Thursday, August 30, 2007

Starting My Back Treatment

Hi Everyone!

Well, I was sitting in a meeting & moved forward & my back did something odd. Not sure what, felt on my left side like it collapsed down a bit to the left of the spine in my small of my back. I got through my class & then called my doc. The 4th yr attending said I may be getting closer to needing the surgery...ugh...called the Vax-D people & they said can you come in today. I was shocked. I made a payment & they were ok with that.

So after class I drove up to the train station, to the train downtown & then walked 2 blocks to the office. The doc re-examined me & I was already releaved that whatever happened in the afternoon didn't seem to cause more problems because I could put my legs up & push & pull without too much problem.

Then they got me on the Vax-D table & it was ok. It made my tummy a bit quizzy though. I've had that on & off...maybe it is my stomach muscle tensing...we all know how important abdomen muscles are to the back so...Then some STEM & ice & a bag of supplements to take home, a lumbar brace I have to wear 3 hours after & then teaching etc. I took home a lumbar chair pillow to try too. I have to go back tomorrow (Fri) and then back starting Tues. 4-5 weeks doing this trip...ugh! It is about a 30-40 min drive to the train station, then the train is about an hour. Then treatment 1 1/2 hrs & then back. So you can see that is a big chunk of my day! I hope it works. I figure if it works & I can avoid surgery it will be worth it in the long run.

It does 15 pulls, 1 minute pull with 1 min rest. They went up to 55lbs pressure today. They will eventually go to 75-80lbs. They said usually most people really feel better between 8-12 treatments. I have to bring my TENS unit tomorrow so they can show me where to place them when I'm home.

Well, I got my students first quiz ready & now I'm really exhausted from my day so I think I'll go lay down. I'm glad I just have to get through tomorrow & then a 3 day weekend to rest. I'll let you know how this goes every so often. I'd certainly appreciate some prayers.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So True...

Oh this is just too funny...but true! Read Lisa's entry on "Why Women Go In Pairs" Ha!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Laughing With Elvis

Ok, last week David Letterman's Top Ten Contest was "Top Ten Things Elvis Presley Would Say If He Were Around Today" Check it out! Not surprising #1 was "Viva Viagra!" HA! I thought we could have some fun here & see what you can come up with! ;-) I'm sure Elvis would laugh with us!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Cubbies!

Wow! What a game tonight! This is fun! Reminds me of when the Cubbies were doing so well when I was in college. I remember also going to a game & it was a double header & a rain make-up day...OMG...double the people than seats! People were standing in the stair ways & they didn't stop serving alcohol until the 2nd game so people were pretty drunk. One guy almost fell over the rain on the upper deck...just a mess...but fun! HA! I so want to go to one now!

Well, at least if we are going to be soaked lately we can stay in & watch the Cubs...they are a bit of sunshine now. It was pretty nasty by me last night! Tornados at our state park & a town just west of me. Our sirens were going off, clouds were going in all kinds of directions and this little black one came down a bit from the others...I know I was watching it just in case! It was definitely the weirdest. Although it didn't get green that I saw but when I dragged the kitties into the bathroom I heard hail hitting the furnace pipe outside...ugh! Wind was weird too. My hanging birdbath is a goner! Cracked off the chain. Some stuff on the ground & someone's sliding glass door screen is in my lawn. We missed the afternoon storm. Hit about 20 min north of us though. I saw all the huge trees down when I brought Sam & Ella back from the doc. The evening one is the one that got us. Came fast just as I got home. The boyfriend wanted to come get me...I'm like by the time you get here you will be in it or when we are heading back to your place...makes no sense to me he just kept calling me! HA! I must admit that is a lovely feeling to have someone worry about you and want to make you safe.

Well, just finished my first week of classes. So far going well & my students are really active & engaging. Gotten some cool emails from them. One says I'm the most laid back prof they have ever had. I'm not sure that is good or bad! Ha! She meant it as a compliment though so...hopefully she stays feeling that way. Unfortunately, my back is doing some odd things this week. Probably doing too much. I'm really trying to get started on this Vax-D treatment soon. Called them & my doc today. Ice & Anti-inflammatories this weekend to see if it will settle down.

Well, should be a quiet weekend! YA! My niece is back home since school start this week for her. I'll probably catch up & veg at home. One of the fairs was canceled I think due to the weather so that is out. I'll have to let you know what I end up doing later. Watched part of the Elvis by the Presley's on TVland tonight. Pretty good! I hope I can catch the rest later.

Well, enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank You Elvis!

Hi Everyone!

I will be in my 2nd day of in-service meetings all day & then I am planning to head to the Bears training camp for the evening practice so I thought I would honor Elvis by posting in the evening all the tribute postings made. If you make a posting please email me & let me know & I'll add it to the list & then Friday you can come look at any you may not have seen.

