Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Astrologist & Potato Chips...Gvie Me A BreaK!

If this woman wins then that is it! Did you hear about this Russian Astrologist who is suing NASA for 300M because the probe is causing her "moral suffering!" It is deforming her horoscope! Maybe it will actually help! Now, don't you have to prove it was actually accurate prior to this probe's collison?! I didn't hear she claimed "Amazing Randi" Million Dollar Challenge yet! God we'll have all the psychic's suing in a week!

Now, wait, why didn't she or any of the others predict this collison before NASA even had a single thought of doing this & plan for it? Heck, they could have told them they were going to do it & how it would effect them & thus they could have prevented it! Ha! I say that proves her psychic powers do not work & she should have to pay all her customers back!

This is really as bad as suing McDonalds for gaining weight! Hello...oh but then there is the woman who ate potato chips for 3 years & had a huge gallbladder stone! Hello! (Sorry, I know I read that just recently, but can't find the link...anyone has it place it in the comments section!)

It was John that had the link with the women & potato chips! Take a look if you didn't see it!

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