Sunday, July 31, 2005

March of the Penguins

I want to see "March of the Penguins" with Morgan Freeman narrating! You can view a trailer of it here.  If you would like to enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to the Antartica click here! You have to travel on November 14th & it is 15 days! Of course I entered! My foot will be TOTALLY better by then right! 15 days...hmmm is within my discipline maybe they will see it as a educational experience! I mean really I can take video, present on it etc!!! :-) Like I'm going to win! Ha! Ok, ok I'll stay thinking positive!

Did I say I like Penguins? I do! They are kinda odd but I still like them...they are so quick too! When I was in Sea World in April (See my Entry!), I was watching the penguins (pictures were too dark!) and they were so funny. They jumped out of the water so fast, like on the trailer, but they would slide & it was like they were a bowling ball knocking down all the other penguins in their path. I was just laughing hysterically.

I just realized this sweepstakes if for 2 people...who am I going to get to go with me. I think my family members would pass on it! I don't think my nieces parents would let them go? Friends? I can just hear their response. Ok, who wants to go? Ha! Oh man...I just saw the pictures changing on the site...HUMPBACKS! AWESOME! That would be soooo cool! I'm not sure if one is in raft like they show. Boy that cold will be just great for my arthritis in my ankles huh! Ha! Dr. Z. will just love this when I tell him! I like to drive him crazy! Ha! I'll have to wear spikes in the snow so I don't slip & damage something else! Ha!

Hey...1st Prize is a Family 4 Pass to Sea World...I would be happy with that too...well except I don't live near one...they should give you airfare with that! Ha!

Well, hope you enjoy the movie & Good Luck with the Sweepstakes! Come back & let us now how the movie is if you see it!

Dare To Dream - Cheryl Richardson

I am just frustrated with the foot,
 which is currently burning, & family etc. I know I'm the only one that has family which drives them crazy at times! :-)

I wanted to share a resource where I find many good ideas and thoughts of inspiration. It is Cheryl Richardson's website. She is the author of the Life Makeover book and project on the Oxygen channel. Actually, maybe my life needs one! Ha! I think I just would like to order a new foot. Ok, maybe a few new tendons & ligaments in the calf....wouldn't it be great to be able to just grow a new foot (or other body part) like some animals do? Where is that voting for cloning! Ha! I want to clone my own new foot! :-) Just have a few spares for when I go hiking & biking etc.

I subscribe to Cheryl Richardson's newsletter & today's was on Daring to Dream. She has some great points about how parents influence whether you dream or not. I would include teachers and aunties! :-)  She explains how some of our parents were taught that dreaming was a waste of time, you get married, have kids, find a job etc. You didn't search for something/someone which made you happy. (I've had people tell me they got married because they thought it was "they thought it was time". UGH!!!) So then when we grew up we did not get messages from them which is helpful for today's society. I remember my mom telling me relatives used the phrase, "You made your bed, now lie in it." Now, I won't say today's society is not a bit the opposite. Some don't realize relationships, careers etc take a great deal of hard work. It is getting through the tough times which makes a relationship strong & love even deeper. People are all too eager to just give up when the "going gets tough", but the opposite is not great either! Many times, this idea leads to people staying in an abusive relationship or job & then more drastic consequences occur. It is just as bad as when they didn't think women should "enjoy" ummmm "being with your mate", how is that...get the idea! :-) It was your "duty!" I love the old movies on this!

Well check out Cheryl's site! You'll find many other topics in her newsletter archive like:

* Stressbusters
* The Gift of Making Mistakes
* Rest & Relaxation
* Two Minute Rule on Ranting
* Persistence
* Overcoming Obstacles
* How to Diminish Anxiety
* Pet Power

You'll also find many articles & media clips here.

Actually, I think I'm going to reread a few! :-) I hope you will find something on her site that is helpful to you and will subscribe to her newsletter. Let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

That's A House?

Take a look at this house...if you can call it that! Wow! It is the
Biltmore originally owned by George Vanderbilt & his family in 1895. American's largest house is in Asheville, NC & has '250 rooms, 34 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, an indoor pool, bowling alley, priceless art and antiques.' It took 6 years to make & was origionally on 125,000 acres. Much has been donated to forestry now. The house itself covers 4 acres (175,000 square feet or about 88 avg homes!) In 1894 it too 438 employees to run the place. Today it takes 1,500! It has 23,000 books!

I'm not sure I'd call this a "house." You could get lost in there, although depending on the situation that might be good! Ha! I mean do you dare play 'Hide & Seek'? That is just mean for a parent to do! Ha!

Check out the Interactive Timeline on the site for more historical information! Also check out the films which used the Biltmore, including "Forest Gump", "Patch Adams", "The Clearing", "Hannibal" and "Richie Rich".

They said the construction workers made the following:

50 cts/day by local laborers
$4/day stonecutters
$2.25-$2.75/day for cabinetmakers
$2.25/day for carpenters

Now this is starting in 1899, so I wonder what kind of money that would be today? I wonder if that would have been good money or not?

Sounds like a trip to take! :-)

Friday, July 29, 2005

Comments on Psychics

Since I am a psychology professor I thought I would add some information for the comments made on Point/Counterpoint about psychics in the first & second entries on Faith/Spirituality/God/Religion.

I'm using my student's text, Exploring Psychology in Modules, 6th edition by David Myers for reference but you can look in just about any Introductory Psychology text and find similiar information.

Here is an abbreviated summary of what is presented:

* No psychic was able to predict the $331 million Big Game jackpot of 2002.

* Between 1978 & 1985, the New Year's  predictions of the National Enquirer's favorite psychics yielded 2 accurate predictions out of 486 (Strentz, 1986)

* During 1990's they were all wrong in predicting surprising events (Madonna did not become a gospel singer, the Statue of Liberty did not lose both her arms in a terrorist blast, Queen Elizabeth did not abdicate her throne to enter a convent).

* They missed big events like 9/11, Florida presidential ballot controversey etc.

* Analysis of psychic visions offered to police departments find no more accurate than guesses made by others (Reiser, 1982). Those that work with police departments offer hundreds of guesses which make their odds of being correct higher & they do get an occasional correct guess which they can report to the media. Vague predictions can be retrofitted to match prediction (I see a female murdered...well duh!)

