you will make connections with people with a common love & be able to communicate with each other & learn about their health, longevity ETC!  

Dusty is all excited too! :-) He says if there are any available females out there to please list that in your profile! He says free fun with "no worries!" He is sooo bad! :-)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Cousin Joel...the Actor!

Now this is my cousin Joel, who my niece is in love with and is planning to marry! Didn't I tell you! She has AWESOME taste! He is sooo sweet about it too! He sends her cards, and  makes it a point to talk with her etc when we have family parties! He is a really great guy! Why are all the great ones related to me! Ugh! If I could just find one with pieces of all the men in my family! Ha! It has been so wonderful watching Joel grow up to the man he is now! His family use to come to my youngest brother's plays & we would go to theirs. My brother played Danny from Grease his Senior year & it was what got him an acting scholarship to college. Actually my brother has his car in Ocean's 11. Yep...right after Brad Pitt comes from the subway I think...he had a Mustang then. If you blink you will miss it though! Ha! Do you know my brother sat in his car talking to Matt Damon for over an hour & did not have the good sense to mention he has a single sister....well two as a matter of fact! I tell you! What happened to the the good old days your brothers took care of you! Well...maybe he was! Ha!

Joel is living in Hollywood right now and has been trying to open some doors acting! He has been doing quite a bit of extra work! Here is a list:

Joel's Television Work - March 2004 - March 2005

West Wing
Without A Trace
Passions (NBC 2pm) - He is on alot! In the bar scene!
Summerland - Along the beach!
Seventh Heaven
Dr. Vegas
C.S.I. Miami (nearly every week CBS Tues!)
C.S.I. New York
The O.C.
Related by Family
The Nick & Jessica Family Christmas Show - Blocked for a kiss & Hug from Jessica!
2 1/2 Men

Joel's Movie Work - March 2004 - March 2005

Cloud Nine (movie with Burt Reynolds)
Triple X-2

You can look at more pictures on his resume.

Oh..Joel was actually hit by the first mud slide this past spring! Yep...was on news & everything! Poor guy! Brand new Jeep Liberty! He was on his way home in the wee hours & was really lucky! Totaled his Jeep though. Then his friend happened to call him just as he finished sliding down the canyonl & so his friend got there before the fire dept. They were already getting him out of the jeep when the fireman came. The fireman were a bit worried...there were live wires & my cousin didn't realize it! He definitely had an angel with him that night! I told Joel I'll make him a t-shirt that says "I rode a Mud Slide & Survived!" :-)

Well watch for him! I expect him to win an Oscar one day...but then again I'm a bit biased!

Tai Chi Anyone?

** Gary,  my Tai Chi Instructor! **

Boy, I'm in a singing mood! Now there is the "Woo-Hoo" in the song....those Pips are Awesome!

"I'd Rather Live in His World Than Be Without Him In Mine!"

Long day today, but I am now Therapeutic Tai Chi "In-A-Chair"(c) that is! I'm sure my family & friends would say I'm certified in many other things! Ha! I am certified in Stress Management, though some days I feel like someone may just want to revoke it! Ha! As you know, so much easier to preach than to practice yourself, but you just do better the next moment! At least I do know what to do, which is better than those who do not. Now, if I can just win the Mega Millions & get a lovely Hot Tub, find someone to give me massages everyday (I'll return the favor!) & ohh a Select Comfort bed would be great! My folks have one at their house in AZ for the winters. I think they will get one for their new summer house too, they love it so much. Speaking of which...I have to check my numbers! Nope, not 1 number! Man! Oh right... like I would tell everyone if I won! Ha!

There were 5 of us getting certified today. The others teach Tai Chi & Qi Gong but just different styles. There is much need for modified forms, so that people of all "abilities" can gain the wonderful benefits! My foot doctor told me I have severe arthritis in one ankle & moderate/severe in the other. They rarely bother far. Hopefully I can delay it getting symptomatic by doing the Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Meditation each day.

There are sooo many conditions which can benefit from Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation:

Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Parkinson's Disease
Coronary Heart Disease

And these are just a few! Not to mention the first year I started I didn't have a migraine for 10 months. Spring finals time came around & I said, "I don't have time to go do Tai Chi!"... for 3 weeks. Ha! Learned my lesson! I got my Level II in Tai Chi for Wellness(c) prior to my foot injury, so that is at least 4 years ago & then I just haven't been able to do it consistently because of my foot & back. Now I'm starting to get going again. Perhaps I'll have that Master Level by I just finish the Tens Unit on my foot! Ha! To bad you can't use that thing to stimulate the neurons in your brain every so often! Ha!

