Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Response To John's Audio Entry

My response to John's Audio Entry today....

Well, aside from that fact that it is only 1,000 women surveyed AND we do not know who these 1,000 women are - East, West, all one race, age, ETC!! And roughly half? Hmm...wouldn't it be also interesting to now ask their husbands & see what they thought! Ha!

Well, lets see, women may be recording kids many men call from work frantic...can you record the game for me (don't mean to stereotype! Replace with any show per gender for your liking!).  They may be recording their own shows so they can watch when the kids & mate is not around & they get some time of peace & quiet! Do women watch more tv than men in the first place? I wonder? Well then it would make sense they would have the need. Not sure though if they do...I mean they are running around with kids etc so maybe not? Maybe the need is purely to take care of their kids & mate and not their own shows?

Now as to your "control" idea. How can women still "have control" though men think they have control! Ha! (laughter of a mad scientist here!) :-) It reminds me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when Tula's mom & aunt show her how to make her dad think he came up with the idea of her working in her aunt's travel agency. :-) I love that one! So do my nieces who are now learning about "the ways of life & men" through media! Ha!

There are many ways men & women learn to "control" their significant other (ask men & officers about women crying!) ....though I don't think "control" is always the word to use. It does sound quite sinister & I don't think that is always what it is about. Sure some do, just like in business, politics etc., but I think many times we do change our behavior for our mate to make them happy because we love them. I mean really that is what it "should be" about. I may hate to wash dishes, but I do it because I love him. How many put up with snoring mates and unfortunately so much more, though I think the definition of love is defined wrong there! If I know my mate is so upset they are crying (authentically) and I change my behavior so they are not upset, is that necessarily "just control?" If my mate is angry over something I really didn't mean to upset him (her) about, is it "control" which is changing my behavior? I think that is love. I do things for my nieces & other family members I don't particular want to, simply because I love them. I think it only becomes "control" when you do abuse the methods of changing your mate's (or someone's) behavior to always get what you want. A selfish act, which is not love at all!

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