Saturday, July 16, 2005

Listen to Linda Eder!

I love the song "All the Way" and AOL Radio is now playing a version by Linda Eder, who I never heard before. I really like her voice! Has anyone heard of her? You can listen to a bit of her singing this & some others from her "Storybook" CD. Listen also to "Where Are You Now", "Smile" (maybe better than Barbra's!), "When I Look At You".  

If you go to the "Broadway My Way" Album, you can go to the bottom & click on EPK & watch about a 11 minute video with an interview & 2 songs that is wonderful! She gives great tribute to Barbra, yet in my opinion she really does give her a run for the money! She also makes one understand how bad of a shower singer you are! Ha! At about the 2 minute mark, watch how long she keeps those notes! WOW!

Off her "Gold" CD my favorites where: "Everything That's Wrong", "How In The World", "We're All Alone" (many may remember this one!) and "If I Had My Way". As I listened to "Everything That's Wrong" sample I just smiled & knew exactly what it meant. You can be so upset & infuriated & then one smile, "It'll be fine", or a hug, sinking into his big chest & arms holding you tight, can just melt you & yes, "everything that's wrong is alright." Amazing!

Then, though it is officially a week away, if you want a bit of Christmas in July, listen to her "Christmas Stays the Same" samples. My favorites: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (Judy Garland still best from Meet Me In St. Louis!), "Silent Night", and "O Holy Night". Isn't it funny how in the winter we can't wait for summer but now listening to the these songs I'm thinking hot chocolate, the place smelling of Christmas tree, wrapping presents, I was previously discussing not rushing out of summer! Ha!

Well, I think I'll be getting a few of her CDs! :-)

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