Monday, July 11, 2005

"Upside of Anger"

I'm headed to get one of my spring favorites, "Upside of Anger", tomorrow  with the new SARK book...see previous entry! :-)

I think I love it because it shows how life can get really complicated, but at the same time be sooo simple. Well that & of course watching (interpret "drooling at") Kostner helps! Is it just me, or does he also get more attractive as he gets older! :-) Check out his website with that Cowboy hat & gotee! I feel a "Kostner Night" coming on...lets see...this movie then "For the Love of the Game", "DragonFly", Message in A Bottle" just for starters...hmmm 5 boxes of tissue?! Oh then "Dances With Wolves"...when she runs & jumps on him...maybe a weekend! Ha!

I love how they both have reasons not to love each other yet, somehow they can't stay away from each other. It works...go figure. I love the idea that this film is about new love & it is not some 19 year olds! To show love at all phases of life is wonderful! I really like how Kevin (Denny) acts so nervous at times & Allen's (Terry) ability to capture the smile you can't stop when you realize what you are feeling. Look at the trailer on the website & watch them on the following quote:

Kostner & Allen:

K: "I know that on some level this is too soon & not right."
A: "Whats the other level?"
K: "I dial your number 10 times a day and hang up."

I love the depth of the ADULT relationship idea (children, older etc) & he brings in his heart  not only "Terry" but her for older girls. And this is a guy who is by all accounts "a jock" and this feminine stuff is a bit much for him. I also love the idea that he sees how his future can be wonderful with them and is fighting for it to be that way.

Kostner: "When I'm with you Terry, with your girls, I feel like there is a big chunk of my life still left to be played out."

I love when he kicks the bathroom door in too! :-) He doesn't let her put up any walls/defenses. He doesn't GIVE UP!

The beginning, where "Terry" is upset  and "trying" to deal with her husband leaving is great too. Funny, but...ummm... so pathetically true! Ha!

It also helps that the daughters each have "a life" and how this brings more depth to "Denny's" & "Terry's"  relationship. The fact that the ending was "interesting" (leave it at that for those of you who haven't seen it yet) is also great! 

If you haven't seen it yet, see what you think. Come & leave a comment when you do!

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