* Sweat & Durm (1993) conducted an experiment  where they asked 50 of the largest cities in America if they ever used psychics. 65% said they never have and those who did said not one had found it helpful. Thousands of psychics made mispredictions to police on the whereabouts of Chandra Levy, Washington D.C. intern.

* Murray & Wheeler (1937) tested prophetic dreams using the Lindbergh boy being kidnapped. 1300 dreams were submitted and only 5% of the dreams had the boy dead. 4 people's dreams out of the 1300 had the boy dead among trees. This is no better than chance but of course some will claim it was psychic abilities!

* On the APA site there is no Division for Paranormal/ESP!

You may be interested in reading "Reducing Student Belief in the Paranormal" by Barney Beins, PhD and "Scientists Should Look For Basic Causes, Not Just Effects" by Kurt Salzinger, PhD.

I have to add this! I just got this in my email! Ha!

"When a woman came through my cashier's line at Wal-Mart, her purchase came to twenty dollars. "That's what I had in my hand. You must be psychic," she joked. "I am," I teased. "I knew exactly how much you wanted to spend." The next customer stepped up and, looking at me with a big grin, pulled out a one-dollar bill." 

--Contributed to "All In a Day's Work" by Melissa Morse

Technology Time Warp


Ugh...this foot is not happy today!

I came across a website which is pretty cool. It is called Time-Warp and you click the decade you like & it will explain the technology of that time. It is cool to see how the decor of the room changes for each decade also! They do not seem to have anything for our current decade yet, but the idea is to warp back anyway!  

Local Harvest

Do you like to find organic food but can't always find locations sell them? I received this in my email today & thought it was great! Check it out!

Local Harvest

"Summer is here and with it, fresh fruits, vegetables and other delectables.  As the introduction to Local Harvest explains, "The freshest, healthiest, most flavorful organic food is what's grown closest to you."  Now you have a resource for locating locally grown 'produce, grass-fed meats and other goodies.'  This organization is a nationwide directory of over 8,000 small farms, fresh markets and other local food sources.  Just use the search engine or click on the map to find direct links to and information about the local food growers in your area.  Remember, buying locally 'is also good for your local economy - buying directly from family farmers helps them stay in business.'  Let's all support our local economy!"

Moths on Steroids

John, these moths must be getting into steroids! I'll match you. Here is one I recently caught with the digital! I don't remember seeing moths this big when I was little. This poor guy wouldn't leave. I thought maybe the light from the room but he stayed for about a day & a half. Not sure what kind of moth it is though? Anyone knows let me know!

I found the moth! I was reading an email & it gave this website on insects & I found my moth! :-) Check it out! And reading the info it makes sense because we have some hickory trees!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mom's Flowers

Frustrated because my foot is hurting more! Ugh! I know that means to stay off it more but it is sooo hard!

I thought I'd show you a few of my mom's flowers from the last time I visited. Mom loves roses and usually tends to them all summer but this summer she is out of commission like me. She had her first eye surgery, cataract & cornea transplant, in June. She too is a bit disappointed on the recoup time. They keep extending it & now say up to a year...just in time for the other eye to be done! Ugh! So really that is like 2 years. She is also so antzy because she can't drive her convertible Seabring! Now this might be a good thing! Ha! Not that dad is much better! :-) If I tell you that the kids in my grammar school would take bets on who was driving based upon the squeals in the school parking lot, would that explain! HA!

I managed to catch the bumble bee on the flower without pissing it off! HA! The Hydrangea's were my grandmothers' favorite. They both had them at their homes. I like them when they are blue/purple rather than pink.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Melting to Michael Buble!

"I'm melting! I'm Melting" And it isn't the heat outside since it is unusally cool at 62 degrees right now! It is Michael Buble! What is with these "young men" and awesome voices! Wow! "Let Me Go Home" does just a song manage to do that! Go to his website, it fully plays right when the site comes up! Actually 3 songs do! If you are old enough to remember the show "Name That Tune"...I can identify it in 1 note while flipping radio channels! Caught it on the way home! Not good to melt when you are driving! Ha!

I can't even enter the site...I'm just listening to the music. He can manage to capture what "Home" means...not a building! :-) And "being too far" like when you are sitting across a table in a restaurant having dinner with your boyfriend & it is just not right! You are too far apart/away from him!

Another song coming on now! this next one..."Feeling Good" is sooo much my spirit!! Dr. Z. is going to be in real big trouble next time I see dare he put a cast on me and prevent me from dancing! No way...I'll figure out how to dance with it! (Sneer of "Just Dare Me!")  This chair is going to break! Ha!

I think I'll have to get a friend to pick this CD up for me! :-)You can go to AOL Sessions & watch him sing some songs & answer some questions! "You Don't Know Me" is also wonderful!

He reminds me of Harry Connick, Jr., who I also love! He was sooo great in "Hope Floats!" ;-)

Take a listen & let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Movie: Must Love Dogs!

Ok, I am posting this early to give everyone a heads-up!

I'm hoping to go see this movie when it comes out on Friday with one of my friends! I thought I'd post this to let you know that I'll add my thoughts about the movie to the bottom of this entry after I see it, and you can let everyone know what you think in the comments section if you go see it.

You can watch the trailer here! The Official Website has many Sweepstakes including cool merchandise! Watch the trailers on there too! OMG! HA! Find out what Saran Wrap was used for! Ha! I don't think I can wrap left overs again either! And those kids...we went from "Kindergarten Cop" 'Boys have a Penis & Girls have a Vagina' to this! YIPES! What will these kids be like later in life! That grocery store scenes are just too funny...sad but true!

I think we can add John Cusack to the list of men getting even "finer" as they get older...what do you think? To think back to "Sure Thing" & "Say Anything" (Who invented Soap & Why!) and that adorable teen with a joke strap on his head in "16 Candles", who would've known he'd turn out so great! Ha! Lesson for young teen females...they just may surprise you later! And teen males...have may have the ladies drooling later!

I do have to add Christopher still has that charm from "Sound of Music!" ahhhh! They should have had Julie Andrews in there with him! Ha!

Ok, if I didn't comment on that gorgeous black dog it would be a crime! I want one! Ha! Don't tell Dusty & Country! He kinda reminds me of Beethoven or even Hooch! :-) Big, messy & a pain but you love them with everything in your heart..hmm...wait maybe I'm thinking of men! Ha!

