Monday, April 21, 2008

And they pick this job! :-)

Just some of the perks of the job! RIGHT! And you know he isn't bad looking I might add! :-) (Video)

Having lived with a Python for a bit & having it escape with 2 25lb dumb bells on the top of the cage, it just gives me the willies! I had just gotten use to petting the thing when it escaped. And then there was almost stepping on it while it was sleeping in the bathtub as I entered to take a shower on 2 occasions...UGH!

They can slay a dragon for me any day! :-)

No Hitter for Jenny Finch

Hi Everyone!

Well having spent a number of
Bandits Games with my niece & her friend last summer, I was excited to see Jenny Finch on AOL this morning celebrating her No-Hitter for the US! :-) Breaking up with my "inside connection" there on New Years Day will not prevent me from taking my niece & her friends this summer, who BTW have been hounding me for 2 months now about when their season starts back up! First home game June 6th! Their location has moved though further north, which I'm not too happy about but heck, the girls have soooo much fun! 3 weeks & then finals & my summer vacation begins! I'm I excited or what?! HA!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm soooooooo frustrated right now. I'm not lying!!! I have been on the phone with Dell from is now 3:45am & I just got off. Ok, I'm trying to get the Service Pack 2 that I didn't have on my computer. It said 'Access was Denied' so I call them...they do some things remotely & then I'm getting blue screens & they can't get me in. They say I may have lost everything & I swear they are soooo lucky they are in a different country! They finally get me to a restored mode & all my files are present. I do however have to go out & get like 2 flash drives tomorrow to save them all. I have almost 5 GB of files. Ugh! Powerpoints & pix for my students no doubt.Then they are DHLing me a new Windows with Service Pack 2 on it & we are going to try to redo everything. It was working fine before the first girl started to do things to my computer! I was tired in the first place & now I'm up until 4am and I was planning on getting up early & working on my deck & cleaning & organizing. Right! I was doing some things as they were working on my computer...2 laods of laundry, dishwasher, trash etc but I'm just not a happy camper right now. My computer is 5 years old but it was still working perfectly fine for me. I just wanted to get the Service Pack 2 on there so I could get the Office 2007 on it because they upgraded at work & it is just getting too confusing without it & the only way I will learn all the changes is if I am forced to use it.

Well, I better get some sleep. I went up north to a big craft show today & got just a few things & then went to The Container Store & then the Wal Mart they had there for cat food & a few things. The Container Store has the Casabella products. I like the gloves & the sponge clothes. I use the gloves for my turtle tank & then when I'm using cleaning products. I was getting a bit of my headache back on & off as I had yesterday all day. When I was at PT it got better all of a sudden. I'm thinking it is Sinus & something I did shifted the pressure. I was fine this morning but it was sneaking up a bit throughout the day. I opened my car windows a bit & that helped I think.My bro had a headache too...I think it is the barometric pressure & the rain etc. I always seem to have problems in April. We've had cooler weather so maybe it was a bit delayed. Walgreens faxed my allergist Wed but he hasn't gotten back to them. Ugh.

Well off to bed. I hope I can sleep in a bit & still get a good amount done tomorrow. Dell better get my computer working or they are getting to hear about it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Not Shaken nor Stirred! ;-)

I know, I know...that was really bad! HA! Seriously, though, maybe I rolled over but I had no clue we had an earthquake! I guess I just like the other way the earth can move! HA! ;-)

I was so exhausted though & still am! What a week! And then I thought the guys next door would sleep in since they were partying last night...nope up at 8:30 working on their deck! Ugh! I have had a headache all day & still do! My PT guy for my ankles & knees killed me on the Total Gym yesterday. My Quads & one hamstring are so sore! Well, you don't challenge a high need for achiever you know! Nothing worse then telling me I can't do something! I'll show you...right I'm the one that suffers now! Then I had to go to Chicago today for my back PT ugh. I did it though. Came home & filled my new bird feeder & hung it & then filled the others and then ate a little dinner. Trying to get rid of this headache but I may just have to get the ice pack out? I had one on it while I did the stem at PT & it helped? Lights are bothering me too. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow...lots to do this weekend.

Well...more later..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This weekend

Hi Everyone!

