Thursday, January 31, 2008

Problem With CFL Bulbs

I just finished watching this on the NBC news...Mercury & Lead in the CFL bulbs! If you drop you need to clean up in a specific way & recycling is an issue!
They called 18 cities I believe in IL & 8 said the wrong way to clean up, 8 didn't know & 2 only had the correct answer!
Do NOT vacuum!!! It just spreads it around they say!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We'll Miss You Randy!

For those of you who are not aware, the Chicagoland area lost a wonderful News Anchor last Thurs - Randy Salerno, and in a very sad & tragic way. Last Thurs he & his friend were on a snow mobile & it crashed. Now they are saying his friend was nearly 3 times the legal limit and are going to charge him with his death. I am not at all excusing his friends behavior, but I can't imagine how he feels now. And of course they are not saying if Randy had anything in him...can be a bit of poor decision making there too but what I'm trying to get it just isn't worth it. Afterwards you can't change it! Maybe this will sad consequence will make people think about doing this snowmobiling or boating etc.

Randy is being remembered by family, friends & colleagues as a man who was funny, generous and a wonderful family man. It was wonderful listening to the speakers today, his wife, sister, boss & best friend. I did enjoy listening to him over the years on tv but hearing more of his humor & how incredible a family man he was I just feel so much sadder that we have lost him and in such a sad way. He apparently made sure he worked hours so he would be home everyday when his children got home from school. He was even upset when they went to friends after school because then he would only see them for a little bit before he had to go to sleep. He did coach etc even if it meant he would get less sleep. That is quite a man to me! Just what every woman would want in a husband & father...even if you couldn't all the time, just the desire even & trying to do everything you could to make it possible is just wonderful. And humor...I love men, that can make me laugh. It is just sad to lose someone in this world like this when there are so many people who are just the opposite...we can't afford to lose any good ones.  

If you would like to listen to some of his service today click here.

Your Laugh for Today

OMG...I am crying from laughing so much! Need a good laugh, check out Mary Louise's post! And you know...laughing is good exercise! HA! In fact, if you don't laugh enough, your stomach muscles will hurt & that should tell you something. Ok, so today's goal is laughing. Got something that will make us it in the comments & we share the laughter! :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Blizzard Has Arrived!

OH baby! It was 53 degrees this afternoon! It is now 8 degrees!!!! Old Man Winter is Screaming at us now!

Dusty & I just looked outside the window...OMG...the snow is twirling in circles & it is so hard to see across the street! I know one bro & my sis are home but I still have not heard from the other??? Ugh! I'm not sure if it is the storm or what but I have been feeling kinda queezy today. My back was not as bad this morning, I wore the shoe I have been wearing the last few weeks rather than my new gym shoes. Tylenol seems to help 90% so...just took some more. Maybe it is just overall uneasiness left over from my accident with the storm today? My niece was sick one day last week, I hope I didn't get something from her on top of my cold that seems to be leaving. We thought it was just something she ate because she was fine after it came out. HA! That sweet thing, she got sick all over the bathroom & her sheets & she cleaned up the sheets putting them in the washer & didn't wake up her mom. Her mom did see the wall in the bathroom in the morning...she is 10 yrs so didn't do a perfect job & her mom said why didn't you wake me up & she says, "You needed your sleep mommy!" Isn't that just the sweetest!

I'm so thankful I'm nice & toasty & inside & do not have to be outside. Again, think of all those who really do have to & pray they will stay safe! We'll see what they do about classes tomorrow. The warning is now until 10 am. My classes do not start until noon so? I did get my garage door replaced this morning! FINALLY! My landlord ugh...and at least I know it is not just me that thinks he is lacking in many areas. The garage door guy said he really does not like dealing with him since it took him 9 mo to pay a $80 bill. The fact that my landlord lives in another state & not one adjacent to me should say something! The guys next door cut the grass because the left over dandelions get knee high & still nothing is done! When I first got here like 8 yrs ago they had services cutting & spraying the this place doesn't even get the hallway floors washed...we do it. The only good thing is my rent is fairly low considering new places that are equivalent. I have my own washer & dryer & a 2 car garage!

