Sunday, July 3, 2005

What Are You Waiting For?

Emily Giffin's article "The Thrill of Traveling Solo" started off kinda slow for me but by the end her point is fabulous! She reminds everyone who is single not to wait to experience life fully! She likes using movies like me mentioning "Out of Africa" and "Under the Tuscon Sun". Her point is:

I believe that it is a mistake for anyone to wait for a partner while limiting her life experience in any way. Because even if you later have that experience, it's not the same experience when you do it married. And the more you experience by yourself, the more you will bring to a marriage and the fewer regrets you will have. Being single is no better or worse than the married version of life, but it should be savored and fully lived just as any other stage of life."

Boy will I have a lot to bring! Ha! And I better not have any regrets...hmmm!

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