Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So What's So Great About Being a Woman in Her 40s?

I'm a bit anxious because we are in our second bout of severe T-storms tonight! One town not too far had a funnel cloud touch down & there are many without power & major trees limbs down etc. I talked to a friend of mine & she said her car escaped a huge tree falling on top of it only because she was too lazy to move it from the street to the driveway last night! See, not always bad being lazy! Ha! So far I still have power, so I'm hoping to get this entry done before it gets real bad again! My deck garden is pathetic! My flag is nowhere to be found, feeders crashed down on my plants! Ugh! I should have taken a picture yesterday before this! I'll take one tomorrow!

I have been meeting a great many women, via their journals, who state in their bios how wonderful they feel to be in their 40s! As someone who just turned 40 yrs old this past March, I thought I'd add this journal to give you all a chance to tells those of us either just joining the 40 club or soon will be, what is so wonderful about being in your 40s!

As someone who has only been 40 for a few months, I don't think I can speak from experience yet, but I'll tell you about one of the most vibrant women I know. I have read her books over the years & met her a few years ago. She inspires me so much! Her name is
Sark (click to check out her vibrant website!) & I have journaled a bit about her before, but thought it is worth another mention for those new to my journal. You can listen to her overview here (Click the Play Button).

Sark has a books called "
Succulent Wild Woman", "The Bodacious Book of Succulence" and "Eat Mangoes Naked", which to me, is all about the vibrance of women... no matter what age!!! You know how they have the "Red Hat Society" for woman who are even older, which by the way I saw a bunch of them at our town ice cream spot 2 weeks ago, well...Sark has "Succulent Wild Women" groups! What does it mean to be a "Succulent Woman?" According to Sark:

"ripe, juicy, whole, round, exuberant, wild, rich, wide, deep, firm, rare female that you are"

Now that I can identify with! :-) Well, maybe not currently with this nagging foot injury, but most of the time & it is in me somewhere right now! Ha! God help the person when it explodes out of me one day when I'm doing better! Ha!

So please leave a comment or a link to your entry on what is so Wonderful about being a woman in your 40s!


jouell3935 said...

I love Sark!!!!!! I will be 40 in August....ugh what wild ride this past year has been...I am writing about it...Yet it is not ready and I wanted to wait until I actually turned 40...ugh yuk! Kidding I embrace it!!!!

nhd106 said...

Just LOVE your journal!  Putting you on my alerts, my fellow 40 something gal.    I post mostly pix without the "commentaries"...thinkin' about writing more, as I love to write.  We'll just have to see...  Tune in!   Nancy

grofsand said...

"beep...beep....beep....beep"....just as the alarm clock wakes us up to take on new day, pulling us from the warm comfort of sleep, Mid-Life too has its own silent alarm!

While I am not a woman, I am familar with waking up, being 40 something and noticing that I was in the mid afternoon of life! Just as much time ahead of me, as there is behind me!  The child inside cries.."is this it?" "is this what life is all about?"........

It is at this time, we all search (both male and female) for the invitation to life that we long since put away....and make sure, we are tyhe right place!

Good luck with your power surges.....Nice journal!   Marc :)

coy1234787 said...

I have an entire collection of Sark!
I refer back to those books over
and over again, like an old friend!
             *** Coy ***

sierrajazz said...

I am almost through my 40's and I like that I have gotten to the point where I like to give more than receive.  I have been blessed to receive soo much all through my life from family, friends and strangers, and I still receive so much, but enjoy giving more now.  I don't feel that pressure to keep up with everyone, or feel like I am missing out on something.  I enjoy most everything except a few annoying health problems.  

demandnlilchit said...

My spin on 40 20 something=great body, 30 something=becoming aware of looks arent everthing and a great mind is sexier than a great body, 40 something= inside and outside find the perfect balance and true beauty emerges......not to mention you now have the time and the financial freedom to really enjoy your life! I guess its kinda wait and see about the next mile stone and if I'm lucky the milestones after that! 40 Something........FEEL THE POWER! lol lol lol

schnozbeary said...

Now I have to get Sark's book!!! I love being described as succulent, ripe, etc!!!! Thanks! Penny