Thursday, July 31, 2008

Woo Hoo...last day of Summer School!

Happy Dance Time!!!

Tomorrow (technically today!) is my last day of Summer School! Woo Hoo! And we are really done with content so we are doing a review, I'll answer any questions they have and then they can have the rest of the time to work on their exam if they like online. As soon as I turn in grades I'm off for a bit over 2 weeks! Have the have them done by noon Friday but I may sooner. 

I just finished a Powerpoint with their Review to use the IClickers. I love them & the students seem to also.

I had a great time with my cousin tonight. We sat at the bar at LoneStar for a while & talked & these two guys, probably late 20s? were listening & chirping in from time to time...hysterical! The bartender gave the 4 of us (the guys too) shots of Appletinis? It was good. I haven't done a shot since maybe in my mid 20s! Oh wait I know MSU working on my doctorate the jelloshots...ha...I haven't thought of that for so long! HA! I would have been 26 or 27? My favorite is Ouzo! I don't like black licorice but I swear I lick out the shot glasses with Ouzo! Ha! It took me 1 1/2 hrs to get to dinner tonight though due to traffic...ugh. We talked though for 4 hours! HA! I'm sure the restaurant was thrilled with us! HA! We had a great time though. My cousin is having a pool party for her kids birthdays and graduation this Sun though so we'll get to have some more fun. I think we are also going to go to the zoo when my niece comes back in since she has some passes. I had fun there last weekend so I can't wait.
The weathermen were so wrong though...again! It rained on my way...though I got a free car wash! :-) I went to B&N afterwards & got a book on Cary Grant & one on Katherine Hepburn on sale. Pretty much all pictures with explanations. I also got this set of cards with Sign Language...I wanted to learn & this looks good. It was on sale too. Then I picked up the new Scientific American, Scientific American Mind & a magazine I never saw before called Green Guide by National Geographic. My Social Psych students have a chapter on Sustainable Future and our institution getting with the program! :-) I'll try to link those later! Saw my sister there & said hi for a bit & then took off because I was tired...and thus I say "Sweet Dreams"

P.S. As James Bond ends now I just want to voice my opinion by saying they made a big mistake getting rid of Pierce! What a hunk of man! HA! And hopefully...he will make my dreams sweet! HA! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Worst Than Your Mom Nagging You!

This alarm clock may be worse than you mom yelling at you to get up as a kid! Then again? Although my mom really didn't get me up...except Sundays for Church but I think that was my dad...ha! I don't remember when I started to use my own alarm clock? I do know getting my sister up was a pain. I'd always get up first because if I didn't she would never get up & I'd have no time for a shower. So I was the one that was always up at like 6am! Probably why I don't like mornings so much now ha! I should get it for my baby brother. That man would sleep through an earthquake. My dad use to be like that my mom said. She'd have to hit him over the face with a wet washrag if she had to get him up earlier than his alarm. My brother has this horrendous alarm that you can hear even outside the house & he still is in a dead sleep. It will go off for an hour & nothing. Interestingly though he seems to get up to the cell phone! HA!  I wonder if it is on the pitch? 

Not sure if he hears his daughters? When my little niece was born all of a sudden I slept lighter. I would hear every whimper she made if her crib was next to me or her monitor. And I think she will have trouble. She sleeps all over the place! Hits the wall, still at times sleeps with her legs tucked under her tummy & her butt up in the air! She is 11! She did as a baby...I wonder if she was like that in utero? She whacks me in the nose with her arms when she was a baby. Once I had her on my chest on the lazyboy rocking & my mom was talking to me when she picked up her head & dead weight her head fell on the bridge of my nose. I was in sooooo much pain I was seeing stars & thought I would pass out. She just got it right. I could not do anything as I did not want to wake her. She was probably 2 yrs? Her legs where down to my lap then so...then just as I was feeling better she did it again. O...M...G! My mom could not believe it. She is like put a pillow between the two of you...thanks mom, you are a lot of help now! HA!

Oh & get this...I never used the snooze button until last year or the year before? I swear! I think I always figured I'd never get up...which I find I have to just set my alarm earlier to allow for the snooze & that doesn't make much sense to me so...but this alarm has a 2nd alarm so I just set it for 15 min later & that is better. I know you can do that with the snooze but...I don't know I just feel I have to get up rather than hit it again idea.

