Friday, July 15, 2005

Help! I'm addicted!

Help me! I can't stop myself! I'm addicted to "Walker, Texas Ranger!" Maybe it is the strength and confidence? Then again, maybe it is the cowboy hat & boots! ;-) I really would like to take some self-defense classes. I love my Tai Chi. Unfortunately, I don't think I can even consider it until this foot & back of mine get more cooperative.

I do have a Total Gym for like 10 years now & Chuck Norris promotes that so! Ha! And I love it! Well, that is when I was using it before these injuries! Not trying to sell it here, but I was up to 420 squats 4-5 days a week! I did other stuff too, but that was probably my fun. So much energy!

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lurkynat said...

Oh Wowie! you werer really superfit! Good luck with getting your workouts going again!