I went to see Nim's Island with my bros & my niece Sat. I really liked it. I'm not sure for the same reasons they did...I just kept thinking of living on that island preferrably with someone of the male persuasion! ;-) Heck, you fight you can go to your respected sides of the island for a little while & then make up later! HA! It looked soooo lovely...ok except for the SuperWorms. Heck Sam & Ella eat them & they never look tasty to me. Sam & Ella would love the island. Not sure if my boys would? Oh & especially since there was a supply boat coming once a week...that is a plus! :-) I could still get my magazines and books! HA! Lets see what else...SPF gotta have, think Victoria Secret would deliver? Then again, island alone with one guy...not many Secrets! HA! The movie was cute & Jodi Foster's character can be used for my Abnormal Psych class! YA! I did like the guy in the movie...very cute! My niece told me he is in P.S. I Love You also. I didn't get to see that. I'll see if it is at our SuperSaver.

I took my little niece to Barnes & Noble to get the book. She was listening to music there for a while also. I picked up the cd to "A Lot Like Love" & then Paul Potts...he's the guy who was selling cell phones & did opera for the British American Idol & just blew everyone away! I love the emotion that I feel when I listen to him, Il Divo, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli etc. They reach something so deep in me. [Funny the opera scene in Fifth Element is on right now! :-) ] I got the new Scientific American Mind also. I need to really order that.

Then we picked up pizza & had a little party for me. My bro got me a big chocolate chip cookie with Happy Birthday on it. I'll add the picture here after he emails it to me. He got me a subscription to Oprah's Magazine. Well, I buy it on the stands, so cheaper this way. I don't know why I haven't renewed it. My sis said she was coming down with a cold so we post-poned the party a bit until 2 weeks from now. But then my bro later said she was on a date Sat night so...but maybe she just had things to do on Sun? I don't know? My little niece was making sure we would have the Portillo's chocolate cake then. HA! So I told her sister to come in 2 weeks. My folks have colds again in AZ. 2nd one they've had this winter. Hmmm? I think I did have an allergic reaction to something last week Monday. I was almost better the next morning & by Wed fine. I was soooo thrilled! Colds don't go away that fast. I was sneezing & had a stuffy & runny nose...I have no clue what it was that bothered me though.

Then my niece rented Alvin & the Chipmunks. My bros had not seen it. I love the dishwasher scene! Sunday we went to Bob Evans for breakfast & then I took my little niece to Wild Birds Unlimited to get myself a new finch feeder. I've had this style for about 3 years now (below). It has a yellow cap on the bottom & the perches are different colors. I love it. Got my folks one for here & in AZ & last year they bought one for a friend out there that liked theirs from the year before. When I was putting up my lights I realized mine had had it. lights are out already! Ugh! Have to go see why tomorrow morning. I was ready to head to bed about 11 but I put some laundry in & did a few things around here. Going to sleep in just a bit. Man...odd for me. I took my little niece to Michaels also to see if they had the marble cross they broke on me not wrapping it before they placed it in my bag. They are small ones you can make things with. I'm making some keychains. She wanted something to do so I got her a paint by number set. Do you remember those? :-) It was only $3.99 & the butterflies kites I got we couldn't do today, though we saw one flying in the subdivision...just too coold for me today. She did a bit of the painting & left it to dry for next time. She was sooooo excited.

I took her home this evening & then stopped at our new Super Walmart for some "fishies" for my boys...they were completely out & I would have been in big trouble. My tummy has been bothering me a bit though? Something at Bob Evans I guess? Well, I'm going to go lay down. I'm sure I'll be out not long after that. See...1am already! HA!

Here's Your Sign!

This is just pathetic! Did you see they made a mint that will get rid of alcohol breath?

I just can't believe people would waste their time on this instead of solving major life problems! Actually, they are making it worse! I'm telling you if I were to get hit by a drunk driver and I found out they used this, I'm not only suing the person but the manufacturer. I can just see a lawsuit any day now as it is! To me it would be like making condoms with holes in them! To put people's lives in do these people sleep at night? Probably came up with some pill for themselves too.

I have no problem using it for other nasty breath but...I know it is not like the only thing to assess, but I can just see people using this so they can go to lunch & have a few or my students coming into class when they have been drinking! No, I'm sure there are also some faculty, considering all people do stupid things like this. And heck kissing someone who smokes would be better...though I don't think I would date someone who smokes even with that. I don't know...what do you think?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Picked the Wrong One

Hi Everyone!

Well was I wrong! (shakes head!)