I don't know about you but I need more sleep now to function. In college and graduate school I pretty much functioned on 4-6 hours of sleep. Now I have to have 8 really. Maybe the reason of staying up so late is different to. Studying keeps you more cognitively engaged & if you enjoy the subject you get in the "flow" and just lose track of time or the occasional "party" ha...& that is different than staying up all night because you can't sleep or are sick or something. Of course I do remember in college I would come home from class, take a 20 min nap & get up for the dining hall to open & it would refresh me so much. Ready to go until whenever then Ha!

And I remember the day we had off due to a holiday and we did not wake up to the fire alarm! It sounded like someone's alarm clock. I woke up chocking from smoke! That was nuts. It was like before 9am so you know we partied that weekend & were sleeping in! The guys could not believe all the girls were coming in their dorm with nighties on! HA! I was disoriented because I think I managed to get jeans on, not sure what was Feb! Yes, the changed the fire alarms after that...was so blaring you could not hear anyone talk with directions! Ugh!

Well off to have dinner up north with my cousin...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ahhh Clean Carpets!

I'm not sure if this is a sign of getting old, but it seems it takes very little to please me in comparison to younger ones. Today they came to clean my carpets & I'm sooo giddy about it! So fresh looking & smells nice. I've been in this apartment for 9 yrs and well the carpet cleaner said they were really good for 9 yrs but I am a clutz! I have a knack for making a mess...real fast too! HA! The steam cleaner guy was very nice to me and helpful. He said I could put one cat in the bedroom & then switch when he got the other done. I know the first time I spill something I'm going to be really pissed now! HA! I even wanted to get my car seats protected when I picked up my new SUV in Jan but of course my dad said, you can do it cheaper with Scotchguard...did I get that done before something got on them? NOPE! Have I done it yet? NOPE! Should it go on my to do list this week then...ya! Dusty seems to be ok, but Country just doesn't know what to make of this. I haven't been able to move my furniture back in yet...well he did it around the big furniture. I figured under the coach etc is fine since it has been there for 9 yrs...if anything dusty. Should be dry tomorrow morning. Country keeps licking his paws too ha! I went out to get something to eat since my lazyboy, coffee table etc are blocking my stove in my kitchen. Then I went to Kohls to look for some rugs???? to put by the litter boxes. Dusty has tuffs under his paws & drags the little throughout the place...amazing! I remember my grandmother use to have little throw rugs along the high traffic areas. I still remember her picking up pieces of paper off them & then she'd later pick them up & fling them outside. They moved from that house when I was about 12 yrs old. I found really a bathroom one in light purple & I'm going to see if it works. Does match the purple in my bedroom. I found a cute one for under their food. It has a white cat on it & says "Got Fish?" HA! And Kohls had 30-50% off rugs so they were cheap!!! Ahhh another smile...I love a great bargain!

Speaking of ex emailed me about a book sale (ya he's been pretty decent) & I went to it Sat & you will not believe this...I got 28 CDs, 3 Language packages with 3 CDs, workbook & travel card, 5 DVDs, 6 books, these pilates hand balls and 2 text...get won't believe it....$10.50!!! Nope, I'm not lying! I would have had them for $4 if I had waited with my first patch. I try to watch my back and since I did not have a big strong guy to carry things for me I purchased the first set & said no biggie bring them to the car & come back & look around some more. Well the lady then announced all the books, CDs and DVDs you can fit in a big brown bag $2! The place went nuts. These are all new!!! they had ? some guitar is it PS3? I don't know for $ is $90 at Walmart I think. They had Halo Helmet? I think too. I got tons of Christmas CDs...well it is my favorite time of the year. I'm not sure if I will ever bet that bargain!

Now Meet Me In St. Louis is on TCM again... :-) Ahhh I'm just so happy! I really like Leon Ames (the father) he was in Life With Father & By the Light of the Silvery Moon and so many more. It brings back memories of watching them with my mom when I was a young girl.

