Monday, October 31, 2005

Cheaper By The Dozen ;-)

Cheaper By The Dozen is on...again! I LOVE that movie. I must have lived another life that my spirit just loves the idea of 12 kids! HA! Funny twist of fate! Hmm!
I love the frog on the loose scene! HA! Watch Bonnie Hunt when the frog falls in the eggs! She just takes her hands & just causally is putting her hair back in place, like this is just rountine! No big deal! HA! Remember that commercial too with the mother in the tub & all the frogs in the house? Love it...what the heck was the commercial for though??? HA! Some of my married freinds get so irritated when they just washed the floor & the kids or dog comes in with dirty feet and I don't get it. Those are the fond memories you'll have in old age!
Then there is the scenes with all the kids in the bed...and the DOG! HA! And those little twins! They are just too much! Fighting in the grass they just look like future WWE contenders? HA!

Love the neighbor dad...did you notice he is from Ferris Bueller? The wife inquires about them playing hockey in the house & Steve Martin just flippedly says, "If it gets bigger than 3 on 3 they take it outside!" Love it! :-) "What ever happened to Pin the Tail on the Donkey?" HA!

The fun they still have....Bonnie "checking Steve out" etc. Then when Bonnie's character tells Steve her book was published & he attacks her in bed & "grosses out" his daughter...I love the "Can't you wait until I leave? Can you hurry?!"

Oh & I want a Bull Horn! That is great! And "Apple Smear" gotta love a dad like that! A
nd man you gotta love Ashton getting tormented by the kids!

Meat soaking his underwear...gotta love it! Even Steve Martin says, "Funny...but sooo wrong!" HA! "Pasta De La Crotch", "Clean-up on aisle 12" (taken from Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom" idea!) "Come on Dad, don't hide in the closet, take it like a man!"

Ok, I'm much do you make as a babysitter for 12 kids? That could be major bucks! Now see I would have gotten a couple & given each one a few a piece...maybe even take a few to the mall & separate them...that should help! HA!

Now that is going to be a lot of grandkids! HA! Fun Times!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Trick-or-Treat Thru J-Land

Trick-or-Treat Thru J-Lan
Starting Friday night through Monday night visit as many J-land journals as you can, and leave a comment and a link to your journal as a treat. The more "houses" you visit the more trick or treaters you'll get.

Please call your entry "TRICK OR TREAT THRU J-LAND". 
If you come to a journal that does not have this entry title, consider it a door you knocked on and no one answered! Decorate your journal for Halloween, perhaps a picture of your front door or whatever grabs your holiday spirit. Leave links to your journals where ever you can. Stop at the same journal only once!

Start 7pm Friday and end 9pm Monday...whatever your time zone. Report back here next week to let us know how many trick or treaters you had.

My little "treats" on my desk! 

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Battle of the Psychics

Via Tutta's Posto, The Two Percent Company's Rants has an entry called "Quite Reasonable Doubt" on CourtTV's Psychic Detectives show. Take a look it is wondeful!  
I have to say I have not watched the show, but maybe it would be good to use for my students to critically think about? Hmmm?

I added my comment:

From my Psych text (Dr. David Myers of Hope College): there is a cartoon with a Pizza Delivery guy. Back of shirt says, "Psychic Pizza Delivered 15 minutes BEFORE you order it or it's FREE!" HA! There is another of a woman answering the phone "Thank You for calling the Psychic Hotline. How can I help you? Caller says, "You tell me..." HA!   Some more facts cited in our text: A study by Strentz (1986) looked at New Year's predictions of the National Enquiror's favorite psychics between 1978 & 1985. They yielded 2 accurate predictions out of 486! They miss huge events like even OJ being charged much less the outcome of the trial, Hurricanes, presidential outcomes & claim so many erroneous things no one calls them on like Madonna becoming a gospel signer and Queen Elizabeth abdicating the throne to enter a convent. Sweat & Durm (1993) reported 65% of police departments state they have never used a psychic. Of those that had, not one found it helpful. There were thousands of psychics who overwhelmed police on Chandra Levy but all were wrong. Psychologist Richard Wiseman from Hertfordshire University had a coin tossing machine which people could try their luck at predicting around the country at various festivals. 28,000 people had used it by the end of the study in Jan 2000. They predicted 110, 972 tosses & were 49.8% accurate! Ok, so half the people can predict...are they all psychic??? Ha!

