Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Book: My Stroke of Luck

Last night I read "My Stroke of Luck" by Kirk Douglas in about 2 hours! 176 pages but a pretty easy read. Mr. Douglas did an excellent job letting me know what it is like to struggle with the effects of a stroke, though his were more mild then some, and the strength it takes to overcome those effects. The picture on the cover is exactly what is needed, though not experienced every moment in the day.

Mr. Douglas is very inspiring to those suffering from a stroke, as letters make quite evident, but also to others suffering really from other ailments. I know I certainly gained a great deal of perspective and that helped a great deal. Actually, the first item listed on Mr. Douglas' "Operator's Manual" for surviving a stroke is "When Things Go Bad, Always Remember It Could Be Worse!" This is exactly why I find reading biographies so inspiring. When I see others going through so much more difficulty in life than I am and surviving, I know I can survive whatever it is I am going through.

Mr. Douglas offers 5 other suggestions:

* Never, Never give up. Keep working on your speech and on your life!

* Never lose your sense of humor. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others! (Notice on my last entry the cloud on my picture! )

* Stem depression by thinking of, reaching out to, and helping others. Strive to be a Little Hero.

* Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

* Pray. Not for God to cure you, but to help you help yourself.

I believe these can be applied to EVERYONE healthy or not so healthy!

Mr. Douglas explained how his stroke was actually a stroke of LUCK....

"My stroke taught me to be more compassionate, to work harder at my relationships with my loved ones, to value friendship more, to be aware of the world around me, to slow down and to have a richer spiritual life."

I really liked Mr. Douglas' wisdom on love! He says...

"People marry because they fall head over heels in love. Often, when people marry, they have mistaken infatuation, obsession, deep friendship, or good sex for love. But those things are not love. Love must have a chance to grow and blossom. Love must pass the test of overcoming obstacles. Love, like a work of art or a fine wine, must also pass the test of time....Two people in love should never become one. There must be a space in togetherness. True love, real love, is born of respect for another person. It is given and received with a fullness of self that can only be drawn from an individual and separate soul."

He also says the differences between his wife & him enhance their love and that you should never try to change your spouse. He explains how loving people makes you vulnerable, but when you find a love you are willing to share, keep & fight for, it is worth the risk of your heart being broken.

I really loved his book & believe everyone will gain some inspiration from it! 


grofsand said...

How generous of you to take the time to extract the words of wisdom from a very marvelous man who has lived a very purposeful life  while living in turbulent environment.

I will place this suggestion on the top of my "books to read" list.

Have a marvelous day! Marc :)

lurkynat said...

Dear Deboarh,
thank you ever so much!
One of my family's all out favorite people!

sierrajazz said...

I will ad this to my wish list to read if I EVER have time.  I love to read, and need to make more time to do just that.  Sounds like a very inspirational book.