Friday, July 8, 2005

Speaking of Laws

Speaking of laws... is it just me having a problem with 11-17 yrs old going to a nudist camp? I mean I'm all for the beauty of the body/art & adults choosing to go if they wish but this age range?

I'm thinking back of what I was like then & I have a 14 yr old niece now...hmmm. And camp! Who has gone to you remember what camp was like with clothes on! I'm thinking of Meatballs movie too! Anyone remember that? "Ruddy the Rabbit! HA!

Perhaps those who grow up with parents who are nudist have a totally different perspective but I can just see this getting out to other kids..."Ya, mom I want to go to camp!" "Well sure honey!" Ha! That should be the clue...a kid that WANTS TO GO to camp! Ha!

What do you think?

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