Sunday, July 3, 2005

Mothers & Dating

Mothers...can't hate them, can't killed them (figuratively!!!)...wait is that the saying for significant others? Fathers? Children? Teachers? Grandparents? Pets? Ha!

Anyway, Tom Milnes has some VERY INTERESTING stories from guys meeting their girlfriend's mom's for the first time in his article "Aweful Encounters: When I First Met Her Mom." Maybe you can beat those stories I don't know? I can't say my mom has been anywhere near those stories but then I guess I would have to ask my siblings too. Now my uncle Ken...ha...I journaled about him before... :-) And you know I think my siblings would be worse than my parents. I mean my folks would certainly keep an ear open for something bad & let me know but my sibilngs are protective of me from a "Today's World" orientation and dating themselves.

The worst for me was when I was in my Sr. year of H.S. My mom was down by my neighbor. The neighbor stated to her nephew, "This is the mom of the girl you like." He was ummm 5 yrs older than me and saw me going to the bus everyday...why does that sound sooo bad now that I'm older but then, I thought it was perfectly ok. Well, 5 yrs now is still not bad but if it was my niece...hmmm. Anyway, my mom said, "Oh Really?!" I inherited that phrase from her! :-) Just ask my friends! My other one is "Excuse me?!" Ha! So she makes him stand up. Now if you know my mom, this would not surprise you at all, but she had him slowly turn around so she could check him out 360 degrees! Ha! He would not tell me until we had gone out for a month. He was so embarrassed. Ha! Well, he still asked me out after that so...

Funny thing is I think she would still do it today in her 60s! Ha! But then when I think about it..that is what makes her such a hoot! I'm just laughing thinking about it! Ha! I have to call her...Ok, I just got off the phone with her & she is laughing & says well so much for looks...he was a...ummm... jerk! :-) Then she tells me she is watching "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere & that "his pinky" is sexy! HA! And that should explain my mother! HA! I am hoping I have those genes so when I'm in my 60s I'm still having fun!

Well check out these stories in the article & post any INTERESTING stories you may have!

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