Friday, July 8, 2005

There Ought To Be A Law

This is pretty cool! Apparently state rep. Tom Stevenson from PA has an annual "There Ought to be a Law" contest. The one which got notice & they are actually considering, is requiring drivers to have dogs head inside a vehicle at all times & to have animals restrained in some way, either a seat beat or some type of carrier. The idea is to protect our loving pets and reduce distraction during driving. It does seem odd we have to have the kids protected in the back but not our animals. I get real concerned when dogs are loose in the back of a pick-up. One fast stop & man!

I remember when I first got Dusty he was so tiny, so I just let him curl up in a ball & sleep on the front passenger seat. One day I was on a major expressway & someone stopped really fast due to everyone checking out the car on fire right in front of the gargage door of a mechanics place (pretty sad huh!) on the side of the expressway. I didn't hit the guy in front of me, but Dusty went flying toward the dashboard & fell into the area where your feet are. That is a long drop, even in a car, for a litten kitten! It was at that point I said, "Never Again" and he has been in a carrier ever since!  

I think after hitting that cat last night I would have leash laws standard! I know some towns do have them, but I mean all. :-) I know this is an issue for rural areas but we could figure out something with the ferals. Our town just made chipping mandatory for dogs & cats. I was not too happy & they did tell me if your pet is not outdoors it really isn't going to be a problem. Considering they did get that law then lets keep going!

Well, what do you think about this law they are considering?

What law would you propose?

P.S. Aren't these pix so adorable!

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