Now, how many movies does this make using music from the movie Love Actually? I've lost count!

Ok, check back later for my thoughts after I see the movie!

My review:

Well, I finally got to see the movie and I really liked it. A bit fast in plot but just a tinge. I really loved John! ;-) He is soooo adorable. My friend & I were commenting though how he looked so tall & large, not fat, just broad & big. ;-) We thought it was the camera angle - movies like Say Anthing, Sure Thing, and Seredipity they shot more his whole body walking etc. You know, there is something about men in long coats that just looks "mighty fine!"

Now who would have thought he'd turn out so great later...I'm telling you, girls just don't understand the potential of how men turn out later in life! ;-) That sweet smile and devilish look in his eye! (shivers!) Watch for the part where he comes back around the corner...soo John Cusack!


I loved that he was the one that was fast talking & so crazed, usually they make the female characters like that. John is just so fun! I loved when he said she was "shy, fragile, she has no idea how beautiful she is, she is a mess....she is fantastic!" A man who loves Dr. Zhivago? I love how John's character also recognizes "moments" when the dates were great & so still says there is potential. Where are these men?

I love how they include her father tyring to find "love". They don't have enough serious movie plots with older people. And they are soooo funny! Like in "Under the Tuscon Sun" when the grandma has an internet lover & then the "old movie beauty"...I think "Oo La La" was what they had in mind...well that is needed for Hollywood to start recognizing!

Christopher Plumer is still soo charming & the scene with him talking to Diane's character on the bench about how he found his first and only love and does not expect it again, is sooo heart warming but understandable. Like if he did find another, he'd feel guilty or be saying his deceased wife was not as good as this new one...that is understandable in some way. I mean it comes from grieving too I know, but it is also understandable. I think that is what most people had problems with when Tom Cruise has been proclaiming he has never been in love like this before. How sad it that for Nicole & for his children to hear about their mother!

Her father saying, "Why one is attracted to another is one of the great mysteries of the world love" is sooo true. I know there are men who have certainly managed to "grow on me" and surprised the hell out of me. I would have never guessed I'd be soooo attracted to them.

Now do any of you have a family like Diane's character did? I know my family isn't really that way. They seem to get along soooo well. Don't get me wrong, my family is wonderful but they just seem to be "so helpful & loving"...well I guess it could be too strong for the person they are helping but still. 

That black dog (Newfoundland) I'm dying to have one. I'm sure my cats would be upset but maybe they'd like him. I'm going to need a California King for all the pets! :-) Maybe we should have an internet dating service where you just post the picture of your pets & select that way! Ha! Or am I late on this & there is one? Someone tell me if you know there is! :-)

Her house is so awesome & I love his place too. I love brick inside. I'll probably go see it again! You think it maybe be on the Christmas list? Chances are!

So what did you think?

Book: My Stroke of Luck

Last night I read "My Stroke of Luck" by Kirk Douglas in about 2 hours! 176 pages but a pretty easy read. Mr. Douglas did an excellent job letting me know what it is like to struggle with the effects of a stroke, though his were more mild then some, and the strength it takes to overcome those effects. The picture on the cover is exactly what is needed, though not experienced every moment in the day.

Mr. Douglas is very inspiring to those suffering from a stroke, as letters make quite evident, but also to others suffering really from other ailments. I know I certainly gained a great deal of perspective and that helped a great deal. Actually, the first item listed on Mr. Douglas' "Operator's Manual" for surviving a stroke is "When Things Go Bad, Always Remember It Could Be Worse!" This is exactly why I find reading biographies so inspiring. When I see others going through so much more difficulty in life than I am and surviving, I know I can survive whatever it is I am going through.

Mr. Douglas offers 5 other suggestions:

* Never, Never give up. Keep working on your speech and on your life!

* Never lose your sense of humor. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others! (Notice on my last entry the cloud on my picture! )

* Stem depression by thinking of, reaching out to, and helping others. Strive to be a Little Hero.

* Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

* Pray. Not for God to cure you, but to help you help yourself.

I believe these can be applied to EVERYONE healthy or not so healthy!

Mr. Douglas explained how his stroke was actually a stroke of LUCK....

"My stroke taught me to be more compassionate, to work harder at my relationships with my loved ones, to value friendship more, to be aware of the world around me, to slow down and to have a richer spiritual life."

I really liked Mr. Douglas' wisdom on love! He says...

"People marry because they fall head over heels in love. Often, when people marry, they have mistaken infatuation, obsession, deep friendship, or good sex for love. But those things are not love. Love must have a chance to grow and blossom. Love must pass the test of overcoming obstacles. Love, like a work of art or a fine wine, must also pass the test of time....Two people in love should never become one. There must be a space in togetherness. True love, real love, is born of respect for another person. It is given and received with a fullness of self that can only be drawn from an individual and separate soul."

He also says the differences between his wife & him enhance their love and that you should never try to change your spouse. He explains how loving people makes you vulnerable, but when you find a love you are willing to share, keep & fight for, it is worth the risk of your heart being broken.

I really loved his book & believe everyone will gain some inspiration from it! 

Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot: Summer Heat

Your Monday Photo Shoot: In a picture, illustrate how hot it is where you are. This can be be something as simple as a picture of a pool packed with kids, or, if you want to get really creative, something more imaginative.

Ok John, here is my entry for the Monday Photo Shoot! Well, you think I'm going out in the heat with this thing on? Right!

Actually, I really can't even if I wanted to. 20 min of walking an hour! UGH! Dr. Z. is going to pay for this!

Everyone who is complaining about the heat...think twice! It could be worse! You could have this for the next 4 weeks (Hopefully that is all!) Great end of the summer!

Just drink lots of H20 & have some fun for me!

Violence Against Women Act!

On September 30th, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) will expire if Congress does not act. The result of this will be cuts in services for many women in need. Please support women who have been vicitms of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking by going to clicking on "Write Your Representative" on the right side bar & completing the information to send your voice of support. There is also a link for Men to support VAWA on the right side!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Battle of the National Anthems!

He's young (ugh...only 24 yrs!), pretty good looking & that voice will send every cell of your body tingling! I just listened & watched Josh Groban sing the National Anthem on his website & WOW! It made me think of the others who have been outstanding...Whitney...?