I kept wanting to the do the full 40 step "Form", which is actually adapted from the Yang Family Style Form, all day today. The Tai Chi in A Chair is a smaller set of moments & modified to be easier. I just went into an unconscious autopilot from what I already know. I guess I didn't forget it, so that is a good thing. Well, my Physical Therapist just gave me permission to start back up on my Total Gym so hopefully tomorrow! I've had one for like 10 yrs & love it but haven't been able to use it lately!  420 squatts I'd use to do, 5 days a week 90% bodyweight! Yep! 7 different types @ 60 a piece! Man I loved it! I'll have to see if my foot can take it though...have to work back up to it I'm sure.  

One other AWESOME Stress Management method I love is NIA! It is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi & Dance. I've watched people of all ages & abilities laughing & smiling for an hour straight doing it! When have you ever seen that in a typical aerobics class! Right! It actually was developed by all the older aerobics instructors whose joints were killing them from all the pounding.

See that picture of my Tai Chi instructor above...this man has MS! He was diagnosed in '91 & not long after was in a wheel chair taking 16 tablets of Valium a day & 2400 mg of Ibuprophen and tons of other meds! He was not doing very well emotionally as you can imagine. He just startedto meet people in the wellness field who taught him how to breathe properly, yoga etc & he slowly began to not need his meds. He has designed this wonderful program and does this full time now...oh...ya...he was a Master Chef & Black Belt in Karate! He had a Karate facility in the past also! This man was no couch potato before!

Our weekly Kan Jie group brings together people of all ages & abilities & we just support each other & have a blast! Some nights I'm hurting not from the Tai Chi but from laughing so much! The best is when I was teaching my students & my 18 year old students would be moaning as we were stretching, say in the "cat pose", and I'm much more flexible than they are! Hee Hee! I felt so great! :-) That is why I teach them...I'm hoping if they continue, they will be in better shape than me when they are my age. I have quite a few who do continue & even teach their family members! That is what I get "high on" about being an educator!

Well time to ice the foot! Oh if any of you have foot (arch) problems, my PT said take a water bottle & after you drink your paid water...fill with tap & then freeze! It works GREAT! You ice your foot at the same time get the benefit of rolling your arch over it! Hope that helps!

96 Degrees & Jon Bon Jovi Gets Me Hotter....Woo-Hoo!

My version of the above song...

Can't you see...
Ohhh...Can't you see...
What that man...he's been doin' to me...    ;-)

Ok, I think I remember why I always liked older men when I was younger! Is it just me or do men get more & more INCREDIBLY they get older! YUM!  ;-) My Biography came in the mail today & when I saw Jon Bon Jovi on the cover I nearly collapsed at the mailbox. Ok, so it was also 96 degrees outside...what was Biography thinking delivering such a hot cover on a day like this?! Ha!

And I was never a big Jon Bon Jovi fan before! I do like "Wanted Dead or Alive" though. I've liked him more recently acting & as he is looking older. Maybe it is the softness with the "bad boy" too! :-) I think the "bad boy" feeling is attractive because women would like to be bad sometimes! We have to be pretty & dainty all the time...what a bunch of crock!! And I loovvveee when men are just "boys!" Ha! I think sometimes women just "miss it" and need to get a grip! I mean so you just washed the floor & they tracked in mud on it! I'm sure there are things that you do that irritate him too!  

Now in the article his dad says "You tell him he can't do something, he'll prove to you, 'I can do it." I knew I liked this guy! I'm the same way! Now his brother says down deep he is still a good old boy! That may be it! He is got some "bad boy" but he is still a sweet family man. Even Al Gore is quoted as saying he is a down to earth, family, community person. Now Richie Sambora says he thinks Jon will win an Oscar & then become President & then he'll make Richie VP! Ha! Now wouldn't that be a hoot!

You may be able to see that Jon has a tatoo on his arm...anyone know what it is? :-) Quite interesting!

P.S. He is actually only 3 years older than me but I mean "this age range" I guess!

Wknd Asgn #64: My Dad


This is my dad & mom when they were dating. They dated for 5 years! They say it was Love at First Sight! I am always intriqued by this concept! My dad worked his way through Dental School & graduated as the youngest at that time. His godfather was a dentist & in the military. My dad graduated from Dental School in June, my folks were married in July & then in August they were at Fort Hood, Tx for the 2 years before I was born. Mom was the one who called base to let them know President Kennedy was shot. She was watching on tv. They all laughed & soon the sirens went off on base stating they were on alert. 


