Friday, July 15, 2005

Mother's & Father's Day Wasn't Enough?

Today I got an email from Mrs. Field's Cookies & they were promoting "Parent's Day". I was like "didn't Mother's & Father's Day take?" I checked Hallmark's site...I mean they would know! No Parent's Day! Who is starting these Days? What happened to Kid's Day, Auntie & Uncle Day? Now we have to have multiple days? Don't get me wrong, I love my parents & think everyday should be parents day.  Well, everyday should be kids day also etc.

I don't like this "special day" idea! I mean some families, yell, kick, scream (etc) everyday, but on this day it is different? Somehow that just doesn't work for me. Same thing with Valentines & Sweetest Day! Why one day? Why the commercial/retail day? Have your own Valentines Day! Do it from the heart when you feel it. It can be the first day you met or first date etc., but why just then also? If you feel like making the person you love feel special, then do it. I think that means so much more when you just feel like surprising them. Well except maybe that one commercial...where they throw the girl a surprise party & she comes down in a lovely teddy! Ha! "Hi Daddy!" That is just too funny.

And you know I think I will start the cause for Single/Never Married People's Day! Ha! I mean we get no cards or flowers from spouses or children. You know how many gifts I've given people! Ha! Of course I'm just having fun here, I love making people feel good, but just bringing another perspective here! I'm surprised Hallmark hasn't made "Divorced Day" or cards celebrating the anniversary of one's divorce. I think I actually saw some that you would send a Happy Divorce! Ha! Happy your Kids left for College or moved out, got married & will experience what you did now! Ha! Happy Release Day (from Prison), Happy Potty Day (Potty Trained) ETC!

So what do you think? What Day would you come up with?

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