Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peepers...I Mean Twitters

Hi Everyone!

Well everyone has been razing me about not Tweeting! Now when I was young if you were a "Twit" that as a bad thing! HA! I guess that is why they call them "Tweets" Ha! People can call me old, but I just don't see why everyone has to know everything I'm doing. I don't want them to know what I'm doing!!!! I would half jokingly say I don't want people to know I'm going to the bathroom, taking a shower or feeling hormonal and eating chocolate and shopping. (Yes, if it is at the same time...oh boy stay away! Ha!)

I remember the guys who lived in our brother residence hall would call and tell us they could see us...probably with binoculars! They would describe what we were doing, what we were wearing etc. Now I thought that was a Peeper! Of course some girls purposely kept their windows open, but many times that was to tease them, especially to make an old boyfriend jealous! HA! I know but life isn't fair! ;-) Now we have a piece of technology, that while is not a video (YET) where we tell others where we are and what we are doing. Who developed this, the former Peepers? Man they gotta be working on the video one aggressively now. Some guy who wants to track his girlfriend? Ok, so it could be the opposite way but geez talk about an obsessive mate having means now. The stalkers and pedophiles will love this. My younger siblings and students etc tell me how ridiculous I am being and that I am just getting old. Ah Ha! Right!

Apparently some women Tweeted that she is having a miscarriage! People, come on! Call me old, I don't care! I just find this totally reprehensible! And not the idea of her comments on abortion, though I don't like the indifference personally, but that is her choice and not a viewpoint I would have but...I just don't want to know things like that from strangers. I'm not a Peeper! HA! Who would want to know? Ok, so maybe you would want a mate or friend, but that is what email, texting and the phone is for. If we extend the intimate boundaries to the rest of the world, then what is left private to your close personal friends or your mate? Perhaps that is an issue? People have less and less close personal relationships. It is turning into all electronic friends. I'm sorry but there are things I would only tell my mate. This is the wonderful bond we have. The idea that you feel so close to one person you can share these things with trust. Then again, I do know friends who discuss with "the girls" things about their guys that there is no way I would. Especially the idiots who brag about their mate's masculineness and bedroom (or wherever) skills. First, it is likely not true if you are boasting, but I'll let that go. If it was, then you wonder why other women go after your mate. Come on! If I had a good thing I'm not about to tell others! He's mine! I guess people like to brag what car they have etc so mate is no different. Great just another "thing" you have or to make you feel better than someone else. Ugh! Who cares? Is it a contest? How you do you really know what you have is so much better than someone else? Mine's better, no Mine's better...????? No one critically thinks, maybe the things they do you would not like or vice versa! It is all a personal opinion, your individual preferences...he is great for you and that is wonderful but may not great for someone else.

Ok, so some say Twitter is for family and friends to know quickly. You don't have to text all of them, they can just check your twitter. Maybe, but again do I want them all to know? I would suppose if it was private ok, but if the whole world can view? I know to some extent blogs are even doing the same thing. We all know we discuss our personal lives, family, health etc. So what is the difference? There seems to be one for me. Maybe others do not think so, but perhaps it is the idea of the manner or purpose. With blogs you have a circle of people who read with context, more developed information, and many times to help others or seek advice. Again perhaps it is the particular content also of what is for a personal journal, a mate, family, friends or the whole world to know.

I just think you can't argue you have the right to your privacy against the govt, church etc for what you do in your home with your family (though I'm not saying abusing etc!) and in the bedroom and then you go and tweet "Doing it doggie style!" A celebrity, who is more likely to have many more viewers than I would, can't complain people are hounding them when they go to dinner and they Tweet where they are! You can't have it both ways! So please keep your privacy and don't peep on me! Unless I purposely have my blinds open! HA! Just kidding!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Risk is Worth It!

Well, for the first time tonight I rented a movie from one of those red box things in Wal Mart. Hey Matthew for $1! The older lady greeting everyone said she has been meaning to try it & I said Matthew will do it! HA! She laughed & we had a lovely chat. Oh she was sweet so...

I missed this movie in the theater which I can't believe because I so wanted to see it. I was waiting for it to become available to rent. I felt like Romance tonight! It was good but it turned out to be another guy who thinks he has it all figured out & he is the one who is totally clueless...well technically not...DENIAL! Ya, Ya, I know why, it is not just guys. The whole been hurt so now I won't let that happen again thing. And yes, I do understand that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it is nice to see him finally realize closing your heart just leads to hurt and more pain, it is a good message to remind people of. Reminded me of The Ugly Truth. Same idea really. Guy who is also all macho, womanizer, never admit to having a feeling & thinking women are the complete morons & feel and think too much, when really they have just been hurt and don't want to admit, until later, it is worth risking being in love again. And think about it, in both cases the men do not take the risk, so they almost lose their love of their life. If only real life could be more like a movie and they would learn the lesson and take the risk...even when they may think it is too late.

