Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bueller for President?

Is it possible to not watch Ferris Bueller when you see it on tv? HA! Watching it do they look "young", and do I feel old! HA! After all this time now, it made me wonder..."Where would Ferris be in life today?" HA! That can be very interesting!

Lets see...He can sing a bit... 
He can lounge..

He can have fun with friends and not get caught... Politican? HA!

Speaking of which where do you think they are in life now

What about Jeannie...she needs some major help I think! HA!

And Principal Rooney?

And would she be?

What do you think?

Not the Same Old Retirement!

OMG, what a hysterical night! My mom calls me from AZ where my folks retired to avoid the BLIZZARDS we get! Ugh! She tells me it is 77 degrees there today. Ugh! I'm sending her the ice that is on my SUV from the gutter dripping all over it!

Well, for some time now she has been telling me about this retired area they live in. I told her they should send it in as a show! I mean this is a combo of Golden Girls & Desperate Housewives! OMG! To hear the soap opera of all of them each is like retirment communities are a 2nd college now! Who is sleeping with who (or is that whom?!), who goes commando (nope not the guys!) and on & on! Tonight she tells me her neighbor brought a magazine over a few weeks ago to show my mom & another friend of hers. My mom tells me it has those ladies housecoats...I'm thinking ok, now what the mom is 67 yrs old going on 22! There is no way in H she would want to look at a magazine with them, but I know my mom & this is just the hour before she gets to the point! HA! So then she tells me it has all kinds of physical therapy things, cosmetics, jewelry & TOYS! Did I hear her right? Toys? Of course I asked her...."Mom, did you say Toys?" and my mom say..."Yep!" No...she can't mean...."What kind of Toys?" and she snaps her mom tone..."What kind of toys do you think I mean!" UGH!!!!! Now, I suppose you have to know my mom & this would explain me quite a bit also! HA! Now I'm thinking well what kind of "toys" could it be in a magazine which has these other items, so my mom tells me the website address and I check it out! WELL....certainly not extreme but let me tell you... they got into quite a bit! (Shakes head!) I tell my mom..."I don't think people who need Physical Therapy items should be buying these things! (Oh wait...darn I better take that back! HA!) Or maybe this is why they need the Physical Therapy things." Can you imagine explaining to the doctor! HA! She laughs! Sure...give me an order of a housecoat, a back support brace & throw in some warming oil & an "X"...GEEZ!" OMG! She is such a hoot!  

Now I forgot to mention, I then said well you know Spencers has had items since I was a kid, not too bad but & she says, "Oh ya, they have a "fun store" in a town near where they moved from! I had no clue my mom knew this! I tell her one just opened here, but that is for the people who are from where I grew up. She is like what? I told her "Sure, you don't want to be seeing your neighbor's wife in there or your parents!" Ugh! So everyone from her goes up to the one where I grew up & they come down here! HA! Of course if everyone does that, it still doesn't solve the problem now does it! HA! But you get the idea! This leads to us discussing Ummm lets just say HBO & after all this she tells me I'm on Speaker phone! OMG!!! YES, my dad is in the room measuring to put the new ceiling fan in. (Shake Head!) Good Lord! Now that is hysterical itself...All I had to say was "he is measuring now?" and she says "YUP!" HAAAA! You see there is a male gene that is passed down from generation to generation that prevents them from reading directions first! It is just amazing they have not gotten into more trouble than they have. So yes, dad is measuring after they bought the ceiling fan they fell in love with & bought today! He'll make it fit! HA! The best one was at our first house, all my uncles & cousins came over to put up our first pool. They removed the grass, leveled & laid all this sand only to read the directions when something didn't seem quite sand needed! HAA! We never let them live that one down! This is why it takes them all night to put kids bikes & other toys together Christmas Eve night! HA! I then told my mom it was amazing they managed to have 4 kids...forgetting again I'm on speaker phone! HA!

Between her & that Ellen show piece I just posted I had to take some tylenol! This balanced out the stinky waitress I had tonight! I actually didn't leave a tip at all! I think I've only done that a few other times in my life! Ugh! Well, stay tuned...God knows what will happen next in Retirementland!