Ok, lets see...then I was leaving to go eat & I drove up to my mailbox to see what surprises I had and as I read my mail a guy came by walking his dog, a big beagle type. He said I like your decal. I was trying to think what it was. I really didn't want to put any on it but then I remembered I put the blue one that matched that says "God Bless the American Soldier". I said thank you & asked if he was in the military. He said yes "Mame" (ugh!). I said thank you to him and he said you're welcome & flashed a cute smile turning his head back to me? Hmmm...then I go to Petsmart and I turn the aisle & some cute little dog comes up from behind me & starts licking my calf. I had cropped pants on! I was like "Hello!" I asked...nope female dog! HA! At least it could have been a male licking my calf...then just have to work my way to a human male! HA! Then I went to the restaurant & you know there are days when you think no one notices you at all. No one talks to you to say Hello, opens a door, doesn't even make eye contact. Well, then there are days when everyone is "noticing you" and you actually get my zipper open? Do I have food on a very obvious place on my shirt...what..what is it people? I don't know? Everyone is smiling at me, and saying hi & being helpful? The guy next to me is telling me where the waitress is to wipe off my table, then this waiter that was from I don't know Bahamas or maybe like Nigeria? He had such a thick accent & talked fast I really could not understand him. He was helping me so much. Then I'm reading my "Eat, Pray, Love" Book (just started it) and I started to laugh out loud & he was next to me & I said I'm sorry & just explained & he said, "What is that book, I want to read it?" I'm like he apparently does not know it is a "chick book" but then he says to me quite straight forward, "Where is your Ring?"  I did not understand him at first, so he repeated it LOUDER! OMG! I just rolled my eyes in disbelief and said, "It doesn't matter!" I'm like I can't believe he said that! What a line...does he use that all the time...on just American women? And OMG he is like what maybe 25 yrs old! GEEZ! Like I need this! HA!!! Then I'm leaving & he says, "See you tomorrow!" I'm said, "I don't think so" and he says, "See you Friday", I said, "I don't think so!" I'm  still laughing...what is with my energy today?

Well...lets see what tomorrow brings!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The BEARS Are Back In Town!

Now Hook is on...I tell you...

Hmmm...first you see the major news channel vans heading south toward us....then among the pick up trucks and farm equipment you begin to see corvettes, cadillacs, mercedes, and lexuses. Then a few days later stop signs begin sprouting up, gas lines are longer than usual, and though we certainly have our fair share of residents who could really use a retest on their driving skills, there just seemed to be a whole new level of driving recklessness. Then there was the sudden color change in town! Someone has sprayed it Orange & Blue. Everywhere you go that is all you see! Of course the sure give away is when you run out to your Super WalMart at midnight to just grab something you can't wait until morning for, looking so incredibly attractive with no make-up on of course and wearing your SouthPark pants and a big t-shirt and you turn the corner of the aisle with you cart & run into the "Testosterone Zone"...well Jose Canesco may not have named him but you & your cart actually bounces backwards down the aisle! HA! Men like this are just not grown down here, even with all the pesticides used.  

Oh no...didn't I put it on my Calendar? Why didn't someone remind me? Sigh....Ok, Ok, don't get me wrong it is great to have the Chicago Bears stomping all over my camp ground. It is great for our businesses here and the kids just love it...ok, the big kids too (I seem to recall meeting Chris Zorich last time with the beau so...). We also seem to have benefitted with new growth in housing & hey we now have 2 new Super WalMarts, another McDonalds, a Buffalo Wild Wings, a 2nd Jimmy Johns, a PetsMart, and I hear Culvers is opening in Nov, Linens N Things & Dick's Sporting Goods is coming. This is just a bit much in a small period of time for us. If we would just get a Portillos...oh no...that might not be a good idea! YIPES!

I better take the highway to school for my last week...going through town will be a nightmare! Besides apparently I can roll over my own SUV I don't need any crazy driver helping me out! HA! I know, I can laugh about it now but...

Well, I'll keep you updated on this year's unique craziness along the way.

WBM...But for a Purpose!


As the Wicked Witch of the East is melting on my tv, I thought I would remind everyone of Cheryl Richardson's website....ugh...they just cut the movie horribly on TNT...this week her email discussed Whining, Bitching & Moaning! :-) She basically reminds us all that while a bit of it is good if you don't do anything about the reason you are upset nothing will change! As my parents raised me, "If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem!" Unfortunately, so many times you do have to come up with the solutions. Many times I just think, you know I'm not that intelligent & if I can come up with this then how come others can't before me? I don't know but heck they are needed when my pea brain can't figure out ALL the other problems so...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday 7: Fav. Cats

Well I was gone all day yesterday so just getting to Patrick's Sunday Seven. He wants to know our 7 Favorite Cats...well I could not pass up that topic!

1. First, is my BABY! Dusty is most likely a Nebelung! I love this breed now! I think I'll always have them because they are just wonderful! They are very affectionate & yet then want to be on their own too. Dusty is a lap cat too & he will sleep on me which I do like. Health wise he has been excellent so far also. He is 18 yrs old now & runs so fast & jumps across the room! He is very smart also and fearless. He use to climb the rafters in the basement of my folks old house & he stared down a racoon which got into our house! What a brave man!

