Monday, March 31, 2008

Not a Good Start! Ugh!

Well, the only thing that makes is a bit better with a bad start to the Cubs season is.....

The Soxs Chocked after being tied! :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Boys Being Boys?

Ok, I'm sure this is just me that is totally being maternal or something but does anyone have a logical reason why little boys need to do this kind of fighting? I want to know what mothers are allowing this? And the fathers....oh man they must have some real masculinity issues if they have to have their sons doing this? Lets see them out there with some adult guy fighting like this. Then again maybe they are & that is the type of "man"...I need another word, they are not a man to me...they are! No I'm not generalizing to all in this area. My one bro wrestled for a while in HS but it is very different than this! Yes, football is aggressive & hey hockey has its testosterone moments but this is just so over the line to me. Ok, what do you think?  

Prayers Needed

I'd like to ask you all for some prayers...

First, my oldest niece flew back in from my folks in AZ & met her mom's plane to see her great-grandmother who was in the hospital & they "finally" found out she had cancer. When the plane came in they had a call already that she had coded & was on life support & they were waiting for the girls to get to the hospital. They took her off & she passed away about 4:45am. My other niece does not know yet. Her plane comes in on Sun. The wake will be Sun & Funeral Mon so far we think. If you can please keep them in your prayers I would appreciate it.

Also, my "baby bro" (don't tell him I said that!) had some idiot come from behind & hit him in the face. Busted cheek bone...nasty looking eye right now. He sounds ok & I'm sure he is also putting on a brave front for me as all men tend to do "I'm fine!" Ah ha! Ha! If you could still keep him in your prayers. Man I wish I was much as a tiny part of me would have liked to deck the idiot who is a coward in my mind for coming from behind, I know I would be just as bad as him. He should pay very dearly. I tried to convince my "I'm fine" brother that this IDIOT is probably dealing with things like this in his life and so he may be hitting his kids or a wife or whomever & it must be stopped! I don't put up with that...but to guys this is just a scrap on the playground you know...UGH! Hopefully, he will see the potential seriousness to this & press charges.

Ok, gotta get in the shower & deal with this god awful hair...the longer it gets the wilder it looks in the morning! No wonder those woman in the old days would put it up in a ponytail or something overnight! HA! To me that would be worse I'd think? I'm getting it trimmed & sparkly tomorrrow morning! Nope...I'm letting it grow. It is getting so long now & I love it. Have a good day!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

He's A Keeper

Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure what message God is sending me tonight or trying to reinforce what I have in me but...

First, I see on AOL this article on "How To Know He is a Keeper" Did you see it? I liked it & agree I think with everything. What do you think? Although true for whether she is a keeper too I think.  

Next, Oprah comes on with Seal & Heidi. I was surprised how good it was & found myself saying where are more men like him! HA! He kept holding Heidi's hand, they get married every year (I LOVE that idea!) and he says his wife comes first, then family & then career. I love that. I have told people God was first & then that order. I think really God comes through how you are with the rest of the order. It is your relationships with God that grounds you on what your purpose is on this planet & thus makes the rest make sense & tells you what your priorities are in order. Maybe that is just me though? He also said that Heidi is his best friend or buddy first & then his wife. He said when you are best friends there is respect & you don't want to hurt them or disappoint them etc. I love that idea too & do believe that. I remember he said he learned the idea of "Happy Wife, Happy Life" Ha! I think that would be true if the wife equally says "Happy Husband, Happy Life" and it is not one sided or either takes advantage etc. It should give you please & make your heart warm to make their heart warm, make them smile & yes even cry with happy tears as he did when Heidi found his foster family & got them together. 

Thanks God for the reminder & reinforcing this. It makes me smile & say yes...worth waiting for! :-)

Lights Out

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I'm still alive...just been soooo busy since I got back from Spring Break! I'll explain later.

Wanted to let you all know though of "Lights Out" for March 29th! 8-9pm we are asked to participate in turning off our lights, all but for safety, to help with Global Warming. I think an easy thing to do! :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Problem With Spring Break

Hi Everyone!

The problem ends! HA!

This is the mountain in my folks backyard! Isn't it lovely! It is the Santa Ritas! They got snow on it earlier this week. So sad...I leave to go home tomorrow! I would like to stay a little bit longer. Time sure flies...guess I was having fun then. My sis & nieces are flying here tomorrow though. I will spend my Easter with my bros & then I'll have to go see Dr. Z & pick up Country before work Mon! Ugh! But....only 7 more weeks & then finals week! :-) YA! Summer is going to be here before you know it! I am teaching the summer but only 2 days a week & so that will be soooo nice.