This is a picture of me with my dad & then 2 of my niece with him! Isn't that so cool! My niece is much older now, but look at that smile with her! She makes everyone smile this way, but to get my dad to smile that much is just wonderful! Maybe it is actually where my niece gets her smile...hmmm! :-)


I love all the pictures with my dad smiling & laughing! He has such a wonderful smile! He works much too hard though & needs to do it more often! :-) This is my older of my two brothers! My dad has sooo much fun with kids! Recently, kids are just coming up to him and sitting on his lap! I love it! This brother is looking more & more like my dad! I guess it is good they share the same first name!


My niece had fallen for the first time! I couldn't believe I had a camera to capture this! She did not cry with Grandpa making her feel she was safe! What I lovely lesson to learn about men for later in her life!

Look at that Bear hug! He bends over & pulls her up like this still! I get worried but I guess as long as it doesn't hurt him. Amazing how she can get him to relax & play! I think God brought her purposely to do that! :-) The last one I love! Something that would normally be "work" is now "a big puzzle to put together!" Do you know he now saves those tile pieces (floor is 27 yrs old!) until she comes over to do them with her! :-)

Some of my happiest moments are with my dad on vacations & parties. We would go on the Dental Conventions but dad would plan some trips along the way to our destination. I think my favorite is when we went fishing! I love to fish! I also would get so excited for Saturdays in the summers. He would come home from work about 2pm & he would come from his car around to the backyard where I waited for him swinging on my swing. I worked with my dad as a teen and got to see how wonderful he worked with his patients. He loves what he does! Many of his patients are 3-4 generations! They know our family & he knows theirs! Today you get your 15 min with your doctors & you are lucky you even get to explain what you came for ! I think this is many times the problem in why doctors really do not get to the cause of many problems...just slap a prescription! Dad is hopefully retiring this summer though! We all now have to get in quick to get our last cleaning from him! My dad would always save the new sample flavors of flouride & the new toothbrushes for me to try! I have only gone to one other dentist in my life & I think I'm the only one out of his kids! I was in college & bit into our cafeteria food & lost part of a filling. It was really wierd going to someone else! He has not only been my dentist for 40 yrs now but he is daddy & if it hurts...there was nothing that could be done because daddy wouldn't hurt you if he could avoid it. I unfortunately did not get my maternal grandpa's dental genes! He had all his teeth until he died & you could drill down for a crown with no anesthetic! Man! I once got 3 of the strongest shots & my face is all numb but I am still dying in pain. Ugh!

You know my dad & I don't always get along...well it is more like agree on things, but we are actually a lot alike! That may actually be the problem! I do respect my father for being strong with his values/morals though! He has a huge heart even if he is does not always show his affection...well he is like many men who "does things for you" to show their love, rather than perhaps say "I Love You" or give a kiss. Now if you come to him first that is a different story! I remember this one day when my dad came home from work. He gave me this scratching ring for my kitty "Dusty". He had used his dental supply points to get it free for me rather than to get himself something or more supplies! He is just sooo wonderful! You know they say women look for a husband like their know it may not be a bad idea! I would be lucky. Maybe that is why I have not been married one out there that can measure up to my dad! Hmmmm!!!!! :-)


I also wanted to honor a few other fathers! This first picture is of my mom's dad holding her! I am still searching for some other pictures of grandpa to scan up with me. My "youngest brother" looks so much like him! Their stance, is getting eerie the older & older my brother gets! My grandpa grew up on the farms in IN & only went to 3rd grade. He would sign my cards with his name rather than grandpa after my grandma passed away. He could not spell very well but he was soooo smart! He also was a prize fighter for a while & was sooo strong, even up until he passed away when I was 23 yrs old. His uncles were very mean to him when he was young & I remember literally making him stop from pissing (LITERALLY!) on their graves when he took my sister & I to visit some relatives and to show us where he grew up. He was such a character! I don't remember anyone who didn't like my grandfather...unless they were afraid of him! Ha! When my mom was about the age she is in the picture, my grandpa had to go to New Mexico to live for a year because he had the smallest spot of TB. When we would ask grandpa if he would take us to after school events etc he would always say "If I'm here" meaning if he was still alive! He had such a wonderful attitude toward life & death....something I wish I inherited! I remember when he passed away the only thing that made me feel better was that he would finally get to meet his mother! (See below!) 

These next two are of me with my Great-Grandpa! My grandpa's (above) father! He is with his 3rd wife (2 others passed away). This is the great-grandma I remember! These are precious pictures to me since my great-grandpa and my grandpa did not talk for many years. You see it was LITERALLY a shot-gun wedding and my great-grandma died several days after my grandpa was born. My great-grandpa left then to have his wife's sisters raise my grandpa. My great-grandpa returned to the picture when my grandpa was about 13 yrs old with a new wife (2nd). My great-grandpa taught me how to braid my hair! :-) I remember him sitting in a chair & I sat on the floor between his legs & he taught me how.