2. & 3. are probably a tie! Generally speaking I love long haired cats. I do like short hair but I just love longer haired cats. I love Main Coons & Norwegian Forest Cats. Again, they are kinda like Dusty being a long hair cat although Coons can get sooo much bigger.
Here are a few I like:

Main Coon 1  Main Coon 2  Norwegian Forest 1  Norwegian Forest 2

4. & 5 Next, I think I would have to go to Wild Cats. And again hard to decide! I really like Bobcats with their pointed ears and thick coats. They look very sturdy and solid. Hmmm? Is this a personality test? Maybe it say something about us? Or what we like...hmmm! Also the Canadian Lynx is so incredibly beautiful! His face looks likea wolf a bit too! Again, I think it is the strenght...hmm!

Bobcat    Canadian Lynx

6. I do like Tigers...and White ones especially...I have the picture below as a framed poster in my office! I love it. I see soooo much in it. First, they are so tender & loving. Next, they are different but don't see it! They see what is common & can still love each other! I love that idea! No prejudice, no discrimination! They may even love each other for their differences! I could go on & on!

Loving Tigers!

7. Next would be the Lion. I love how magificient they are. Again they can be roaring, just project strength just sitting & yet can be so gentle, even sleeping adorable things! Ya, I think this is so true of MEN! ;-) I tell Dusty with his mane he is a lion...king of the forest...Mufasa! Got to help their egos you know! HA!

Lion 1  Lion 2  Lion 3  Lion 4

Actually, yesterday I was at the zoo & took some pictures & may have a lion in there. It was soooo hot! I will have to go back in the fall & try to just go to take pictures. If any pictures turn out good I'll post them!

Ok, there is my 7...finally! :-)

Lights Out

Well, I woke up about 8:20 from everything on my deck blowing around like crazy. T-storm warning after I rebooted my computer? ugh. Then a bit later the lights flickered a bit & out they went for about an hour. Ugh! The storm moved through fast. They said about 70mph yipes! Good thing I morning I can sleep in...ugh! Found out my carbon monoxide detector needed a new battery when the power went out! HA! Took care of that! I think I'll make something to eat & then lay down for a bit. I'll post more later on my trip to the zoo yesterday etc...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Measuring Men


I just read a book review on Sidney Poitier's newest book "Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter". I had read "The Meaure of a Man" & really liked it so I think I will get this new one & read it during the rest of my summer. They have a quote I like from the new book, "Those who stop their questioning at 75, 60, even at 30 - cut short their exploration and end up with permanently unfinished lives." That is like Einstein's quote "The important thing is to not stop questioning" which I love. Probably why I love the science of behavior and thinking...questioning in the first place! HA! So to that person who told me "I think too much" I hope you just mispoke that day & meant I was just thinking the wrong way or should not worry...though kinda mute point now but...because if not, I'm sorry you just don't get it! :-) Then again, maybe you just don't like women to be to smart...hmmm...I would have never guessed that but maybe? I like to think that isn't you but...ok, so I'll see if I can get the book this weekend & let you know how it is.

Gentleman...Remove Your Caps!

Now there is one classy guy! I could not believe during tonights All Star Game they had to announce TWICE for the gentlemen (I use that loosely for them!) to remove their baseball hats during the national anthem! GEEZ! It is just sad! Yes, I'm old I guess. What is happening to the moral fiber huh...ha! No one moves over & stops for Ambulances, ok some, but many are not and guys are not opening doors for women anymore...I know Women's Lib etc but you about anyone open a door for anyone! Not as often anymore! When little boys do it I actually make a big deal of it in front of them mom's on how their mom must be wonderful (or their dad) and they will have all the girls liking them if they continue that...well some are in the girls are icky still but...many of them smile shyly it is soooo cute!

BTW...did you hear Josh Groban sing the national anthem? WOW! I'm waiting for it to be on Youtube! Just Awesome! I tried to back it up & record by my DVR hated me tonight I guess.

I was sad about the turnout of the game. We were looking great there for awhile! I'll be hearing about it from my brothers I'm sure.

Yes...I'm STILL up! Tried to fall asleep but my knee is hurting and my feet are cold? I got up & heated my bean thing in the microwave & stuck my feet on top of it. Adjusted the room temp & I'm going to try again. I need someone with hot feet I can put mine under. Ha! Dusty won't even lay across my feet geez!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm soooo EXCITED!!!! I guess it takes very little to excite me but...