Lets see...yesterday we went shopping for Easter and then in the evening we went out to dinner and visited our 7 churches for Holy Thursday I have traditionally done with my folks for many years. My folks use to walk to them when they were kids, but they lived in an area where every couple of blocks there was a church then. Dad has fun mapping them all out. It was fun seeing new churches here and what they look like. I also sat outside in the sun for a bit & read my book for my class.

Today, I actually slept an hour later than all week. My clock is off since it is 2 hours earlier here. We made a few returns & went out for a lovely fish fry. I colored Easter Eggs tonight...the signs of Easter...multi colored fingers! HA! To Do List....major manicure! HA! Tomorrow mom will take them to be blessed with the food. I'll miss it for the first time as I will be in the air flying! I'll lose the 2 hours too so I won't get back until late. It was about 80 degrees here today...not the same 80 as back home. In folks place is 78 degrees in it right now & man it is totally comfortable! They have ceiling fans but great to not have to pay for air conditioning! OH...I forgot to tell you. I was watching the birds...I guess I was a peeping poor male dove was getting rejected by 3 females. He kept trying to "surprise them from behind" but he never got any satisfaction! HA! Well, then I hear the quail sqwaking and I turn & look & there goes a bobcat!!!!! It was soooo cool! My dad went out later & I followed him to see if he could get a picture! Don't ask...same reason men go out to watch the tornado coming! HA! Ok, I can't tease too much because I will sometimes too. HA! We couldn't find it though. Probably a good thing.

I only have 4 more items on the Find It game! HA! I just hate the fact though that I have to leave & have not found them. I'm going to have to get one for me...maybe for my office to chill! HA! Wait...I think it is frustrating too so?? Hmmm?

Well...that is it for now...later...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Goin' Wild...HA!

Hi Everyone!

Today my folks took me to Tucson. We went to the Sabino Canyon & up the Santa Catalina Mountain range on a 45 min tram tour. It was fun. The didn't go all the way up to where they normally do, as they are still fixing the road that was washed out from last year. Last year my niece didn't get to either. They should have it fully repaired in July. It was still great! I had a great time & took lots of pictures. I'll get them up ASAP!

We then did a bit a walking on the trails. Took a picture of a crested Cactus. I saw a lizard scurring across the trail & some little chipmunks running around & know "that time of the year!" ;-) They were up on their hind legs & fighting with their front cute! Saw 2 cardinals & 1 hummingbird. Quail are everywhere! I love the outdoors & hiking so I really had a great time today.

Then we went & did a bit of shopping for my nieces for Easter & then out to a Mexican restaurant which was really good. We were pooped and have been just vegging at home for the evening. I watched the 2nd half of the HS Reunion. I forgot about it. I'll have to post my thoughts on it later! Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow. I haven't heard from 2 of my friends in Phoenix. They have been giving me grief for years to come out & they knew I was coming a few weeks ago??? Oh well, they miss out, then it is their turn to come see me. It was about 72 degrees today! :-) It is suppose to be high 70s tomorrow! YA!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Lovely Day For Me

Hi Everyone!

Well, before I went to bed I wanted to let you all know I had a lovely day. Yes, I am official another year older. I had a lovely day. My folks took me to Tubac to shop! They got me two charms for my charm bracelet...a indian feather and a little lizard dude! :-) The temperature was about 70 so that was so nice for me. We had sandwiches in a quaint deli & I did some people watching. We then came back & I met some friends of my folks. They were a hoot! The woman is like 69 yrs old & you would never believe it. Her boyfriend of 11 yrs who lives with her (YA...keep listening!) is 82 & that shocked me even more. There is no way he is 79! She knew what "Helicopter Parents" where & the expression! Wow! Now this is the couple who have pictures in their home hanging of naked I am NOT kidding. Mom says in the bathroom they have a picture of Can Can girls in a chorus line & if you look at it twice you realize they are all naked! HA! As we are leaving she is calling for her husband to say goodbye. He isn't coming so she says to me, "He is probably on the dirty net" I almost died laughing! He is a retired police officer from Long Island! Mom says her husband sent her to some weight loss thing, which I can't believe because she is thin, and he said...OMG...because he couldn't lift her to get her on the kitchen counter to "do it"! Do you believe this? I'm like this senior area is like a Desperate Housewives for the elderly. Then the woman is complaining about the new neighbors saying their dogs are left out for 2 days with noone home. She call the cops etc & she tells me "I told the dogs to Shut the F*%$ up!" I'm just laughing like OMG I can't believe I'm hearing all this! I'm going to write a book on all of them! Ok, so that was a good portion of my humor for the day & some perspective on age or shall I say LIFE and how I feel really young quite frankly with them being the age they are and how young they appear to still be as far as their spirits!