Well my other bro called but he is not home yet. Ugh! What a goof! What an example for me! Ha! He should have learned from my roll over! Oh but you know he is a guy so he can handle it...right! HA! He is "going slow" I wasn't! Ugh! The only ones that are loving this weather & good at it would be the Polar Bears! HA! Ok, maybe penguins etc but...and pretty soon they will be at our doors! HA! They will take a "vacation" Ha! Ok...he is home! I can go to sleep now! HA! I'm so glad my car is in the garage right now! :-) I did miss PT today because of the weather & I missed last week which is not good. I'm really needing my back to be worked on now. Sigh...we'll just take it day by day & try to make it to next week. Stay Safe Everyone!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Ok....I couldn't find a piece with just the you'll have to fast forward this to 1.24 min for the reminder but SIGH...that kiss! HA! I know it is late at night not good to watch things like this now but...and Sam Shepard...he could warm me up! HA! And he is playing a Vet...ha! Mom just might be right! You know I like this movie on so many levels & I just can't go into it now because I'm just focusing on that kiss! HA! Maybe a later posting! :-)

Old Man Winter is not that Old!

Ok, doesn't look winter wants to "give up" this year! Old Man Winter is dancing up a crazy storm this year! That Ground Hog Saturday is going to say "Right" and just stay inside warm & comfy!

Today was mid 40s & it is suppose to start with 46 tomorrow but then the floor drops out! Low 3 for the evening. We already have Winter Storm Warnings! Afternoon we are suppose to get a change from Rain to Snow. They said the standing water & slushy snow will freeze quickly. We just had a bunch of snow melt today! Then up to 45 mph wind gusts with white out conditions! Oh ya...I want to drive in that! See I'm not that crazy & I wouldn't have even gone out with that type of warning the day of my roll over! So I'm not going to PT again this week! I'm hoping if this is going to be afternoon they just cancel my class at 12:30 because I don't want to even be driving back home in this! One good thing, the garage door guy is coming in the morning to FINALLY replace my door! So I can get my new car in the garage before this storm hits & then after & my baby will not get ice/snow on it & I won't have to walk as much with my cast!

So pray everyone who has to work & is out in this nasty storm stays safe...especially our officers, EMTs etc who will no doubt be very busy tomorrow again! I'll of course post something tomorrow night so you know I'm safe & sound & update you all about it. Maybe it will miss us like last couple of years but so far this year they have been pretty accurate. I wonder what this all means for our summer?

Oh, forgot to tell you...knee MRI says just arthritic changes but everthing else is normal! YA! Now Fri I get the MRI on my ankle so 1 down & 1 to go. My back was bothering me today though? Maybe new gym shoes...higher & now my cast is lower & so maybe from walking differently. May have to wait & wear the shoe I was last week until I get this cast off.

We have 23 mph winds already...GEEZ!

Weird Feeling????

Today they are saying that Heath Ledger may have died of "natural causes" and that his body was warm, meaning he had not died that long prior to someone finding him. I hope I am wrong, but ever since I first heard he died I just had this weird feeling! At first I thought, well if he was only sleeping 2 hours a night you could start hallucinating & certainly get confused on when you last took a pill & how many etc. You are not thinking quite right. Then I hear he is naked in bed...well ok some do sleep naked...and then again Marilyn Monore was found naked in bed also...but wait isn't there still some question on that? I mean couldn't it be someone was in bed with them prior & then something happened? Get them drunk then give them some "candy"...ya! I don't know...probably totally off on this but....

Then there is the massage women & she calls the Olsen chick 3 times before 911?? That just seemed too odd to me. Now they are saying that his body did not have toxic levels of anything...hmmm...something just seems fishy to me. Of course the whole Anna Nicole & her son thing still seem odd to me also & what ever happened to that? Did they ever find out anything? I'm not connecting the two at all but this just doesn't seem right to me. Does anyone else have a feeling like this?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Today I Feel Silly! *~&


Well I'm feeling SiLlY! ;-) Have you read this book? It is a good one! HA!

