Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dare To Dream - Cheryl Richardson

I am just frustrated with the foot,
 which is currently burning, & family etc. I know I'm the only one that has family which drives them crazy at times! :-)

I wanted to share a resource where I find many good ideas and thoughts of inspiration. It is Cheryl Richardson's website. She is the author of the Life Makeover book and project on the Oxygen channel. Actually, maybe my life needs one! Ha! I think I just would like to order a new foot. Ok, maybe a few new tendons & ligaments in the calf....wouldn't it be great to be able to just grow a new foot (or other body part) like some animals do? Where is that voting for cloning! Ha! I want to clone my own new foot! :-) Just have a few spares for when I go hiking & biking etc.

I subscribe to Cheryl Richardson's newsletter & today's was on Daring to Dream. She has some great points about how parents influence whether you dream or not. I would include teachers and aunties! :-)  She explains how some of our parents were taught that dreaming was a waste of time, you get married, have kids, find a job etc. You didn't search for something/someone which made you happy. (I've had people tell me they got married because they thought it was "they thought it was time". UGH!!!) So then when we grew up we did not get messages from them which is helpful for today's society. I remember my mom telling me relatives used the phrase, "You made your bed, now lie in it." Now, I won't say today's society is not a bit the opposite. Some don't realize relationships, careers etc take a great deal of hard work. It is getting through the tough times which makes a relationship strong & love even deeper. People are all too eager to just give up when the "going gets tough", but the opposite is not great either! Many times, this idea leads to people staying in an abusive relationship or job & then more drastic consequences occur. It is just as bad as when they didn't think women should "enjoy" ummmm "being with your mate", how is that...get the idea! :-) It was your "duty!" I love the old movies on this!

Well check out Cheryl's site! You'll find many other topics in her newsletter archive like:

* Stressbusters
* The Gift of Making Mistakes
* Rest & Relaxation
* Two Minute Rule on Ranting
* Persistence
* Overcoming Obstacles
* How to Diminish Anxiety
* Pet Power

You'll also find many articles & media clips here.

Actually, I think I'm going to reread a few! :-) I hope you will find something on her site that is helpful to you and will subscribe to her newsletter. Let me know what you think!


coy1234787 said...

Thanks for the suggestion!
  *** Coy ***

nhd106 said...

Great idea...I just subscribed.  Nancy  :)

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
I think you really gave us a great gift with this one...hmmmmm
I'm going to have to look into it more! I really appreciated your caring attitude in this journal..thanks!

boydpdx said...

I credit Cheryl's book, "Take Time for your Life," in pulling me out of a "dark night of the soul," back in '99.  Her simple, direct advice turned out to be great tools for me then and now. I was honored to interview Cheryl last month for the Vibrant Living Newsletter e-zine. Hope you like the article I wrote: