Monday, July 6, 2009

I Can Get Married Now!

I started this a while back & never finished it. So here you go with a bit added from this past week!

Oh I know, I know...I'm so bad. Incredibly busy. Well I was checking out the new Willow Trees for ideas for my b-day...yep 2 weeks ago...and I saw they had a cake topper. OMG I love it. I love the expression. So comfortable & secure and loving. That is what I would want! Maybe that is why I couldn't get married until this was made? Although the next problem is I love the bride dresses from when I was in my 20s! Ugh! I don't like many of them they make today! Do you remember the puffy shoulders & then the points that came down to you index finger. :-) The V boddess, hanging bead head pieces...ha! I don't like the strapless today at all. And NO butt bows!

You know last week I was talking to 2 of my students after class & he said "Our kids" and so then I said, "Ok, since you said that I have to ask..." Yep, they are married. Just married in May. No one could really tell in class. Seemed like they knew each other but that is about it. So then I got the story. It was soooo inspiring. They met when she was 9 yrs old! HA! Then nothing until she was graduating from 8th grade & they met again. He asked her to prom not realizing when she said she was graduating that it was from 8th grade! HA! Well, when I was 14 yrs old I had 19 yr old guys after me so....puberty came quite early! They dated a bit a few yrs later & broke up & then later met but both were married with kids. Then time past again & both were divorced. Her son was participating in Boyscouts & he was the leader. Well after 5 yrs of dating & making sure the kids were ok with it etc they are now married. They were so cute describing the journey. He would add a part & then her. I asked him, "When you met her when she as 9 yrs old did you think you would marry her?" She then smiled & said, "Ya, I'd love to know too" and he smiled & really authentically said, "Yes!" I could not believe it. He said that ya he gave up at one point & thus got married to someone else, but it was something he very much wanted. They then commented how they complement each other on their personalities, which I could definitely see. And get this, he is taking the class with her because they neither finished college and she wanted to start back up & he took it to support her. OMG that is just so wonderful. It was such a lovely, inspiring story. He is Lutheran & she is general Christian. Just something about the idea that life's journey takes you in many different directions but if you are meant to be you will eventually be together you know. We discuss that, like my brother and his divorce but if he did not get married I would not have my little niece nor they their children. God sometimes just has different plans. Maybe someday it will work out like that for me! God knows what wedding dresses will look like then! HA!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Ouchie!

Man, this just does not seem right! I soaked my toe this morning & it just keeps hurting even frozen. Then I was watching the Cubs later and feel asleep for a few hours. Well I had been skimping on my Zs lately so I probably needed it. I was going to sleep-in this morning, but ended up just waking up. At least when I woke up I found the Cubs did not totally bomb their lead. :-) This toe though is just killing me and I'm not a happy camper right now. I did a bit of shopping & watched a ball game & had a bite to eat at the bar in Lone Star. Had them give me a regular coke and then I got a shot of rum to put it in it. I figured tall glass diluted more & they can add more coke. HA! Well the Tylenol & Motrin is not doing the trick! When I got home I soaked my "little piggy" again. Ok, so I found the rum way back in my fridge & put a bit in my cranberry juice now too. HA! I know that sounds soooo bad but you know I have bottles in the fridge for years now. I really don't drink I swear.

I have to go downtown (Chicago) tomorrow for my back treatment though but at least I don't have my night class since it ended last week. It will be nice to just come home & relax.

OMG I'm watching some kind of movie called "Evolution" with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore...HA! It is sooo pathetic but funny too. I'm going to have nightmares! HA! I use to watch Creature Features, Twilight Zone & Son of Svengoolie with my dad when I was a kid...nothing! Now...UGH! Must be some type of adapting you get older you need that guy next to you when you sleep for when you wake up with nightmares! HA! I think the guys planned all this don't you? Ha! OMG that movie so stupid! HA! But hey it kept me laughing & that takes pain away so...

Well the movie is over. I should try to get some sleep so I will be perky tomorrow. At least the Taste is over. Man Friday the trains were so crowded and loud from the Taste & everyone going to see the fireworks. Maybe I should freeze my foot again before I go to bed. See now there is another reason to have a guy...he could warm up my foot then. HA! Later!

P.S. Dan...nope no Facebook sorry! Can't seem to see the point of that or Tweeter!

