Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating in J-Land

Well it is barely still Halloween but I thought I try to wish you all a Happy Halloween still!

I don't have any kids coming trick or treating by me & thought this year I might go by my boyfriend's mom's house but with her husband passing away a little over a week ago she could not handle it so we all went out to dinner. I treated them since they both are treating me so much. Afterwards my baby & I went for a pumpkin just so I could carve one & bake some pumpkin seeds. I'll take a picture of it & post it later. It really wasn't the Halloween I wanted but...I did decorate my car at the beginning of Oct with cling-ons but never got my place decorated. Oh well, too much going on & with his step dad dying I had less time. Tomorrow is NOVEMBER & I can start working on Thanksgiving. We actually went to Menards after dinner since there was still an hour of trick or treating left in his mom's neighborhood & she didn't want to return until it was over. I bought 4 signs that each say...

A Jolly Happy Soul

And To All A Goodnight

You Better Not Pout
I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I'll try to take some pictures of them too...they are sooo cute!

Well I got home & put on Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin DVD & began to carve my pumpkin. I had fun. I love watching all the shows I use to watch as a kid. I love when he keeps saying "I Got A Rock" Ha! Reminds me of Grumpier Old Men when Walter Mattheau's character gives a stapler & laundry detergent! HA!

Well the pumpkin seeds are out & I have 2 min to post this & still be Halloween! HA! Hope you all had a lovely day. I'll catch up on alerts & read all about it soon!

Watch The Great Pumpkin Here!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wknd Asgn 189: Amuse Me!

Here is my entry for John's Wknd Asgn!
    An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a
    series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily
    systems extremely upset.

    Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom,
    he decided the latest episode was another and stayed
    put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea and was
    embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational.

    In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed,
    gathered up the bed sheets, and threw them out the
    hospital window.

    A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets
    landed on him. He started yelling, cursing, and
    swinging his arms violently trying to get the unknown
    things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a
    tangled pile at his feet.

    As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet,
    staring down at the sheets, a hospital security guard,
    (barely containing his (laughter), and who had watched
    the whole incident, walked up and asked, "What the
    heck is going on here?"

    The drunk, still staring down replied: "I think I just
    beat the shit out of a ghost."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Help With Photos

Does anyone know of a program that one can place different kind of frames around your pictures you want to place on the web or send via email etc? Not sure if there is something on the web that is free or something I'll have to go buy but just wondering!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A few More Prayers

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know why I haven't posted recently. Last Thurs night my boyfriend's dad (step dad) passed away. He called me about 1am Fri & I headed to the hospital. His dad was not doing well with many health conditions but he was in the hospital for just one day to stop some bleeding from cutting his legs. They were going to release him Sat so this was quite unexpected. The nurse was talking to him at the time & apparently he had a massive heart attack or an embolism. The worked on him but it didn't help. I got home about 4:30am so I got a sub for my classes so I could get some sleep.

So I've been busy with the family with services & helping wherever I can. The funeral was Tues & Wed morning I woke up, after only an hour of sleep, with some tummy issues that still have not gone away. It is probably due to the lack of sleep since all this happened and probably the stress of it. I had just gotten off antibiotics of 21 days too for it, so now I have to find a new GI doc since mine left. I have an apt for Nov 8th. Haven't gone to PT this week but my back is not too bad right now so I think I'll be ok until next week. I canceled my classes yesterday & only had one today so I tried to make it through that. I got some sleep yesterday afternoon & then about an hour this evening...small cat nap with Dusty! :-)

Hopefully I'll be posting now a bit more! If you can send a few prayers for my boyfriend & his family I would appreciate it!

Prayers for the Tenor

I just saw this news on Russell Watson on AOL's Welcome Page. You know I didn't know about him. I hope he will be ok because I really like his voice. I think I'll put his CDs on my Christmas list. I do like IL Divo so much. Lets send him & his family a few prayers after the gift of his voice he shared with us.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deception Is Not Always Bad!

Last week Jessica Seinfield was on Oprah with her new cookbook "Deceptively Delicious". She explained how she purees vegetables & fruits & puts them in almost everything. Oprah had kids on talking about the veggies they hate the most, then they ate cookies, brownies, macaronni & cheese, and were shocked to find out what was really in it! Dr. Oz was on saying how she may be on to something here. The recipes are look fat etc. These books are flying out of Barnes & Noble as quickly as they come in. They keep ordering 50 & by noon they are gone! So far I have one copy & I was planning on making something this weekend. I'll let you know what I make each time & how it is.

Did any of you see the episode? Will you buy the book & try it? If you do let me know what you think! I'm thinking of buying them for Christmas presents. What a nice get kids more healthy & getting their veggies & fruits! 

