Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot: Summer Heat

Your Monday Photo Shoot: In a picture, illustrate how hot it is where you are. This can be be something as simple as a picture of a pool packed with kids, or, if you want to get really creative, something more imaginative.

Ok John, here is my entry for the Monday Photo Shoot! Well, you think I'm going out in the heat with this thing on? Right!

Actually, I really can't even if I wanted to. 20 min of walking an hour! UGH! Dr. Z. is going to pay for this!

Everyone who is complaining about the heat...think twice! It could be worse! You could have this for the next 4 weeks (Hopefully that is all!) Great end of the summer!

Just drink lots of H20 & have some fun for me!


teeisme57 said...

oh my psych, I feel your pain and frustration. If I had a picture of my leg from March thu the end of May and held it next to your picture.. we would think we were separated at birth. I had the same color cast! Mine has been off since May 23rd and the skin is still peeling off my foot.
I can sum up my injury in three words:SNAP,CRACKLE,POP. Hope yours wasn't as bad. I had surgery too. I now boast 12 screws and 3 plates in my ankle. I missed spring completely and I'm seeing summer go by from the picture window in my diningroom. I don' think I 've had a more depressing time in my life. Your doctor sounds like a sadist. E-mail me if you like.

sierrajazz said...

OUCH Psych... I feel for you!!!  I have never broken any bones... but had a few stitches..  Cute idea for the photo shoot.  We will help count down the weeks with you!!