Here is one from Sugar already!

Some others:

Sharlene's trip to Memphis

TVland's Special movie clips & interviews!

I just found the song I wanted to attach here...oh baby thank God I don't have a camera on my computer! HA! You should see me dancing in my chair! I'm sooo pissed my back won't let me dance to this now! I'm going to bring this song to my back doctor & tell him this is the goal...I want my hips & back back because my spirit still needs to dance to this! ;-) Oh baby...THANK GOD FOR ELVIS!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

So Who is Flip Flopping Now?

Hi Everyone!

My sister just sent me this & I think it is just incredible! Not even making any political side here...just any politican that goes from one extreme to the other. I know Sept 11th happened & some may think then it is ok for him to change his mind but we are still basically in the shape he said we would be in so...Watch it is not very long! And much is used during political campaigns on what people said or voted for earlier in their careers and what they are professing now when really if you look at both sides, everyone does it and this is a PERFECT example!

And speaking of "flip flopping" did you see the article in the Chicago Tribune on the dangers of Flip Flops? They mention Dr. Grady....he did my foot surgery! :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Martian Child


Well I made a comment on someone's journal about the movie Martian Child (view trailer) and they had not heard of it & I thought I better make a post on it then. It has been advertising all summer in the theaters by me. I thought it was coming out this summer but the release date is Oct 26th! Ugh! It looks AWESOME!!!!

It is about a boy who lives in a box & John Cusack wants to adopt him. Some definite paranoid delusions going on here...although many a time I have thought a few people just may be members included! HA! Though they probably think I am! HA! It also gets into issues of what is "NORMAL" behavior which I love! Like the scene with him throwing plates in the kitchen...reminds me of the commercial where the boy squirts his mom with the pop & she turns on the sink faucet on him...some people just don't get life you know! :-)  

Amanda Peet is in it, as well as John's sister Joan. It will definitely be a field trip for my psych students! It looks like a very lovely movie & I think John really has wonderful potential for more serious roles in the future! And you all know from my past postings how much I'm in love with him! HA! My oldest brother looks like a blonde version of him I think!

Well, I'll remind you when it gets closer to the release date because you know I will be going that day! HA!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perseids Meteor Shower!!

Hi Everyone!

I wasn't sure if tonight or tomorrow night was the peak of the meteor shower so Chris (new boyfriend) and I went out to look tonight a little before midnight. We saw "the most" HUGE & LONG one, it was so spectacular! Best I've seen in my life! A few little ones then after. I came home to check & the peak is actually tomorrow (really Sun) night! Midnight central time & 1am eastern etc. Here is the link to read about it.

I'll go look again tomorrow night with my little niece because I'll be up north. Hope you see some spectacular ones! :-)

You Could Be A Winner!

Hi Everyone!

Deslily over at Here, There & Everywhere posted this also so I thought I would as well. Check out 5 Minutes for Mom and enter to win a 37" LCD HDTV courtesy of Best Buy! Just leave a comment on the blog & link to it in your blog & you may win! YIPEE!! What a lovely treat that would be!

Friday, August 10, 2007

WKnd Asgn 178: Cool Places

John wants some photos of cool places to help us cool off a bit.I'm all for has been so hot & humid here the last few days. Reminds me of when I was little. I remember days us kids would not go outside to play because it was too hot & humid. This was my niece a few years ago enjoying the snow! She's my angel!

Some neighbors of my folks got creative in the snow last winter!
Extra Credit: I believe I would rather be too cold...why? Because I could:

* put more clothes on
* lay by a lovely fire...preferably with someone else ;-)
* make hot chocolate
* wear some lovely thick warm socks
* crank up that lovely heating pad friend that women have! HA!
* snuggle up with someone & hmmmm.... ;-O
* eat some soup
* make a hot tottie!

etc! Being hot is just much more difficult to cool off. And I'm not a fan of cold showers! ;-)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Do you feel Warm?

Hey...try to catch Oprah tomorrow! Al Gore will be on with Global Warming. If you have not seen An Inconvenient Truth yet please do! My students & I saw it last semester during Earth Week (well few parts cut) and it was just so eye opening! To see what some ice-covered countries looked like before & now what they look like is just so sad! I had no idea on so much of what he presented. The DVD is at WalMart very cheap & it is very much worth getting & showing everyone you know. This is our children's planet we are saving & the animals!!! Heck, for what they are saying it may be my elderly years! Sometimes we think we are not making a difference in the world...we ALWAYS ARE! The question is...what kind of difference are you making! And everyone's small role does add up! I know the hard cold winters with lots of snow I experience when I was a kid I really haven't seen since...wonder why!? Yep...we are warming up! Now, we might have complained then but this is not what we had in mind!

