Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Those Guys are NO Barbie...Or Ken for that Matter!

Ok, I'm in Walmart yesterday & I was suppose to go in for just 2 things - Cat food & Milk! Right! I think it is literally impossible! Once you set yourself up by saying "I'm only going in for 2 items" it is like a challenge to your Id! Needless to say....well, I didn't do that bad, but I was having way too much fun! :-) You know like the kids are saying...you are an adult...you are playing with toys??? HA! Little do they know!

You know, I told you I've gone mad with this new digital camera, since my purse has a lovely pocket for it! I swear, they probably thought I was some undercover person trying to get ideas or check prices or something! Yep, I took this picture! :-) I could not believe it when I saw these Blue Collar Dolls! These are the small ones...they have big ones! When you squeeze them they say some of their popular phrases & jokes! Ok, I know I talked about rushing the seasons in my last entry but, I'm putting these on my Christmas list! Ha! Well, that is if I get anything this year. You see "Grandma" (my mother!) says I already have 30 checks from this weekend! It was nothing, I'm telling ya! She sets herself up for them! I did tell her, I think it is totally unfair that we can't give our parents check marks...so from now on this Santa is going to be watching too! Actually, I'll probably get them before Christmas! I can't wait until Christmas! See, it takes very little to make me happy! Ha!

I'm telling you, looking at their faces, some are not too bad but some...hmmm! I think they also "helped" some of them! Ha! Kinda like a Barbie Effect I guess! Ha! Can you imagine how their family & friends are having fun with them! Ha!

I was just on the Blue Collar Website & they have some funny ringtones for your phone! I haven't seen their new show on the WB...have any of you? What do you think of it?
I like Ron White's version of "If Life Gives you Lemons..." He says, "Make Lemonade then, try to find someone whose life gives them Vodka!" Ha!

Hey, now that I think about it...good stocking stuffers...lets see my brother...oops...don't tell him!

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