Well then Father of the Bride 2 (remake) was on and God the hormones must have kicked in between the two movies & I was bawling and God must have been rolling his eyes at me at what I was saying to him...just like all the other guys! HA! All I know is he better know what he is doing because so far I really wonder!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is Here!!!

Well Fall is here! And nothing says fall like BOOTS!!!! YUM! Man I saw these in my Carson's email & almost died. Only problems is the heels! Can't wear those anymore. Maybe I can get them & get them reheeled a bit lower? Probably have to wait for them to go on sale. $170.00 for boots with the economy the way it is???? Not going to happen.

We had some rain last night & this morning & boy did the trees turn yellow overnight! And by afternoon, some hand significant leaf loss. Mother Nature really put on the show for today. Still need some color change but good start into the season. Tomorrow it will be 80 but after that it looks 70s & high 60s. May be the last day of 80s so I'll have to get out & enjoy it a bit.

And hey the Cubs won again...Woo Hoo!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Patrick's Sat Six!

My answers to Patrick's Sat Six:

1. A friend of yours goes grocery shopping with you and goes to the meat department and buys a small pack of fresh ground chuck. You ask what she’s going to cook for dinner and she explains that the chuck is for her dog. How would you react?

Well considering the problems with some of our meat??? If it is once in a while? My vet wants my babies to eat chicken livers but they won't eat it. If the vet wants it then fine.

2. Another friend dares you to eat a dog biscuit: would you give it a try?

Hmmm? Is it homemade? Probably try that first than something commercial with all the recalls lately. Hey Tom Hanks did in Turner & Hooch! :-)

3. Vets usually recommend more expensive brands of food for pets. How much of a difference do you think there would really be between a brand you could pick up in a store or a specialty brand?

LOTS!!! Some have crap in them! Read labels! No different than some of our food! Frozen food loaded with sodium & preservatives, soups too! Eat fresh!!! And Organic!

We are about equal!

5. Who has more toys: your pets or you?

Hmmm right now me. I took almost all of their old toys & threw them out. Musty smell. I'm slowly buying them new ones but then again they just like the tops of hairspray bottles etc.

6. Whose bed do you think is more comfortable to sleep on, yours or your pet’s?

You are assuming it is different! They sleep with me at night & Dusty stays on my bed pretty much all day. Country sleeps in the store bought beds and he seems to like them. My mattress is old though. I want to get a select comfort!

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I'm still alive. I know, I know, I'm not sure why I'm not posting on this blog? I don't think it is "nothing to say" so then??? We'll just have to see I guess.

Well, Summer is totally over with Labor Day Weekend gone. We are heading into our 4th week of classes. I taught 3 classes this summer & then had about 2 weeks off. I needed more! Lots going on at work. New president so that is a wait & see how things change or don't? We are going into a negotiation year so that is always fun! HA! Turmoil everywhere with the country & jobs & no different with us. We have 450 more students on campus than we normally do. We have no parking!!! They have them parking along the side streets & in the grass. Incredible. All our sections closed, and I don't know the last time that happened and this is my 14th year. Lots of students saying they rather go cheaper rather than go to a University right away. Alot of people out of jobs also going back to school.

Today was a bummer. I stopped for a red light, what I thought, and someone rear ended me. He says it was green. You know "red" and "green" is quite different? I can see him saying it was yellow & just turned or something on whether you think a driver in front of you may stop or go through but??? I don't know happend fast. I saw him in my rear view mirror & saw that he was not going to stop without hitting me so I tried to go a bit further but he still hit me. The cop said still there is no violation even stopping on a green. I said, "I know, what if I had to stop fast for an animal or a kid on a bike etc?" and he said, "Yes, I'll be having a discussion with him about safe distance to stop etc." Not too much damage on my car but enough that I am going to take it in to be fixed up. Ugh. My baby will be 2 yrs old in Dec so I am not happy about that. He had more damage small Nisson but just a bit more, no major smashing in etc. No one hurt & that is what is most important.

Been quite sad everything happening lately with our country...assumptions and so much hate going around. Pastors even saying he doesn't consider someone killing the president murder & wishing one of God's children Cancer. Ugh!!! Very sad.

Hey...did you all see the new Sean Connery Ad for Louis Vuitton? OMG!!! YUM! Now, I'm not thrilled with some of his macho attitude being nasty toward women in the past but I must say next to Pierce he is my next favorite Bond. Does he come with the bag, because I've never even thought of getting one but if that was the deal I just might! HA!

Lets see what back is ?? Better. Certainly better than May but last couple of days my right hip & between my shoulder blades has been acting up. My toe is still broken, 11 weeks! I go back next Fri. He is still taping it up. He said I need to stay off it but if it doesn't hurt I'm on the go.