You know watching Josh with all those football players...such a contrast! I think I'd still pick Josh! Ha! A voice like that singing in the lovely! I'd say that & making me laugh are the big 2! So if you can sing & make me laugh you got me! Ha!

I love his "To Where You Are", "You're Still You", "You Raise Me Up", and "When You Say You Love Me." They bring me to tears though! Ha! But then again...quite a few songs do! I should invest in Kleenex! Sobbing at movies, music, watching my little niece sleep can even do it! Ha! I'll dry out someday just like "Big Fish!" Ha!

Ok, who sings your favorite version of the National Anthem?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What Hat Do You Wear?

Ok, Aurora Walking Vacation tempted me!  I found out I'm a Hufflepuff! Ha!

Find out what you are here!

Last Night's Storm

"I Can't Be Your Friend Anymore" by Tim Rushlow!

These are pictures from last night's storm from a friend of mine who lives about 20 min away. She gave me permission to use them. I'm kinda stuck inside with this foot so I'm not sure how bad it is right by me, but those calling the local radio station where describing the same type of damage. Sirens were going off but seems much of this was done prior to the alerts. There was a funnel cloud spotted west of us so perhaps it was still a bit trying to say "Hello."
They are calling for more severe storms tonight! Ugh!

P.S. The last picture is where my friend normally parks her car! She had it on the street because she was too lazy the night before to bring it back on the driveway. They were blacktopping it during the day! I guess sometimes it is ok to be lazy. Can you imagine the damage to her car!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So What's So Great About Being a Woman in Her 40s?

I'm a bit anxious because we are in our second bout of severe T-storms tonight! One town not too far had a funnel cloud touch down & there are many without power & major trees limbs down etc. I talked to a friend of mine & she said her car escaped a huge tree falling on top of it only because she was too lazy to move it from the street to the driveway last night! See, not always bad being lazy! Ha! So far I still have power, so I'm hoping to get this entry done before it gets real bad again! My deck garden is pathetic! My flag is nowhere to be found, feeders crashed down on my plants! Ugh! I should have taken a picture yesterday before this! I'll take one tomorrow!

I have been meeting a great many women, via their journals, who state in their bios how wonderful they feel to be in their 40s! As someone who just turned 40 yrs old this past March, I thought I'd add this journal to give you all a chance to tells those of us either just joining the 40 club or soon will be, what is so wonderful about being in your 40s!

As someone who has only been 40 for a few months, I don't think I can speak from experience yet, but I'll tell you about one of the most vibrant women I know. I have read her books over the years & met her a few years ago. She inspires me so much! Her name is
Sark (click to check out her vibrant website!) & I have journaled a bit about her before, but thought it is worth another mention for those new to my journal. You can listen to her overview here (Click the Play Button).

Sark has a books called "
Succulent Wild Woman", "The Bodacious Book of Succulence" and "Eat Mangoes Naked", which to me, is all about the vibrance of women... no matter what age!!! You know how they have the "Red Hat Society" for woman who are even older, which by the way I saw a bunch of them at our town ice cream spot 2 weeks ago, well...Sark has "Succulent Wild Women" groups! What does it mean to be a "Succulent Woman?" According to Sark:

"ripe, juicy, whole, round, exuberant, wild, rich, wide, deep, firm, rare female that you are"

Now that I can identify with! :-) Well, maybe not currently with this nagging foot injury, but most of the time & it is in me somewhere right now! Ha! God help the person when it explodes out of me one day when I'm doing better! Ha!

So please leave a comment or a link to your entry on what is so Wonderful about being a woman in your 40s!

My Response To John's Audio Entry

My response to John's Audio Entry today....

Well, aside from that fact that it is only 1,000 women surveyed AND we do not know who these 1,000 women are - East, West, all one race, age, ETC!! And roughly half? Hmm...wouldn't it be also interesting to now ask their husbands & see what they thought! Ha!

Well, lets see, women may be recording kids many men call from work frantic...can you record the game for me (don't mean to stereotype! Replace with any show per gender for your liking!).  They may be recording their own shows so they can watch when the kids & mate is not around & they get some time of peace & quiet! Do women watch more tv than men in the first place? I wonder? Well then it would make sense they would have the need. Not sure though if they do...I mean they are running around with kids etc so maybe not? Maybe the need is purely to take care of their kids & mate and not their own shows?

Now as to your "control" idea. How can women still "have control" though men think they have control! Ha! (laughter of a mad scientist here!) :-) It reminds me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when Tula's mom & aunt show her how to make her dad think he came up with the idea of her working in her aunt's travel agency. :-) I love that one! So do my nieces who are now learning about "the ways of life & men" through media! Ha!

There are many ways men & women learn to "control" their significant other (ask men & officers about women crying!) ....though I don't think "control" is always the word to use. It does sound quite sinister & I don't think that is always what it is about. Sure some do, just like in business, politics etc., but I think many times we do change our behavior for our mate to make them happy because we love them. I mean really that is what it "should be" about. I may hate to wash dishes, but I do it because I love him. How many put up with snoring mates and unfortunately so much more, though I think the definition of love is defined wrong there! If I know my mate is so upset they are crying (authentically) and I change my behavior so they are not upset, is that necessarily "just control?" If my mate is angry over something I really didn't mean to upset him (her) about, is it "control" which is changing my behavior? I think that is love. I do things for my nieces & other family members I don't particular want to, simply because I love them. I think it only becomes "control" when you do abuse the methods of changing your mate's (or someone's) behavior to always get what you want. A selfish act, which is not love at all!

My Thoughts on Point/Counterpoint

My thoughts to today's Point/Counterpoint.

"Can you have spirituality/faith/belief without it's counterpart, religion or God?{ Does an atheist still participate in spirituality/belief/faith without the God or religion?} Explain your opinions. "

I think you missed something here? Or perhaps it is there with the "or" but not pointed out clearly. I think a point/counterpoint is the difference between religion AND God! I say this because I think they are 2 different things. I mean it is first obvious when you see that many may believe that there is one God but different ways of honoring him through different religions. This is where many disagree - how to honor him (or her!) through religous practice. Two people both have faith God exists, but then disagree on the religion or practice of honoring God. So I would not say religion is the same thing as God...again maybe that is why you put "Or". Of course how you define God in the first place may be due to a religion's definition & if you have only explored one definition, it may lead you not to belief in God. Perhaps if you explored other definition you may believe in God...maybe not but perhaps. 


