Saturday, July 2, 2005

What is that Fish Eating???

Wow! Now this is some fish story! A 646lb Catfish! No, I did not type that wrong! Two guys caught it in the Mekong River in Northern Thailand. How can two guys reel this in? I want to know what kind of heavy duty boat etc they had! Did they know it was out there? There is actually line etc that worked? That is some commercial for that product then. What kind of lure got this fish! If I didn't see the picture I would not believe it! What does this thing eat? Can you could eat one of us! Was it a a catfish! Ha! Right!

They fed the they don't even get to mount this thing...then again I'm not sure you could hang this sucker on the wall...put it on display somewhere though...or heck sell it to a aquarium & keep it alive! Can you imagine the one that got away! Ha!

The article said this catfish was endangered...well why didn't they put it back...can you imagine the number of offspring this thing could have had? And how old would it have been to get this big? Such a shame...they should have let it live! If it was a female, I wonder if it has larger babies or the same size? If same size then heck labor & delivery would be nothing! Ha! But wait...who is it going to have ummmm you know with! Can you imagine...ok, I'll just stop there! Poor thing...probably unloved! ;-)

Can you imagine all the times it got away & it thinking I can handle this one...Ha! All the other fish are now living without fear of him/her! Ha! Now who moved up in the pecking order? Heck maybe that is why all the catfish were endangered...this thing was eating so much on a daily basis!

How do you go back fishing after this...everything from now on is not going to ever give you the same feeling and the likelihood of catching something bigger? I bet their friends are going to hate listening to this story for the rest of their lives...Ha!

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