My cousin is due to have a baby in the next week. I saw her last weekend & she looks very good & was 1-2 cm already. I'm very excited for her & to have another member of our family & a baby around again. My one niece is 18 yrs old & the other 12 now! UGH!

The temps are going down already, we are seeing 70s for highs and the trees have been turning colors & dropping leaves already. UGH!!! I don't mind a long fall but I hope we don't have a nasty cold winter.

Well that is it for now but I'll try to post again soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Can Get Married Now!

I started this a while back & never finished it. So here you go with a bit added from this past week!

Oh I know, I know...I'm so bad. Incredibly busy. Well I was checking out the new Willow Trees for ideas for my b-day...yep 2 weeks ago...and I saw they had a cake topper. OMG I love it. I love the expression. So comfortable & secure and loving. That is what I would want! Maybe that is why I couldn't get married until this was made? Although the next problem is I love the bride dresses from when I was in my 20s! Ugh! I don't like many of them they make today! Do you remember the puffy shoulders & then the points that came down to you index finger. :-) The V boddess, hanging bead head pieces...ha! I don't like the strapless today at all. And NO butt bows!

You know last week I was talking to 2 of my students after class & he said "Our kids" and so then I said, "Ok, since you said that I have to ask..." Yep, they are married. Just married in May. No one could really tell in class. Seemed like they knew each other but that is about it. So then I got the story. It was soooo inspiring. They met when she was 9 yrs old! HA! Then nothing until she was graduating from 8th grade & they met again. He asked her to prom not realizing when she said she was graduating that it was from 8th grade! HA! Well, when I was 14 yrs old I had 19 yr old guys after me so....puberty came quite early! They dated a bit a few yrs later & broke up & then later met but both were married with kids. Then time past again & both were divorced. Her son was participating in Boyscouts & he was the leader. Well after 5 yrs of dating & making sure the kids were ok with it etc they are now married. They were so cute describing the journey. He would add a part & then her. I asked him, "When you met her when she as 9 yrs old did you think you would marry her?" She then smiled & said, "Ya, I'd love to know too" and he smiled & really authentically said, "Yes!" I could not believe it. He said that ya he gave up at one point & thus got married to someone else, but it was something he very much wanted. They then commented how they complement each other on their personalities, which I could definitely see. And get this, he is taking the class with her because they neither finished college and she wanted to start back up & he took it to support her. OMG that is just so wonderful. It was such a lovely, inspiring story. He is Lutheran & she is general Christian. Just something about the idea that life's journey takes you in many different directions but if you are meant to be you will eventually be together you know. We discuss that, like my brother and his divorce but if he did not get married I would not have my little niece nor they their children. God sometimes just has different plans. Maybe someday it will work out like that for me! God knows what wedding dresses will look like then! HA!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Ouchie!

Man, this just does not seem right! I soaked my toe this morning & it just keeps hurting even frozen. Then I was watching the Cubs later and feel asleep for a few hours. Well I had been skimping on my Zs lately so I probably needed it. I was going to sleep-in this morning, but ended up just waking up. At least when I woke up I found the Cubs did not totally bomb their lead. :-) This toe though is just killing me and I'm not a happy camper right now. I did a bit of shopping & watched a ball game & had a bite to eat at the bar in Lone Star. Had them give me a regular coke and then I got a shot of rum to put it in it. I figured tall glass diluted more & they can add more coke. HA! Well the Tylenol & Motrin is not doing the trick! When I got home I soaked my "little piggy" again. Ok, so I found the rum way back in my fridge & put a bit in my cranberry juice now too. HA! I know that sounds soooo bad but you know I have bottles in the fridge for years now. I really don't drink I swear.

I have to go downtown (Chicago) tomorrow for my back treatment though but at least I don't have my night class since it ended last week. It will be nice to just come home & relax.

OMG I'm watching some kind of movie called "Evolution" with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore...HA! It is sooo pathetic but funny too. I'm going to have nightmares! HA! I use to watch Creature Features, Twilight Zone & Son of Svengoolie with my dad when I was a kid...nothing! Now...UGH! Must be some type of adapting you get older you need that guy next to you when you sleep for when you wake up with nightmares! HA! I think the guys planned all this don't you? Ha! OMG that movie so stupid! HA! But hey it kept me laughing & that takes pain away so...

Well the movie is over. I should try to get some sleep so I will be perky tomorrow. At least the Taste is over. Man Friday the trains were so crowded and loud from the Taste & everyone going to see the fireworks. Maybe I should freeze my foot again before I go to bed. See now there is another reason to have a guy...he could warm up my foot then. HA! Later!

P.S. Dan...nope no Facebook sorry! Can't seem to see the point of that or Tweeter!

Unhappy Toe!

Hi Everyone!

