Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot: Wildlife

Ok John, here are some of my wildlife photos!

The first one definitley enlarge! Can you see her in the woods? I saw her on one of my trails I walk on. Well, this was prior to my foot injury.

The second one is a group of "bullies" where I do Tai Chi! Well, only one of them is - the one standing with his head up. He has been known to chase people and bite. It has been so bad others have to intervene! Whenever we hear some screaming, we figure he is after someone again.

The third is a group of hourses which is along my way to my folks place. I plan on going back & trying to snap a few with their heads above the fence! It just looks so pretty with the beautiful blue sky etc. This weekend I saw a car stopped & a little girl was out petting them. :-)

#4 & 5 is kinda odd being at a cemetery, but I had gone to place some flags out for the 4th & bring a flower for my grandmother's birthday & there were 30 deer in the area! I had never seen that many before & that close! Do you think they knew I carry birdseed in my SUV? Ha! Now it was interesting because #5 I didn't realize but I cut off another pointed deer on the right. There is one on the other side of the monument, did you see that one? I was later walking & all of a sudden something flashed in my peripheral. Apparently, I didn't see a tiny baby and it finally got scared & ran off. I was apologizing like crazy & then it dawned on me..."Ok, where is mom...much less dad"! I started to look & there was apparently dad across the street staring me down! I sweetly apologized & then started to walk the opposite way. Thankfully he didn't come after me. My camera batteries were dying so I plan to head back there & get some more. The were so beautiful I didn't want to leave. Literally on the other side of my car when I took some of the pictures.

#6 is 3 doves in one of my feeders! I think a 4th dove was nearby. It is a steady flow, usually have to refill my 5 feeders each night. I love birds! :-)

More later!


swibirun said...

Do you think that the deer thought if they hung out in the cemetary, no one would shoot at them? (ha ha)  Especially with the buck using the tombstone to "cover his backside".  


cathyterv said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!


gabreaelinfo said...

Well, what an unusual shot of deer.

Take Care,


lurkynat said...

athose are sweet! I like the narrative too; how wonderful that you bring flowers to your grandmother's grave!nat