I'll add a few of my dad's father hopefully later this weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Monday Photo: Sentimental Gifts

Ok, here is my Sentimental Gifts Entry John! I thought of 2 - 1 I received & 1 I recently gave!

One of the most cherished gifts I have is my maternal grandmother's wallet full of her important information & pictures (above). My grandfather gave it to me a few months after she had passed away. You can read about how special my grandmother was to me in my Mother's Day journal. I remember this wallet fondly from our trips downtown in Chicago shopping. In fact, I remember many items she had in her purse: gum, a crocheted hankie, wet wipes, a little plastic container with one of those plastic folded rain hats/scarfs, her RED lipstick (women always at least have lipstick on!), a Babushka (head scarf), some small piece of candy (she was a diabetic), keys...that is all I can think of right now.


Now the picture above is what I just made my dad & brother for Father's Day (I know I'll get my Tribute up soon!) I got these tumblers at Starbucks! You can put your own pictures in them! While I have had them for quite some time, I was up until 4:30am getting them ready! I'm sure just like my dad putting my toys together the night before Christmas! In fact, my mom says she thinks my dad just wanted to play with them first! HA! The left one you may be able to see two pictures that look similar! The top one is my dad holding me & then if you go a bit lower to the right there is a picture of him holding his granddaughter the same way! I just loved that when I found it! I wanted to show everyone at 3am! Ha! I told them both it was just an example & they can put the pictures they want or change them...I would not be offended. My mom commented the picture I found of her was the one my dad carried in his wallet when they dated. It is the one on the lower right you can see that is black & white. My brother's, I did just of his daughers or of him with them.

They seemed to like them but then today I saw they were both in the cabinet & I thought "hmmm". Then my brother was leaving to bring his daughter's back to their mom (divorced) & he came in the kitchen from being already in the car & I saw him go to the cabinet & get it! I felt sooo soooo happy! :-) I thought the response I was getting is that everyone now wanted one! I had actually bought 1 for me & then it turned into giving it away & then getting another....I'll probably eventually get one after everyone else but that is ok. Maybe I'll make these for Christmas gifts? With all the pictures being sent via email, I should be able to for friends & family. Maybe Starbucks will give me a bulk rate? :-)

There was one other item I wanted to include here initially but I can't find it, which is really upsetting me. If I find it I'll add it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adult or Kid?

Well John, I like your audio response to if you could choose, whether you'd prefer to be an adult or kid! You know I think my answer can be found in my childhood! Find me at a family party...where was I? At the table with all the adults! Listening to them & asking questions! Not annoying ones that kids ask but questions which really engaged the adults. Now I'm a first born sooo... Of course my Uncle Ken was always there too! Well all the ladies were usually at the kitchen table & he had to come and raze all of them! He is a hoot! That man! He loves to play pranks! Calls my dad's office & tells the receptionist he is the "Reverend 'Last Name'" and then says, "Oh ya, I can get there in 5 minutes I have a flashing light Cross I put on top of my car!" Ugh! He is sooo much fun! Bugs the heck out of me though too about getting married etc but he loves me sooo...

My professor who taught Consciousness Psychology even told me on a paper that I was too much in the adult world when I was a kid because I didn't have an imaginary friend. I'm like, does everyone have one? That is an interesting question to ask everyone! I don't remember my friends saying they had one....did any of you? You know, come to think of it, this particular professor was quite cool but when he lectured on drugs, we all thought it just might have been from personal experience! Ha!

I think I'd have to choose adulthood also John for the following reasons:

* Driving! I remember when we moved to the house my folks are in now. I was 13 yrs old & it was too far to walk or ride my bike to my friends & I couldn't drive. Driving gives you so much independence. It is sooo hard for elderly after they can't drive anymore! Heck when I couldn't because of my foot injury, I almost went nuts!

* Kissing...wait that might be first! ;-) You know now there is another interesting question...your first kiss! Hmmm! Or first boyfriend/girlfriend! I still remember my first heartbreak! 13 yrs old...well I didn't look 13! It was a friend of a kid whose dad ran a open gym. Well "the kid" told me he liked me & so he wasn't going to bring his friend anymore! Told me I should get over him & see him. I waited at the door for I think a month (once a week it was). Just hurt so bad!  Ok, so kissing alone is enough to choose Adulthood! :-) Well of course that would lead into a further discussion & I think that would just solidify the choice! ! ;-) You guys think women drive you crazy...HA!