I know...May 17th was my last post! Ugh! So much to update you on! First, God is having fun with me this morning! Happy Feet is on! UGHHHHH! No, I do NOT have happy feet! I have a Happy FOOT! And no it is not my foot problem from my surgery a number of years ago. That is doing good and is almost at a year mark that I have had an trouble with it (knock on wood!) 2 weeks ago yesterday I got up from a migraine I had had from the night before & decided to take a shower and get my dad some Father's Day gifts. I didn't have my contacts or glasses on & was still a bit fuzzy from the migraine and I stubbed my toe. Well you know I've broken them before and I was pretty sure I did a good job this time. I iced it, and it subsided so I got dressed and ready & headed out. OMG the first place I went I could not walk. When I got home and took my shoe off and my foot & toe, btw it is my baby toe, was all bruised and swollen. More ice! I got in that Monday & Dr. Z. said I broke it in 2 places horizontally. He taped it up & wanted to see me in a week. With my schedule I could not get in until last Fri but that was only a few days more. He took off the tape & OMG it was sooo swollen & it would be 2 weeks the next day. This is odd. Before when I have broken them it would be getting better by now. They do re-xray but he told me, ok kinda yelled, to stay off it. RIGHT! I had 3 classes & 2 I can't really stay off it because the keyboard does not move so...but one of my classes is over now. Then he told me to soak my foot in an ice bath from 40-50 degrees for 15 min 3 times a day. Ugh! I've done it 2 times so far. Yesterday I did it & then I headed home from my folks with a frozen foot & my baby toe throbbing. Ya, that is working! You know, I'll update you later but "it doesn't feel right!" I have a very strange feeling. It is actually feeling worse over time & ????? My gut instinct is just say, "Yo, something is not adding up here, there is a piece of the puzzle missing!" We'll see?!

Now this is just the beginning! Ha! I know, people much worse off than me but this is apparently not a fun time for me and I'm just not too happy my summer is going this way so far. I do have a torn rotator's cuff. We tried 12 weeks of PT & cortisone, which did make it better but the doc is recommending surgery. He said I will be coming back asking him to do it. I'm out of PT benefits so I have to wait until Dec at least & then Jan 1st my new PT benefits will kick in. So far I think I'll be able to wait. Then yes, I did start up Vax-D treatments for my back again. It is better from May but we are now doing another 5 sessions so this would be like the 4th week. So I have to walk to & from the train station to the doc (2 1/2 blocks) and then to the parking lot etc. Not great for my toe! Doesn't help I bought new gym shoes since mine were so bad they were not supporting very well, so they are not stretched out & tight with my swollen toe.

Ok, if this tells you anything...I have no flowers on my deck! I have not done anything on it! UGH! And that is one reason I feel so pissed. If this toe would just heal up & I could have some fun but it is certainly putting a damper on everything. My bros & my little niece (who is no longer little!!!) helped me walking slow etc going to watch fireworks on Fri. We had fun! My mom had cataract surgery on her other eye but not the cornea transplant & it is not going well. They may have to do the cornea transplant anyway and that then will delay her first knee replacement. She may instead have those done in AZ when they return. Then my bro, the goof, is at a friends house cutting wood & he is on the other end he says but not wearing googles...yes you probably can see this coming, he blows the sawdust which is on the other end but still manages to get it in his eye. His one friend is a paramedic so they wash it out but 6 hours later...of course he is a male!....he finally goes in. Yep, they had to get 2 other pieces out & he did scratch his cornea! What a family huh. His is healing with the meds though.

No, I'm not calling "Uncle" yet! And I'm not saying "Yet"! HA! Just have to take it moment by moment. Oh & tell Tylenol & Motrin I will be willing to be a test subject. This toe is throbbing with ice, 2 650mg of Arthritis Tylenol & 800mg of Motrin! YA! See why my gut is feeling weird! Dr. Z. said to go a week & if it is still bothering me with the ice baths he give me something else but if it just knocks me out then I don't want it. He probably does to keep me off my foot. HA! I think the ice baths are just his way to torture me 3 times a day! HA!

Well, I'm going to go & freeze my foot! Ugh! More later! I really do hope you are all having a lovely, and much better summer than I am having.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer is Here!

Well not weather wise but graduation was today & I am now on Summer Vacation! And I would just love to do a Happy Dance but my back decided to go out a few days ago. So far it is not too bad...well just on the line. I'm not in excruciating pain all the time. I called the place I had my Vax-D treatments 2 years ago last Thurs and they are getting me in on Monday to see what is going on. Today I went to Acupuncture, helped my hip but then when I went to get off the table my back just spasmed and was pulling me down. I am able to walk slowly & I took my niece to our local semi professional baseball team's home opener tonight. They had fireworks! They lost though! I sat and enjoyed myself and got home ok etc. I just can't twist & turn and it is just really on the edge. I've been sitting too much this last week grading and probably sleeping a few nights on my couch and my folks didn't help. My bro just told me his went out sleeping on their couch! Ugh! So if it wasn't for my back I'd be dancing like crazy...that is after I get some sleep. 3 hours last night, 45 min nap before the game & I'm still up and soooo ready to crash right now. I really hope I don't have to do a month of Vax-D again.