John Grey

AOL has a link to John Grey's advice on love. This is the guy who wrote "Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus." Now, first I must mention "Dr." Grey received his degree from one of those degree mills which actually lost their accreditation. Many do not know this, but we discuss this at the psych conferences.

I did listen to the "Scoring Points" video clip. It was ok. It does time in a bit with what Dr. Deborah Tannen's research states. Dr. Tannen is a professor at Georgetown & an expert in gender linguistics. I am actually going to be showing her video "He Said/She Said" in my courses next week. This is the video all my students want to purchase & have their mates watch! HA! It was interesting on how Dr. Grey stated if a female likes a movie they will take credit for writing it etc! HA! Dr. Tannen mentions how men do like to be competitive (this is overall, not all men) & they will constantly try to top each other. This does then fall in lines with this idea.

Now ladies, Dr. Grey says on his other video clip that women will give men the same amount of points for 24 roses or 1 rose. So he says do you want to give 24 for 1 rose or give 24 roses as different times. Well, ok that example isn't too bad with me, but I don't think I would give the same amount of points for 1 rose as say doing the dishes for me or giving me an unexpected massage or a surprise trip etc! Now, if they do that just once in 20 yrs with now little things in between well that doesn't make up for everything but certainly that would wow me more! I would think for guys there would be some things that mean much more to them also than others?

What do you all think?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

7 Attractive Traits

Loved this from "I Shaved My Legs for This?! Check out her replies. Can't let this go by without exploring this myself.

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:

Not in any particular order & just what the brain is thinking about now. I reserve my right to vlaue more than 7 & that something I may think of later (or be reminded of) may actually bump one of these. Quite frankly, I think all are equally necessary!

1. Eyes:

I know that sounds lame but similar to Dem's response about "heart in their eyes", I've always said to friends it is "Smiling with your eyes". It is that sparkle that the guys spirit just SHINES! They are ALIVE & VIBRANT & not just the couch potato but EMBRAC
ING LIFE or PASSIONATE (in everything!) and going out & trying to live life to the fullest & trying to make the world a better place. Boy, that is a lot to see in someone's eyes...HA! But when it is there, you can definitely tell. Unfortunately, I don't see it a whole lot. It has to be natural too...not just the "Showing how great I am in front of the chick" idea!

2. Courage:

Now I'm not talking about physically strong here, this is not necessary to be courageous. I'm talking about someone who does not keep quiet when injustice is being done! This is something I can't stand & many who know me know I can't keep my mouth shut to this. Someone who is not afraid to "make waves" if need be. There are so many who have told me they have learned to put their head in the sand, "Why bother, nothing will be done", "It won't make a difference", "You are just wasting your time" ETC!!!!! UGH!!!!!! To me the spirit is lost then. I hope to God I will not be like this later in life. I hope I am that fiesty old lady who is still voicing my opinion! I am soooo attracted to someone like this! Someone who again wants to make a difference & knows they are here on this planet for a reason & that is not just to take up space!

3. Jeans & Mustaches! 

A bit of fluff perhaps after some deep stuff...Yes, I agree with Dem...looking great in jeans (even Black ones!)  is something I can't help but notice! I like hamstrings! ;-) I'd also have to say I do have a weakness for mustaches & some beards. Tom Selleck mustache! ;-) I always thought I was more attracted to blonde haired guys but every guy I dated or ended up liking was dark haired...hmmm?

4. Confidence Yet Comfortable...Not Intimidated!

This is a bit different than the courage one! Like Dem I like a man who can hold an awesome conversation. This means not just talking about him or sports (all the time) but asking me about my life & being genuinely interested. A man who is also not intimidated by my brain! I'm not rocket scientist so I never get why someone would be intimidated by me, but it is amazing how many guys shut up when they learn I have an advanced degree. While I worked hard to earn this & I do have some intelligence, I'm not perfect or better than anyone. I have my own difficulties in life & insecurities. I'm just like anyone else on this planet. I don't get the idea of not feeling "good enough" or "worthy of the person". To me you are not if you don't think you are, though I will say there is an element of how the other person makes you feel. If they make you feel this way all the time then get rid of them, they are not right for you! They should want you in their life. They should be proud & honored to have you in their life. They should want to give to you. They should want to receive from you. A man who can understand this & get to the core of me, "the real me" that is what I want. A man who will also understand it is about each of you helping the other to feel comfortable with each other & safe to open up to each other & give your heart, even if it means risking it getting hurt. 