* Perhaps asking someone out now is easier also! I mean in a way it is difficult especially at my age, but think back to high school, maybe even was a whole ordeal to find out if someone liked you & risking to ask...I don't know, maybe people still have this problem but I think as I get older I'm more & more direct. "Want to go out?" Ok either way! I also think the whole "show" of it is different. Not that I don't like getting flowers & someone making me feel special, and I was quite direct with questions then, but now I ask the important things first & if that isn't there then "next up!" Ha! Then it was just about dating for dating sake maybe and for some "who you were dating". Ugh! I just didn't get into that! Some of my friends felt it was important to always be with a guy and it matter who he was. I just never did.

* I'd think many might pick "no school" but I'm a professor & probably because I love learning so much! I love school! I love tests! Ha! I still take classes! I will say it is different taking it just for learning rather than you "have to" though.  

* Getting a Pet! Man, I want a pet I can just get one! Isn't that great! But then again I certainly think about the responsibility of it different today.

* Having more money & spending it the way I want! Not that I couldn't ask my parents for something reasonable & they wouldn't get it, but it is just different now, although I think we don't get as much for the $ today.

* Feeling it is ok to be "me" and others don't have to like it. Now, I'm not sure we always feel totally ok with that at all times of our lives and about all things, but in comparison to when we are kids, it is much better. We worry so much on what others think. What we wear, our hair, who is the cool group. I have a 14 yr old niece right now & just thinking about what her concerns are, I am so glad I don't have to worry about that. Now, I won't say some people don't try to still make us feel that way.  I think the older I become I worry less. I don't care if others pass me on the road, andI wouldn't say I don't care what I look like when I go out, but let me tell you, if I needed toilet paper or I was sick & had to go get some medicine...I wouldn't care! Heck I just scared the UPS guy this week! Well he came early in the morning! Look at this time on this entry! Did I care? It wasn't that crucial! Ha! My niece puts make-up on "just in case she has to go out!" Ha!

* Now thinking of my soon to be 8 yr old niece, I think she really enjoys being a kid! The only reason I think she would say she wants to be an adult is to get married! Ha! She is in love with my cousin who is 26 yrs old! Ha! Actually, if he wasn't related to me...let me tell you she does have wonderful taste! Actually he is in Hollywood for over a year now being an "extra" in MANY tv shows & movies! Now her father (my brother) was engaged to my friend's sister when he was 5 yrs old, so she must have gotten his genes! He gave this  girl 3 engagement rings & cried one day because my folks would not take him to the mall. They finally asked why & he sobbed uncontrollably, "Because I have to get my tuxedo for my wedding!" Ha! He still loves to be in love & be romantic! I will say, he is very romantic!

You know I think I will ask both my nieces tomorrow & add an entry!

Now what would I like from Childhood to use in Adulthood though...

* I think we forget to play games...when is the last time you played "Hide & Seek", "Kick the Can", just layed on the grass & watched the clouds during the summer, played with toys in the tub? Ok, if you have kids maybe you play "Candyland" etc with them but get some adults to just play with you! Ha! I love going down the slides with my niece & swinging on swings! I remember my oldest niece & I just rolled down the hill once when she was about 7 yrs old...remember doing that?

* I think the "sense of time" issue! When you are a kid you think adulthood & "being old" is sooo far away & life is just so long or even really never ending. I think I could use going back to that viewpoint to some degree. It seemed so long to the end of the week. My little niece is just starting to get the idea of a week. She still gets surprised that her birthday is in 3 weeks! We had all the time in the world then. You didn't feel like you had a huge "To Do List" that never ended & was not going to get done in the time frame you needed it to. You had this HUGE sense of potential for your future. You were going to solve all of the world's problems! You were going to make a big impact on the world. Now don't get me wrong, I do feel everyone's part is important etc but just think back to maybe when you were in college...just a different feeling (for those of us who are older!)

* I'd also say having off for the summer...hehe...but I do! Ha! Maybe also with that when someone told you "Go out & Play!" Boy that sounds like a book title! When you are "an adult" you almost have to justify "being a kid"! And that is what I mean about sometimes being an adult you don't care what others think, but there are times when it is a problem. When did you're spouse say, "Go out & play!" Ha! Maybe if we did we would be better off! Maybe I should write this book..hmmm.

* You know much of this does depend on the childhood you have like you said John. My childhood is quite different than children today! I'm not sure I'd want to be a child today...heck there is so much more to learn in grammar school than when I was young! HA! The world is so difficult but I suppose if you don't have anything to compare to then it isn't as bad.