Yes...I still have my cold, but I do feel much better today. Yesterday was wierd...throughout the day I would feel better, then horrible,then better! Tylenol was my friend & got rid of my teeth sinuses are low by the roots of my upper teeth...always kills me! I am helping the Kleenex stock go up though! HA!
But I'm still having fun, so not that sick I guess! When I can't have fun & do what I want to do then I get frustrated...which leads to me being pissed & then I just cry! HA! Kinda like "I give up". Its just frustration from not knowing how to feel better & I just can't stand wasting any time. Seems to me like it is wasting time. I have difficulty remembering that even being sick & not doing or doing what I want may be perfect and what should be done for some reason. Like maybe being sick in bed is to keep you off the road & avoid an accident? And it is really your body's way of healing & telling you something? Mine is I guess saying get more sleep. I did last night & feel better. I used my new comforter too but I must have thrown it off me at some point because it was on the floor when I woke up. I get hot sometimes during the night...must be my dreams! ;-)

Mine is already there & there is not enough room for the both of us! HA!
Dr. Z. doesn't like when I cry...but that is why I go to him because I need him to help fix my foot. I'm frustrated & don't know what to do by then so I call him. He doesn't get to see me when I'm dancing! Ha! Maybe that is good thing though! HA! Shhh...I'm even dancing a bit with my cast on. Well, it isn't like dying pain like I need sends out a pulsing feeling every so often. Cracking a lot too? The cast is keeping it from moving & the bottom of the cast twirls good on the linoleum floor! HA! Yes, I'm being careful...not too goofy...just a little flirt of it to keep the spirit happy! A swing of the hips a time or two & that is all I need to say I'm still not too bad. My knee is just ehhh...doesn't like this horrible cold! It was -5 this morning! 24 now though! We are suppose to have a heat wave Mon...41...Woo Hoo! Ha!

Well...sock...considering I have my cast on the other one! HA! Which actually does have socks for 2 days in a row now before you have to find another pair of socks..ha! I did find out the name of the officer who was on his way to work and stopped to help me with my accident! :-) I'm going to write both the officers a lovely thank you card...maybe my angel one and get them a Portillos Chocolate Cake. YUM! They never get thanked enough!

Well, I think I'll go lay down & sleep in tomorrow! I may head up to see my niece tomorrow? We'll see how I feel!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot

Well I decided to enter the JLand Photo Shoot via Sometimes I Think. This week is Black & White and these guys were just minding their own business & had no idea they would become celebrities on a blog! They actually think Brittany & the like get way too much press & that we should not forget about the more important things in life!

No cows were harmed during this shoot, all releases were waved and any sexually explicit shots were eliminated. Cows would not confirm whether they were of organic nature or not. I was not bribed with any dairy products to submit this photo. And no...I did not tip those Cows...they chose to rest on their own!
(I told you I was Loopy is my cold & lack of sleep! HA!)

Ok...and I had to include this one also of my mommy & me as a Happy Birthday to her since it is this week! "I Love Ya Mom..." HA!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update: Doc

Just got off the phone with my doc's nurse...she laughed that it is really going around! Said it is VIRAL unfortunately & that it takes about 5 days for the burning feeling to go away! UGH! GREAT! That should be fun teaching! She is going to call back with a decongestant for me to take! That may help!

I just made some scramble eggs & I think I'll lay down for a bit. Maybe an hour. I'm starting to feel like a truck ran over me...maybe a small one right now but...I have class from 12-3:15 & then office hours for an hour to get through today. I am showing a movie for part of them & then some review. Maybe I can handle that. I wish I could just stay in bed in my jammies, have my soup and watch old I Love Lucy reruns or something. When I get home it is back in the jammies & I'm sleeping!

Today's List: Chicken Soup & Tissue!

Ugh! About 7pm last night all of a sudden the back of my hmmm kind roof of my mouth, not really throat yet, has been burning. I'm sure from my nose draining....