In Paul's comment: "Atheism, for some people may have been born of a rejection of a church, perhaps due to a bad experience" is exactly what I mean about religion & God being different. This person experienced a definition of God OR how to honor him (her) and disagreed & didn't see other religions may define & honor him (or "her", as someone in my past reminded me!) differently. I agree for many of us we may even come toindividually define & find ways of honoring him (her), some not in great ways (money/wealth etc). As someone else commented on the "existence" idea...lets say I have never met my Great-Great-Great Grandmother. I have photos of her (hmmm.. was photos around then? Well you get the point!), letters she wrote, a lock of her hair (I have of my Great-Grandmother!), maybe a identification card or passport, name on a log entering a country etc, etc, etc. I have never seen her. I have never heard her voice. I have never kissed her cheek. Did she not exist? How far (2-3,000 yrs) do we go where we say I don't believe you? It is ok for 100 years? Do I believe George Washington exist because I just have photos, signatures etc. And yes, the further you go back the less you will have to prove, but that does not mean they did not exist. I agree it also doesn't prove it did but that means you can't take a are left in the middle! I do agree just because something is written, doesn't mean it is true, but you can't negate it MAY be true! I know in the past they wrote a "nicer cause of death" on certificates (a legal document) and there are so many others. Heck, society does it even more now and we all exist!

On the psychic comments...this is what I tell my college students. You can prove something to be "untrue", like magnets bending spoons, but just because you haven't proven something to be true does not mean it is not true. It may mean you are unable to test it properly YET! Sure I'm all for getting proof on those who are fraudulent! Many are out there...but there are some still left to be "unexplained". I will add it may be that later we will prove them fraudulent as well! We'll just have to wait & see.

I really did enjoy Rebecca's ideas, though I vary slightly. I still do believe in a God. I do see how some could take personal credit for goodness & then not take responsibility for wrong doing "God must have wanted it this way" an it could lead to not caring what you do at all. Using it in a good manner, perhaps we make mistakes so that we, & others, learn. I've always said, I'd love to believe one day God will explain all to us! I have sooooo many questions! I think sometimes he (she) keeps me alive because I talk so much to him(her) now, he (she) doesn't want to have to answer all these questions if I do come meet him(her). Actually, if you think about it, it has been said that God is in everything... you, me, my cat, the trees, so Rebecca would have some good basis in this. I think the ultimate questions for me which leads me to believe in a God is "Why Am I, and all of us here/exist?" Who started it all? and Why?"

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Moving 9/11 Memorial

Well, "Go Your Own Way" is just fitting for this Truck Driver & to listen to, as I make this entry! I received these photos in my email tonight and just had to share them with you all. I guess I'm low on the "Global Email Chain" since I'm just getting them. I see on the web they have been out there for some time, but someone may not have seen them yet. I am assumming since they were released & all over the place it is ok to have them on here. If you are the owner & don't want me to, then let me know!

This is the message I received with them:

"The trucker's name is John Holmgren from Shafer, Minn. The trucker has been "pulled over" numerous times just so troopers can get their picture taken with the truck."

The poor guy...I mean do you think he is no longer Classically Conditioned to feel anxiety when he sees the lights flashing behind him? I remember one time, hmm I think I was in college, I was pulled over & I'm like what the heck did I do? He actually pulled me over to ask me out! I was sooo upset! I went off on him, asking if his supervisor knew what he was doing on the job etc, etc, etc. Then later when I thought about it, I was like, dang, he was cute, why'd I do that! Ha!

Here is a great site with the photos & some more commentary. This guy must have a big heart to do this! :-) Love to meet him!

Monday, July 18, 2005

NGA: "Graduation Counts"

The National Governor's Association's "Graduation Counts" press conference explained how states had different ways of assessing graduation rates & thus comparing was problematic. As Governor Baldacci from 
Maine mentioned "it is like comparing basketball stats, but one team lowered the basket to 8 feet & everyone has 10 feet above the floor." What does it mean when you reduce standards & say we have great rates/stats? Amazing to me this has gone on for so long.

I found the following interesting!

Gov. Vilsak of
Iowa:  "Indeed all students will have to go beyond High School."

Gov. Baldacci of
Maine: "You are not competing with each other but with the world."

"...the reality is over 50 yrs of studies has been found the #1 predictor of success, whether or not a student will COMPLETE, not enter, college is not race, is not social economic status, it is whether or not they had access to & participated in a rigorous curriculum at the high school level."

Gov. Pawlenty of Minnesota:

"Just one generation ago if you didn't do well in school or were not focus or in a rigorous post high school pathway, you could still get a strong back job and  jobs back then would often pay wages & benefits packages that you could make a living on for you & your family; and of course the economy has changed to the point where these strong back jobs with those kinds of wage and benefits levels have largely disappeared so there's a in short an increased emphasis on strong mind jobs so that requires more than just the traditional amount of students on a post high school rigorous & relevant pathway and of course one measurement of how well we are doing with that is in regard to graduation rates..."

Gov. Granholm of

Greatest indicted of their states success is the number of people with a college degree."

She talked about how being a manufacturing state was great in the past but the challenge now.

Gov. Blanco of Louisiana:

"Poverty is too expensive & the cure is to get peopole with paying jobs with healthcare benefits. The way to do this is to get people good educational experiences."

Gov. Bredesen of Tennessee:

"...many people said it wasn't fair to hold high standards of poor inner city schools. What a terrible thing tosay to students when they are starting out with a lower set of expectations."

"Children are good at responding to expectations...set them low they will meet them but set them high & they will also meet them."

"The World Is Flat" by Tom Friedman

Sunday, in the wee hours, I caught the
National Governor's Association's Annunal Meeting being broadcast on C-SPAN. In particular I heard Tom Friedman, three time Pulitzer Prize winner, speak about his book "The World Is Flat" and how Globalization and technology is important in education. He really blew me away. Perhaps others have read this already since it was released in April I believe. I'd love to hear your comments if you have. You can listen to it on C-SPAN here.

Mr. Friedman discussed what he means by the title "The World is Flat." He states that the world has been flattened by 3 distinct globalization events, making the world very tiny. He also mentions specific technological dates which made huge impacts in changing the world. He states those which happened 2000 and after were not noticed because we were distracted by 9/11, the war etc.