I think the issue isn't picking Adulthood it is just if one could make it last longer & for the time period of Adulthood which is Awesome!

Well, we'll see what my nieces say! And I'll have to think about this some more!

A Day of Gratitude

Wow! What a day! I headed to physical therapy & mannnn did the massage ever feel good today! I need someone to give me massages everyday! I'll return the favor of course! I don't know how one survives a day without one now! And that was just for neck/shoulders. I was so relaxed I swear I would have said 'yes' to anything! I think I'm getting better since it doesn't hurt now but more of the feel good hurt...hope that makes sense to you. Like the after a good workout stretch vs horrible pain. How is that?

I then headed to pick up a TENS unit. About a 45 min drive, which I am just so grateful to my health insurance rep. for! This woman worked so hard since Friday to get this benefit for me. She made so many calls to find a place which would allow them to cover the cost. The vendors in my state apparently are not willing to work with insurance companies so I went to a neighboring state to get it. Crazy! The rep. has one herself so she knew it would help me. She called our state's main office and then called me to say it was all worked out & I could pick it up! She then called me again today to see if I received it & if everything went well. She is just AWESOME! She also worked with me on some unpaid claims & I will just work with her from now on. I wish everyone put the effort into their "job" as she has. I already put in a call praising her, but I think I'll write a letter too! So I have my TENS unit, oh if you don't know what a TENS unit is, this is a little device that they use in Physical Therapy & it sends electrical stimulation to the brain in the form of impulses. It is said to sorta trick the brain to feel impulses & not pain from the problem site & they think it releases endorphins also. So it helps with pain basically. I can wear it driving or working on the computer etc! YA!

You're still wondering why I have a picture of tires aren't you! :-) Ok, here it is....

I am then on my way back to meet a friend for dinner & then take her to Tai Chi for Wellness for the first time - she has back trouble too! Well, one certainly takes a chance driving on the rural rock roads but I was on the highway and all of a sudden I see this big board coming out from under the Semi in front of me. He went over it fine,  I never had the chance to avoid it. I could see something on the driver's side along the edge shiny? As I went over it I just knew! I made sure to hold my steering wheel good & to turn down my music & be more mindful driving. I went about another 20 minutes or more & as time passed & nothing, I thought I was just "thinking negatively" & God was giving me a lesson again! Ha!

I got about less than a 1/4 mile from a place that changes tires right near where I live &  had to stop for a light" and as I'm stopping I said, that sounds like more than the road & sniff, sniff, sniff...that smells like rubber! Opened my door & looked at the front one under my door & doesn't seem bad, didn't look back...ugh! Started up with the light change & went "YEP!" So I got the car to the tire service & the "young guys" filled it to pull it in the garage, wasn't going down fast. I found "the staple" sticking out. Not huge one but it was in there still & slow leak. Then I said if the back caught something you better look at the front, we looked...I found another! Then I said..."you know..." Yep, found one in the back passenger! UGH!!!! Well as it turns out, the front passenger did not have one, the back passenger did not puncture through, so they just took it out, AND they guys didn't want me to have to go back to the desk to redo the work order so they just had me pay for 1 patch (ya...just treads!) so I got 2 for the price of 1! They were soooo sweet weren't they! And these are my original tires on my almost 2 yr old Saturn Vue! Sniff, car was injured! Just minor scraps though! ;-) I'm just soooo grateful I didn't have to change them myself! I mean I can change a tire! HA! I'll tell you that story too, but I never have had to on a SUV so that might be more difficult & now I have injuries I'm recovering from sooo....and good thing not a blow-out, and the tire wall on the flat one was ok, so I am sooo grateful! It could have been sooo much worse! Maybe it was the St. Christopher Medal hanging from my rear-view mirror that one of my friends gave me. Tires don't like me! Come to think of it I hope this didn't start something! Ugh! Maybe I have to recharge the medal? :-)

Let me explain, I think it is  like a virus or something...I get flat tires in bunches! Ha! Now my dad did teach me to change a tire (later when I was older!), change my oil & my brakes! Good thing! The problem are not too happy about it! When I first came to live in the area I am in now, I got a flat tire when I came down with my mom to look at apts. I got a flat & called the guy I was meeting to look at a place, that I would be late & told him where I was. One guy stopped & asked if I need help & I said I had it under control & he watched a bit & then took off. Then another stopped. I again said I had it under control.'d think I emasculated him! He got all huffy & kicked the door of his car shut a few times (kept bouncing back open!) Totally tried to act like I was not feminine because I was able & willing to change my own tire. The prospective landlord came as he was leaving & just said, "Is everything ok?" I said, "Yep! All Done!" He just smiled & shook his head at me & said, "Oh boy!" Ha! 