5. Affectionate:

I love expressing how much I love a person. This can be done is MANY ways. The simple message on the mirror, the steering wheel or their voicemail. How you look at the person across the crowded table of family or friends when it isn't expected. Holding hands in public or under the table. I love to see elderly couples still being affectionate! That is the idea!

6. Caring & Loyalty:

This can be expressed in many ways not just the most obvious! Perhaps it is the idea of not taking one for granted and also doing things for them because you want to. Taking out the trash even though he always does it. Doing the laundry when perhaps she does it? Not meaning to be stereotypical here, just trying to get the point across. Filling your mates gas tank (a major demonstration of love today! Ha!), getting their car washed, protecting them from danger (many ideas here!), perhaps looking out for your mate such as making sure they get sleep & eat right, get the very much needed massage or back scratch! ;-)

7. Fun & Humor:

I know I said all equally valued, but man if this is not ther I don't know if you will survive! Much of life really needs to have fun & humor to balance it. I love a man who can make me have more fun & make me laugh. I probably don't have enough myself but once I get going & I'm in the safe presence of someone who values it, watch out! My spirit will really come out then. Life has tragedies & some very hard things to deal with in the world but it is the humor which will heal & make life's struggles not so difficult to handle. I often wonder what it would be like to be married to Robin Williams! :-) He has to be a hoot! HA! I want someone who values purposely making time for fun & laughter. Someone who will make sure to do this with children! Is this a man who still has a little boy in him? Hmmm?  I don't want everything in life to be a big joke, because you have to be serious at times, but too many times it is the opposite.  

Ok, I think that is it? Oh wait...hmmm, has to love Children & Animals & not smoke! HA! 

Still thinking....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Parent's Myths!

Yep, I am just about to go change the battery on that annoying chirping fire alarm...shhh...don't tell Dr. Z. Yes, I'll be careful...wait where is that bubble wrap again? :-) Mental note for list of reason's having a guy around may be useful! Nope, not being sexist here, but hey if I'm going to look at a cute tushy on a ladder, then let me pick! ;-) 

AOL's Welcome page mentions some "myths" that our parents tried to get away with! Ha! 

First, those countless nights reading with a flashlight in bed when I was growing up and my mom yelling at me that I would ruin my eyes. HA! Actually, I have no clue what I was reading then? Probably school work knowing me.

Some opthalmologist & professor from NYU Medical Center, Robert Cykiert, says this is a bunch of rubbish basically! :-) Says it is just like sniffing hard to smell a weak odor! Yep, you better believe I emailed mom! HA! Don't worry I'm sure she'll email me next week with something back to get me...ball will be in her court! HA! Now he does say you might get tired eyes, which I suppose would give you eye strain & hmmm. :-)

The other one I found interesting was that apparently it doesn't matter if you go outside in the cold with wet hair. The next question is why would you really want to but...

Dr. Michelle Brenner is a pediatrician at MCG Children's Medical Center & says basically your hair can't let in germ cells! HA! Just some frozen stiff hair! Well, considering all the guys who run in the shower & then out the door to class or work it makes sense. Now frozen hair may be a good way to keep the style in place, until it starts warming up in class! HA! Lets see if the hair is frozen then what about the head/brain cells...hmmm! :-)

I think parents just make up all this stuff when you are kids just to "play with you" HA! Make them seem like they know lots of stuff & are wise! I will say my folks were pretty good.

I know it is hard explaining "why" to kids and it can make sense to have these myths from time to time. I still remember my dad running down the stairs so fast when I was little, because I screamed bloody murder. First time I saw my dad in his boxers! HA! You see my mother gerbil was eating her babies. Yep, we had a zoo even then...see it is my parents fault! Gerbils, rabbits, fish, birds, dogs...I think that is it? No wonder I have a zoo now. Ha! I remember my dad trying to delicately explain to me why this mother was doing this with this batch of babies. Yep, we had A LOT! I think he told me there must have been something wrong with the babies. I have no clue if that would be true, but sounds good to me still today...I mean is cannibalism in the DSM of Gerbil disorders & she should have been taken to therapy? Ha! Of course when grandma screamed bloody murder because she found a dead gerbil (adult)  in the laundry pile, dad & grandpa found it more humorous & were not so kind! HA!