Next my folks take me to the Casino near them that has this fancy restaurant near the theater there that has all the shows like Willie Nelson & the Platters etc. They had prime rib & I almost did but I went for the shrimp pesto pasta. I love pesto & haven't had it in so long. They surprised me with a little dessert with a candle. Dad & I ate it. Incredibly rich chocolate think? Not cheesecake but like that & with strawberry topping & a strawberry. I love strawberries. Then we went into the Casino. I should say I am not a Casino person. I only went twice when my one brother was in the industry for like 9 yrs. So I put my $5 in the 2 cent slot machine. Little fishies! HA! It lasted about 10 min. Mom spent $6 also & lasted about 15 min & then we left! HA! Sunday they had taken me to Bingo which did have a game for $800.00 but didn't win anything all night. Man are those Bingo players a breed also! Wow! It was fun though! I was 1 number away a few times! The games were so wild though! OH & this other man my folks introduced me to is 82 & he hit on me! No joke. He keeps my hand that I'm shaking his with & he says if you need someone to go to dinner with just call him...until Wed..that is when his girlfriend will be back in town! HA! He has devilish eyes too! What a flirt! HA! My mom even warned me. Now he & his girlfriend do not live together...they just "visit each other" as my Mom puts it! HA! My folks have the poop on everyone around here. So funny! Everyone knows everyone but they have a great time! They sit in their Arizona rooms with the patio furniture & drink & have fun...I think we should start this much earlier! HA!

We came back home & Mom & I watched Feast of Love! OMG...are they making rated R movies more nude or am I just getting old? My one niece saw it & I'm thinking wow! But I will say it was a good movie as far as meaning. Very deep but I think they could have still done all the meaning without going so far with the nudity. I just think they could have gone so far and been more suggestive....we get the point, we are not stupid! HA! Am I getting old? This must be a sign! HA! It is all about being brave with love & not giving up. Trying again when you have been hurt...again and again and again...That I do love and agree with.

Oh I forgot to tell you, when we were in a store in Tubac, the song came on "They say its your Birthday..." HA! Isn't that just too funny...what is the odds?
I will admit I am not too fond of uneven number birthdays. I know I should just be grateful to reach it & live another day but there just seems to be something about them that is not quite right. My birthday being the 18th is even numbered so maybe that is it, but then the year I was born in uneven so? It was like when I was 27 it felt old? Ha! Probably just me but...I know, I know...I wish I was 27 now...don't think it is old now. Well, maybe not? What was I doing at 27? HA!

On another note, I bought my folks this Find It game. It is suppose to be this great cognitive thing. I'm playing it! I have 8 more things to find & it is driving me crazy! So frustrating! HA! Nasty for high need for achievers! HA!

Ok, I'll keep you posted! When I get back I'll try to upload pictures.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry a bit late...

Yesterday my folks too me to the DeGrazia Gallery which I really liked.

Then we went to the San Xavier del Bac Mission which was lovely. They are still restoring it but it was still great. I climbed up 1/2 way this mountain that had this cross on top.

When I got to the part I had to climb on rocks I watched others do it, then thought of Dr. Z...he'll kill me if I screw up my ankles or my broken toe. Then I thought of my back & it was earlier in the week. I didn't want to ruin my spring break my folks were so lovely treating me to. I said, "Ok, this will be something I can come back for & I went 1/2 way so that was a good compromise. I did more than I might have so that felt like I still achieved something & didn't let it stop me totally!

Then later in the evening we picked up a friend from our neighborhood I grew up in as a little girl that is living here for the winter & we went out for a lovely corn beef & cabbage dinner, I usually ask for it on my family birthday party (shhh next entry!). It was fun. We then came home & mom, dad & I watched a show on Ansel Adams which was fascinating. Dad has me addicted to NCIS with Mark Harmon. My brother got me addicted to Stargate. Boston Legal isn't on tonight as far as I can tell?

