Friday, July 22, 2005

Battle of the National Anthems!

He's young (ugh...only 24 yrs!), pretty good looking & that voice will send every cell of your body tingling! I just listened & watched Josh Groban sing the National Anthem on his website & WOW! It made me think of the others who have been outstanding...Whitney...?

You know watching Josh with all those football players...such a contrast! I think I'd still pick Josh! Ha! A voice like that singing in the lovely! I'd say that & making me laugh are the big 2! So if you can sing & make me laugh you got me! Ha!

I love his "To Where You Are", "You're Still You", "You Raise Me Up", and "When You Say You Love Me." They bring me to tears though! Ha! But then again...quite a few songs do! I should invest in Kleenex! Sobbing at movies, music, watching my little niece sleep can even do it! Ha! I'll dry out someday just like "Big Fish!" Ha!

Ok, who sings your favorite version of the National Anthem?


grofsand said...

Funny one song can immediate link us with the great breath of this Nation!

I have always favored Ray Charles version.....infusing our Anthem with the Blues....seems like that is how our great country was built.

but most impressionable, was Jimi Hendrix guitar rendition at Woodstock...a time when our country was divided by generation, struggling with so many issues about personal freedom.....and the youth of Nation coming home from Viet Nam land in boxes.......One of those things that you had to witness to catch the full impact.

Play on, play on.......Marc :)

lurkynat said...

Wo Deboarh1 I love Josh too! You migth also enjoy Andre Rieu! does a beautifull job as well as Bocelli... Rieu has a great dvd out called Tuscany...