Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Camping for????

Ok, maybe this is just me but someone please explain to me the purpose of this tent. I tried! I envisioned a family, mom & dad in the "Great Room" and kids on the sides. Ok, then maybe the middle is for when it rains, talking, eating, playing cards & two are to sleep but I'm just thinking why not just one big tent...I mean give me a break it is a tent, you are still going to hear everything! So what you just don't want to see your dad holding your mom or if you went with "friends" you are afraid your neighbor is going to roll over & grab your wife instead of his own? Two Tents!!!!! I don't know...maybe I'm not seeing something or getting it but it just seems goofy to me!

OHHHHH I get it! Ok, so you are camping with your "significant other" and you get into a fight...you have neutral corners! Ha! You can come to the center, "discuss" for a bit & then back to "your own space!" Ha! Ahhh I think it is better to just be able to kick one out in the rain! Ha! Actually, really it is better that you have to stay together...maybe you'll actually solve your problem!

Ok, if anyone else has any other ideas let me know!!!!

BTW...want to give credit...can be found here ... just in case someone wants to have some fun! ;-) Ahhh Camping, Fishing...have to get that on my To Do List!

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