Laugh Until You Pee!

You all gotta go to Ellie's & watch this hysterical piece from the Ellen Show! OMG! I pee'd myself from laughing so hard! Instant head rush headache! Don't forget when it is done to look on the right side for a few others with this woman! They are a little funny too.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why You Can't Think Too Much!!!!

Ok, I don't think I have journaled on Tom Friedman's book "The World is Flat yet, have I? When I was off for the 9 weeks after my foot surgery in the fall of 2005 I was surfing the channels as I was laying in the lazy boy with my foot up & came across the National Governor's Association's Conference on C-Span. The Governor from MI was introducing Tom & it intriqued me. Man, talk about BLOWING MY MIND! Which quite frankly takes a lot & I get so high on that! Best Drug for me!  I love men that can do that to me!   To me, stimulating my brain is just as good if not better than sex!  Ok, well an extremely close 2nd! Well, as I tell my students sex is at the brain level & that is why stress causes problems in that department! HA! Ok, before I totally lose it here...back to Tom...HA!

He is a 2 time Pulitzer Prize Winner! His book just went expanded into Education & is now over 500 I have not finished it yet! Watch the speech I heard him give & tell me what you think!

What made me think to share this is my cousin sent me an email with another mind blowing wake up call! Watch This! This is just incredible too. Any student who tells me I am doing too much technology is going to get it!  It is just amazing! I'm thinking of my nieces & what their world will be like. I think I should go get my PhD in Technology? HA! I'd never be out of a job & heck we know there probably will not be any social security by the time I retire & with a teacher's retirement???  At least I could still work & know the latest technology when I'm older! HA!

Well, love to hear what you think after you watch them. As I get into the book I'll share what I learn.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Poor Cupid!

Fell asleep before I got this out last night...oops! Ha! Well, I think this is my cupid! HA! The poor thing. Of course then doesn't look self-inflicted so maybe not! HA! Although I sure have had a lot of men opening doors for me lately. It is rather odd...I mean it is happening again where some are married & they open for me but not for their wives and I'm like "Are you a totally idiot!" Ugh!

Yesterday was very quiet. Campus was open but very few students. I had about 1/2 my Social class but then we were actually talking about Love on Valentine's day so that may have been the draw. Intro next, few less but one of my students brought her two high school brothers who were off and they really enjoyed the class & put down their games to watch the movie I showed on Animal Intelligence. They talked to me after class for about 10 min & were smiling & said they really enjoyed it. I'm so glad they learned something new! My Abnormal class...2 students ugh! I let them go. You'd think later in the day more would show up because they had more time to plow driveways but....? Many of our students are in rural areas so they just could not get to campus.

My PT called & canceled. She said none of the doctors in the building even showed up. I was going to cancel anyways. I thought I would go home right after my office hours but ended up working because today I'm swamped with meetings & I won't get much done. One of my colleagues came by & asked if I wanted to go to dinner. We had not for a long time so we did & so I didn't get home until close to 11! HA!

I didn't even get to watch any romance on tv...oh well...I do during the year so no biggie! I did talk to my class about the media influence & all the movies & what we grew up influencing what we are attracted to etc. It is amazing what movies they have not seen and the music. Do you know none of them had seen Elvis ever on any footage. Well of course I had to show them! HA! Showed them "Burning Love" (Can I get "A Hunka Hunka Burning Love...! ) :-) Talked about wedding & prom songs influencing what we like or reflective of the time etc. So it was fun.

They are all investigating love in different cultures, what men & women are attracted to, something about relationships & marriage etc & they have to interview different age ranges on what the definition of love is. Then they will present a powerpoint. It is always very interesting! I have some doing some very interesting cultures.

I also told them to interview their grandparents etc on how they met & got engaged etc. It is just fascinating when I hear the stories & some are gone now so I can't ask. I told them later you will be sorry you didn't find out, so do it now. I remember talking with someone very special to me & he mentioned the pieces of our puzzle of life missing when someone passes away & how it feels odd. I think it is more pieces of our heart like this picture above...though maybe a few pieces can replace or match so when someone leaves someone replaces or maybe it just makes it more 3D...fuller? I mean not totally replace but close enough fit that it heals more? Hmmm? And I think it is true with finding someone...we are looking for that most important piece that is the very key to figuring out the rest & making it easier to complete it....where are my puzzle people? You know what I'm talking about on that right?!