Oh & I found out last month I do have a tear in my rotator cuff, though the radiologist & the doctor disagree on how bad. Doc says doesn't seem to bad & gave me a cortisone shot. Next day UGH!!! but then better but weak. Now it is better overall but tiny spot pain with certain activities. I can move it more freely, which I never realized before the shot I really wasn't. It was getting hard to even type before.

I am teaching a few classes over the summer but with the economy and medical bills I really need to. I'll still have Fri off and there is some overlap in sessions but a few weeks just MW evening & then later it will just be T&TH so then 4 day weekends. It won't be too bad I don't think.

Summer just goes by too fast though!!! This year it probably will especially since my older of my nieces will be heading to College...OMG!!!! I am so not ready for that!

Our weather has been horid! You'd think we were Seatle or something with all the rain we have gotten lately.

Well I can't keep my eyes open anymore, but expect some postings now that I am off! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Keep Thinking Summer!

Oh my has it been a long time since I have posted!

Yes, I'm still alive! HA!

I'm just so busy. I don't know where to begin. I'll have to catch you up over time but right now it it is a bit after 3am & I'll be heading to bed as soon as my 800mg of Motrin kicks in. I received a cortisone injection in my right shoulder today (technically yesterday). They said in about 4 hours, which should have been about 2pm, it would begin to ache. I was fine all day & thought great I'll be fine. Well, last couple 4 hours on the computer & now it begins to throb & ache. I have been having trouble with my right upper arm since Oct. It is hard to raise to turn back and it gets hard as a rock when I lift up & hurts. We tried 6 weeks of PT & it really didn't help. I had an MRI done last week. Today he said the Radiologist found a thick tear in my rotator cuff but the doc disagrees? So we will try the shot & 6 more weeks of PT & see what happens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it has been getting worse the last few weeks and getting hard to even work on the computer. I'm not sure it could be just over time getting old etc but I did have my arm up & hand supporting the roof of my SUV when it rolled over about 14 months ago so maybe it irritated it & now it is just pooped.

Easter was fun. My cousin came in with her family from CA so I spent time with them on Sat blessing baskets and my cousin's little girl asked me to go with them to visit the Easter Bunny so that was fun. Thursday I went up north to keep our family tradition of visiting 7 churches. My folks are in AZ for the winter & I usually do it with them. A few years I have done it with my cousins but now they are scattered & few busy so I actually did have fun myself this year. I spent Sunday with my sister & her new boyfriend who is a fireman/paramedic. He seems laid back and funny. We'll see. She seems happy and that is good. I'm kinda sad the family traditions are being lost with my generation. I really miss it.

I have about 3 more weeks after this week and then finals week! :-) Summer Vacation is on its way! I can't wait, warmer weather, birds, grilling outside...ahhhhh! And hey the Cubs have been winning so that is great! :-) Ok, more later...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayers Needed!

Hi Everyone!

I know I have not posted in quite sometime...just busy but today I need to ask for some prayers for someone who I can't really give you details about. I have been praying for him all evening and asking God to send him my Angels...if Ihave any & if they are not worn out from taking care of me.

Please pray that he keeps his courage and does not lose faith. Pray for him to find the correct words and help. Pray that his heart heals from any wrong doing by others to him. Pray that his spirit does not get so bruised that it loses faith in the good people of the world. Pray that he still feels love & support from those who know him best. Pray that when all is said & done that everything does side on in a just manner and provides more strength rather than weakens him. Pray that he finds a reason and purpose...perhaps wisdom if things have to be a struggle for a while. Pray that he feels God's spirit, the solid support & love that he is on this planet for a reason & still is needed and valued by soooo many. Pray that he gets very peaceful sleep knowing very securely in what he believes is right. (Yes, I know I'm not sleeping now obviously...soon...too worried!) Pray that if God says a door has to be closed he sees the window. Pray that he does know that God is giving this to him because he is the one to handle it. I know I struggle with this myself at times...that edited version...'I just wish God didn't think I was so strong'. :-) Pray he just remembers what is most important in life....not what everyone thinks but what he & his loved ones know him to be. Pray that if there is even an inkling of wrong doing that he is able to accept it, ask for forgiveness and move on rather than beat himself up over it. Pray if there was not any wrong doing on his part he does stay strong & secure and believes in himself.
Ok, I hope God heard all that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The History of Today!

President Obama
Hi Everyone! post coming but this has to be first! What a day! I day full of excitement, anticipation, and HOPE! I don't know how history will reflect on this day in retrospect but to think one day kids will think this is no big deal is something I look forward to.