Mr. Friedman provides some specific examples of how the world has flattened. For example he mentioned not only outsourcing but insourcing. He mentioned UPS which now has insourced computer company technicians. Your computer goes to a UPS hub & they repair it there! He also mentioned how McDonalds in Cape Girardeau, MO take your orders from Colorado Springs (that is 900 miles away!) and then send a picture of you from when you ordered, to the pick up window. Your order is received faster this way. He also explained how JetBlue, a new airline based in Utah, hires local housewives, retirees and they book your reservation from their bed, pool etc. on their laptops!

He stated that the world has flattened so much that years ago if you asked Bill Gates would you rather have a B student from Iowa or a genius from India, Mr. Gates would quickly say the B student from Iowa. He says, today Mr. Gates response is the geniusfrom India. Mr. Friedman said when he was a kid his parents use to tell him to eat all his food that children in India were starving. He says he tells his children now to do their homework that children in India are starving for their jobs. Quite interesting! I know in education this is a concern in that college students can choose to take a course from say CA online and not where they are going full time or even complete a whole degree online!
You may want to listen to an interview with Tom on

He states...

"If you think Globalization is all good or all bad, you just don't get it."

He mentions how Sam Walton jumped on technology & how when something leaves the shelf it is immediately replaced by China. Interestingly, he states "if you think WalMart got ahead by just being tough, you are missing the point, they outsmart the other companies." He talks about the dilemma people have that the citizen in us doesn't like the WalMart doesn't offer benefits to employees etc but that as a consumers we like the cheap goods from creating a chain supply.

I do agree with Mr. Friedman that it would be much better to educate people to move up the chain rather than keep them just employable with part-time jobs. He suggest we need a New "New Deal" to allow the people to get new updates employable skills.

He also mentions that IBM has Chinese subcompanies...I didn't know this.

I loved this example:

Indiana outsourced the state's unemployment checks to India because their bid was 8.1M less! The governor died & the free trade Republicans caused a stink and got out of the contract. He asked,"Who was exploited? The people of India who made a decent amount of money by American standards & phenomenal amount by India's standards or where the people of Indiana exploited when they took that contract away which saved them 8.1M! I find this VERY interesting! It really does make one wonder if outsourcing is necessarily or always bad? It may mean you think of the positive of outsourcing. You can be a employee for another country. It may mean we think "we" as the globe rather than just "America" or our own state. Heavens why would we want to worry & care for everyone in the world? What benefit could that be! Hmmm!

Amazing to me that China, Japan &  other countries hold so many of our treasury bills & we are so in debt to them that we could be very vulnerable to them. Everyone says we shouldn't buy from China, but if we stopped we would hurt their economy & then if they needed money...who they going to come to? Who owes them who they would want to pay up? Would we be able to? Ha!

The other interesting point he makes is by buying the crude oil we are financing the armies which we are fighting against. We are financing both sides of the war! UGH! He has interesting ideas of how to fix this with hybrid cars. I found his list of advantages quite interesting!

This was very interesting to listen to! I'll continue to edit this entry as I read/hear more on this book!

You may also be interested in listening to C-SPAN coverage of some
Teachers of the Year speak to a panel of governors.

Monday Photo Shoot: Wildlife

Ok John, here are some of my wildlife photos!

The first one definitley enlarge! Can you see her in the woods? I saw her on one of my trails I walk on. Well, this was prior to my foot injury.

The second one is a group of "bullies" where I do Tai Chi! Well, only one of them is - the one standing with his head up. He has been known to chase people and bite. It has been so bad others have to intervene! Whenever we hear some screaming, we figure he is after someone again.

The third is a group of hourses which is along my way to my folks place. I plan on going back & trying to snap a few with their heads above the fence! It just looks so pretty with the beautiful blue sky etc. This weekend I saw a car stopped & a little girl was out petting them. :-)

#4 & 5 is kinda odd being at a cemetery, but I had gone to place some flags out for the 4th & bring a flower for my grandmother's birthday & there were 30 deer in the area! I had never seen that many before & that close! Do you think they knew I carry birdseed in my SUV? Ha! Now it was interesting because #5 I didn't realize but I cut off another pointed deer on the right. There is one on the other side of the monument, did you see that one? I was later walking & all of a sudden something flashed in my peripheral. Apparently, I didn't see a tiny baby and it finally got scared & ran off. I was apologizing like crazy & then it dawned on me..."Ok, where is mom...much less dad"! I started to look & there was apparently dad across the street staring me down! I sweetly apologized & then started to walk the opposite way. Thankfully he didn't come after me. My camera batteries were dying so I plan to head back there & get some more. The were so beautiful I didn't want to leave. Literally on the other side of my car when I took some of the pictures.

#6 is 3 doves in one of my feeders! I think a 4th dove was nearby. It is a steady flow, usually have to refill my 5 feeders each night. I love birds! :-)

More later!

So That's Where All the Water Is!

So that  is where all the water is! Ha! Some woman in Mascoutah, IL got a $74,000 water bill! That is just too funny! Can you imagine the jokes in town about that one!

"Retaining some water lately?"

" Got Water?"

"The $74K question: Where's the Water?"

Got a better one? Most likely! Ha!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

High Schoolers Even Say They Are Underprepared!

Extremely interesting article discussing a survey of high school teen's attitudes toward their education! The article states that high schoolers feel they have been let down by the education system. The National Governor's Association survey reported 10, 378 teens. It does not state if this survey was across the country, what types of schools ETC! This information is very important in assessing the context of the results.

The survey stated:

large majority of high school students say their work is not very difficult, and almost two-thirds say they would work harder if courses were more demanding or interesting..."

"Mr. Tucker said American schools had been too slow to adapt high school curriculums to the real-life demands of college and the workplace. Except for that small fraction of highly motivated students with an eye toward prestigious private colleges and state universities, many more students, he said, are under the impression that just having a diploma qualifies them for the rigors of college and the workplace."

As a college professors I am surprised they admit to this. I'll have to discuss this with my students come fall term. What do you think?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Listen to Linda Eder!

I love the song "All the Way" and AOL Radio is now playing a version by Linda Eder, who I never heard before. I really like her voice! Has anyone heard of her? You can listen to a bit of her singing this & some others from her "Storybook" CD. Listen also to "Where Are You Now", "Smile" (maybe better than Barbra's!), "When I Look At You".  

