Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sark's New Book!

I'm soooo excited! SARK's (Play Awesome video!) new book is out - The New Creative Companion I'll be getting it tomorrow! :-)

SARK is one of my favorite authors! Look at her website
to see her colorful spirit I love! You can listen to an interview also.

Her books are so colorful & her spirit is so free & liberating! I finally got to meet SARK a few years ago at the Celebrate Your Life
Conference in AZ. It was so odd. After one of her sessions I stood in line to have her sign my books & take a picture. Just as a picture was snapped she YELLED  "WAIT", of course ruining that picture. She grabbed a "Reserved" sign from a chair & edited with a "NOT" and then put it in front of us & we took the picture! I have the sign! It is one of my most cherished pictures. I have always wondered what is was about me that she chose to do this. She did not pick the person before or after me. How does one just "feel" that? :-)

Sark's Books are awesome! Make sure to check them out! Here are some of the titles:

* Eat Mangoes Naked
* The Bodacious Book of Succulence
* Succulent Wild Woman
* Living Juicy

Ok, right there with those 4 titles you gotta figure this woman has a fun spirit! For some reason my spirit is just attracted to titles like that...go figure! ;-)

She has posters & so many things that can help make your spirit colorful! I love bright fun colors! There is so much on her website to have fun with! My students love her "MicroMOVEments
Support Sheets" for their Procrastination tendencies. She also has "Creative Dreams Support Sheets." Check them out!

I hope if you have never heard of SARK, I have opened your spirit to being Bodacious, Succulent, Wild & Juicy! :-)

Love to hear what you think!

P.S. Anyone old enough to remember the 1973 tv show "Sunshine" which John Denver's song "Sunshine On My Shoulders" was for?

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