Sunday, July 3, 2005

4th of July Fire?!

As I finished up my last journal entry I heard "Boom, Boom, Boom"! I had forgotten my town does fireworks on the 3rd. Most people go up north "to the big cities" on the 4th for fireworks so they get them in early here. Luckily, I just have to walk outside my back door! :-)  Actually I could see a few other towns just to the right so I got to watch about 3  of them! Yaaa!

Well as I was watching for my favorites, Purple & Green, the firefly types & that huge cannon ball bang one that usually doesn't have any color, I am noticing something that seems quite odd! Yep! They had a lovely fire over there! Ugh! Well, you see, at the beginning of the summer we had rain & cool weather & I complained, so now we have heat but no rain. The creek by me is now this lovely green slime because there is no water in there. My Egret which usually is in there in the evening, has not been by lately! It was flaring pretty high & I was surprised since I would think they had to have fire trucks there. I'm hoping it didn't catch the field actually because that might be a problem getting there.

You know watching the fireworks is certainly fun & sometime even romantic, but it is really more fun to listen & watch the kids! As I stood watching, a pick-up truck was by my mailboxes. Dad in a lawn chair in the back with his son on his lap - maybe 3 yrs old. This cute little boy had fingers in both his ears the whole time, you know with elbows out! He kept saying, "Daddy, where's the red one?" Even after a red one went up he'd ask again! Sounds like my "Why" questions I mentioned in the last entry! Of course, you have the teens walking by & giggling, some goof showing off doing a wheelie on his little dirt bike, car alarms going off (remind you what year it is!) two little doggies on leashes & as their "parents" talk they are..."having fun"...until they noticed! Ha! It is just hysterical!

I must say our Grand Finale was quite spectacular this year! Red, White & Blue. I wonder if it is a new thing every neighborhood is buying this year. Then again, everyone else may have had what we have a few years ago! Ha! The best fireworks I have ever seen in my life was in North Carolina at the State Park. To me, you take 3 Chicago's fireworks & put them together! The whole field was lit up so bright you could read a book...and that was for the whole time! You didn't know what to look at!

I'll head up north to my family tomorrow for some BBQ & probably go where my brother & nieces went last year for fireworks. Some guy had patriotic music blaring & it was awesome!

Enjoy everyone!

P.S. I don't know how I get the perfect song on at some point when I'm writing but that is what was on!

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