25th Anniversary showing of War Games is July 24th (next Thurs!) I already called my brothers & they are checking their calendars. I knew they would be interested. I love the movie! I watch it whenever it is on tv! I remember when I was in college..OMG...yes it has been that long then too! YIPES! Well it came out the year I started college but still. I remember we got it at our student union theater & man I went to see it each time. I can't remember how many seats they had? Maybe 75? I don't know but it was like 95% guys in there & that was nice! Ha! So many great lines...

What kind of an asshole lives on an island and he doesn't even have a boat? 

No, I can't, okay, Wonder Woman? I can't swim!
Well, what kind of an asshole grows up in Seattle and doesn't even know how to swim?

All right, Lightman. Maybe you can tell us who first suggested the idea of reproduction without sex. 
Um, your wife?

Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks.  (Boy things have not changed much today huh!)

Goddammit, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!

He wasn't very old.
No, he was pretty old. He was 41.
Oh yeah? Oh, that's old.  (Boy at the time I thought that was I find it sick! HA!)

I loved it when you nuked Las Vegas. Suitably biblical ending to the place, don't you think?

This corn is raw!
I know, isn't it wonderful? It's so crisp!
Of course it's crisp! It's raw! 
No, it's terrific! You can just taste the Vitamin A and D!
Could we have pills and cook the corn? (God I'm still laughing at that!)

Good stuff...HA! I can't wait to go! See now I'd think this was a romantic date...ha! Ok, so it could be after but it is a fun one first! HA! I miss my college days...they were so much fun and relaxing..hmmm probably didn't think that then but in retrospect HA! It was great though. What do they say about it wasted on the youth HA!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Closer But No Answer Yet

Well...not good but not bad so far! Hmmm...Ok, saw my knee doc today "Dr. T" and he checked out my knee. X-rays not bad some mild narrowing on side & bit more in the middle but he says no choice got to do an MRI. He is not totally convinced I didn't tear my meniscus and cartilidge. The best case scenario is it is just my knee cap problem - Chondromalacia - which is when my knee cap moves to the side where it shouldn't. I had a lateral release of my ligament on my left knee over the summer after my sophmore year in college. I really haven't had any problems since then. He told me today I saw him for the first (last also) time Dec 06 for this so I went a year & seven months without major problems. Then my knee would not straighten but no pain. I just remembered now kneeling to get a pot sometime in the winter & having horrible pain on the inside hollow part? Hmmm have to tell him. Well, this time HUGE pain. If it turns out this then it would just be how many episodes & how long they last & if I can put up with it. If it gets so bad then I can pick a convenient time (ya right) and get it done when I want. Only a 20 minute operation & he said the surgery has changed in the last 10 years, much less 20 since I had it. There are actually knee cap specialist now. They do a release, like I had, but they also tighten up the muscle on the opposite side now too. About 3 weeks recovery. Not too bad.

Ok, now what he wants to rule out is a meniscus problem. If I tore it & some cartilidge then he say I have no choice & have to have surgery. He said if I was 20 (Yes, I gave him a dirty look!) then I could wait until it is too painful, but with aging one gets narrowing & less cartilidge and my mom has had one knee done with this already a few years ago some genetic history here. He said it would makes a big difference to have one less problem causing pain. And I'm so active, man if this pain I have now was something I would have to live with without way! He said recovery would be from maybe 3-6 weeks depending how bad. UGH!!! I told him I have 3 more weeks of school & then 2 1/2 off. He said ok, lets get going & I agreed. I scheduled the MRI for Monday afternoon already! He was great! Only the 2nd time I've seen him & he was great. Had his knee joint prop & explained everything to me...except his knee cap was not on right...I said, "Well that could explain my pain!" HA! He said what I'm doing in PT & home and the ice & 800mg of Motrin is exactly what I should do for my knee cap problem so?

My knee made considerable improvements overnight the first two nights but now it is holding & lingering the last couple of days! Ugh! Still feels like a rock & doesn't feel like it is working right. Hard to straighten when I have been sitting. So if you can
think good thoughts for my knee...I really don't want to be missing school again. I was out 9 weeks with my foot surgery, I think that is going to be 3 yrs ago in Sept. And I'm just horrible not out & about & passionately living. Just sitting on my butt is not me. My spirit feels squashed. If I have no choice then I'll have to but I just hope I don't have to. I'll let you know when I know more next week. He is going to call me when he takes a look.