I was upset I could not find a lot of red/white/blue shirts to wear today. I did have a blue shirt & put on my red sweater from Christmas. Got my red/silver & blue beads hanging in my car. Dangling silver star bracelet. Did my best! :-)

I saw that my high school was in D.C. that was pretty cool. I heard one broadcaster call it "A Political Woodstock but 10 times better!" Wow! HA!

Well I would love to hear what you think about today? What did you do? I was up late or very early in the morning so I'm very pooped right now. I think I will head to bed earlier (famous last words) and start tomorrow early fresh & feeling more safe for my future.

You know last night I emailed my dad. I remembered my grandpa babysitting us when we were younger. I was a teen, I think it was Reagan's Ball. My grandpa says just straight face, "I didn't get my ticket to the ball" I was laughing so much. I can't remember what my stepgrandma said but something like you didn't want to be there anyway or they probably would have food you wouldn't like or something. He was a hoot that night! One right after the other. I miss him and I wish both my sets of grandparents were here today to have seen this. Many relatives actually!

I'll tell you also, any student who does not want to do something...prepare for their future...oh boy are they going to get it! They are talking about the president using Myspace & blogs can they not want to!

My Day Off!

Well I'm not this bad!

What did I do on my day off? Went to the Dentist! Ugh!

Well, normally that would not have been such a horrible thing. Oh about 3 1/2 yrs ago. would have probably bought me lunch! HA! Did I ever tell you my dad is...ok was a dentist? He retired and so now I found one that actually remembered me as a kid. His dad made crowns for my dad's patients. He said he remembered bringing me the cases, I answered the door. Man, I'm in my 40s & this would have to be prior to 13 yrs old when we moved from that house. Remembers what street it was & everything. Probably remembered old psychotic me! HA! Maybe I met him at the door in my bikini or something! HA! We had a pool so?

Ok, so I had to get a crown prep. Ugh! It is the first one in my life. Last molar on top left. Sometime in the early 80s I was working with my dad & over lunch the Hygentist was going to clean my teeth. Well!...she stuck the scaler between the back teeth & I hit the ceiling. My dad came running. Turned out there was a cavity in between. We x-rayed & you couldn't see it because the molars will overlap causing a shadow but he drilled a bit & found the hole. Over the years it has just slowly gotten bigger with a side one developing & kinda meeting the other part & last year the filling fell out so this new guy tried to put one in, but didn't know if there was really enough tooth to keep it & sure enough few months later it came out. So, I finally got it done after my flex account kicked in Jan 1st. One great advantage with dad...payment was a kiss & I love you! :-X Free toothbrushes & toothpaste & sample sizes of tylenol etc. & my dad always saved me the new flavors of flouride when he was cleaning my teeth. He'd let me try & if I liked it he would order it for patients! HA! When we were kids he had these toothbrushes that were in the long tube & on each end was a half of a know those wiener I remember. I loved those. HA! Then you got those red tablets that you would chew & it would show with red on your teeth where you missed brushing! HA! He always took us for rides up & down in the chair also! His patients were wonderful. They all knew us. I'll come home from college & come to his office & if he was busy with a patient one of the others waiting in the other rooms would see me go by & call out. They'd ask me if my teacher was still bugging me & how this guy was...they knew all the details! HA! Of course my dad knew about their kids too. Generations of patients. The days when it was about helping & not about making the most money & having the most toys!

Well, back to this lovely tooth of mine. I think that tooth also may have been the one that I lost half of the filling on a cheeseburger in college. Lovely cafeteria, although I should not complain, we had prime rib there & shrimp! It was sooooo good! Next day, they would put the shrimp cut up in the salad bar line, I'd just get cupsful. So my dad would not let me wait to come home & I had to see a dentist out there. First time I ever went to anyone other than my dad. Very odd. You know it is not only a dentist you have gone to all your life but "Daddy"! He won't hurt you unless he really can't help it! You trust him completely you know! So, that guy was going to give me novacaine without any choice & I'm like much do you have to drill & I'm like try first without. My dad always gave a choice. Some rather their mouths numb for hours, others rather a bit of pain & no numbing. My mom's dad you could drill for crowns and he'd be gabbing away. Didn't feel a thing. Wow! I apparently did not get those genes! HA! I didn't have my first cavity until I was 13 yrs old when I got my braces off. Under the band. I only had them on 1 yr & 8 months I think. Amazing how you will always remember how long! HA! So I had them off sometime in 7th grade I think? When my dad filled that tooth that day the scaler tortured me, it took him 3 shots of novacaine to numb it enough for him to even touch it with his finger. Today a first doc came in & shot me up. Then my dentist, Dr. B., came in & drilled away & nothing! No pain! Ahhhhh! He gave me a bit more for the inside gum when they were going to get the temporary in. I have to go back on President's Day to get the permanent one. Ya, my day's off...geez!

