Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Name My Newest Family Member Contest

Ok, as I mentioned before, I'm not the most creative person naming my pets...see my journal on "Sam & Ella." I have a new member of my "zoo" the "big guy" here! He is a Strawberry Hermit Crab. I've never had this type of Hermit Crab before. Man, no matter how I word that, it doesn't sound good!

Anyway, I've tried pathetically... "Big Red", "Red", "Red Hot Momma" and with that last one, you know how I am offending "Ella" since he is a guy & have you ever sexed a Hermit Crab...not an easy task..actually I don't think it is possible! Perhaps it doesn't matter, so maybe it would be ok. I wasn't sure if this one would be aggressive with the other smaller ones but so far ok.

Well, lets see what you can come up with...has to be better than me!

You know, those baby bearded dragons...Hee, Hee! But they get pretty Big! I'm not sure about that? Anyone have one? Let me know how they are!

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