I also bought this cup attachment for my Oster cup the other day. You take off the lid & place your fruits etc & then you attach the bottom of your oster to it & flip it & then put on the unit & mix your drink. Take off & flip again & take off the bottom & place the top back on & you are ready to go out the door & have your energy drink! Isn't that great. I haven't tried it yet...on the mixer now ready for tomorrow morning! I'll let you know.

I was dreading getting my labs redone all summer. I had not had a great report last Dec &my doc wanted to check in 6 months & see how they were. If there were not better she was going to start me on some meds...UGH!!!!!! Well I dreaded it because since I herniated my disks in April I haven't been able to be active & I have to be!!! All of Sept they would not let me do anything while I did the Vax-D treatments. Last two weeks I've been in PT now I can start but still...well a week ago I went in because I think the worrying was worse than the dreading! HA! Just deal with it I guess rather than be stupid & wait until I had consequences. My sweetie kept telling me "I'll be fine" geee where have I heard that before...Oh dad whose track record is if he says its fine you know you have a broken bone & need to go to the ER! HA! Well, I'm happy to report my Sweetie does not have the same track record of my dad.

My sugar was 5.5 & normal goes up to 5.6 so 1 point to spare still. I'm still not happy it is on the high end of normal but I know it can go down as I get to exercise & lose weight. This was the 3 mon avg one too! :-) My total cholesterol was the highest it has ever been last Dec. I was soooo shocked. I did have it so low! Well now it is 174! My doc says under 200 but I've heard some say under 180..I still am under that. My LDL was 91 and that is suppose to be under 100. My HDL was 44 & that is suppose to be higher than 40! YAAA! The only one that was not too great was those horrible Triglycerides with is suppose to be under 150 but she said as soon as I get back to my treadmilling & Total Gym it will go down so she is not worried now. The wierd thing is...I don't know why it is down all of a sudden! I don't feel I'm doing anything different. I mean maybe more fruit over the summer but? So how do I know what to keep doing & what I've been avoiding? Ugh! Maybe it will just be the winters it is high with lack of fruit. Last week I wanted a Watermellon in the worst way & couldn't find a one! I guess I'll have to move to a warmer climate so I can have them year round! I swear I could eat a whole one myself...not those tiny round ones either...remember the long ones! HA!  

And I know I was eating out more this summer so this just doesn't make sense? I haven't been making my salads with Stir Fry or using my George Foreman???Very odd and you know you'd think I would lose weight too but noooo. Well, I guess I won't figure it out & just have to keep working on it each day. Going to try to get some treadmilling in tomorrow. I may not get to go to PT tomorrow with the nasty storms we are suppose to be getting. No way I want to deal with that on the train or driving in it so I can stay home & just do my exercises & treadmill & the Masochistic PT will have to just wait to seek her revenge on me next week! HA! My muscles still hurt from yesterday. My left SI joint is killing me from her jabbing her elbow into it! She said my pelvis is pretty straight though...that is good! HA! I have to laugh though, I ask my Sweetie if he could stretch my legs on my off days like they do & my pelvis & he looked at me & smiled & said, "Ah noooo..." I think he would get too...ummm...distracted! HA! ;-) Well....Ha! She did say that I am sooo much better than most of her patients! When she takese my leg up to stretch it I am more than a 90 degree angle (closer to my stomach) before I feel the stretch. She said most of her patients only get their leg off the table about 30-40 degrees & they are in pain. I felt so good about that. And this toe is barely tingling now! :-)

Well the wind is picking up (17mph now) the storms are heading in. Suppose to start at 3am-6am & then later this afternoon another couple of hours of strong stuff again. I better try to get a few Zzzz while I can.

Repost: This Man Gets It!

I'm so pissed! My whole entry is gone from the other day! What is going on with AOL? They are also screwing up being able to see other websites! I have no idea if this will be exactly what I wrote the other day but...

I was watching Oprah & Jerry was on talking about his new movie "The Bee Movie" which does look very good! He is in Oprah's Nov issue of O & she asked him to tell everyone how he feels about his wife...check this out...

"I love my wife Jessica. I just always want to be with her. Even if she's talking to someone on the phone, I want to be there. I enjoy her aroundness."

Jerry says that marriage is work, but he doesn't mind. "You've got to clean up the messes, you know," he says. "People are lazy and I'm tired of it. Everything's work. There's nothing wrong with work."

It's her husband's work ethic that Jessica says she most admires. "He's just the best," she says. "He's such a great role model. He's a great role model for our children, and he's a great role model in the world because he gives 150 percent to our marriage, to our children, to this movie, to his stand-up every weekend, to all of his friends."

Are you crying? I am...this is after 7 yrs of marriage he still feels this way. I saw a couple in the parking lot the other night probably in their 60s still holding hands! That is what it is about!