He asked me if I wanted porcelain or gold. I don't smile big enough to see that back molar & he said my bite is real tight so I could crack it. Dad says go with the gold. I figured the man who has his tongue in me, if he has a problem with it not looking natural, then he can just look at the other "natural" parts of me & see it is not all that great anyways! HA! Now, I also have to explain that typically when they numb me for cortisone shots it doesn't really work. After I leave the doctors office then it is numb. Ugh. So I was soooo thrilled. I was there about 2 hours with him drilling & then building it up. The numb face was starting to go away & then an hour after I left it started to throb. I'm like oh boy I have to teach tomorrow. 800 mg of Motrin, Extra Strength Tylenol & shopping cured that! HA! I swear when you don't concentrate on it it helps. Kohls had a sale, what do you want! HA! Now it is not throbbing but sore & can't really bite on it. I can't eat nuts or gum etc now until Feb. Ugh! But I'll have it in before I head up north for a presentation I'm doing at a college I use to teach at, so that will be good. I can enjoy going out to dinner with everyone etc.

Ok, so I guess it wasn't too bad of a day, except I wish I could have just putzed around at home & got things done, but that is why we get "Tomorrow". Next post I'll tell you what I got shopping! :-)

Oh also...I forgot to tell you...when they were measuring to do the impressions, I said, I know I have a big mouth & she said actually your mouth is small. I was shocked! HA! I said can I get that in writing for my coworkers, friends & family for proof! She laughed. I said that to my neurologist I see for my migraines when she said my brain was normal. I must just project well or just talk fast! HA!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heart Dreams

Oh boy now I'm in trouble!

Music can do that though. Now I'm off dreaming, feeling, thinking ugh! I remember in college I'd go to sleep...well to bed...and put my headphones on to listen to music & most nights I'd fall asleep but then other nights I'd be like "oh I love that song" and then another would come on & then another...ha! BTW this is one of my favorite Kim Anderson pictures. I see myself in it I guess. Seems like my spirit. I also love hats! HA! My mom & I would go shopping & try on all the hats & be silly & laugh & have soooo much fun. I really miss doing that. Maybe we can this summer. I bought her this HUGE brimmed summer hat for Christmas. I put it behind her Stocking and in the morning you know you are waiting for everyone to get up & open presents & I asked her if everyone was coming & she said I don't know but they better because I WANT THAT HAT! HA! I was hoping she would love it but then also if she didn't it would be mine! HA! No, there was only one! Got it at World Market & guess was only $3! I swear! I'll try to get a picture of it. I have a bunch of big hats, some winter & some summer. I need to find a long black coat so I can wear my winter ones & I think I will make this summer hat season! I missed my era I guess. I would have loved when all the women wore hats!

This next one is the only copy I can find. It is called "I know how to win a heart" :-) Ya, flowers would do it for me too...though I don't like red rosees. I like pink though. He is cute I think. I like 2 other types of flowers though more...Peonies & Lilacs.

This one I really love! I just found a big picture of at a resale shop & bought it. Have to still hang it in my bedroom. Ok, off to dream some more...


Well that was fast...Ha!

My brother was helping me with something on the computer & put up his ITunes to play some songs for me by David Archuleta. After I posted that last post To Be With You came on & I really liked it. Have you heard it? I just seem to connect to it. Here is the lyrics:

I've been alone so many nights now,
And I've been waitin' for the stars to fall.
I keep holdin' out for what I don't know
To be with you, just to be with you.

So here I am staring at the moon tonight,
Wondering how you look in this light.
Maybe you're somewhere thinkin' about me too.
To be with you, there's nothing I wouldn't do.

And I can't imagine two worlds spinnin' apart
Come together eventually

And when we finally meet, I'll know it's right.
I'll be at the end of my restless road.
But this journey, it was worth the fight.
To be with you, just to be...

Holding you for the very first time, never letting go.
What I wouldn't give to feel that way... Ooohh...

Oh, to be with you...

Oh, and I can't imagine two worlds spinnin' apart
Come together eventually.

And when you're standin' here in front of me,
That's when I know that God does exist.
'Cause He will have answered every single prayer.
To be with you, just to be with you, yeah. You....

Mall Cop

Hi Everyone!

Up north with my niece. We were suppose to go see the Dog Hotel movie but she changed her mind & wanted to see Mall Cop. Thank God we got tickets early & the line was still so long to wait to get in the show. The movie was really good. I like Kevin James so I didn't mind very much. I liked him in Hitch also! He is cute in King of Queens too. I just think he is adorable. I know guys probably don't like us calling them that but we just don't tell them! HA! He is funny & sweet & just I don't know but I know I'd go out with him if he was available. Ha! Sweet smile, very penetrating eyes, ya...Sexy! Seems like he'd be very loyal and protective too. Ya, I know next week's headline will say he cheated on his girl, and swindled some elderly people. Ha! No, just kidding! Everyone in the theater seemed to like the movie. They were clapping at the end.