Then there was the very interesting time at Great America. I was with my cousin & I had a flat when I returned to my car in the parking lot.  This time I needed a bit of help because I could not get the tire out of my trunk. Turned out the screw was stripped so  you couldn't turn the dial. Of course 3 guys came by & just thought it was weak little feminine me! Ha! This one really big guy couldn't get it & I looked in his truck & his girlfriend was laughing the harder & harder he worked at it. Of course just like jar tops, I then got it after him! He loosened it for me so! Ha! Now what was so interesting is one of the guys who came by &  made sure we had it under control was maybe in his 30s, regular attire & then as he drove away, my cousin & I looked at his plates & it was something hmmm religiously stated like he was a preacher. He did have a cross necklace but nothing I would have taken obvsiouly as indicating he was a man of God. We took it as a sign that all would be ok & God was protecting us that night! Oh, I did change my own that time too! :-)

I will say that I do let men change my tires. It is just I don't like to be thought of as someone who is powerless & can't take care of herself if she has to. Being dependent can make one hmmm vulnerable for harm...maybe that is just me but I figure, better safe than sorry & I think that is how my dad feels too! I do remember a drive home at 11pm in pouring rain, in high heels with 102 temperature, fever that is....I called my dad & brother & said, "you are coming here & changing it for me!" A lovely officer came by & shined his light on the tire for us...two guys...he wasn't getting wet! Ha! Now they were under the gas station roof but know wind could blow the rain! I'm sure he would've taken care of things if they weren't there though! I just saw a state officer helping a guy yesterday on the highway!

I did have a lovely conversation with a gentleman today also getting his tires done on his Jeep Cherokee! I'd say late 40s or early 50s. Not bad! ;-) We talked about his dog who just had surgery. He had to have it done since she saved his life! Awww..Then he adopted a female who one of his males well....fell in love or maybe just couldn't keep his paws off her! Ha! He said he had to do right by her! Now is that not a perfect gentleman! We talked about pet food...I won't say...don't want to get into trouble like Oprah! He also warned me to check my tire pressure when I get home, as they tend to over-do-it! Really a nice guy!

* Eric *

Well, just as they were finishing up, my friend who I was suppose to meet for dinner, pulled up. She was just at a restaurant about a mile away, waiting for me. We then went to Tai Chi, which was soooo relaxing. My friend liked it & my instructor talked to her for a while. She got a special treat too...Eric, another instructor friend of mine who is also trained in more classical forms of Tai Chi came & showed everyone a few other moves we can do at home! We then did a lovely meditation & I was so incredibly relaxed I almost couldn't move! Since we hadn't had dinner because of my tires, we went out to a Chinese Buffet & had a lovely talk! I had just enough time afterwards to pick up some cat food so I didn't get attack by Dusty & Country when I came home. :-)

All in all, I'd say a day to have a great deal of gratitude! :-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And the Summer Begins With A Free Concert! YES!

And the summer Begins! YES!

You never know what the potential of a day will bring about! I was just settling down from a lovely Father's Day (later entry!) and my sister-in-law (ex) calls & says she has tickets to the Don Henley/Stevie Nicks concert. She got them free from attending a Toby Keith concert...funny!

So my niece, her dad & I headed to see an AWESOME free concert! I thought I smelled some Ben Gay in the air, but then again it could have just been me! Ha! I was surprised to find out my 14 yr old niece not only knew but liked Stevie Nicks! Well parents do influence their kids even in music so.... Thank God! Makes it easier to go to concerts! I told her I would check the rest of the summer venues & see if there were some other concerts we can attend.

My mom is soooo funny...she said I thought you were tired, I'm like...HELLO! You don't pass up a free concert & talk about the energy you get! Yep, I was so high when I finally did get home...and no I'm don't mean by artificial was p..r..e..t..t..y tame there! In fact all the "non teenage attenders" (better than saying "Old Folks") were so upset that those standing & dancing were blocking their view, because they were not about to stand the whole time! Ha!

The concert was great! Sometimes you really chance it & they don't sound as good today but they both were still great! Ahhh now my summer can get into high I get ready to go to Physical Therapy...ugh! HA!

You're Not Breathing Right!


(Roughly translates into "the spirit in me greets the spirit in you".)

Picture: Gary
Paruszkiewicz, C.S.M.E. & Dr. J.P. Dave', PhD, PsyD at Dr. Dave's recent lecture on Ghandi & Non-Violence! Dr. Dave's father was a friend of Ghandi! Dr. Dave' is the one always telling me I have to take 20 deep breaths while everyone else only has to take 10! Ha! Sorry I'm just not a laidback Type B person! Ha! Dr. Dave also just did a lecture last Friday on the Yoga Philosophy of Relationships which also was AWESOME! I'll make an entry on these later!