Friday, July 11, 2008


UGH!!! I'm trying to make a rainbow rock waterfall or atleast something for them to climb up to sunbath & I get this putty stuff the guy recommends. First it doesn't work the first time! Ugh! Then I get more & I saw it on an infommercial the other night for like 6 times as much for 1/2 the price! ARRRGGHHH..then last night I see Sam eating it from the rocks! He is so strong...he digs & pushes & gets to it. So I'm on the phone with Dr. J. their reptile doc. She says OMG! She isn't surprised though knowing Sam! He is quite the personality! So now I have to watch if he passes it. Yep...just what I wanted to do! Otherwise he has to go in! They are just like kids...get into everything. I haven't seen Ella eating it yet. And it isn't like he is underfed...the boy is overweight actually! Geez! Now I have to contact the company etc. Well life would be boring without all this right! Ha!

The Too Young Say We Are Too Old!

Yes, Angry, Annoyed, used Livid this way...

Willful stupidity makes me absolutely livid.  

Thats it!!! Who is making up these "Norms"? Did they do this to our parent's generation? Now AOL has what you should not wear AFTER 40! Now, are they saying if you have injuries you should not be wearing Stilleto heels or if you are 500 lbs you might think twice before wearing a thong? NO! It is simply that magic number! Now wait...I thought 40 was the new 30? And what was just on TV..."She's Got the Look"...women over 35 who look AWESOME...better than some 20 year olds. In fact, I'll argue many of us do! The experience & confidence we have (while not perfect) just is so attractive...yes in Men too! Probably why I always liked men old than me rather than my age! And then there is Carson with his Feeling Beautiful NAKED!

First why? I can't wear them...hurts my foot I had surgery on! But if you are just relaxing and they are more comfortable than gym shoes are you going to offend me or hurt me if you do? NO! Heck, better than Stiletto heels if your shopping, you'll hurt yourself. Save the Stilettos for your man! ;-) They say only if you have a job standing a lot...not to have fun with Jibbitz! Oh dare we 40 plus have any fun! What was that about "Finding the Child Within?" I swear these are a bunch of 20 year olds making these rules up!

Next, is String Bikinis...I kid you not this is what they say...

Even if you've got "it" there is no need to flaunt it.

I'm may have learned you don't need to flaunt it as much as you thought when you were younger but heck if you look at awesome at 40+ you should flaunt it. If others do not like it then tough. I don't mean meanly in their face but you should feel confident and sexy! Not to mention it is great for your man! And tell me what man will not feel great if other guys do find his wife attractive & he is married to her (ya as long as both are trustworthy etc)! And if you are widowed or divorced you should be flaunting also to still be ALIVE & SEXY!

I have no problem with the all over prints...that is a bit much for any why say just 40 & over? But heck if that is your style & you love it Go For It! Whose life is it anyway? Who is judging? Noone should be! Not if they don't want you to judge them! What are we loving the person or what they wear etc. Again, like the Diamond ring post...what is important?

Ok, leggings...that just went out of style for everyone with a shirt. It is comfortale at home but I have no issue with it one way or the other.

Backpacks...they are too childish...did you know that? Give me a Break! Who cares! Ok if you are carrying a Hannah Montana or High School Musical one then maybe but heck they have leather ones! Do these people get paid for this? Why don't they get a real job! I kinda feel sorry for them if they feel all this pressure to wear the "right things." They must be very unhappy or living in some illusionary world that all these things are so important in life.

Lastly, no Baby Dolls (no not carrying one...the dress ones!) Hey...if you got the legs for it & look good then why not. Sure ya can make you look pregnant...I would think a woman would know this though once she tried it on. And heck, how about all those tops they are making now that can make even the thinest person look pregnant. Get rid of those. They are so boxy & thin also...I hate them! They didn't say anything about Baby Doll nightwear? I love them. I'm surprised they didn't tell us to wear flannel & not to wear our man's button down shirts anymore! UGH!!!

Ok, is it just me that is crazy (don't answer that!) or do you also have problems with this? Is there anything else you would add or say is fine? And where is the list for guys then?

You know the Seniors have AARP...I think the 40 year olds should get organized! Maybe 30-50 or something? What do you think? This just has to stop! Just Livid!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Best Worst Villian

Ok, you tell me...who would be your Best Worst Villian of all time?

Next, who would be worst out of the following:

Jason or Freddie?

Cruella DeVil or the Witch from Snow White?

Goldfinger or Dr. No?

Dark Vader or Lord Voldemort?

Take a look who made the #1 on
AOLs list

And lets see who was not listed?

Sissy Spacek's Carrie
Linda Blair's Regan in Exorcist
Glenn Close's Alex in Fatal Attraction

Can you think of anyone?

Do we see some gender bias here? And where are the "monster" villians...