I know, I know, no one every wants to be sick but...I feel hot but it says 96.6 only so??? It would have been better the week after this one. I have a class I'm taking this Thurs, my niece is coming back this weekend & not the following...UGH! Why doesn't God every listen to me...ok "Unanswered Prayers" I know...Country woke me up at 5:55am! UGH! I'm going to lay back down again in a few minutes but I'm sure this may be just immune system finally giving up after all the stress over my break. I should have taken my Echinacea earlier!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just the Color Changes...well...

Well, my niece said to get pink but they did not have pink so purple again...

Yep, 2 more weeks. My ankle looked much better as far as swelling but when he asked me to push his hand it hurt quite bad behind my ankle surprised me how much actually. I asked him why it was hurting when I did that exercise against stationary things before he casted me & it didn't hurt like that. I asked if it was just from being weak in the cast for 2 weeks & he didn't think so. He wants to keep it in the cast because some people walk around with tears for months & it slowly tears more & more & then just ruptures and he doesn't want this to happen. Dr. Z. wants me to get an MRI on it but I have to get approval from Work Comp first. I got an MRI of my knee yesterday & dropped them off at the doc today so we'll see on that soon.

I did go get a pedicure today even with the cast and change the color of my toes! :-)  My nails were so long they were digging in my boot for my cast. I just had to get them taken care of. It is also hard for me to take care of my casted toes myself. It did perk me up too so, have to make it a fun to get through it. I think Dr. Z. made the cast thicker this time & it is harder to walk on...have to flatten it a bit...probably trying to get me not to walk if I know him! HA!  It doesn't like to you know it is sick! HA! I did get to sit for a while while I got my pedicure & that helped!  (When is AOL going to have a smiley button for journals...ugh! It seems easy to hard can it be?)

I did find a comforter on 60% of the sale price! It isn't a down one, which is what I set out to is a down alternative but was much fuller. The down ones had spots that had no down...hard to explain was regularly $180 but I got it for $48! Boy...maybe it is just me but an awesome sale is almost as good as.... ;-) HA! It is a medium purple/periwinkle. I can use it for a different color on white sheets, even with my light purple sheets & then I had bought a white duvet from IKEA & I'm hoping I can put over it & it won't show through. Hopefully it will work out? I also got a Willow Tree Ornament with 2007 for $2.25! They are regularly $9! What a day! HA!

Oh forgot to tell ya my day didn't start out great...well I guess it depends on perspective. I actually had a 4 day weekend! I only had one class today & when I left early this morning to come back home from my folks, my car door would not close...then when I got it closed it would not open. UGH! So I had to head to Saturn & they put some stuff in all my lock latches so they would not freeze up the rest of the winter.

I had fun with my little niece this weekend. We went to see The Golden Compass with my brother! It was really good! She had not seen it yet. I am looking forward to the next one. I think I would love to ride a polar bear if that was a possibility! :-) eyes are starting to get tired! More tomorrow...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yes...3 day weekend!

Woo Hoo...3 Day Weekend here I come! I'm leaving in about 30 min to pick up my niece & head up to my folks' place! I'll be up there through Mon! I think we are going to see Alvin & the Chipmunks & I want to see National Treasure also. My niece saw it with my folks & bro but I'm sure she'll go again. 10 1/2 & she has the hots for Nicholas Cage! HA! Just like grandma! She loved the first one & would always watch it on tv.

Mon I get my cast off & see how it is & then MRI on my knee. Then I meet my cousin & her two kids for some dinner & go to the cookie dough place! YUM! Work has our full computer network down for the weekend! Boo Hoo I can't work...well technically not true...I emailed myself some documents to work on & then I'll email them back. I'll just do it late at night when my niece is asleep or if she goes & plays with her friends at some point.

Ok, well everyone have a great weekend! Keep warm! Remember everday we are closer to spring! :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...