In this past Sunday's Chicago Tribune, an article entitled "
As Easy As Breathing?" by Julie Deardorff, talks about the benefits of breathing & why it is most people do not know how to breathe properly! It is a very good article...check it out!

It is stress which causes us to breathe shallow from our lungs rather than from "Tan dien" (hold three fingers out, then place on abdomen with pointing finger just under your navel. Under your third is Tan Dien!).  Tan dien is where your "Chi" or life energy resides!

A few quotes from the article:

"Lila Nagarajan, who teaches creative writing at Columbia College, said she sleeps better after having learned breathing techniques though several Art of Living workshops. She has fewer headaches and neckaches and doesn't get as angry about trivial matters as she used to."

Now the FDA approves breath training as a recognized treatment for hypertension and more than 1,000 studies show it relieves anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue without drugs, said Gay Hendricks, also creator of "The Breathing Box," a kit that includes a DVD, a CD, a 48-page guidebook and flashcards."

Gary is my Tai Chi Instructor & I'm certified Level II in Tai Chi for Wellness(C) & hopefully this coming Saturday, after an intensive day of training I will be certified in "Therapeutic Tai Chi 'In-A-Chair'". Gary's method includes Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation and can be modified for any level of ability.

Qi Gong is the heavy breath work! "Qi" (or "Chi) is Energy/Breath & "Gong" means Work, so you work your breath/energy! One particular exercise called "Empty in 4 Quarts" you breathe in once & exhale 4 times or rather continue through 4 movements. It is amazing how smokers can find Qi Gong so helpful in quitting!

The nostril breathing they talk about in the article is wonderful & I highly recommend it, although another technique is Alternating Nostril Breathing (
Pranayama Breathing).

If you would like to learn some Yoga stretches check out this
weblink to see how some in motion!

Now you should be doing these techniques each day, not just when you are under stress! It takes much discipline & practice! Try a bit though, say in the car driving, or when you are upset with a loved one or child, you should still see some benefit. It is so amazing how calm I am after I have done a meditation. When I have done progressive relaxation  with my students for 3 classes in a row I'm so relaxed I almost can't walk down the hallway.  Though I have some work to do to get back where I was prior to my foot injury & surgery, I loved it when I use to teach my students Yoga & Tai Chi & they were moaning at 18 yrs old & I was not in my mid 30s!

So take 10 deep breaths right now & then move on to your next mouse click! :-)

Monday, June 20, 2005

The "Little Women" at ?


Stacy Schiff's editorial in June 18th's NY Times entitled,  "Our Little Women Problem" is quite interesting!

She asked her husband if the "working woman" thing could actually be mastered. Her husband said if both parents know how to make breakfast & if women had father's who listened to them." Interesting!

Later in the editorial she states...

"John Munder Ross, clinical professor of medical psychology at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, is among those who have argued that for the Jos in this world to manage work and love, they need fathers who teach them to think - and to think that they deserve to marry their equals. "

VERY interesting! Now I think those two may need to go hand in hand because not all men want women to think! Well maybe it is just at times! Ha! But really, it comes to the idea of what you feel about stereotypic roles. If you feel you are "the man" and are dominant & "the boss" in the relationship then it only makes sense you would not want your wife to think, thus a woman would need someone who does understand the idea of being equal, the benefits & he actually desires it. I've had many female students who have told me they had to withdrawal because their husband told them too. They didn't want them getting too smart & then thinking they were not good enough & leaving them. It is like nails on a blackbaord to me! Perhaps you can now understand the sarcasm in my journal title in fact! :-)

The next point gets to the idea of finding an equal! Hmmm! The first thing one has to think about is "equal in what?" Education level, economic earning, intellectual pursuits (Intellectual area is not always same as level), job status, type of job? So many! For many this makes a difference. You can be equals in some of these but not all. Does it have to be all? It is amazing how many men just stop talking to me when they find out my education background! Such a shame. Their loss! I figure if they let that be a problem then it is their problem. Well most times. It is sad that you miss an opportunity to see! What an assumption!

Her next point of whether the dual role or single work role lives up to one's expectations is interesting as well. Joan Lunden in fact is on the covers again. At age 56 yrs & after raising 3 daughters & having twins a few years ago (surogate!) she is bringing another set of twins into the family. She worked for 17 years on "Good Morning America". Of course she has a younger husband but it does raise an interesting issue.

What do you all think?