Sunday, July 17, 2005

High Schoolers Even Say They Are Underprepared!

Extremely interesting article discussing a survey of high school teen's attitudes toward their education! The article states that high schoolers feel they have been let down by the education system. The National Governor's Association survey reported 10, 378 teens. It does not state if this survey was across the country, what types of schools ETC! This information is very important in assessing the context of the results.

The survey stated:

large majority of high school students say their work is not very difficult, and almost two-thirds say they would work harder if courses were more demanding or interesting..."

"Mr. Tucker said American schools had been too slow to adapt high school curriculums to the real-life demands of college and the workplace. Except for that small fraction of highly motivated students with an eye toward prestigious private colleges and state universities, many more students, he said, are under the impression that just having a diploma qualifies them for the rigors of college and the workplace."

As a college professors I am surprised they admit to this. I'll have to discuss this with my students come fall term. What do you think?


swibirun said...

Thanks for the comment in my journal.  I've scanned yours this morning and was impressed...."alerts on".

Rugby looks like an adorable Weimaraner.  We've had two.  One died of a stroke in 1999, she was an angel.  The other lives in Florida now with my mother in law, he was the devil, ha ha.

Here is some more fodder for this entry.  In their book Crucial Confrontations, Patterson et al cite a study that found that 44% of polled workers reported putting in as little effort as they could get away with without being fired (17).  In a seminar I attended, one of the authors, Al Switzler, cited that their research showed 75% of workers feel that they could be more effective at work.  So the question is, are students learning "discretionary effort" from their parents/culture or did the workers learn it in school.......hmm chicken or the egg?


asianchic9990 said...

I loved seeing the urs was like the 3rd id gotten..ever. :9. anyways im still in high school so yea...dont know anything about dorm lines...buta thanx for sharing Me THinks TOo Much. your quite informative arent you? you kinda remind me of Hermoine Granger in harry potter (since i just finsished it last night lol)...always knowing things. anyways. yea so anyways...ive never been to your journal b4 so our entrys were entirely coincidental. so yea...going to be a sophmore in august! yaahhH!!!!!!!!!!

lurkynat said...

Remeber No child left behind? what are your thoughts there..the two comments have a similar origin