Now whatcha think of this necklace? I saw it & kinda liked it! Problem is I can't remember where I saw it! HA! Sorry! Has diamonds in the center loops where you come together. I like that higher level of love where you intertwine... :-) Well, I hope you all had a lovely V-Day! Mine was quiet & just nice. Gave candy to my students who did come & went & passed it along to my colleagues...good stuff Doves! :-) Remember love is not just about 1 day! Keep it all year round like the Christmas Spirit! Heck, with the prices of everything on Valentines day I'm all for having your own personal valentines day. Just buy the cards after V-day & save them for throughout the year. I have a stash! HA! Well, sometimes there are some awesome ones & you know when you want it they won't be there! HA! All it takes is a little hand picked daisy or heck I love the thought in a dandelion even...see we get people to spray our lawns & no dandelions...we just kill the romance! HA! Ok, enough...have a great day today!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My sick sense of Valentines! HA!

This should tell you alot about me! HA! I love these!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Suzy Snowflake is Pooped!

Well we have a snow watch for late Monday evening through Tues & 6-9 inches of snow supposedly right where I am!    Well depends...Weather Channel saying that but CBS just said 4-6 now...ugh! "Blizzard like conditions" Tues morning! Well I only have 1 class Tues but I'll still take the day off & stay home toasty rather than go out in a blizzard. It would be even better if there was someone here to be toasty with the cats don't do it! HA! In fact, I think they are not thrilled when I stay home. I mean they usually have peace & know you hear that phrase all the time & isn't that really redundant? Why am I this old & just noticing that? Ugh! Anyways...I think they would rather I not be home petting, hugging, and kissing them to death! HA! Except Country...he probably figures he can eat earlier!

It figures too since I went & got the salt washed off my SUV today since I had a ticket still from summer. At least I have a free wash for the next 5 days so I can always go Friday and get the new snow off.

Do you remember Suzy Snowflake? I loved watching her when I was a kid...still remember the song and sing it to my niece. She is still having fun this winter, certainly on the East coast, but now she seems to want to visit the midwest! Boy am I going to love when spring finally gets here & I can plant!


Friday, February 9, 2007

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!

I can't get enough of this bumper sticker site! Gotta order a few!!!

Hee Hee...I'm in a mood I guess! HA!

I wonder what did it?




Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Just a Little Winter Daydreaming!

I'm leaving this so you can enlarge & take a look! I got this in my email today. It is The Caves in Negril,  Jamaica.  We just got dumped on today with 6 inches of snow...though it is light fluffy stuff that is pretty, boy does this sunny place look sooooo nice! Where is my Prince Charming to just pick me up & take me away to to this lovely relaxing, sunny, warm escape!

Man....I could soooo use this right now! HA! I'll have to keep this email & go someday! Click on the link & take a look & then at the bottom it has a picture & click on that one too for more. I'm telling you that would be such an awesome Valentines Day present! Some MAJOR points! HA!    And I have presidents day off so that is an extra free day! Ahhhhhhhhh...someday!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Difference in #1 & #2!

Love the fly by!!!

1st Quarter....

YES! God...first time a touchdown from a kickoff! Love it! The bears are going to murder them! One of the announcers said it was better for nerves to be on defense rather than start with offense & I yelled back "Yes, and it is the Colts who need to be nervous!!!" HA! We aint (yes, I said that!) nervous baby!


* Rock/Paper/ ok
* Dorritos...Dumb
* Blockbuster Critters...Ok...I must have a very dirty mind tonight! HA! What a waste! HA!
* Sierra Mist - Beard Comb-over...
* Sierra Mist - Karate...ha...the blonde one "Are you registered for this class" reminds me of a guy from college who was in! Hmm!

What is with the network? If they can't keep the sound & video actually going without interruption give it to some other network! Geez!