They showed the Harry Potter preview. I'm soooo excited. I like want to go at the midnight showing this time. HA! Oh man, I can't wait for Summer, actually I'd just take Spring now! It is 19 degrees now! WOW!

Went to acupuncture today. I was soooo relaxed. She worked on my lower back. It was doing pretty good & kinda bothering me a bit tonight. Seems like my SI joints & then sides of legs & hips...same old story, but hopefully it will get better. Probably doesn't like the treadmilling but just going to keep trying.

Well that is it for now...more later!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mid January...

Ugh...didn't I say I was going to post more often? Well.... Well, the New Year is really something! My mom & dad got back to AZ & the next day my mom had to go by Ambulance to the ER. She is doing great now. She came home a few days ago. She had really low potassium & her electrolytes were low...dehydrated...ugh! They have her back to her normal crazy self! HA!

Classes started this past Monday and what a wild week. Last two days so many schools were off with the freezing temps but not us! Ugh! OMG it is 0 right now! Amazing! Were having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! HA!

I went to see "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith. Have you seen it? is one of the must sees in your lifetime. Slow & a bit in the dark at the beginning but you better have a box of kleenex by the end. The men were bawling!

I had a really difficult time finding calendars this year. I don't know, calendars to me are like finding your creative spirit for the year. I finally settled on Maxine, 2 different ones for different rooms & then a Snoopy/Charlie Brown Love one for work & a page a day one with my Cat a day one. I'm waiting for the engagement calendar to go on sale, Maxine that is. I'm not totally happy but I guess I'm feeling I'm letting the calendars come to me & suggest what I need for the year. I think about it & it is Humor & Love. Hmmm...that actually sound really good. And they should go together.

I'm doing pretty good trying to get healthier. This back & foot just doesn't make it easy. Treadmilled 3 days last week each for an hour & this week I think I got in 2 so far. Was on my Total Gym doing some squats last week but didn't this week. My back acted up yesterday...opposite hip started to feel like when I herniated my discs almost 2 yrs ago. Today better but from time to time the top of my foot & around my ankle is feeling numb & tinglingquite a bit. Ugh. I go to Acupuncture tomorrow so maybe that will help. I did go Monday. Got my hair down today so that always helps. It is finally starting to grow. I hate when the stylist don't listen to you & do what they want. I like the cut now but it just needs to be much longer. She keeps saying "Oh but the ends are soooo great now & it will grow!" Ya defense mechanism for making me not hate what she did. Ugh!

Doing pretty good last two weeks avoiding carbs & sugar. Just have to get back to how much I was exercising before my injuries really. Something about working out that much that you just can't then ruin it with a soda or chips or something. :-)

I saw Bedtime Stories also & that was cute. I just saw previews for
New In Town (click) . I like Harry Connick Jr. so I'll probably go see it because of him. I think we are going to see the Dog Hotel one with my niece tomorrow.

Didn't get a lot of sleep last night so this will be short. Well short for me! HA! Can't wait for Spring! My folks said it was 70 in AZ today! Oh man! More later...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hope You Win!

I like this house, though I wish it had a wrap around porch & turret.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Young Love

Ok, now here you go...the other end of the age bracket!

A 5 & 7 yr old fall in love & elope to get married. They brought a sister to witness it even! I swear it is the ends of the age bracket that gets what love is the most! HA! I hope they interview them. I'd love to know how this all came about! HA! I wonder if he got down on his knee & proposed? I remember my baby brother was engaged to the sister of my friend when he was about 5 yrs old. He had given her 3 engagement rings. Remember those birthstone rings? One day he is crying because my folks would not let him go to the mall with them. Finally, they asked him why he wanted to go & he said he had to get his tuxedo for his wedding! HA! He is still romantic....but he is a putz too. HA

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best Gift!

Credit: Kissing The Afternoon Away / Venice, Italy - Peter Baker Photography

Hi Everyone!

I know, I know I haven't posted anything in so long. I'm sorry...just busy with work & life. I was going to come on here & post about 2009 making a better effort later this weekend when I found this news article & I just had to post it. :-)

I was just joking with my mom & brother that I'll just have to wait until I'm a senior citizen maybe to find Mr. Right or something to that effect...and then I found this article right after! HA! Love is so wonderful isn't! God I hope I'm like the couple in this picture later still living life for the RIGHT REASON! ;-) Amour! Kissing...nothing better!

And I do agree! So much can be told in kiss. Although I can't say I have had too many really bad kisses in my life. A sweet slow loving one or the passionate type...can't go wrong. Ok, maybe in the day of braces there may have been some trouble. HA! Then again, I really don't kiss someone unless I feel a great deal for them. They have to make me feel very safe and comfortable for me to kiss them. To me it is a very intimate thing. I know not everyone these days thinks that but I'm just goofy I guess. Well, I'll be posting more this weekend about the holidays & I'll try to make a better effort with the new year.