Well, seems a few people were worried because I haven't posted in a while. So busy! You know we had an extra week off this year & I still could have used another week off. I think just because of the accident. That delayed so much and just took a lot of energy out of me I think. You want proof I've been busy...I've had my new SUV now for 13 days & I now have over 1200 miles on it! It had 30 when I picked it up! Nope I'm not kidding! Ugh!!! It is from going up north to my folks & back so much I think. All my family is up north so? I'm really loving the 70s channel on the XM! HA! I know I'm pathetic but I'm like Ahhh I remember that song & sometimes where I was & what I was doing etc. I'm is official! HA!

My folks went back to AZ & I miss them already! They want to treat me to going their for spring break. We'll see. I want to see what happens when I get this cast off my foot next Mon. I went shopping Sat & both my feet were killing me. I went to see Fred Claus also...pretty cute. I didn't get to enjoy the week before Christmas so I thought I would try to still take them in at the supersaver for just $2! :-) I also get my MRI on my knee on Mon so that will make a difference also. I went to PT in Chicago yesterday & I wasn't too bad. I was a bit tighter on stretches but she still pushed my legs way beyond 90 degrees. She could never believe I could before with my lower back problems so she says they are good. She killed my upper back by my shoulderblades with her elbows. Probably needed it though.

Sun was my cousin's son's Christening...happened to be the day Jesus was Baptized also! :-) It was a lovely day. I got to see many relatives again. My great aunt was going nuts over football scores the whole time...she is a hoot! I got the baby this cute NBA kinda jumpsuit rain thing. It is a thin spring or fall thing. Got it for 6-9 mo though & then a long sleeve polo with orange & blue stripes...daddy's college colors (UofI) :-) A few other items too. I got his sister a baby boy doll also so she could have her own. Man, I remember when my baby brother was born...I would have been 6 yrs old...he was my real live doll...diapered him, fed him etc. To think now I still don't have kids...ugh but man I do love them. His sis is going to be 3 yrs old next month & is singing full songs! Her mom did that baby sign language & man can you see the difference. I'm sooo sad they are moving! I'm meeting my cousin on Monday to spend some time with them since I have off for MLK. We'll probably hit the Cookie Dough place...she loves it! I can never eat even half of the little cup! HA! But I take it home & have a bit each day until it is done ha! My little niece will be coming, not sure if I'll have her through Mon? Oh & I got my cousin's daughter these 12 (I think) bells that all ring a different tone...from Hobby Lobby. They are numbered & have songs to play. Like Bell Ringers...which I love!

I am doing much better lately except when it snows. I'm just questioning my judgment since obviously last time I was not good. And we have snow headed our way from 9am-4pm! UGH! I have a night class tomorrow so...we'll see. I have to go pick up my knee x-rays and I also have to go to court for 9am to just show I do have an insurance card. Just with flipping couldn't find anything. Everything was all over & out of my purse! Luckily, I found my cell phone & charger before I left. There was so much glass I didn't want to go digging. Nope, I had not got it in my glove box yet...still in my side pocket of my purse.

Classes started Monday & so far ok. I have so many more students this term? In a way I don't mind but in another way it is nicer to have smaller classes & know your students more. We'll see how things go. All I know is we are closer to summer! :-) Oh, we do have some major flooding down was up to the foundation of the houses up along the river. It is down a bit now. Should keep getting better. One town south though was just flooded so bad they canceled classes for last week & I think this week.

Ok, well I'm doing "pretty good" and just taking it day by day! I'll try to keep you posted!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Here We Go Again! Ugh!

Well, I went to see Dr. Z. on Friday. I went prepared with my boot & crutches in the car just in case. I had a feeling my left foot, the one I had surgery on 3 1/2 yrs ago, was seriously in trouble. It was like a rock across my foot just before my heel & it was burning so bad for the 2 days before. I iced it 3 times a day & that is pretty bad if you get me to sit down & ice it.

