Saturday, February 26, 2005

Pieces In My Puzzle

This week my puzzle is changing again. First a new piece was added to my puzzle. My cousin, who I remember vividly when she was born, had a baby. A precious little girl! Only 5lbs 3 oz! As she says, "a little itty bitty thing!" She is soooo adorable. It is amazing when each spirit comes into the world how their story is unknown. I can't wait to see the story she will tell! I can't wait to be a part of her story. To have my spirit learn & grow because of her. It is also amazing to see the amazing change my cousin & husband have experienced becoming a parent. The eyes say so much! :-)

Unfortunately this is not the only change to my puzzle. The day after my cousin's baby was born her grandma (my grandma's sister) was talking happily about her 1st great-grand daughter & she suffered a major stroke. So far she can't talk or move her right side or swallow but we think she does understand. It is so sad.

It is also interesting how spirits come in & out of life. And how things happen at appropriate times. My cousin had to have her baby early because the baby wasn't growing.  If she did not then her grandma would not have known about her new great-grand daughter & not been able to be happy about it for a while. Then her brother came in from CA & my folks we planning on heading back yesterday from 6 weeks at their home in AZ....Just interesting how all that happens.

Monday, February 21, 2005


Check it out:



I had the wonderful experience of walking the Labyrinth at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island a few years back. This meditation provided valuable insights!


As I progressed through the maze I would curve around & it appeared to be going back to where I came from, yet I was still progressing. Interesting! Many times in life we feel like we are going backwards but we may still be progress, it just feels like we are not.


I would also see peole I had seen earlier.Life is amazing! People come in & out of our lives at varies points on our path! It is wise to remember this as we think we are saying "goodbye" when it may just be "see you later" really.


It is quite interesting that where you begin on your path is the same place you end. Also as you begin your journey on the path, people are ending their journey & as you end your journey, new people are beginning.


It is also interesting to watch the pace of various walkers. What was the hurry to end? Did they enjoy the path? Were they mindful of everything they could be along their path? What are they missing in life?




Thinking Too Much About Thinking Too Much!

Can you think too much? Very interesting question!  

Actually there was an article in the Chicago Tribune a while back entitled "Thinking Too Much About Thinking Too Much."   Well you can't answer this without thinking about it.... :-) 

Well Einstein did not come up with his Theory of Relativity thinking the traditional logical manner but rather by leaving the problem and thinking of a trip he took on a train with his family. He then had sudden insight on the solution and then went back to work out the logical formula. His type of thinking was different but it was still thinking which resulted in the solution.  

Imagine if we told Einstein, Shakespeare, and the Dali Lahma not to think so much! God knows we hope our politician would think more! The incredible number of people of all ages in our society who just do not think! How we could solve much of our society's ills if we could just get them to think more!   

Then there is something to really be said for clearing one's mind to provide peace of mind. Meditation is quite a wonderful stress reducing method! One of my favorite Meditation sites:  has a  Meditation Room at the bottom & you can click to have some soothing music help you calm your mind!  

So can you think too much? Perhaps one must look at the end product/result of the thinking at hand! Perhaps it is really one can think incorrectly. Could a balance of clearing one's mind and thinking more critically be the solution? What do you think? :-)