Aliens or Predator? (can you hear it Kackling? hee hee)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Under my breath so far...and pangs of worry...some tears & then I say "NO! Not untill you know for sure!!!"

I've been working so hard for about a month now at PT. I got my new glideboard for my Total Gym & in between days I workout at home. I did 120 squats Thurs & Sat & treadmilled each day 1 hr. Today my PT pushed me more and I struggle a bit at the end but my legs are not killing me the rest of the day so I'm handling it ok. Well...

This afternoon about 3pm I go to pick up my friend's daughter to take her up to my folks for my niece's kids birthday party as a surprise. I pull up at the curb so the door is by her to get in but I get out of my side & go around the car & open the door for her. I did NOTHING!!!! No twist that caused pain, I didn't feel a pop, I didn't collapse & go OMG or anything. I just take a step & my knee feels tight like a rock in there. I went "hmmm" and each step I took it felt stiff & hurt. Now this is similar to what I went to the doc for about a year ago. I had 2 days it was stiff & I could not bend it I believe. Then it went away. is killing me! Not sure if I can describe this so you can understand but...Right knee, bottom of knee cap, inside hollow part to center under knee cap? Does that make sense? Put your hand right underneath your knee cap. Feel that band ok, there & then slide to the left a is that. Excruciating there. The more I don't walk it stiffens & is tighter like a rock. When I walk I have to walk straight leg & limp.   SIGH!!!!

I called my PT & he said ice & Motrin & if still bad in the morning to come in & he would look at it. I'm going in definitely before my class. I was suppose to go downtown to the back doc where I got my Vax D treatments but I don't think I can walk from the parking lot up the stairs or up the ramp to the metra train & then down when I get there & then 2 1/2 blocks & then back home the same thing. I may have to cancel. I have 3 more weeks of school left too! I just want to scream!

Then I get to the party & of course there are 9 girls from age 5-11 running around & energetic & here I am poopy & can't do anything & in pain. The party went well, my brothers helped out a lot. All the girls seemed to have fun. I'll post more on that later when I am not in so much pain & more cheery. I'll let you know what I find out but I'm getting very tired of this...I know, I know so many much worse, in fact, if you can say a tiny prayer my one brother's friend they just put on life support. Not sure but they think after many years he is rejecting his lung transplant? He had a few organs transplanted. It is soooo sad. So I know perspective but still....I just want a punching bag (real one!) to punch even though I know the research shows it doesn't help but make it worse. Hard to meditate right now. The girls helped just taking your mind off it...have to read or watch tv. When I just sit or don't move it it doesn't hurt so that is a good thing. See now I need a boyfriend to take my mind off it...either for a good reason or to argue even...ha! Well it would work...but that might get me in more trouble later making up! HA! Ya...I'm relaxing a tad I guess...until I have to get up to go walk & lie down...ugh! More tomorrow...OH...and then gas prices jumped from $4.19 to $4.35! UGH!!! I found one still at the low price so I topped off the 1/4 tank I used going to my folks before they go up tomorrow morning! That is outrageous to go up that much at a time! Our economy is going to crash I just know it. And nobody would even want my body if I sold it if it did crash HA! Body parts shot so who would want it ;-)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Seven

Oh I thought I would play a bit...

Here is my entry for Patrick's Sunday Seven. This week he wants are top 7 favorite patriotic songs. Not sure what order to place mine in though?

1. God Bless America (Celine Dion)
2. Proud To Be An American (Lee Greenwood)
3. Star Spangled Banner/National Anthem (Whitney Houston)
   Ok, I'll admit...I love saying "Play Ball" after...reminds me of summer!
4. America (Neil Diamond!)
5. America, Why I Love Her (John Wayne...AWESOME!!!)
6. America the Beautiful (Elvis, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra
7. God Bless the USA (Lee Greenwood)

There you go... 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Does That Mean!

These AOL features drive me nuts! They are so commercial! Take this one "It's Ok To Want Bigger & Better" they are not advertising Viagra! Yes, I'd probably have a problem with that too but...its about wanting a bigger diamond ring. Great! Just sell the women on the idea that the diamond is the most important thing you want from the man you supposedly love so much you would be poor with. Maybe they will change that in the vows..."For richer & even richer!" OMG! Look at this quote on the last slide of this feature...

Just because you want to upgrade your ring doesn't mean you are superficial or are not happy with your marriage. On the contrary upgrading your ring can be a testament to how much your love and relationship has grown.