Well, now I can atleast read in bed & not hear my mother's voice telling me I'll ruin my eyes! HA!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm in Heaven!

Ha! I suppose it takes very little to make me happy! HA! On my way back from PT Friday night I stopped in Bargain Books. As I opened the door I see a sign "50% off Biographies!" Ahhhhhh! God is so nice! I'm in trouble! HA!!!!! So I knew I would be able to relax for a while & have fun browsing the biographies & finding a few great buys!

I ended up getting 6 books. The highest I paid was $4.99! :-) I think you will see from my selections, I have quite an eclectic taste! HA! And people think they can figure me out or "Know Me!" Baa Haa Haa!

The first book I saw was Dudley Moore's. It went right in the basket! It is by Barbra Paskin but apparently Authorized. Called "The Melancholy Clow". How interesting!  I miss Dudley! He made me laugh sooo much. He was sooo sweet! I just loved "Arthur" & so many others of his movies. I loved his piano playing too! In the cover of the book it says he was born with two twisted feet & a withered leg. His mother wanted to drown him at birth to spare him the pain he would later endure. Boy, does that give me perspective. What a spirit in need of love! To think if this man did not live? I do hope he realized before he died how this world would not have had as much happiness, had he not been allowed to live. In March of 2002 he died, at the age of 66 yrs old, after suffering for 5 yrs from a neurological disorder related to Parkinson's. I can't wait to read about the years in between.

Next, a book by Sela Ward called "Homesick". I loved watching "Sisters" and "One & Again". She writes about her life in Meridian, MS and coming back home to it. Living in Starkville, MS for a year, I am interested in what she has to say. She has 2 Emmy Awards & a Golden Globe & has a started Hope Village for Children, a permanent home for abused and neglected children in Meridian. 

Next, Benny Hill! :-) "Funny Peculiar" is the title of this book & you think I won't pick it! HA! Have to go with the "Odd People!" :-) And don't get me started on how we define this or who gets to define it! UGH! I know, man, "The Benny Hill Show" was soooo sexist how could I like it? ;-) I can't say why...I think it has to do with the heart. I mean when it becomes sexist is when it is done intentionally to bring down women or there is a lowered expectation etc. But when both parties are just having fun with each other equally, know where the lines are drawn & there is not harm, then I don't think it is bad. YES...that means it depends on the individual! And don't forget his comedian entailed much more than this type of humor!  I mean heck he was in "Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang!" :-) I'll have to send this to my dad to read during his retirement! 

The next one I found was Celine Dion. I like her music very much but I think I'm also drawn to this book because of her relationship with Rene. Such an age difference & yet the love they have for each other is just amazing. What they have had to go through with Rene's cancer & trying to have a baby is inspiring to me.

Side "off"  note...Sorry I'm listening to the "the ball game" & the DHL commerical with "Their is not crying in shipping!" Ha! It just has me laughing!

Finally, a book by Ellen's mom, "Love, Ellen A Mother/Daughter Journey". Maybe it was just the idea of a mother's perspective of unconditional love. Is there such a thing? Being able to accept your children as an autonomous adult, who makes their own decions, which may not always be to your liking is an interesting idea to me. Hmmm! I don't care what the topic of that decision is. It doesn't have to be sexual orientation. Maybe it is marrying someone much older like Celine, maybe outside your religious believes or cultural/ethnic background. Maybe it is the occupation you pick ETC!

Most parents have hopes & dreams for their children when we are born. These hopes & dreams are certainly coming from love...well the majority of the time. As life goes on some of these hopes & dreams help us, others do not. There is a research study which places boys in pink blankets & girls in blue blankets & asks people to choose characteristics of these babies. Sure enough, "Pretty, Delicate, Sweet" for the babies in pink (though they are boys) and "Tough, Strong, Assertive" for the babies in blue (though they are girls!) Just one example how right from the start we can be labeled and those labels may not fit us and actually hurt us in many ways.

