Friday, July 8, 2005

I'm 14, 712 Days!

I'm listening to Ellen's Monolgues from last week. I like to purposely play comedy to cheer me up. I'm still upset over hitting the cat! Well, last Friday's Monolgue was about her Birthday. That was my grandma's birthday. She talks about how her age of 47 yrs sounded so old when you were a kid but now she doesn't feel that way of course. She suggests we change how we count age by using days since one is suppose to make each day count etc. She is 17,167 days old (on the 1st!) It is a pretty interesting monologue...though if we went the other way it would be better...decades...that way I would only be 4! :-)

Today is my niece's 8th birthday (well technically yesterday!) so she is 2, 920 days but she would only be .8 decades...see I think that is better! Ha! Of course she is so thrilled to be 8! And if you think about it you would never get that many candles on the cake with days...decades is better.

Now how is it that cats & dogs got to do our know how they age 7 yrs for each of our years...well cats they haven now adjusted differently. So lets do the same thing! Lets just make every 7 years 1 year to count! Ha! Someone just told me every 7 yrs we go through a weird change physiologically, when I commented my hair was doing weird things all of a sudden. Then again, it might be worse later..."He died so young...he was only 9 (decades)."

I think I should go to bed! Ha!! If you would like some laughs each week you can go to her monologues.

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