Well, he came in & ultrasounded it & said it was a bit down but since I was icing it that probably was bringing it down. He said anything over 3 mm it would hurt & mine was 4.3 the Friday before so he was surprised it wasn't hurting me. Well, I got to almost the end of the following week? With the soft cast off my right foot he poked & prodded & managed to find spots it was still bothering me. He asked me if the soft cast made a difference in how it felt & it really didn't. He said then I had no choice it was going to be casted. I think he wanted to before but was trying the other to see first. He then said he thought some cortisone in my left might just help and smiled. I was not to keen on the idea of course. He said well if you give it one more week of rest you could be back next week doing it so...he then whips out the autoshot for numbing up my foot real fast. I told him he was a bit to eager to zap me with that thing & he laughed. What a masochist! I think all the men in my life have paid him to torture me! HA! I thought about my extra week off & maybe by the 14th when students come it would be better with this. If I went the week & then it was still bad I would then have to start classes with it still hurting. I really have learned to listen to him...he doesn't steer me wrong & I trust him completely.

I said, well, I thought you just might cast both my feet so...but then I thought no way. He said, I have in the past & I thought about it. I couldn't believe it. Again, I think he is trying the cortisone to try to prevent it. At least this time it really did numb my foot. I didn't look, not that it bothers me but if you don't see it sometimes you can't see & it doesn't hurt so much. It burned just a bit at the end. Then we were off to the cast room. This time he didn't make me get on my tummy which is great...I hate not seeing what is going on & God knows I don't want him seeing my big butt! HA! Might just get extra from those men to jab me in the tushy!

Well, all I could think of is my back is really not going to like walking weird! I put a call out to my PT to see about that? I don't know about walking downtown & at night? I'm not sure too if I can do the exercises? I'm going to try at home. I have the cast on for 2 weeks & then we check. Then I do I drive? Ugh! And in a brand new car! Well, I have turned into the car in front of my dad who he yells at all the time! HA! I go slower & leave tons of room & do not care if people get mad or pass me. I actually saw the minimum was 45 on a 65 & thought ok...I can't not even believe I thought of doing that! HA! So far I'm ok. I mean I live by myself & have to drive to work starting Wed so? I didn't tell my folks, just showed up to my brother's 40th birthday party Sat & then explained. Many of my relatives were hugging me & telling me how concerned they were about my accident...wish the boyfriend...or shall I say "EX-Boyfriend" was there to see it. Ya...there were just things that I was not too happy about before and they were getting worse. I think I knew for some time but all this just made it really much more clearer. We had fun at the party but my left foot started to burn again. Dr. Z. had said 2-3 days for the cortisone to start working but probably sooner. Today I went for some groceries & it was still a problem. I walked slowly but man I wanted to just get home & put it on ice. Hopefully tomorrow it will be much better.

My cousin came with her new baby boy! The one that was born the night of my accident! He is so adorable. He was born 6lbs 4 oz & they lose a bit right after so he was soooo tiny. It was so odd to hold a new baby again. I was just so glad to hold him and meet him. I whispered a bit in his ear while he slept when I was left alone with him. :-) Then my cousin told many of us that her husband got a promotion & they are moving to CA in March! UGH!!!! I'm happy for her but not for me! Probably 3 yrs & then they may get to come closer, perhaps St. Louis. Her brother will live about 5 hours away from her. Her brother is getting married in June out there & her sister is getting married in Oct. I thought her sister might head out there but she says she won't? I remember my cousin being born & now she has 2 children! We exchanged some belated Christmas presents & then her daughter who will be 3 yrs in Feb was singing with my nieces Karaoke Machine. The girl was singing full songs from Beauty & Beast etc! I was like WOW! She did the baby sign language before she could talk & she just is off the charts!  

Tomorrow I go to see the knee doctor...he is just going to shake his head when he sees me walking in with a cast, cortisone, my back etc! HA! I'll let you know how that goes. Then I have to go to a new dentist. My dad retired from dentistry & it has be soo hard to find a new one. He supposedly uses the Waterlase drill...I thought go for the no pain! HA! I'll let you know how that goes too.