Well, I'll post on today later. Hope you had a lovely day of Green yesterday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break!

Hi Everyone!

I'm flying out tomorrow (technically today) in the afternoon for AZ! Spring Break is soooo needed right now. My parents are treating me to come see them. I need it. I've been sooooo busy the last couple of weeks. This morning I was up north, then classes then took the train to Chicago for PT...then run errands before I leave....I'm exhausted again just thinking about it!

Oh I have SUCH happy news! It made me cry tears of joy! My PT people moved 2 floors up to a bigger place & they had a Total Gym in there. I said it was a tease since I have not been able to use mine since I injured my foot like 7 yrs ago. My PT said I could do it! I was soooo overwhelmed. I was on it & just it was the most incredible feeling! Like I was back in a way to where I was before I injured my foot. I love my Total Gym. When I get back I'm on it! Watch out! I thought my back would not let me or what else the ankles, knees etc. Oh...btw I broke my baby toe again last week! I was wondering I mean it was really bigger & I couldn't really bend it & it was all arthritic I thought. Well a year ago Dec I broke it in 2 places & one is the chip that is floating so I thought maybe that moved or the weather. Dr. Z wanted to x-ray it. Sure enough big ol diagnal break all the way through. And it shifted down. He taped it up anchoring to my foot...dang it hurts now. It was probably hurting less lately because I had been taking 800 mg of Motrin & ES Tylenol for my back. I thought I had herniated more because I was in pain, and tingling & numb back of my calf etc but last couple of days soooo much better. My PT said it may have been from walking wrong from my toe & since he taped it I'm walking better??? I don't know. I'm just glad it is better. My feet are still not the best but not getting tons worse.

Ok, what else? I have to finish packing oh...I have to take Country to the vet to be boarded because he is now taking his Thyroid meds 2 times a day & a higher does. They said his liver is starting to show problems & he heart may be. They want to do an echocardiogram. Sigh...he has lost like 2 lbs in 2 weeks but I thought it was his tooth. They cleaned them but could not pull it because it is likely to break off & he couldn't do the root. I have to take him somewhere special for that but they want the heart looked at first. I need to get a second job just for my babies! I definitely will get pet insurance with any future babies.
Well...I need to get some sleep & finish packing. If I don't get to post during the week I will when I get back...maybe some pictures also.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TVLand: HS Reunion

Ok, who is watching TVLand's High School Reunion?

I TOTALLY agree...Justin is just sooooo hot! He is sweet, funny, has a bit of shyness that is sooo adorable & yet so HOT! HA! And I had just told my niece a few weeks ago how guys can really turn out to be so hot later so to be nice to them when they are younger & kinda dorky looking. Ha! I'm just surprise Justin is not married already? Did I miss them talk about that? Well I think he will have me watching the show more. I was soooo sick of the commercials but hmmm ha! ;-)

Now not sure of the whole Deanna thing with him. I mean if they work that is just totally great, but I wonder if he is just like thinking the girl that would never go out with me & then you have all these expectations & when you go out with them they don't live up to them you know? I mean didn't they say she was married & divorced 4 times already? Makes me wonder why? Then of course the opposite is true also, I mean you don't notice that guy (or girl) & then you find out he is just so wonderful and boy did you really miss out and you just wish they would have asked you out then. It isn't that you would have said no, maybe they feared that but they didn't give you the chance to even think about it. You had no idea they were interested in you to consider them or get to know them to find out. And maybe you were shy and why you...when there are soooo many other women so much more did that come from? Ha! ;-) I think you get the idea though.

Anyway, I'm very intriqued to see what happens. I know it seems dorky but hey they are only 4 yrs younger than me so makes it interesting. I mean everyone has the jock, bully etc.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Dusty!

Happy 18th Birthday to my Sweet Baby!!!

Dusty is my first pet I got as an adult! I was interning at the time, living in my first apt! He is my Baby!

H is my big man now & you would nevre know he is 18 yrs old! He runs around the room like the Road Runner & all you see is this silver streatk go by! He jumps with a big arch half way across the room!

Dusty was not purchased as a pure breed but he looks just like the breed that came out around the time he was born called the Nebelung. Check out the breed!

He won quite a few 1st place ribbons when I shoed him in his first few years!

Dusty LOVES to just sit in the warm sun & strike a pose!

I do need to take some new pictures! I'll see if I can upload them soon!