If you recall I thought at the beginning of the High School Reunion show that Justin was very attractive & looked sweet etc. Of course each show they focus on someone else & some you don't know much about so I try not to be too hard on myself because at the time he seemed that way. Unfortunately, he is a dog now! HA! I think they should have have another show or two because the ending seemed too rushed to a wrap up & there needed to be more explanation on things!
Justin going on overnights & not feeling like DeAnna did is just totally a dog to me! He does not have a great spirit. To lead her on like that is just very mean. I think he just enjoyed the fact that he got all the attention for being more attractive now & that DeAnna did like him. I wonder if he had a bit of I'll show her & hurt her like she mad me feel back then. So sad IF that is the case! I mean they were young then & sometimes one has noooo clue someone likes them. Granted she has been divorced quite a few times & they don't show us everything & they never explained his situation but he is divorced also. Hard to tell with any of them really but...just seems like with him not explaining why he didn't havae a reason. He should explain why or just say I need time to get to know you or something? Who knows...maybe she wasn't great in the sack or something? Maybe that is all he wanted? God only knows. They really didn't show him opening up like Matt did.

I did really feel Matt was just soooo much more of a wonderful man! I think I'd pick him out of the whole bunch. Rob didn't do it at all. I like being wild & fun but he just didn't seem like there was a seriousness to him (maybe they didn't show it) he would just say "That's Cool" ugh! Matt knows what it is about...seems more solid. Fun and sweet yet still totally a guy. Very protective and caring. I think he would be quite attentive & giving.

Mike & his best friend Steve irritated me so much. They are just such losers. Didn't look like they have changed at all & grown. Just party & fight etc.

The millionaire Sean seemed a bit superficial? But again, they didn't talk alot to him. And Kirstin just drove me nuts. I just wanted to shake the two of them & say where is the real person in there. Man! Just weird. The Bully Jason, he may be less of a bully now but he was still too thuggish for me. Glenn seemed nice but kinda whinny to me. I suppose it is all relative though so...

It would be great to see what happens to all of them in like a year. Of course Yvette not being totally honest with Matt is not right in my book either! And to do that to him is even worse considering he was really taking a chance with the first time since his wife died. Why didn't she just tell everyone she had a boyfriend right away? The girls were talking about their relationships earlier on??? They do kinda seem like a fit? Hard to tell though.

So did you watch? What did you think?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Primetime Tonight: Dr. Randy Pausch

Hi Everyone!

I don't know how many of you viewed Dr. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture last fall when it circulated. If you did not click the link below:

Tonight Primetime (ABC) is having a Special on him. I have the link below to watch a preview of it. 

He is such an inspiration! I don't know how he does it. I'm not sure I would have such courage & calm! Heck, many of us can't be calm just on the road with a slow driver or when they put cans with our eggs! HA!

It also is a reminder....DON'T WAIT! Live with your heart NOW! Get what you want out of life NOW! There really may not be tomorrow...heck even this afternoon! No, I don't mean to be morbid here, just that I have met many people who just don't take the chance! They seem to not care they are unhappy or they just don't think they deserve to be or they don't know how to start! Just take a baby step! Call her! Be a Fool! Take the chance! Have passion in your life! 

Loretta LaRoche always says, "This is it folks, its not a dress rehearsal!" We all need to be reminded of this. We get bogged down with just living life & was it John Lennon who said "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"? I was watching "A Lot Like Love" this weekend (in the background while I worked) and I'm not a big Kutcher fan, but I like his little smile sometimes. It is more on the story how they keep meeting and eventually it works out...TIMING...there are other movies like that too...but his brother is on the beach telling him "This is it! Life goes on by, it doesn't wait for you to get over things" (something like that!) and in "Something's Gotta Give" Diane Keaton's character tells Amanda Peet (she's in both) "What are you waiting for?" Then in "The Family Stone" Diane Keaton tells Dermot Mulroney "I'd hate to see you miss out on something because you have this picture in your can't fix it!" Does there seem to be a pattern here...not only messages but people! Ha!

P.S. I love the scene in The Family Stone where th guys are chasing each other...Craig T. Nelson says "Come on...someone is going to get hurt" that my father! HA! I love the idea too that life can be confusing & just have twists & turns but it eventually all works out. Hmmm...

Ok, I got my Recorder set....set yours for tonight! I'll be back to post on it after I watch it I'm sure!