Well, just have to take it Day by Day...remember that song? It is from was on my XM radio in my car the other day. I'm loving the XM they are going to get me hooked! I have to add it this to my journal so you can listen. Not meaning to push the God thing for those of you who may not like it but I'll change it after a while! Just inspiring to me!

Well, I'll let you know how things go! 2008 better be just healing me up at the beginning for a fun rest of the year! :-)

This is the Christmas Card I gave Dr. Z (haven't gotten the rest of them out) with a Portillos Chocolate Cake for him & his staff...didn't help...still in a cast! HA!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!

I meant to wish you all a Happy New Year also! :-)

I hope you all had a lovely time with Family &/or Friends! I was at my folks...and once again I forgot the NY would be 11pm our time! Ugh! I love watching the ball drop & I keep missing it that last couple of years. I would love to be in the Big Apple once in my life for that fun!

I wish you all a Healthy, Happy 2008 full of lots of LOVE! ;-)

And remember....361 shopping days until Christmas! HA!

My New Baby!

Hi Everyone!

Well, here is my new baby! I picked up today! :-) It is the 2008 Saturn Vue. I had gone & looked at the Jeep Patriot & the Ford Escape with my dad last week Sat & then Monday we went to look at the new Vues. I just liked it soooo much better. It wasn't so "truckish". I may not be the frilliest feminine woman but driving a truck everyday is not really me at all. My dad came with me, I do value his opinion for so many reasons. My youngest brother had known the owners of the Ford place and they were going to be "kind to me" but I really didn't like the Escape as was much better than the Jeep Patriot in my opinion. The Patriot to me was just so much dash & hood in the front I couldn't look over it all etc. Ended up the guy who helped us with the Vue knew my brother also. He had worked with him for a number of years...luckily I don't think he had a problem with my brother...ha!

I told them I didn't really want the top rails & floor mats since they were so expensive & I don't really need them & they included them FREE! :-) It comes with OnStar for 1 yr. Luckily, I really didn't need it when I was in my accident since the guys stopped to help me. I still have to find them & thank them...especially the officers. I think Mon I'll make sure to do that. I also get hands free phone 30 min for next 2 mo or I can call & for $14.99 I can get 100 more minutes. I'll probably do that. It has a separate phone number. If I had Verizon I could use the minutes on my phone also. I get XM radio for 3 mo free & then $12.95 a month. I listened to the Oprah channel on the way home today & boy...I could get addicted to that. I listened to a whole financial show first on investing etc. Cool! Then Dr. Oz was on with a psychiatrist talking about Political Psychology from a neuropsychological perspective! Loved that! Hmmm? I'll probably be posting about my baby as I drive it more. Not the way I wanted to get a new one but it is really nice. I only had 1 more year on my payments & now 6 yrs again but I guess that is just the way of life right. I did get a bit over 4K for my totalled baby after GMAC was payed off so that helped. This time I also got the extended warantee. My dad is not a fan of that but just know what I payed foron my old one after the 36K miles & I thought it is like they said "peace of mind" that I won't have to pay if things arise this time & really 2 pretty decent things wrong & it pays for itself.

My dad & I agreed on the color! :-) I liked the deep blue & I know my maternal grandma is probably smiling at me...probably had some influence on this. I saw the Outlook & if I had a family I probably would have like that but much bigger & much more on the pocketbook. In fact, my monthly payments will be about $35 less than what I as paying! YA! I liked the Cocoa & this Garnet color they had in the Outlook but they didn't have them on the Vue. I just got the basic grey material seats. What else...? They have a lumbar adjuster for the driver....YA! I can use my back hugger inside now. It was GREAT! No armrest for the right arm now! The 2003 Vue the armrest was a different level than the door armrest...drove me crazy. More spots for storing things! 36 presets on the radio for FM, AM or the XM all together! :-) I was setting those today. They don't have a Scan button though? That is odd to me. The steering is fluids...and it is really has a lot more loseness to it than my old one...hard to get use to & odd feeling driving in the snow...not sure I like that. The steering wheel also does not come down as much as I would like. Not sure on the chair adjustment. I got it up higher which was nice, but so far either it feels like it is not forward enough or too much. I'll see. It not only has the traction control but stability control. I was reading about that on the web before I went looking & thought that would have been great to have had a few weeks ago! HA! I did have traction & that is funny, I don't remember that light coming on when I had my accident??? The Vues have 5 stars on safety. Maybe that is why I didn't get hurt really with my accident.