Unhappy Toe!

Hi Everyone!

I know...May 17th was my last post! Ugh! So much to update you on! First, God is having fun with me this morning! Happy Feet is on! UGHHHHH! No, I do NOT have happy feet! I have a Happy FOOT! And no it is not my foot problem from my surgery a number of years ago. That is doing good and is almost at a year mark that I have had an trouble with it (knock on wood!) 2 weeks ago yesterday I got up from a migraine I had had from the night before & decided to take a shower and get my dad some Father's Day gifts. I didn't have my contacts or glasses on & was still a bit fuzzy from the migraine and I stubbed my toe. Well you know I've broken them before and I was pretty sure I did a good job this time. I iced it, and it subsided so I got dressed and ready & headed out. OMG the first place I went I could not walk. When I got home and took my shoe off and my foot & toe, btw it is my baby toe, was all bruised and swollen. More ice! I got in that Monday & Dr. Z. said I broke it in 2 places horizontally. He taped it up & wanted to see me in a week. With my schedule I could not get in until last Fri but that was only a few days more. He took off the tape & OMG it was sooo swollen & it would be 2 weeks the next day. This is odd. Before when I have broken them it would be getting better by now. They do re-xray but he told me, ok kinda yelled, to stay off it. RIGHT! I had 3 classes & 2 I can't really stay off it because the keyboard does not move so...but one of my classes is over now. Then he told me to soak my foot in an ice bath from 40-50 degrees for 15 min 3 times a day. Ugh! I've done it 2 times so far. Yesterday I did it & then I headed home from my folks with a frozen foot & my baby toe throbbing. Ya, that is working! You know, I'll update you later but "it doesn't feel right!" I have a very strange feeling. It is actually feeling worse over time & ????? My gut instinct is just say, "Yo, something is not adding up here, there is a piece of the puzzle missing!" We'll see?!

Now this is just the beginning! Ha! I know, people much worse off than me but this is apparently not a fun time for me and I'm just not too happy my summer is going this way so far. I do have a torn rotator's cuff. We tried 12 weeks of PT & cortisone, which did make it better but the doc is recommending surgery. He said I will be coming back asking him to do it. I'm out of PT benefits so I have to wait until Dec at least & then Jan 1st my new PT benefits will kick in. So far I think I'll be able to wait. Then yes, I did start up Vax-D treatments for my back again. It is better from May but we are now doing another 5 sessions so this would be like the 4th week. So I have to walk to & from the train station to the doc (2 1/2 blocks) and then to the parking lot etc. Not great for my toe! Doesn't help I bought new gym shoes since mine were so bad they were not supporting very well, so they are not stretched out & tight with my swollen toe.

Ok, if this tells you anything...I have no flowers on my deck! I have not done anything on it! UGH! And that is one reason I feel so pissed. If this toe would just heal up & I could have some fun but it is certainly putting a damper on everything. My bros & my little niece (who is no longer little!!!) helped me walking slow etc going to watch fireworks on Fri. We had fun! My mom had cataract surgery on her other eye but not the cornea transplant & it is not going well. They may have to do the cornea transplant anyway and that then will delay her first knee replacement. She may instead have those done in AZ when they return. Then my bro, the goof, is at a friends house cutting wood & he is on the other end he says but not wearing googles...yes you probably can see this coming, he blows the sawdust which is on the other end but still manages to get it in his eye. His one friend is a paramedic so they wash it out but 6 hours later...of course he is a male!....he finally goes in. Yep, they had to get 2 other pieces out & he did scratch his cornea! What a family huh. His is healing with the meds though.

No, I'm not calling "Uncle" yet! And I'm not saying "Yet"! HA! Just have to take it moment by moment. Oh & tell Tylenol & Motrin I will be willing to be a test subject. This toe is throbbing with ice, 2 650mg of Arthritis Tylenol & 800mg of Motrin! YA! See why my gut is feeling weird! Dr. Z. said to go a week & if it is still bothering me with the ice baths he give me something else but if it just knocks me out then I don't want it. He probably does to keep me off my foot. HA! I think the ice baths are just his way to torture me 3 times a day! HA!

Well, I'm going to go & freeze my foot! Ugh! More later! I really do hope you are all having a lovely, and much better summer than I am having.