We may not think of ourselves as worthy of certain things in life or having certain people to share our life. We also may incorporate these views in our own schemes of others. One can think a certain way about men, African Americans, my garbage man (person) even, and I may not think they are worthy to have something or someone, including US! So I'm eager to see what Ms. DeGeneres has to say & how she may have grown & what I may learn from her.

Oh, I did say I got 6 books didn't I? :-) I got a book on Polar Bears for my sister for Christmas. Shhh don't tell her! She loves Polar Bears! Animal books were also 50%! :-)

The "Givens" - A Great Reminder!

I wanted to make sure you benefited from this wonderful reminder from Mary Louise. She was nominated for a ViVi Award & I think you will begin to see why with this entry "The Givens"

It is a great reminder not to take our love ones for granted and to ALWAYS tell them how much we love them & thank God for every second we have them in our lives. It also can serve as a reminder not to take for granted they will be with us "some day" to tell them later! Some people just think a person will be around later to tell them how they feel about them and really you do not know for sure. Heck, it may be you that is not around. I know this is hard and not always possible! There are a few people I wish I could tell how I feel about them but just can't, but tell those you can! Send lovely prayers of happiness & love for those you cannot tell!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hormone Hostage!

Received this today & thought it was great!


The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his very life into his own hands!   

DANGEROUS -- What's for dinner?
SAFER -- Can I help you with dinner?
SAFEST -- Where would you like to go for dinner?
ULTRA SAFE -- Here, have some chocolate.

DANGEROUS -- Are you wearing that?
SAFER -- Gee, you look good in brown.
SAFEST -- WOW! Look at you!
ULTRA SAFE -- Here, have some chocolate. 
DANGEROUS -- What are you so worked up about?
SAFER -- Could we be overreacting?
SAFEST -- Here's fifty dollars.
ULTRA SAFE -- Here, have some chocolate.

DANGEROUS -- Should you be eating that?
SAFER -- You know, there are a lot of apples left.
SAFEST -- Can I get you a glass of wine with that?
ULTRA SAFE -- Here, have some chocolate.  

DANGEROUS -- What did you do all day?
SAFER -- I hope you didn't overdo it today.
SAFEST -- I've always loved you in that robe!
ULTRA SAFE -- Here, have some more chocolate.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Take Another Look in that Mirror!

I have to make sure you all have the opportunity to read these two wonderful entries!
John mentions Ms. Blank's journal first and then Cynthia does some wonderful additions from her experiences.

Interesting, to read the comments also. Some mentioning the gender difference, that men seem to be able to gain more weight or be fine especially in Hollywood...lets see...

Drew Carey
John Belushi (Missed Dearly!)
Jim Belushi (Fluctuates)
Jim Candy (Missed dearly!)
William Shatner
Tom Hanks gaining some with the years!
John Travolta isn't as thin as he use to be either!
Alec Baldwin
Dan Ackroyd
John Ritter (Missed Dearly!)
William Petersen (Fluctuates)
Jack Nicholson

I'm sure there are others...let me know & I'll add them!

You don't see tv shows for Anorexia or Bulimia do you? You don't see magazines commenting on male actors who gain weight like female actresses. 

As someone who has fluctuated with weight since college, mostly when I have an injury & can't go out & have fun, I'm surprised I have not had this type of treatment toward me " choice words for them! I rarely am a quiet person when it comes to injustice! And I will admit I am not comfortable with my added weight when I do gain, despite the fact that I know I should not let some society standard rule me. I don't think it is really that, I don't have any dreams of being a supermodel or on some cover of a magazine. I am not looking for some guy that JUST wants me because of the way I look. I think it is really about confidence & being comfortable with who you are. I think that is something that even many thin people do not have. Why does it bother "you" if someone else is overweight?(A different skin color? A different sexual orientation? ETC!) In fact, that is one disadvantage when losing, all the glares & stares & comments for the opposite reason. I've had men talk to my breasts! I'm laughing & like bending my head down to make eye contact to say "HELLO!" When I sense that is just what you're gone! You think those are have no idea what you are missing! I just feel better when I'm more in my ideal range, more energy etc., and knowing I can be there it is frustrating when I'm not.

