Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Melting to Michael Buble!

"I'm melting! I'm Melting" And it isn't the heat outside since it is unusally cool at 62 degrees right now! It is Michael Buble! What is with these "young men" and awesome voices! Wow! "Let Me Go Home" does just a song manage to do that! Go to his website, it fully plays right when the site comes up! Actually 3 songs do! If you are old enough to remember the show "Name That Tune"...I can identify it in 1 note while flipping radio channels! Caught it on the way home! Not good to melt when you are driving! Ha!

I can't even enter the site...I'm just listening to the music. He can manage to capture what "Home" means...not a building! :-) And "being too far" like when you are sitting across a table in a restaurant having dinner with your boyfriend & it is just not right! You are too far apart/away from him!

Another song coming on now! this next one..."Feeling Good" is sooo much my spirit!! Dr. Z. is going to be in real big trouble next time I see dare he put a cast on me and prevent me from dancing! No way...I'll figure out how to dance with it! (Sneer of "Just Dare Me!")  This chair is going to break! Ha!

I think I'll have to get a friend to pick this CD up for me! :-)You can go to AOL Sessions & watch him sing some songs & answer some questions! "You Don't Know Me" is also wonderful!

He reminds me of Harry Connick, Jr., who I also love! He was sooo great in "Hope Floats!" ;-)

Take a listen & let me know what you think!


lurkynat said...

Wow..impressive! hugs,nat

sierrajazz said...

I love music and am always looking for new artists and open to hearing new and different things... I will definitely check this out and report back to you.. thanks for sharing.