DANG...who was suppose to be covering Wayne? Pathetic! ....yes that snap may make all the difference! Oh sure, blame the they don't ever have rain during the regular season! NO EXCUSES! For either team!


* FedEx...ugh
* Bud Light...Auction...actually I thought it was pretty funny! That is pretty much what guys are thinking...get to the party! Ha!

Ugh...yep I said no excuses...geez! this is going to be one nasty game I think! OMG...Haggerly is from my I didn't know that. Now look at that turn over...this is going to get nasty. I predict a fight....I'm just feeling it!


* Snickers....OMG! Those poor guys are going to get so razed but they actually would be remembered for it so maybe it will help them get acting roles. I'm sure all the guys went nuts with this one! HA!
* Quattro....dull...why!
* Pride...saw preview in theater...looks AWESOME!
* Chevy...AWESOME Diversity!
* Bud Light...classroom...HA! I loved it!
* Oprah/Dave...AWESOME! That is just AWESOME!!!!!!! Did I miss something? Did they make a bet?

Yep totally a push out...Dang Cedric hitting your head shouldn't make your hands open up! Geez!  Blitz them like crazy I say!

Man that looked nasty...Colt on Benson's leg going sideways...ick!

2nd Quarter....


* Coke...well I've been seeing in the theaters but maybe some have not. It is pretty good idea...the rats dancing crack me up.

[We just got a flood warning in our area! Ugh...3 degrees right now. At least they don't have to play in this cold. Man it sure would be nice to have off tomorrow!]


* Garmin...great! Love it!
* Doritos grwocery store...ick
* Chevy...Car Washing...HA! Now if they had it as some great studs you'd get all the women to buy one but I think that is going to work against them! Ha!
* Bud Light...face slapping...pathetic!
* Heart one...pretty good idea.
* Prince...awww poor Prince is going to be in the rain...I'm so upset! HA!
* GM...Robot...that was pretty cool! Always Loved that song!
* Coke...again in the theaters & I think it could be a bit better...pix of wonderful people or something!
* Wild Hogs...looks stupid funny! :-)
* Sprint...connectile dysfunction...HA!

Poor Benson...will it make the difference now? Hmmm? It has to be so hard to watch & not be able to do anything to help.

Ugh...Grossman should have to catch snaps in the rain for hours as his punishment!!!


* Coke...never had one before...pretty good idea but could have been better.

Ordered my pizza! :-) Thin & Crispy Pizza Hut...onion, green pepper & mushroom! YUM!



* March Madness was pretty good! 

I want Howie...where is Howie! Dang! Marino doesn't even come close! Ya, so they are in FL but still! Oh is this why Marino went on the diet? Because he was going to be on tv today? Have you seen those commercials??

Alright I'm not a Prince fan but that was classy having a Marching Band...I wonder who it was. Great way to promote the arts in education! Get them the exposure!!! Love those black outfits & boots on the I wish! HA! This foot just doesn't know what it is missing! HA!   

HA!!! the screen...that is quite some Phallic Symbol there! Did you all catch that! HA! Freud would have a field day with that one! HA! You know what they say about needing to overcompensate! Ha! Actually, you look at that symbol of a stage & doesn't it look like a combo of the feminine & masculine signs??? Hmmm?

Pizza's here 15 min early! Wow! They have no tv at Pizza Hut! How can you work & not know man! Not even a radio??? How Pizza Hut treats their employees I tell you! Heck, they should have tvs in the restaurant & maybe people would come!

Ick...too much sauce!


* Bud Light...Girlfriends over...HAAAA! I loved it! Of course we can do the reverse also!

Ya, I agree...the Bears are dying down quite a bit & that is just not right! What is the deal? I agree that defense should not be out on the field that much. What are they doing??? I think the Bears were thinking they would crush the Colts, came out that way & then when all of a sudden it started to look like the Colts did get to the Superbowl for a good reason they didn't get it. What is with them? The Bears are just not looking at good as at the beginning of the game.

OK, I missed it...who wants to marry Oprah?

Ugh 1/2 the 3rd quarter...this is getting bad what is Urlacher doing dropping back so much? All the blitzes are what was going good in the first half. I don't get it.