As I was reading these entries I  found it interesting that some people feel they can comment on how weight is really something totally under the person's control & thus it is "your own fault." It really surprises me that in today's day people do not think about genetics, since they do for everything else almost, inability to exercise, medication like prednisone etc which can be influencing your weight. And I suppose making a rude comment to someone is not under your control then? What is your "excuse?" Man! What does that really say about you then? What is it we are really looking for in people then? Who has more of a problem? I think these people should be looking in that mirror more!

I actually feel sorry for people who think love is about looks (or money or prestige etc) or whether you value getting to know someone even just as a friend is about weight, or skin color, occupation, money, cultural/ethnic background, gender ETC! What missed opportunities to meet & love some incredibly wonderful spirits! It isn't surpising to me considering all the other prejudicial attitudes & discriminatory behavior we have in the world though.

I remember giving my students a project in Social Psych to look for the elderly in magazines & make observations based on them. It was quite eye opening to them. I think I will add this topic as well in the future! :-)

I really hope you get to read these entries linked in this to hear what you think!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Woo Hoo Cards!

Perfect song to listen to while I read about the Cards Surviving Tonight!

I'm just smiling...wouldn't it be nice! Remember I talked about my extended family and their split with Cards & Sox?  Well, I'm really hoping for this now. This can be some major family fun! That fun teasing that lasts for years! Ha! Now some of us are Cubs fan, so we get in some great teasing too! My cousins 5 boys are between 4 yrs & 12 yrs & all but the 4 yrs old play serious baseball! And they have summer birthdays so it was quite fun this year! Even the 4 yr old was wearing his Cards jersey for his party. I even made sure to make 1 game of each of the boys this summer. Bit harder with being in a cast. I do enjoy watching the Kane County Cougars also but didn't get to go this year.

I'm thinking that had to be some party tonight with this win. I was in the middle of preparing exams so I must admit I wasn't watching. I'm sure Pujols just upped his potential contract for the future!

Now, first do you think the Cards will actually make it after this major upset? Then if they do win...who do you think would win the Series?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Walker Repeated - I'm Ready for the Fight!

YAAA! They are going to repeat the Walker, Texas Ranger Special tonight at 1:37am! One of my students emailed me since I had mentioned it during our discussion on Types of Memory & the White Sox winning. My students are so thoughtful!

Yep! Unfortunately I'll be up burning the midnight oil putting together exams since our computer system & electricity was down this past weekend on campus. I'm also much slower due to whatever it is I'm fighting. 99 temp, just starting to hurt when I swallow & kinda starting to ache. That fuzzy sinus headache coming back a bit too, but today is nothing like yesterday. I just took some Tylenol hopefully that will help. Oh & I took some of that Airborne. Seemed to work last year. Also got some OJ with Vitamin C & Zinc. Chicken Soup was last night ha! My mommy trained me well I guess! HA!

Doesn't help that when I went to WalMart to get some more Tylenol this couple & their adorable 7 mo old  baby girl are in the aisle. They really didn't know what to get for her flu symptoms. Not a parent but occasionally I play one via auntie & professor of developmental psychology. I discussed a few things with them. Asked if the child had a high! Ugh! Suggested they ask their pediatrician since small fevers are good to fight the nasty cells & babies actually do get high fevers & can handle them more than us...not the 104/105 but 102 etc. Mentioned to really be concerned on her getting dehydrated & talked about Pedialyte etc. Heck, last fall was the first time I had actually tried Gatorade. Surgery had played havic on my system. Orange wasn't too bad. So after this bit of conversation they tell me that good ole dad, who has been standing next to me all this time, just got over the flu...I backed up a bit smiling but not too happy inside. Then mom says, I think I'm getting it now too. Not to mention baby is out traveling for this. UGH!!! Why didn't dad just go if he is feeling better or get someone else to run to the store! See this is what was great about family living nearby, though if I'm really sick my family will even make the trek & help me out.

Well, I may have something already anyway & quite frankly my students havebeen passing it around lately. I think it was only a matter of time since my system is not as strong lately with this bum of a foot...oooh shhhh have to talk nice about the foot or it might get mad! ;-) Just that I certainly haven't been hiking & biking & I'm not as great as I was in the past, so I can understand my body saying "I can't change the laws of physics!", "I've giv'n her all she's got Captain, an' I canna give her no more!" :-) Watching Walker always gets the fighting spirit in me going! A good kind! :-)

I will comment on what I saw last night though. It seems a bit scattered. Too many story lines in the show. Seemed they were trying to do a bit of CSI in there. I also wonder what is up with Trivette not being in the special...Hmmm? Ok, well back to work!

