Monday, July 11, 2005

Bad Movie Marathon

Ok John, here is my entry for your Bad Movie Marathon! My pick is "My Chauffeur" (1985) with Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Deborah Foreman (Valley Girl & Real Genius), Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati), and PENN & TELLER.  As you can see, even Dusty cracks his eyes open a bit, but then say "Ya right!" and just goes back to sleep! Ha!

Deborah Foreman's character "Casey"  is the first woman to be a driver for a prestigious limousine company owned by the rich Mr. Witherspoon. All the male drivers are offended there is a woman driver & treat her horribly. They give her the worst people to drive, including Sam Jones' character "Battle Witherspoon"...yep his father owns the limousine company.

Battle is a workaholic who does not have a humorous bone in his body. He and Casey are complete opposites. Casey is a free spirit...well some may label her "wacky" and some other terms! Ha! One of the worst aspects of this movie...aside from the boring her voice. It is sooooo irritating...short and jumpy! As Tom Hank's character says in "You Got Mail"..."Patricia makes coffee nervous." Seem Casey doesn't have blood but caffeine running in her veins! Her neurons are jumping crazy. Someone is going to want to make the girl get on some Ritalin! Sam Jones acting is hard to say...he is suppose to play a stiff boring guy & well I guess with that he does a good job.

The plot I don't mind telling you, as I don't think you will rush out & rent it! Ha! The two of them end up together as you would predict, but there is some question of whether they share a mother...yes of course after they have "gotten to know each other!" Seems Casey's mom was "very loving" to MANY! Turns out they are not related and do get married. The men who treated her so badly, ha they now work for her of course! 

So why do I like this Bad Movie enough to own it. Ha! Well, I must admit I haven't watched it in MANY years. In fact, I had to go look to see if I owned it. I thought I did but couldn't remember. I did find it way in a back row of videos. In the section that is not chose from often. My guess is it was the Sam Jones Effect of Teenage years! HA! I'll bet there are some worn out spots on the tape! Ha! Actually, the man is still not too shabby...take a look...looks like he still works out. Checking on the web, he was born Aug. 12, 1954, so that would make him soon to be 51 yrs old...puts some younger men to shame! Deborah does have a interesting list of movies! Ha! You can take a look at what she looks like now here.

Hmm...I wonder what else is in that back row...have to go look! :-)

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