OH..OMG...forgot to mention, after we left the Saturn dealership the first day, I'm following my dad & this Jeep is turning cross traffic in front of my dad & spins & goes up in the grass. Then yesterday my dad & I were driving on the highway & this Huge truck comes down the ramp & wants to go right into the left lane about 2-3 car lengths ahead of us...spins also & goes down into the grass median & then comes out...I'm like I didn't need to see that & seeing it I'm reacting not so great. I was also SOOOOO happy that when my dad was driving us all to church New Years Day evening he realized when we got just outside his subdivision that the roads were so much more worse than during the day & decided it was not safe to go to church & instead came home. It was sooo bad! So much worse than the day I got into my accident. You don't know how glad I was. My mom & I were about to say something. but you know it is so much better for guys to just realize it themselves than you telling them! HA! I'm still not great driving and I think driving in my Vue today was really hard for the trip home in the snow. I'm sure everyday will be better & as the weather gets better that will help. It will be 50 degrees this weekend so it will all melt, just have to watch in the evenings so it doesn't freeze.

I have to drive up north tomorrow to see my foot doctor so I keep getting opportunities to feel better. Speaking of left foot, the one I had surgery on 3 yrs ago, is not doing good the last couple of days. I have the soft cast on my right is in the soft cast from my fall the Wed before Thanksgiving again. The tendon that holds the ligaments againts the ankle bone is irritated. Well, he also ultrasounded my left foot last Fri & said the plantars was 1.3mm too thick/swollen. Well, the last two days it feels like a rock in there & it burns so bad! I iced it three times yesterday. It is a bit better today but I'm not sure what he is going to say tomorrow. I was also suppose to see the knee doctor tomorrow. They confirmed my apt & then like an hour later called to cancel that he has to be in surgery so now I go to him on Monday. My knee is bothering me also...ugh! That is my left knee. I'll let you know.(Update...I'm not in my jammies & my foot is on a iced waterbottle...burning again! Ugh!

The boyfriend & I are on the outs! Would have been 7 months Sunday. I have no clue what is going on with him, but he is just not acting like he use to. He won't talk & I can't make him so...just know what is acceptable to me etc. I expressed my feelings in Oct after his step-dad died & then waited to see. I then did last week & then he made me think things were ok & he was going to work on somethings but...We'll see....I'm not really upset because I know what I want, but just sad & I just am really concerned about him actually. I do care about him a great deal...either something isgoing on that he is not telling me about in his life or I don't know. He said he would say if he was mad or upset with me "I'll know..." and he never said anything...I was the one unhappy & said something with hopes we could work it out...but...we'll see or I'll be back on the market! HA! Not that I'm worth much...newer models etc. HA!

So the New Year is bringing some interesting changes. My sister's birthday was yesterday & next week is my older of my two brothers. We are having a big party for him Sat. He will be 40! It will be fun to see family & I will hopefully see my cousin's new baby boy who was born the evening of my accident! :-) It will be soooo great to hold a new baby again. car baby smell! HA! Well, expect the poopie smell! Ha! But don't new baby's just smell so great! Ha! I can still remember what my baby brother smelled like & those jammies that have the covers over the hands & pull strings on the bottom. I loved that. Poor guy will be 37 in Feb & I still remember him like that! HA! And the adorable 5 yr old! HA! 

Gone With the Wind is on TCM now...with the original Intermission. Well, I think I'll lay down & fall asleep to it. Have to get up & call the doc to see if I can go earlier and I have 13 items on my To Do List for tomorrow! Ugh! Ha! I'm so glad I have an extra week off! :-) Just took some ES Tylenol!