Dusty got a new scratching post today with feathers hanging from it to play, some great fish food & treats from the Organic Pet place up north, some toys...yep I spoil him rotten! :-)

Well I have to go play with him....Later! :-)

I'm Back...

Hi Everyone!

I'm back.... :-) Yes, I am ALIVE!

Ok a few weeks ago now I had my AOL open & it crashed on me. Well every so often that happens & no big deal. This time...I could not open it at all. I was busy with school & presenting at a conference etc so just this past Sun I finally had to remove the probram from my computer & then download it again. I downloaded the 10.0, anyone using that? It is different but not too bad. Anyone know how or IF you can change the environment colors or background. I found you can place a picture in the center of the background but it did not take up the whole background like the 9.0.

I can't get use to the new IE idea of tabs. I keep closing down the full browser rather than a particular tab. Ugh!

Lets see what can I update you on. I went from a cast to 2 soft casts & last week I got out of those & into a brace for my one foot. Sat during the conference I had to take that off as it was making some nerve in my foot pulsate. I called the doc yesterday but he has not called me back yet which is very odd. Yesterday my ankle was bothering me & then the back of both sides of my foot (achilles) was swollen.

I saw the doc I saw a number of years ago for my thumbs. I was getting some tingling on my hand between my thumb & index finger & my right hand is more swollen on the underneath side & in particular when my fingers meet my hand. I was clapping a few months ago at a dinner & they just blew up & I couldn't bend my fingers. I guess it is from typing & using the mouse too much he says! Ugh! I have the mouse on my right hand at home but left at work. Most of my family has the mouse on the left, even though only 1 of us is left handed because our viewpoint is use both hands at once & keep your right hand for typing. I need to change my home one back to left first & then I don't know how I'm going to type less but...he says some PT will help it out....where have I heard that before! OMG! Ok, so that is the back, feet, knees & hand now getting PT!!!! Do you think I can get a price reduction for all this? I might as well live there. Just pathetic! While I don't want to piss off God...when he was designing us why didn't he come up with the idea of just stopping in for replacement parts! HA! I'll go back in line for some more hair too! I hate thin hair! HA! And permanent color...what is with all this 6 weeks & you have to spruce up your hair! So much for technology! HA! I mean I'm for chaning it but once you change it, it stays until you want to change it again. Whatcha think! HA! Now that makes me think that God can't be a woman or she would have certain thought of hair & sagging breasts etc! HA!

Ok, so I also have to still order a new sound card. The one I got from BestBuy did not have a spot for front plug ins. They said none on the market due. Dell said they had one I could get cheaper & then they would give me another for $6 that I can plug in the front ones to.

I went up north last weekend to my favorite confernece on teaching Psych. My presentation went well, at least I thought so & many came up to me later saying they liked my presentation. I judged the student poster contest again. I got to see some wonderful colleagues & friends. I may post on some ideas later! One of my friends who went to the same college as I did but we did not know each other then ended up not being their because he & his wife had their baby. They had a little girl which I'm thrilled. He had 2 boys already & I'm sorry it is just a different experience for daddy's when they have a girl. They have a leap year one which he told his wife not to have! HA! She is just adorable & today I found some cute onezies (sp?) with funny sayings on them! I want to go get a mommy bear for them too. I remember I was like 13 yrs old when I first experinece the power of that mother's heart beat. I was babysitting a little girl "Elizabeth", still remember, and she went from red faced no breathing crying to just being knocked out sleeping in seconds! I call it the Miracle Bear! HA!

Ok, then last week I had to get midterms ready. My students have from mid last week to mid this week to get them completed. Just Busy, Busy, Busy as you can see but heck you know what they say...if my mind were to have the chance to be idle...oh boy that would not be good...what trouble I could get into! HA! ;-) But I could use a little trouble Hee Hee!

My dad made reservations for me to fly out to AZ for my spring break. Sat-Sat. Ahhh...I do hope it work out with my foot etc. I am hoping to see a friend in Phoenix while I'm there also. He called me back & his spring break is the week before so I think it will work out. He is all excited to see me. I figured the warmth & sun may help & I haven't seen my folks house out there. Now I'll be able to imagine them better when they are there in the winter. I really would like to see the Grand Canyon but I'm not sure I'll get to. I always thought I would with someone special but heck who knows if that will happen & I guess I could always go again. I even had a dream last week of all this mountaineous red rock outside a big picture window I was looking outside of. I must really want to see it.

Well I have one other special post I want to do & I have to also get back to work so more later...