What do you do to help with Global Warming? What else do you think you can start doing?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I just play a Rocket Scientist!

Ok people, I just don't ever get this...I'm always saying I'm not not a Harvard grad or anything that I would get this any more than other people! First, we have McDonald's being sued by China because they are using too much English in their country. Apparently, they are printing sales receipts in English. Now lets just put this in context, if a French restaurant came to America & they printed their receipts in French I think we would not be too happy about it. Makes you wonder about the those big wigs at McDonalds...if they don't get this should they even be in those positions?

Next, we have the US Army hosting the Legends of Baseball camp for little kids in Cincinnati. They invite Pete Rose & are shocked that the man who was lying, gambling & God knows what else swears with the kids! Yes, the "F" and "S" word with them! These are 9-12 yr olds! Who is making these decisions? And if this is the US Army making a decision like this, God help us in Iraq! Yes, I support our troops but it is the goofy big wigs that are putting our guys in jeopardy if they are making decisions like this! Geez!

Like I said, I just don't get it...this doesn't take an Einstein to understand this. I mean if I can get this then why the heck can't they understand this may not be a great idea? And geez if they can't and I am much more intelligent than I realize...I think I should get one of these lovely positions which is probably allowing these people to live much more comfortably than I am right now! Is it any wonder our planet (yes, this is not unique to the US!) is in the trouble it is in? You know this idea Englewood has of year round school (they start tomorrow!) may not be a bad idea. 2 more weeks & my students are going to hear about this! They complain about critical thinking even once &....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hell is getting a Bit Colder!

I know, I know...

Well, I got grades in last Friday & I've been trying to enjoy what little I have left of summer vacation! Tonight was certainly a great way to do that! Man, does it feel great to be #1 right now! :-) Watched the game from the 5th inning with the boyfriend of almost 2 mo. Yep, thank God he is a Cubs fan! HA! Very exciting game. Now lets just see if it can last. Too bad we don't have a few days off to savor it! HA!

Ok, well yesterday I had to go back to the Bridal shop...ugh! Monday I ordered a dress for my sister's wedding and I get home to find the link to show people & it doesn't come in the color we want! Can you believe that! The woman let us order it without checking! I have to find her error! Did they knock off any money for having to drive almost an hour each way & time...heck no! The new one was like $10 cheaper though so that helps. Ok, here is the one I picked:

That is the color "Aubergine".

This is the one I was going to get:

Of course there is no way I will look like either one of those models but...

We all have different styles. My sister doesn't want cookie cutter bridesmaids. That is what she said! HA!

Oh my sister wants recommendations for songs to play at the wedding...anyone have any suggestions?

My neighbors upstairs woke me up about 4am arguing! Ugh! I didn't get back to sleep until like 6am. I called the police on them once already & filled out a report last week because he mouthed off a threat to me. Apparently a few weeks ago my other neighbors called the police on them when I was not around. The officer thinks they are moving soon...god I hope so. He said he would be happy too that they are a pain & apparently we have a new nuisance law... :-). Then later in the afternoon I have water coming through my bathroom fan! Ugh! I thought they moved out & let the water running to piss off the landlord since it was the endof the month...nope he said he sink was clogged. Ok, so why is the sink running unattended? So, perhaps Gods way of getting me to majorly clean my bathroom...which it got! I'm charging them for my damaged books & magazines though! Ha!

I did also get to treadmill for 22 min today! YA! First time since I herniated my discs. Wasn't too bad. Trying to take it slow. I think I'm going to start my Vax-D back treatments in a few weeks...ya! I am hoping it really works! I just have to save up a bit more $$.

The night before the Bears Training Camp had Family night & had the most spectacular fireworks. I think there were 6 different fireworks I had never seen before. I've seen fireworks now 4 times this summer. I LOVE fireworks! Yes, our town is swarming with Bears fans & the Bears players are prowling our local stores...saw one buying a pack of underwear??? Ok, why doesn't one come with enough clean underwear...when you go to camp it is usually on the list! Did he get it dirty that fast? Are the guys like stealing undies from the rookies & sailing them on the flagposts or stapling them on the bulletin boards? It is not hard to find a Bear in these parts...they look like Giants pumped on Testosterone (hopefully that is it!) and stick out amongst all the rural gentleman around here and their snazzy cars are easy to notice amongst the pick up trucks with bumper stickers saying "Get r done" HA! I went to camp last summer & watched a scrimmage thanks to my employers offering lovely passes which included lunch & a lovely loaded RV to use rather than a porta potty! HA! This year I'm still not sure if I'm going to head over there. And with the weather keeping us in the 90s for a few more days I don't think so.

Well, I have to "rest my eyes" as my grandpa would say when I'd catch him dozing. Have to catch up on the beauty sleep I didn't get last night! Later...