I went to my secretary's wedding on Sat & this couple that was standing in line behind me started to talk to me. They were probably early 60s also. The gentleman was AWESOME! I'd marry him! HA! He was all giddy that they were getting married in 4 weeks. In fact, he was more than she was. I've always been fascinated how people meet & propose etc. He said he went to a retirement home for a big band dance & she was there with a girlfriend just by luck. She told him she would never get married again & then after discussing it for a few months one day she calls & leaves a message on his cell phone "Ok, I'll marry you" HA! What a hoot! Well they danced all night & so did all the other older people. Big line dancing family & old time dancing...I say that as oppose to the era I grew up in. I would love to learn how to dance like they do. Nope I didn't dance...I was afraid of screwing up my back & GUESS WHAT since last weekend my toe is hardly tingling...that Masochistic Physical Therapist must be helping! Ugh!

Well I'm afraid to add too much more & loss it again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Man Gets It!

Did you catch
Jerry Seinfield on Oprah? I watched it tonight. It was on his new movie "The Bee Movie." It looks cute.

Oprah also discussed some points from their interview for the Nov issue (just got it this weekend!). I just melted when he discussed his wife Jessica...

"I love my wife Jessica. I just always want to be with her. Even if she's talking to someone on the phone, I want to be there. I enjoy her aroundness."

Jerry says that marriage is work, but he doesn't mind. "You've got to clean up the messes, you know," he says. "People are lazy and I'm tired of it. Everything's work. There's nothing wrong with work."

It's her husband's work ethic that Jessica says she most admires. "He's just the best," she says. "He's such a great role model. He's a great role model for our children, and he's a great role model in the world because he gives 150 percent to our marriage, to our children, to this movie, to his stand-up every weekend, to all of his friends."

Are you crying? I am! They've been married 7 yrs now & they still feel this way! That is what it is all about!

I saw this older couple in the parking lot tonight & they were holding hands! :-) OHHHH & I was at my secretary's wedding Sat & this older couple, I'd say early 60s were standing behind me & the gentleman was all kiddy about the fact that they were getting married themselves in 4 weeks. I've always been fascinated how people have met, how they propose etc. The couple said that she told him she was not getting married again but then they were discussing it for a few months & one day he said, he had a voicemail messages that said, "Ok, I'll marry you" HA! All the older couples were dancing. I sooooo love dancing! In fact,in Hope Floats Harry Connick Jr.'s character Justin says, "Dancings just a conversation between two to me!" I totally agree! Unfortunately, I grew up in that horrible Disco era & have no clue how to dance like my parent's generation did. I should take some classes when my back is better. My back is getting better I think, since my toe is not tingling so much & I can curl it under pretty normally! Cross your fingers! It was a very fun wedding. Everyone was dancing & the bride had an awesome comboy wedding dress with fringe & a white cowboy hat with a veil in the back an white boots! The 2 flower girls were dress like her with silver sequin trim on the hat & they had a hat they were also carrying with rose petals to throw. Very cute! The one girl went down the eye rolling her eyes saying "This is boring!" Ha! Don't you love kids!

Well off to dreamland! Later...

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Drama Queens!!!

Good God! What a bunch of Drama Queens! Are women really like this? No wonder men are so frustrated with women! GEEZ!

Ok, yes there are men that are totally nuts too but I can't believe this! I think they should have older people on this show. The young ones have no clue! To say that a person who is divorced is like a used car...give me a break! You have no idea why the divorce happened & those girls have no idea what entails a marriage...and they will be divorced soon if they continue to act like this in a marriage! This guy is sunk no matter what as far as I'm concerned. I don't see a one that is genuine & worth a lifetime. I'm not saying I'm perfect or expect them to be but they are just pathetic! I think they should have some type of counselor on there guiding the guy & the girls on what makes for a good marriage, how to handle problems, ask the questions they should ETC!!!! How can you fall in love with a guy (or woman) you barely know! And the reality is dirty underwear left on the floor, cold cream & ponytails! HA! You have to be able to love them then! (PS...that dirty underwear on the floor was meant for the guy! Ha!) When they snore, fart (remember Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting! Ha!) etc. And where are these girls dreams? Where is there independent life they want to live? (I meant your own live & support each other in your can't be absorbed by the other!)

And they act like he is the only man on this planet for each & every one of them! Ugh! I don't want him with any of them at this point. Have they talked about politics? How about kids? I know we only see the edited version of the show & most likely out of context but geez show the example others should use. I'd love to follow these couples & see how many end up in divorce. 

This poor guy...well partial...he is the one that thought this would be a good idea...what does that say? Hmmm?

Next why she is leaving? And falling down the stairs...hmmm well does the clutz factor get to guys?

I don't know this just seems too fake for me! Is anyone believing any of this?