Monday, July 18, 2005

NGA: "Graduation Counts"

The National Governor's Association's "Graduation Counts" press conference explained how states had different ways of assessing graduation rates & thus comparing was problematic. As Governor Baldacci from 
Maine mentioned "it is like comparing basketball stats, but one team lowered the basket to 8 feet & everyone has 10 feet above the floor." What does it mean when you reduce standards & say we have great rates/stats? Amazing to me this has gone on for so long.

I found the following interesting!

Gov. Vilsak of
Iowa:  "Indeed all students will have to go beyond High School."

Gov. Baldacci of
Maine: "You are not competing with each other but with the world."

"...the reality is over 50 yrs of studies has been found the #1 predictor of success, whether or not a student will COMPLETE, not enter, college is not race, is not social economic status, it is whether or not they had access to & participated in a rigorous curriculum at the high school level."

Gov. Pawlenty of Minnesota:

"Just one generation ago if you didn't do well in school or were not focus or in a rigorous post high school pathway, you could still get a strong back job and  jobs back then would often pay wages & benefits packages that you could make a living on for you & your family; and of course the economy has changed to the point where these strong back jobs with those kinds of wage and benefits levels have largely disappeared so there's a in short an increased emphasis on strong mind jobs so that requires more than just the traditional amount of students on a post high school rigorous & relevant pathway and of course one measurement of how well we are doing with that is in regard to graduation rates..."

Gov. Granholm of

Greatest indicted of their states success is the number of people with a college degree."

She talked about how being a manufacturing state was great in the past but the challenge now.

Gov. Blanco of Louisiana:

"Poverty is too expensive & the cure is to get peopole with paying jobs with healthcare benefits. The way to do this is to get people good educational experiences."

Gov. Bredesen of Tennessee:

"...many people said it wasn't fair to hold high standards of poor inner city schools. What a terrible thing tosay to students when they are starting out with a lower set of expectations."

"Children are good at responding to expectations...set them low they will meet them but set them high & they will also meet them."

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lurkynat said...

yeah everything is nailed to the ground in exploration and art unless it is a private school.... encouragement not to make us all look bad????? Since when does that help anyone in this world grow or learn