Update: student gave me EST! So I missed it again. Last I saw Sunday night was Jeremy getting away from his dad's boss & Walker taking out another one of the bad guys but the head one apparently got away. I did see on the web that apparently Alex gets shot in the heart - Cliff Hanger! If you saw inbetween this can you fill me in PLEASE!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Preempting Walker....I Want Heads!

Someone is going to pay! They interrupt Walker, Texas Ranger's Special just because the Sox won! It isn't like it is the Cubs! HA! I luckily I saw that the Special was on (I've previously journals that I am addicted to Walker!) & they have to do this live...does it matter if you show it after Walker is over? It was right at the end!!!! UGH!

And like Jeff Foxworthy always says about the South that when there is a tragedy they put the most ignorant people on tv to interview...they pick the worst people to represent Chicago! These people act like they did all the work that the Sox players did. These also were the same drunk people who in previous years would bad mouth the Sox...what is the deal with that! Good for Ken Williams stating that these people love the Sox because they are going to the World Series...yes...if they had lost this man you know what would be happening instead. NO, not everyone but certainly many who just don't think...ooohhh man thinking for shame! :-) He is not a bad looking guy...great smile! :-) Sorry, just a side observation! Ha!

Like I need someone to tell me "I've never experienced anything like this before." Well DUH!!!...been awhile since they have been in the World Series. I need someone to tell me they have added police presence....gee I really hope so! In fact, I think we should be giving them extra bonuses! Well, at least they will also have some great laughs later to relieve their stress, talking about how stupid people can really be. Don't get me wrong, stupid people can hurt themselves, others & the officers, but hopefully it won't go that far. Many of us have seen what drunk people do with a microphone in front of them at weddings & we need to do this here! HA! Right! Love these people who claim they are White Sox fans but say, "I never thought I'd see this in my whole life" and they are like 18 yrs old...well that is a good reason to be a fan...because you think they are such a great team! HA! You'd think they would be confident they would get here..."I always knew they would." Oh good lord! Some announcer just compared this to the glass slipper fitting! Please don't ruin a totally unrealistic fairy tale. This is all us women have left! HA!

I'm certainly not saying I'm not happy for the Sox, but if people have waited since 1959 they can wait 10 more minutes for Walker to be over! :-) And quite frankly, being a Cubs fan...I'm sure the same thing would happen if we had the Cubs winning. HA! You don't see these announcers at some lovely expensive restaurant do you? How about a nice cross section of Chicago at least!

I bet you I will have students tomorrow saying they couldn't make it to class because they were celebrating tonight, even they were not a Sox fan! HA! What is the phrase..."Any excuse to party!" I remember when the Bears won the Superbowl when I was in college with the largest victory up to that point. HA! Ahhh memories! I vaguely remember champagne bottles up in the ceiling tiles!  Good win today too!

And Reinsdorf..ugh! Chicago just can't shake him! He'll blame everyone but himself if they lose & then talk like it is all due to himself when they win. Classic Fundamental Attribution Error! I'll have to use that in class! Ha! And ya, lets promote smoking & joke about 2nd hand smoke Jerry! 

Now, if the Sox did by chance go up against the Cards (not looking good), it would be very interesting in the family! We have some big rivalry. People who head to St. Louis for games! Actually, I'd like to see it happen! :-)

Apparently, it is raining in Chicago now & the Weather Channel Desktop has not a cloud in the sky! UGH! I wonder how many employees will not go in tomorrow? I say that though hoping I make it tomorrow. I think I'm starting something??? Came home last night with my little niece from the Wynonna Concert (yep, I'll journal on it later!) and seemed a bit nasally...ugh head feels Fuzzy (as Megan Ryan said in You Got Mail!) UGH! Bit better that this afternoon but if I tell you I just had Chicken Soup & I rarely eat soup (high sodium)...that should tell you something! Exam week so it will really take a lot for me not to go in tomorrow though.

Oh God, now an Illusory Correlation...I'm loving this! Great examples for class! Some 16 year old kid says he is the good luck charm due to the wins from him attending! HA! Bars open all night long...GREAT!  UGH! Here we go...all week party!!! :-)