Monday, November 27, 2006

No Flies On Me....Well..

I just emailed Dr. Dyer what happened in class today. We have been having unseasonably warm weather. Today in class as something was flying near me I put out my hand in the direction & commented to my students, look there are still insects flying around & the fly landed on my hand. They all were agast on how that happened. Then it would not leave my hand. I was waving it, then waving it upside down...wouldn't budge...just cleaned its wings etc. I laughed & said, sure Dr. Dyer's daughter & he have butterflies landing on them & I get flies! HA! Though I guess we should not value butterflies necessarily better than flies! I then said, "Are you the fly on my wall wanting to listen in?" "What family member are you?" HA! We had a great time. One of my students suggested it was pooping on me though! HA! I said sure out of the whole term the one thing you will all remember is this fly. You'll all be saying on campus that I attracts flies! HA! Maybe I still have some work to do but I'm getting further along on the path of wellness! :-)  Did you see Dr. Dyer's new show on PBS? He talks about the butterfly on the cover of his new book Intention...story of one that would not leave his hand for hours.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm Alive!

Yes I am alive! HA! I know I just realized I haven't posted anything in like 3 weeks. John had an entry on excuses a while back...that "I've been busy" one gets overused but that is really my only reason. I have been reading your postings though. I do have a great deal to tell you about. I'll just have to try to post slowly.

I'm trying to relax & enjoy my last day off before my 3 week crunch time at school! Lots to grade but I need to just take this long weekend for myself & re-energize for the next 3 weeks.

I spent Thanksgiving in Chicago! Went to the parade for the first time. The weather was beautiful so I thought why not check that off my list of things to do in my life. Ok, well not a major accomplishment but just an interesting thing to do. I'd really love to go to the NY Macy's one sometime! Ya, that "Miracle on 34th Street" thing. I know I'm a pathetic romantic or just getting old fashion in my ways! HA! Well, I grew up watching all those movies. It was sooo much fun watching the reaction of the children. That is really what it is about. I walked around at the Festival they have on Daley Plaza & found a few items, checked out Fields (oops...I mean Macy's) windows & Carsons! Macy's had Marry Poppins...cute...Carsons was pathetic! I loved going with my grandparents or folks when I was a kid. Back then they were incredible. I still remember the Cinderella one. And they use to have these little boxed ones in the middle of the sidewalk with scenes I think too? Anyone remember those? I have lots of pix. I'll try to get them up in the next couple of days.

Friday I went up to the north suburbs to a parade with my cousin & her little daughter then my older of my two brothers treated me to the Martina McBride Christmas Special....AWESOME!!! I have a few pix from that as best as I could get them. I wasn't a big fan of hers before going but man to hear her sing "Holy Night" accapella was very convincing!

Yesterday I cleaned up the rest of my deck, putting my garden things in the garage finally & put up some new colored icicle lights & then some twinkling ones on the rail. Picked my Santa Cat Flag for this year. It looks pretty good! I love turning the lights off, opening the drapes & just looking at them. I also cleaned up my car a bit...need to still vacuum & bring a few things in but the lower back was not doing too well by the end of the day...oh ya & I fell! Ugh! In the middle of my living room! I know I need bubble wrap for carpeting! HA! I "think" I leaned too much to my left side coming in with some of my pots & all I know is my bad foot twisted & down I went on my legs & hands. Yep, dirt everywhere...what is new! Well, everyone always says when I make a mess I do an excellent job of it. (That is probably in other areas of my life too! HA!) You know high achievers! HA! My foot was twisted under me but I didn't sit on it at least. I think I scared myself more than anything like "OMG I fell...I'm on the floor"  before I could realize it. Being my bad foot this was a huge concern to me. I didn't want another setback...but I tried to calm down & said "It isn't excruciating pain!" So turned & sat on my butt, slowly moved the foot around with my hand...not bad. Got up on good foot & softly walked on other not knowing & it wasn't bad..just kinda strained a bit feeling. It didn't appear to swell or hurt the rest of the evening so maybe Dr. Z. won't kill me. Apparently, it isn't as strong as it should be though and my PT guy is leaving for a Mecca trip for a month...ugh!

Today is cleaning up & decorating day inside. I think I may also go get a small turkey & let the holiday aroma in my place. I ate downtown so I didn't get all that this year. Then I'll have turkey to have during the week. Maybe it will be on sale now too...HA!

Well, I'll try to be better at posting & get some pix up soon. Gotta get started with my day.