So...if you can't buy a bigger one then what does that mean? He doesn't love me enough or he would get a fourth job to get it? Give me a BREAK! No wonder so many men do not want to get married. I'd be there with them! And no wonder so many divorced men are so bitter. I would be too! This should be on some pre-wedding test! Yep, I just saw the Robin Williams movie, HA, and you know what I think they should go through some type of test today! What would you put on it? So many are getting married and have not asked the right questions! I tell my students do the movie first & then go to dinner & talk. They go out for 5 years but don't even know each other because they rarely talk! Quick dinner & off to the movies. I had a female student once who was arguing with her fiance, also in my class & after she watched the Happiness video I show she no longer wanted a bigger diamond, no cared about it. (Yes, any guys who want to know the title to show your lady just email me Ha!)

Maybe it is just me...but wasn't the ring initially just a gold band. Am I saying I wouldn't want a diamond...No...but I'm also saying I don't NEED it. Our Needs & Wants have gotten so screwed up in this world today! Heck, my little niece knows even the shape I'd like (heart shape) but I wouldn't mind if it was some unique stone and setting. I have an aunt who has a emerald and it is beautiful! There is something to be said for the idea that the man you love so much you would die for (!) picked it out himself. I love asking people how they proposed etc. My one great aunt told me she didn't get a ring...she didn't want it. Her husband gave her a watch! :-) Maybe she needed that?

Why would one want to upgrade? Well, one might say as an anniversary thing/gift, but I could not get rid of the ring I was actually married in! Just do something different for an anniversary for me! If you want another band or earings but don't touch my ring. Does a bigger ring mean you will be happier? Does it mean your marriage will be more successful? Some my quip, "Ya because you made her happy." (BIG PATHETIC "HA!") I'd argue you'll be less happy & successful because this women is not grounded & does not know what is most important in life! She'll then want bigger and better on everything throughout your life. You'll never be able to make her happy! And when you don't...she'll move on to someone else who can in her mind! Just like the one slide says too...time to upgrade those earings. Good God! Get a job girl & buy your own bigger earings! I see people with all the bling & then they are complaining about gas prices or can't afford their textbooks or to eat healthier, or they are in debt until they die! That is why our economy is crashing! is due to women (and some men!) who just don't get what is really important in life! Ok, someone can probably find something I'm not being wise on financially, I'm not perfect but at least I know that love is not shown through $$$$$.

The only thing to me that represents the committment of what a marriage means is what is in your heart and how you take that feeling and spend each moment together. That does not even require rings! As they say, the ring is just a symbol. The person who really knows what marriage is about doesn't even need that symbol! Heck, you CAN just tell someone who is "wanting to know"..."YES, I am very much in love & only want to be with him/her the rest of my life!" Now if your spouse heard, no size diamond would be better than that! Would I still want to get my husband a ring. Sure, but I wouldn't not be starting out saying the most expensive or the "in thing" etc. It would be something very meaningful from me. Or heck we could do them together.

Did this piece just tick me off...OH YA!

Next Time You Think You Can't!

Ok, you just have to see this video! How could you not be proud of this boy if you were his parents...heck I am! All my students are going to see this. I'd love all my students to be like this! If only everyone believed in themselves and did things like this in the world! Nike should use him for "Just Do It!" I'm telling you! Everytime you think you can't do something...think of him! Show the kids too!

What Does It Mean To You?

Good Morning!

Man, I was just telling Dusty last night when we went to bed that it is a rarity to be able to go to sleep & wake up when whenever! Yesterday that was great. This morning I wake up just before 6am. Temperature thingie. First too cold, then too hot? The birds were thrilled they had breakfast so the boys thought where is ours! got up and fed them...of course with each age I get older the bathroom seems to be calling me more urgently. So....I was up! No fighting it. Stayed up & did this entry a bit & a few other things for a few hours & then I couldn't keep my eyes open so I layed back down, only to wake up & my computer lost its internet connect. Its been doing this since Dell redid my operating system? Have to call them.

Well how was your 4th? Mine was a quiet one. Our town is doing fireworks tonight actually. Luckily, I just have to go right outside my door. This year it will be minus the boyfriend though. I saw some fireworks the week before for our town's festival. They were cool. I liked this video on What The Flag Means, though I wish they had more women and what happen to a more diverse population? Still a good start. So what does it mean to you? Has anyone watched The Band of Brothers series? Put it on your must watch list! Make sure to watch the actual interviews on the last disk! I watched it for my Psychology & WWII courses I took a couple of summers ago & it just amazed me & I learned soooo much!

Well more posts coming...enjoy your weekend!