If you go to the "Broadway My Way" Album, you can go to the bottom & click on EPK & watch about a 11 minute video with an interview & 2 songs that is wonderful! She gives great tribute to Barbra, yet in my opinion she really does give her a run for the money! She also makes one understand how bad of a shower singer you are! Ha! At about the 2 minute mark, watch how long she keeps those notes! WOW!

Off her "Gold" CD my favorites where: "Everything That's Wrong", "How In The World", "We're All Alone" (many may remember this one!) and "If I Had My Way". As I listened to "Everything That's Wrong" sample I just smiled & knew exactly what it meant. You can be so upset & infuriated & then one smile, "It'll be fine", or a hug, sinking into his big chest & arms holding you tight, can just melt you & yes, "everything that's wrong is alright." Amazing!

Then, though it is officially a week away, if you want a bit of Christmas in July, listen to her "Christmas Stays the Same" samples. My favorites: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (Judy Garland still best from Meet Me In St. Louis!), "Silent Night", and "O Holy Night". Isn't it funny how in the winter we can't wait for summer but now listening to the these songs I'm thinking hot chocolate, the place smelling of Christmas tree, wrapping presents, I was previously discussing not rushing out of summer! Ha!

Well, I think I'll be getting a few of her CDs! :-)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Mother's & Father's Day Wasn't Enough?

Today I got an email from Mrs. Field's Cookies & they were promoting "Parent's Day". I was like "didn't Mother's & Father's Day take?" I checked Hallmark's site...I mean they would know! No Parent's Day! Who is starting these Days? What happened to Kid's Day, Auntie & Uncle Day? Now we have to have multiple days? Don't get me wrong, I love my parents & think everyday should be parents day.  Well, everyday should be kids day also etc.

I don't like this "special day" idea! I mean some families, yell, kick, scream (etc) everyday, but on this day it is different? Somehow that just doesn't work for me. Same thing with Valentines & Sweetest Day! Why one day? Why the commercial/retail day? Have your own Valentines Day! Do it from the heart when you feel it. It can be the first day you met or first date etc., but why just then also? If you feel like making the person you love feel special, then do it. I think that means so much more when you just feel like surprising them. Well except maybe that one commercial...where they throw the girl a surprise party & she comes down in a lovely teddy! Ha! "Hi Daddy!" That is just too funny.

And you know I think I will start the cause for Single/Never Married People's Day! Ha! I mean we get no cards or flowers from spouses or children. You know how many gifts I've given people! Ha! Of course I'm just having fun here, I love making people feel good, but just bringing another perspective here! I'm surprised Hallmark hasn't made "Divorced Day" or cards celebrating the anniversary of one's divorce. I think I actually saw some that you would send a Happy Divorce! Ha! Happy your Kids left for College or moved out, got married & will experience what you did now! Ha! Happy Release Day (from Prison), Happy Potty Day (Potty Trained) ETC!

So what do you think? What Day would you come up with?

How Do You Like Your PB&J?

As I sat here & typed in my last entry, mentioning my Total Gym I was eating a PB&J! Ha! I got to thinking...I everyone may like PB&J's different. Now my favorite is Jif creamy, NO chunky, and strawberry jelly. Wonder bread is awesome but I just had the Bakers Inn Honey Wheat...I like grain breads too.

I know there are many other styles of PB&J people like, so I thought of posting this to get everyone to comment on how they like their PB&J! Should be interesting.

Help! I'm addicted!

Help me! I can't stop myself! I'm addicted to "Walker, Texas Ranger!" Maybe it is the strength and confidence? Then again, maybe it is the cowboy hat & boots! ;-) I really would like to take some self-defense classes. I love my Tai Chi. Unfortunately, I don't think I can even consider it until this foot & back of mine get more cooperative.

I do have a Total Gym for like 10 years now & Chuck Norris promotes that so! Ha! And I love it! Well, that is when I was using it before these injuries! Not trying to sell it here, but I was up to 420 squats 4-5 days a week! I did other stuff too, but that was probably my fun. So much energy!

Its For Cats & Dogs!

If you go to your sweet ball of fluff can have its own homepage. There are forums & other great links to check out.

Don'ti get worried! There is for your big baby also!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today's Discovery Launch

I  will start this by saying I had this complete & so lovely & AOL just trashed it with code & now I am having to start over again. I hope I can recreate it like I had it! What is with AOL?! I just added one link (the song) & click save and my AOL radio browns out & then about 6 lines of code! Ugh!

#1: Discovery Crew: Commander Eileen Collins  (front right), behind her in white is Soichi Noguchi, next to him is Charles "Charlie" Camarda, next to him Wendy Lawrence,  behind her Andrew "Andy" Thomas (from "Down Under"), next to him in white, Steve Robinson & in front of him in orange James Kelly.

#2: Challenger Crew: Front from Left:
Michael Smith, Commander Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair, Back from Left: Ellison Onizuka,Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, & Judy Resnik.

#3: Columbia Crew: Front from Left: Commander
Rick Husband, Kalpana Chawla, Willie McCool; Back from left: Dave Brown, Laurel Clark, Michael Anderson, & Ilan Ramon.

Listen to: "
Way Up There!"

If you are not familiar with the Discovery Crew take a look!

Check out Return To Flight Also!

I hope everyone will be watching & praying for today's launch of Discovery & until they are safely home! After the window panel caused so much damage I'm not too confident. I am just imagining a bird hitting it! I am thrilled there is a female commander on this mission. Eileen Collins is pretty awesome from what I have seen. I had watched about an hour on tv of the crew explaining their backgrounds and responsiblities on the mission a few months back. I couldn't find it on the web to link it.

How do you sleep the night before a launch? I can imagine it is a mix of excitementand anxiety. Heck, I have trouble sleeping some nights with just my life & it is nothing in comparison to a launch into space. I'll have to remember that in the future! Ha!