* Meet the Robinsons...saw it previewed in the the caffiene patch one...going to use that clip for class.
* E*Trade...that was pretty good!
* Bud Light...Gorrilla
* Revlon..Sheryl Crow...Oh good lord...I'm sorry but I didn't care for it. It could have been much more creative than that! Heck, something like your color won't fade away as fast as other things: maybe guys bringing flowers etc. HA!

Ok, well that is a good first Bears down.  Oh man that was pathetic...the sack...that is saying sooooo much! Oh ok, he just tripped but 2nd know this just doesn't feel good. They should deduct $ from their paycheck when they play that bad!


* The Careerbuilder ones
* Taco Bell...Lions...ha! I love it! HA!
* Van Heusen...oh Baby I totally agree....give me more of those commercial with men who make me drool...nothing like a great dressed man! Speaking of which were are the Jockey & Fruit of the Loom commercials with the guys in the underwear??? ;-)
* Two & 1/2 Men..."When did you get Mojo!" HAAAA! Love it!

Missing a block should get you suspended for games without pay! GEEZ! Face Mask...well at least they are getting some fire in them. Heck, I hate to say this but you win the are not going to care about some fine! Thank God they didn't make that TD! EXACTLY...I said more blitzes earlier...geez where are these announcers! LATE! Dang what are the Bears thinking with giving all those big wholes? Geez! They are more concerned with getting the crowd louder than paying attention & making the plays. Make the plays & you will get the crowd!


* Robert younger people even know who he is? Geez I barely do!
* FedEx...judging by name...that was funny
* Nationwide...Federline...that is just too funny!
* Bud Light...AX/Bottle Opener...HAAAA!

Hnmm..unnecessary roughness...good...I'm still say they are tettering on a fight! They better get a TD now or it will be real sad! You know I wouldn't have minded losing my voice from screaming...even if I had to struggle in class tomorrow! Geez! I haven't screamed with joy in so long...Dang...ya screaming here but not for the right reason...OMG! Ok, now lets have that field goal matter! They didn't retire McMahon's number? Why the hell not? Geez!

 Well...are the Bears doing this really to make it an interesting game to the end? Hmm? Why bother? Why not slaughter them!


* WaMu...OMG...that is just pathetic...just P. Whipped!
* NFL...I love the coke one like that.
* Budweiser it! HAAA! Now that was creative...who came up with that!
* Anyone using Elvis gets Thumbs up from me...thanks for making my hips go wild! ;-) And I should add...the accupuncture really made a difference this weekend!!!! Don't want to overdo it though!

Yes, we'll take those false starts. Chicago can still win this game...YOU GOT IT BABY! Now if they could just hear that & do it! Harrison should see my accupuncturist tomorrow! HA! Finally the Bears...Dang...geez! What is with Tait...Chicago showing patience...that is not how I would explain it....thank God! ...we need some good major throws down the field! OMG!!!! This is pathetic....the Bears do not deserve to win with this! Clearly inside...well no team did a kick-off TD so it would be great if they could come back losing by 12! Just what they are made of in their hearts!


* E*Trade...1 finger...I liked it.
* Yes, Hannibal Rising...can't wait! Hope it is good!

Rex Grossman...yep he is going to be hearing about it from all of Chicago for a very long time! Well take that sack! About time! Exactly...there should have been a whole lot more of that much earlier! I told you they were close to a fight! I think they need that more quite frankly! You don't deserve to win if you don't keep the intensity throughout the whole game! You can relax all day tomorrow and the off season quite frankly!

