Friday, July 1, 2005

Little Boys & Their Big Trucks!

John's entry on "Like 'Bob the Builder' For Grownups" states there is a Germany construstion contractor which decided to let "all the boys" play with his trucks on the weekends! It is called "Monster Park" and you can read the article he refers to here! I can just imagine this here in the US! Actually, I'd love to watch them play. Well first let me add, I do think there may be some women who would also like this too. I can just see the excitement though in their faces....I mean "the big boys!" :-)

And John you are right about the engine sounds guys make...explosions too. Do you guys take a class in that? :-) I remember my brothers doing them & always wondered how they learned to do that, although I talk in this "alien like" voice that freaks everyone out! Everyone says it is like a Star Wars character or maybe Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Well, at least when people say I'm weird I can really show them how right they really are! Ha!

So who is going to be the smart one & start this Monster Park in the US? Hey, they might get as popular as Malls for us ladies! :-)

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