I still remember the day the Challenger exploded. I was in my Jr. year of college. I had a statistic class & then went to meet my friend Colleen for lunch at the student union. When I got there everyone was gathered around the wide screen tvs. I then saw what they were looking at. I remember they kept delaying the launch but I really didn't think much of it. Ever since I could remember I never worried about space travel. The explosion was very difficult to watch. For the past 15 years I have taught psychology I have always made sure my students learn about the Challenger & the reason it happened - GroupThink

When the Columbia explosion occurred, all I kept praying it would not turn out to be for the same reason Challenger exploded. I prayed they had learned from the Challenger tragedy. Many of my students were only a few years old when Challenger exploded so this was a different feeling for them than for those of us which felt it for the 2nd time. Now I have 2 to go through in my future classes. On the show I mentioned watching, Commander Collins was very serious about making sure everyone voiced their concerns. I was quite happy it seemed like she was doing everything she could to avoid GroupThink.

Launch is 3:51PM EDT!

I hope you will pray & watch the launch. I know they have work so hard to get where they are today. The crew seems like they are so much fun & would be great to come back & excite young kids to be future astronauts

I'm tempting the fates here I know adding after what happened before but...

I just read this & it is "quite interesting!" Read about the picture a girl slipped into Laurel Clark's purse the night before the launch & then about her husband trying to get things of his wife returned to him! Man!

Update: Scrubbed! Hmmm! I'm not feeling to good about this whole thing! Is it the fuel sensor or what it is "sensing?" Makes one really wonder!

Check this article on today's scrub of the launch...

This is GroupThink:

"Since the Columbia tagedy, NASA has worked to fix its ''safety culture,'' which the accident investigators concluded broke down during the flight. The space agency said it has had frank and vigorous discussions about the upcoming flight - including the fuel gauge problem - and encouraged engineers to speak up."

And the cost for today's scrub?

"The launch scrub cost NASA an estimated $616,000 in fuel and labor costs."

Lets hope they do not have too many that is our tax dollars!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Those Guys are NO Barbie...Or Ken for that Matter!

Ok, I'm in Walmart yesterday & I was suppose to go in for just 2 things - Cat food & Milk! Right! I think it is literally impossible! Once you set yourself up by saying "I'm only going in for 2 items" it is like a challenge to your Id! Needless to say....well, I didn't do that bad, but I was having way too much fun! :-) You know like the kids are are an are playing with toys??? HA! Little do they know!

You know, I told you I've gone mad with this new digital camera, since my purse has a lovely pocket for it! I swear, they probably thought I was some undercover person trying to get ideas or check prices or something! Yep, I took this picture! :-) I could not believe it when I saw these Blue Collar Dolls! These are the small ones...they have big ones! When you squeeze them they say some of their popular phrases & jokes! Ok, I know I talked about rushing the seasons in my last entry but, I'm putting these on my Christmas list! Ha! Well, that is if I get anything this year. You see "Grandma" (my mother!) says I already have 30 checks from this weekend! It was nothing, I'm telling ya! She sets herself up for them! I did tell her, I think it is totally unfair that we can't give our parents check from now on this Santa is going to be watching too! Actually, I'll probably get them before Christmas! I can't wait until Christmas! See, it takes very little to make me happy! Ha!

I'm telling you, looking at their faces, some are not too bad but some...hmmm! I think they also "helped" some of them! Ha! Kinda like a Barbie Effect I guess! Ha! Can you imagine how their family & friends are having fun with them! Ha!

I was just on the Blue Collar Website & they have some funny ringtones for your phone! I haven't seen their new show on the WB...have any of you? What do you think of it?
I like Ron White's version of "If Life Gives you Lemons..." He says, "Make Lemonade then, try to find someone whose life gives them Vodka!" Ha!

Hey, now that I think about it...good stocking stuffers...lets see my brother...oops...don't tell him!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Yipes! What Happened To Summer?

Hurry Up! Get outside & have fun...summer is almost over!

Wait, why do I feel that way? Maybe it is because all the "Back to School" stuff is starting to appear in the stores! YUCK! Summer just seems to go by too fast! I say we need to extend it on both ends! Maybe I need to move to a warmer climate! Ha!

You know I remember complaining many years ago that one could not find a bathing suit in the winter & how it was not fair to those who wanted to go on trips etc. Well, now they definitely have bathing suits out in the winter! Before you are even into a season, they have the next season out! They will have Christmas stuff out soon! Ha!

I know in some ways it is can slowly buy your children's supplies over the summer rather than one paycheck getting killed. Although you do miss the sales if you shop early. I even bought a few items for my niece for her high school locker today! :-) I did find out that end of July is when the sales will begin & figured I'd wait.


I was thinking how the feel (sights, smells etc) of summer even changes. That sounded strange I know but picture yourself as a child. You are just getting out of school for the summer. You go out "to play" the first few weeks and you play in the grass with toys or lay on the ground & watch the clouds. There is a newness or freshness to the air. You begin to hear birds again, see budding flowers poking through the ground. Your mom yells at you to put a jacket on because"your having too much fun to bother getting one even though you notice goose bumps ("people bumps" if you watched Balto!) You still are coming in early because it is getting dark. Isn't also amazing how you could never getup for school but once summer comes you are up at the crack of dawn! Ha!


Then midsummer, more heat & smells of grills. You hear grass being cut & the ice cream truck. The excitement of vacations, amusement parks, and town fairs/carnivals. Summer Love! You smell of chlorine from pools, run in sprinklers, know exactly where the Band Aids are and find the bottoms of your bathing suit is getting a bit worn! Ha! I was at one of my cousin's son's baseball games last week and saw a girl with her bathing suit under her top...string hanging out. The days you lived in your swimsuit...smells of suntan lotion...ahhh. This is when you play hard because it is warmer & you really need to take a bath when you come in! Ha! You play hide & seek even when it is so dark you can't see someone right in front of you! Ha! You don't have to worry about falling asleep because you are exhausted from playing so hard. In fact, you may even ask to go to bed, as my niece has been lately!


Then, we feel the summer leaving. Flowers, the heat, the smell of grills and the light leaves us. The Back-To-School feeling comes in. As Tom Hanks said in "You Got Mail", "the smell of sharpened pencils are in the air." Ha! New fall clothes & shoes for school. The color outside is changing with the leaves new colors. A "cool wet" feeling is in the air. The wind blows, you hear the dry leaves moving, hear the crispness of them under your shoes as you walk & feel them hitting you, as they float down through the air. It is the Fall...the fall of summer. We had sprung into summer and now we see it falling. 

Well, each phase is wonderful, but don't let it pass you by without enjoying it. We will soon be in the final phase of summer...get out there & have some fun before you have to wait until next year!