You know...there wouldn't been anything better to make the Colts feel bad than to lose it after all this...hmmm! You know you give me wholes like that & geez I could run it! Too bad we can't pick an UN-MVP! How can the Bears not have known the Colts would not be running & defend for that? Geez! Look at those wholes they are giving them. That makes all the difference! We need Sweetness back! That is the difference between this Bears team & the last one...we had a whole lot of MAJOR had McMahon, Sweetness, Fencik, Singletary, Hampton, Fridge...ETC! It wasn't just an Urlacher....sorry Rex is just not a McMahon! I know...I'm not meaning to totally dish just because they are losing now but  you can see they are not standing out like the other team. They have every right to be proud of what they did in the season but if you want to win the Superbowl you have to have consistency and be just as strong throughout the game. You can't give up. You have to be in their face! You have tobe intense! Just pathetic on our part...I'd like to hear some explanation from our know maybe that "Superbowl Shuffle" cockiness is needed...we just don't have that. Love to hear what Mike Ditka thinks & the other players from the past.  Chicago will be getting it from IN now the rest of the year! Ugh! I'm sure I'll be back during the week making more comments as others comment in the media. Ahhhh...this is going to be one long week...would have sure helped the frigid cold if we had won! 1 degree here now! Well...lets see if it is nuts here next summer...I'm sure it would have been worse for training if we won but will it still be interesting to see what happens.

Dang, Shannon Sharpe is one wide man! Ha! Oh boy...see what happens! They have left me to do nothing else but check out the men! HA! Maybe that is ok though! ;-)

I have to work for it. You can't rely on just the freak plays & hoping the opposing team makes a mistake. You have to make the consistent solid plays yourself. Ok, lets hear what everyone else thinks over the week. The Chicago Bears do have a lot to be proud of. They got to the Superbowl & that is something that does say a lot but when it comes to being #1 vs #2 you have to have that extra & they just didn't tonight!

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Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby!


Chicago is Ready!

My Cousin just sent me these pix! Thought you might like to see them.

Now that is a Super Bowl!

Had to snag this it! How come the toilet bowl cleaners haven't thought of this for marketing...ha! I mean Wheaties sure but.... HA! And heck the football players should do some service announcements on reducing road rage...keep it on the field idea!

Late last night Bryant Gumble, who I will say I am not a fan of, had a segment on his show about retired football players not getting disability. Now this apparently is in their contract & one player who had a 7 year court case did just win. He unfortunately died prior but his family will get the 1.5M. They said they are getting a pension of 24K...salaries then were about 26K compared to what they get today despite the fact that it was a much rougher game then it is today & they had more severe injuries as a result. One guy had 7 operations this year...100 days in the hospital & he was only 56 years old & man he looked so much older than that. Another was actually even younger & coached a bit for MSU (where I worked on my PhD) but now can't even do that.

At first I thought, what are they complaining about they knew what they were getting into & get the salaries etc but this show really made me think. It is in their contract but what the union guy is saying is he works for the current players and not the retirees. Of course the current players do not care about them nor are they thinking about their futures. It was just so sad. Mike Ditka was being interviewed. He and many other retirees either do not go or no longer go to the Hall of Fame ceremonies any longer. This was brought up by a new inductee who made comments about this for his acceptance speech. They said the NFL union is the worst in all the leagues. They were comparing to baseball & man what a difference & that is not a contact sport. I wonder what hockey does??? hmmm?

It was very interesting. Try to catch it! 

2 in a Lifetime???


Well, lets see if I will have two in a lifetime. I swear though, if I heard one more announcer say it had been over 20 yrs since the last one I was going to scream! Ugh! Talk about making one feel old! Yep, I was in college when they won last! Man! I remember that party so well...the goofy chili we made, the champaign bottles hanging from the ceiling tiles! HA! Those were good times! :-)

Today was crazy in the Jewel...geez between people stocking up because of the weather this weekend & the Superbowl parties the check-out lines down the aisles! Ugh! And they were playing the Bears song so much it was getting annoying.

It is currently -1 degrees! UGH! My Weather Channel Desktop keeps changing for the next few days. It did say -10 for tomorrow now a bit better. Just Crazy! My folks even had snow last week in their backyard in the valley & not just the big mountain you can see in their backyard! Man! Dad says he still remembers in '68 or '69 going to get a battery for his dad's car & it was -25 on the thermometer...this is the same man who now doesn't want me to drive if it is snowing just a bit. Ugh! I would have been too young to remember then but I remember a bit older it being that cold. I remember wearing dresses & I had to wear thick tights & then then pants & I think even ski pants over them then...I'm like what is the point of wearing the dress then? Ha! Now I'm praying school is closed on Mon. HA!

Well, I better get some sleep for tomorrow's fun! :-)